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(Yahoo)   Congress votes to "stiffen" fines for indecency. Uh huh huh uh huh   ( divider line
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5677 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Feb 2005 at 11:00 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-17 12:48:47 AM  
I guess the right to express yourself can be taken away from you by a government if that expression modulates an RF electromatic wave.

As for not affecting cable and satellite, it would be utterly foolish to think they are, or shall remain, immune from government censorship. As cable and satellite are treated more and more as though they are public utilities, so they shall find themselves more the targets of those who wish control over what people can say.

Right here in the U.S. in the 1800's it was unthinkable by most that the government would tax personal income. In the 1800's it was unthinkable by most that the U.S. government would (or COULD) ban military-style firearms.

Things do change, radically. And governments do not tend to ALLOW more freedoms, they take them away. Cable and satellite services are already very much in their sights. Be ever-vigilant, or be prapared to lose whatever they can take from you.
2005-02-17 12:55:52 AM  

Um. We took out Saddam. He was the leader of Iraq. He didn't take out anything. Osama and 19 Saudies did.

Gee, I dunno, Sean, Rush, Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly all say Saddam was responsible for 9/11, so I figure we're entitled to use their shiatty excuse for rhetoric to send them to the ovens first.
2005-02-17 12:57:46 AM  
Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have .... The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. -- Thomas Jefferson
2005-02-17 12:58:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-17 01:00:21 AM  
Well, technically speaking... "decides" is the operative word here. Doctors don't decide to kill you. Its, more often than not, a mistake. A mistake with terrible consequences, but a mistake nonetheless.

DJ's decide what they're going to say.

I personally strongly disagree with the FCC regulating *any* speech... but your argument isn't logical.

What if it's a DJ on a live radio broadcast and obviously yells out 'awww fark' with out thinking about it?
2005-02-17 01:00:39 AM  
I wish I could vote for emmaleth's Jefferson quote. :)
2005-02-17 01:02:11 AM  
"What if it's a DJ on a live radio broadcast and obviously yells out 'awww fark' with out thinking about it?"

What if they do? Who does it hurt? Whos rights have been violated?
2005-02-17 01:05:51 AM  
Laszlo Fark: I wish I could vote for emmaleth's Jefferson quote. :)

We need another Jefferson, or atleast someone without their head up their ass.
2005-02-17 01:05:55 AM  
Stiffer Penalties for boobies?

Means more money for ANYBODY providing ANY KIND of porn-

When it goes undergroud, it'll come back stronger than ever

/surprised no one's figured out how to combine meth & porn..
2005-02-17 01:08:41 AM  
emmaleth: We need another Jefferson, or atleast someone without their head up their ass.

Just wanted to clarify, I was not referring to any one politician in particular. Most people have their head up their ass.
2005-02-17 01:10:16 AM  
/surprised no one's figured out how to combine meth & porn..

Someone has never heard of The San Bernadino Valley.
2005-02-17 01:12:39 AM  
emmaleth "Most people have their head up their ass."

You noticed that, too, huh? But if you can get past the frustration, they can be quite ammusing sometimes!
2005-02-17 01:15:42 AM  
That headline made me giggle like a 13 year old biatch.
2005-02-17 01:27:46 AM  
Censorship reigns supreme! Atleast I still have the internet, my last bastian for freedom of speech and anti-censorship. I can say things like motherfarker, farked a farking goat and farking ate shiat and died. I'll never be farking goddamn censored on the internet!
errr... fark
2005-02-17 01:36:24 AM  
I feel compelled to make an appearance in this thread, but there's just so little left to say. Apparently this is what America wants, the people have spoken, long live censorship. Yay.
2005-02-17 01:54:01 AM  
downstairs Well no. an HMO could DECIDE not to do a costly test on patents. Knowing that 1 in 1000 will get a disease and die if the tests are not done. So that the $250,000 they would be fined IF someone DOES sue would be worth it over a costly test over hundreds or thousands of patents. So yes they could decide to have people killed to save money.

