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44720 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Mar 2002 at 4:11 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-16 04:14:03 PM  
I'd look at this if I wasn't at work.
2002-03-16 04:14:34 PM  
*Just kidding about that last one.
2002-03-16 04:14:37 PM  
Ditto, Cid... or at least if there wasn't someone sitting right behind me.
2002-03-16 04:16:34 PM  
Saggy boobs suck.
2002-03-16 04:17:25 PM  
Gravity is NOT their friend!
2002-03-16 04:18:42 PM  
Pretty old. Still funny though.
2002-03-16 04:19:11 PM  
That's some b00bage there.
2002-03-16 04:19:25 PM  
2002-03-16 04:23:20 PM  
On the contrary, I think it was very informative, thorough, and well presented. It raised a number of important issues, and I think it's safe to say, was morally uplifting.
Everyone should see this.
2002-03-16 04:24:56 PM  
2002-03-16 04:25:18 PM  
What the hell does Snotsykims mean?
BTW, when I go to hell I will have to revisit this site.
2002-03-16 04:25:30 PM  
mmmm...pepperoni nipples
2002-03-16 04:28:57 PM  
Ummm...ok...there IS such a thing as ridiculously huge boobs, as well.

"fat with a layer of skin"--I'd hazard to say that quite a few of those were also featuring quite a few pounds of other ingredients, such as silicone. They don't MAKE bras in those sizes.
2002-03-16 04:36:51 PM  
best thing to keep boobs up = my hands
2002-03-16 04:37:28 PM  
can't believe someone didn't say that already...
2002-03-16 04:39:14 PM  
beautiful story
2002-03-16 04:40:19 PM  
Saline can get as hard as a rock. Its not soft like silicone.

Whats a little cancer from perfectly real like boobs?
2002-03-16 04:41:31 PM  
When the nipples start to get really stretched, THATS when youve gone too far. Good god.
2002-03-16 04:42:15 PM  
were those nipples or Slim Jim's ?
2002-03-16 04:43:59 PM  
Seems to me they forgot to mention the oldest form of Boob enhancement known to women kind, lifting of the hands (and arms) over the illustrated here...

[image from too old to be available]

..of course it's best done without the Bikini.
2002-03-16 04:45:30 PM  
Men will offer to hold them up for you but that may not be a long term solution.

How so? I would gladly hold boobies up all day long...
2002-03-16 04:51:05 PM  
Silicone breast implants are still being manufactured and implanted.

Both saline and silicone enhanced breasts can harden. The hardening is actually scar tissue building up around the implant. It is called capusulation.
2002-03-16 04:57:08 PM  
Best things to keep boobs up=My mouth
2002-03-16 04:59:56 PM  

that picture is hideous. i'm surprised that you want people to see how skanky your mom is.
2002-03-16 05:03:26 PM  
Fark account number: 6699

WOW that is cool :)
2002-03-16 05:13:34 PM  
Yo - Monkeygirl. Considering she's 82, not that skanky. I'd still do her. Ooops, did I think that or type it out loud?
2002-03-16 05:34:07 PM  
mean ol' mr gravity?
2002-03-16 05:55:58 PM  
I'd gladly help out those ladies in their efforts for breast support. And they could help me too;)
2002-03-16 06:01:09 PM  

*raises hand to offer assistance*
2002-03-16 06:05:24 PM  
Boobies may just be floppy sacks of fat, but god bless them just the same.
2002-03-16 06:12:05 PM  
*looks at all the raised hands*
*grins and points to JOHNDX*
You sir shall be my guinea pig;)
2002-03-16 06:16:46 PM  
I would be honored

*oink oink* :)
2002-03-16 06:24:57 PM  
lol....guinea pigs don't oink, by the way;)
And you should be honored....EVERYONE should!
2002-03-16 06:31:55 PM  
I was thinkin' males might be considered pigs to some, hence the oink oink :)

what the hell do guinea pigs do? I need to get out more......
2002-03-16 06:36:12 PM  
Guinea pigs just sit there, looking like the large rodents they are...and I've met a few pig like men in my time, so you were right on that point, but I wouldn't consider YOU a pig;)
2002-03-16 06:45:18 PM  
Bejeezzzzuussss! Whatever you do... DON"T click on the link that says "Don't click on this link"!!!!!! Yes, I'm an idiot.... but a curios idiot... ok, I'm an idiot. (I'm going to wash my eyes with Borox now)@&#^$&%&#*^$
2002-03-16 06:46:44 PM  
JDX: Does Southwest fly into Calgary?
2002-03-16 06:47:23 PM  
Why thankyou my dear. I don't know too many women who would consider me a pig either. I must be doing something right. Or maybe it's EVERYTHING right ;)

03-16-02 04:57:08 PM JOHNDX
Best things to keep boobs up=My mouth

My offer still stands..........;)
2002-03-16 06:48:13 PM  
waiting while every other farking idiot goes to click on the "Don't click on this" link. ;-D
2002-03-16 06:50:27 PM  
LOL Cardinal you just appear at the most oddest times my friend. I *ahem* thought we were alone. hehe

No, but us southwesterners sure know how to keep boobs up in the friendly skies :)

I'm sure I could get a connecting flight ;)
2002-03-16 06:53:40 PM  
JOHNDX - I think it's pretty farking cowardly how some people don't at least put up a picture (current or not - in defference to Bigpeeler) in their bios! ;-D
2002-03-16 06:54:35 PM  
Didn't want the Austin boys to be the only ones keeping you straight. Did you use your down-time yesterday to good effect?
2002-03-16 06:56:25 PM  
JDX--looks like you've got your hands full--or may shortly, jetsetter. Happy hunting.
2002-03-16 06:56:43 PM  
Elvira daaahhhhhling, I want the other Farker guys to at least think they have a chance in hell.....;)

I'd send ya one but aren't you married? Wouldn't want you to leave your husband and kids based on my pic sweety ;)
2002-03-16 06:58:31 PM  
Texans- sheesh. (as this Virginia gal shakes her head) Ya'll know we used to be a bigger state than ya'll! ;-D
2002-03-16 06:58:48 PM  
Did you use your down-time yesterday to good effect?
Cardinal why yes sir I did. Got rewarded handsomely for it too ;) Very handsomely......
2002-03-16 06:59:56 PM  
Don't "daaahhhhhling me... I've seen your type before dear.
2002-03-16 07:01:57 PM  
*snickers* she said Ya'll ;)

Elvira I'm sure you don't need anything to hold yours up, eh darlin'? I'd need a nice pic of them though just to be sure. Shhhhhh, I won't tell anyone ;)
*hits self to keep from flirting*
2002-03-16 07:02:19 PM  
Some of that stuff looks like it hurts . . . like the chains. Ouch.
2002-03-16 07:03:11 PM  
Besides, daaahhhhhling, I'd hate to leave you in a puddle of Teaxas oil... so difficult to clean up the stain ya know!
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