Where as a DJ could also have someone on the air that cusses. And he would then get fined for the other person cussing.
2005-02-17 01:56:28 AM  
Tv does suck though. I hate people that watch TV. It's pointless. 3/4s of Amorica are TV slaves.
2005-02-17 02:00:04 AM  

Tv does suck though. I hate people that watch TV. It's pointless. 3/4s of Amorica are TV slaves.

Suck or not, you and everyone else should have the right to watch. I have the right to be fat and stupid in front of the boob tube.
2005-02-17 02:00:12 AM  
If 1/2 of the kids today spent 1/2 of their time playing guitar rather than watching TV.. we might be able to save the future of music. As it stands right now though, we'll just have to keep putting up with shiaty people pretending to sing on shiaty talk shows.
2005-02-17 02:17:32 AM  


So help me... if that thing gets cancelled...

It was cancelled. Heard it a couple of days ago when the (I think) the director said they filmed their last episode just recently.

Yes, they filmed the last episode of their second season, but it hasn't been canceled. Repeat: Arrested Development has not been canceled.
2005-02-17 02:46:55 AM  
You farking republicans and democrats brought this on yourselves by voting so stupidly and consistently. May you all enjoy your FREEDOM TV.

God Bless Freedom
2005-02-17 02:54:00 AM  
2005-02-17 01:10:16 AM Talib Kweli

San Bernadino Valley?

San Fernando perhaps?

/i know my porn
2005-02-17 03:19:32 AM  
Democrats? Republicans? Don't look at me. I ain't got nothin' to do with it. I didn't elect ANY of the nutballs currently in Congress. I still say DiFi, Pelosi, and Boxer all desperately need to be put in prison. I may live in Karlifornia, but I promise you I had nothing to do with those farking idiots!
2005-02-17 03:25:42 AM  
Why can't an adult oriented show say the word "pussy"? Chances are that a child won't hear that unless he/she is riding in the car with his/her parent who is listening to the adult oriented program and has the power turn it off when their child is present. Seriously JUST TURN IT OFF!! Don't biatch and complain because you think your god isn't gonna let you into heaven cause your child saw janet jackson's nipple on T.V. during the super bowl half time show. I know there is a fine line but FARK MAN there are way bigger problems that need to be solved than appeasing these "Prurient Puritans"
2005-02-17 03:56:23 AM  
land of the free, HA!
2005-02-17 04:38:25 AM  
I listen to so little radio and watch so little TV that as far as I know people are screwing donkeys on Sesame Street.
2005-02-17 04:59:16 AM  

Welcome to the new Moral America the majority voted for!
2005-02-17 05:04:21 AM  
Since when did America become the land of and for the narrowminded prude?

The reason we do not have a theocracy is that we have seperation of Church and State. Oh wait, Bush did away with that. Fighting religious repression with religious repression.

"Land of the Free" is false advertising.

Free speech is becoming another one of those ideas that people parrot, but no one really believes. (Like "if you work hard, you will become rich" or "It never hurts to help".)

Until people start to fight back against these prudes, you will see every form of media in this country turn into a bland boring morally erect waste of bandwidth.

Another reason I have stopped watching most American TV.
2005-02-17 05:38:14 AM  
Man, the best thing abou this administration is that I don't even have to think or choose for myzelf anymore, it is all done for me!

The Fascists were on to something, its like having a giant, all encompasing father to rule your life, we all need that in this Hobbesian world. I am just glad that this administration can recognize the fact that us, the public, are incompetent.
2005-02-17 05:41:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Won't somebody please think of the children?
2005-02-17 05:53:49 AM  
I listen to so little radio and watch so little TV that as far as I know people are screwing donkeys on Sesame Street.

I believe that's the Hundred Acre Woods. With muppets, the donkeys are just felt.
2005-02-17 05:59:15 AM  
It's now time for the neocon spin hour. DIA & Weaver95 take it away. Tell us all why censorship is good and free speech is bad.

New GOP motto: We out nazi the nazis.
2005-02-17 06:22:54 AM  
sofla39: New GOP motto: We out nazi the nazis.

Aaaaaand Godwin'd
2005-02-17 07:34:38 AM  
....and 36% of high school students believe the government should be able to regulate the news.
2005-02-17 08:13:58 AM  
Who would have thought that Janet Jackson's boob would be the bellwhether of democracy.
2005-02-17 09:46:45 AM  
censor everything. immediately.
2005-02-17 09:59:57 AM  
I can't even put into words the rage that I feel towards shiat like this. Wait, I just did.
2005-02-17 10:01:04 AM  
wow, not even 100 people posted a response here.

not even a "free speech surrenders" tagline. Americans everywhere literally just surrendered the freedom of speech without even so much as a footnote in the local evening news broadcasts.

As much as France sucks, at least entertainers have the freedom to tell a dirty joke onstage without having the fear of getting a half a million dollar fine government.

Freedom is on the march, eh? Nice. Majority of Americans = Sheep.
2005-02-17 10:33:10 AM  
Won't somebody please think of the children?

This guy always thinks of children.

[image from too old to be available]

/one, please.
2005-02-17 11:50:04 AM  
This is how the government thugs work: they fine you shiatloads of money for doing what everyone agrees is acceptable, then line their pockets with it and tell everyone it's going toward your safety and health. If Bono had balls he woulda had contracts put on the heads of the FCC. Good Irish hitmen. 500 grand woulda been spent in a much better fashion.
2005-02-17 12:13:49 PM  
I've been starting to feel this onslaught of the prudes lately. I get the feeling this country is quickly heading toward a dark ages style repression of thoughts and ideas. I wish these people would just exercise a little restraint and not listen to or go looking for crap that offends them.....and why is it that the one's who yell the loudest do the nastiest crap behind closed doors? cough...O-Reilly......cough...
2005-02-17 12:26:16 PM  

I believe that for the house I voted Green Party and I know that for the Senate I voted for Russ Feingold. I know that he will vote against this just as he voted against the Patriot Act.

/from Wisconsin
2005-02-17 12:43:14 PM  
If they hate us for our freedom, I guess they won't be hating us for long.
2005-02-17 12:54:39 PM  
Bow down to the baby-shiatting minority!
2005-02-17 01:08:48 PM  
I went to the House of Representatives web site to see if my congressman voted for this (to let him know that if he did I'll be vigorously campaigning against his unpatriotic ass next election), but I can't figure out how to get voting records. Anyone know how to find this info?
2005-02-17 01:15:29 PM  
Orrin: We took out Saddam so you could have freedom, you owe us one back.

I see its still working . . .
2005-02-17 01:23:02 PM  

Here is the link

My Rep (Zoe Lofgren) was one of the few who voted against this, and I have already sent her a letter of gratitude. This is going to the Senate next, so you may also want to write your Senator and let them know what you think about this bill. Be sure to reference the name, not the number, as the House and Senate use a different numbering system for their bills.

Yesterday was yet another sad, embarrassing day for America.
2005-02-17 02:26:13 PM  
Unfortunately while the bill was started by Christian right fundamentalists like Senetor Brownback (R KS). It's the easy way to say "I'm against naughty language" than to stick up for freedom of speech. So there is a lot of Dems on board for the bill. The only reason it didn't pass before was because somebody tacked on some unacceptable riders to it. And what about that sad sad poll of students that 30% of them thought the first amendment gave too much freedom.
2005-02-17 07:41:28 PM  
Has anyone but me noticed how little the media is covering this story. I would think having our free speech rights blatantly infringed upon would make for interesting news. But I guess the Michael Jackson case is just so much more important and such a critical world event.

/Stupid American media

//Will be following Howard to Sirius
2005-02-18 12:27:44 AM  

The only reason it didn't pass before was because somebody tacked on some unacceptable riders to it.

You mean to say that such things exist?!
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