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(NBC San Diego)   Woman sets unwanted dog on fire, who turns around and burns down her house, kills her kids. Bad dog trifecta complete   ( divider line
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31539 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Feb 2005 at 4:53 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-16 04:02:18 PM  
... your dog wants a dish best served cold.
2005-02-16 04:10:35 PM  
This is one of the most horrific things I've ever read. Thanks, Fark!
2005-02-16 04:16:08 PM  
Aparently there are no dog pounds in Pittsburgh?

/I think some Darwin karma is overdue for this pair.
2005-02-16 04:16:20 PM  
Oh, wow, this is a great story. Tequilla Newsome and her 15-year-old friend (at the time) decide to get rid of the mother's dog by burning it alive. The lady is an umarried (apparently) mother, living with her own mother, and decides to kill the dog, the one thing in her mother's live that hasn't screwed things up yet.

This feels like justice in a sick way. It's quite unfortunate that two innocent toddlers died, but I don't feel much pity for Tequilla.
2005-02-16 04:16:24 PM  
Talk about instant karma. Too bad it took 15 years for somebody to talk.
2005-02-16 04:17:44 PM  
Hotdogs roasting over an open fire, Jack Frost nippi... (sigh).

/Reaches for the mustard on his way down.
2005-02-16 04:27:57 PM  
...paging: Mr. Darwin... Mr. Charles Darwin....
2005-02-16 04:56:13 PM  
TheRealMcCoy - First thing I thought too. Instant friggin' karma. Damn.
2005-02-16 04:56:37 PM  
Darwin, yes. Karma, no. Poor dog.
2005-02-16 04:56:43 PM  
Too bad the fire killed the kids. It should have killed her.
2005-02-16 04:57:10 PM  
Does the trifecta trigger the multiball?

/multiball, multiball, MULTIBALL!!!
2005-02-16 04:58:14 PM  
Are you eligible for a Darwin Award if you take out your own offspring?

2005-02-16 04:58:44 PM  
Holy god, that is awful..While reading, I was laughing, crying, damn near pooping my drawers, and having a wave of melancholy all at the same time....
2005-02-16 04:58:59 PM  
Poor dog... I feel bad for the kids, but one can't help but wonder if they aren't MUCH better off... Quick, fiery death or a life of drawn-out misery??? I'm stumped...
2005-02-16 04:59:01 PM  
Dum dum dum - dah dum - dum dum... Tequila!
2005-02-16 04:59:13 PM  
I say good dog.
2005-02-16 04:59:48 PM  
spanish, black, or white trash, it matters not when the man comes around.

/yeah i said it
2005-02-16 05:00:04 PM  
Why was this a bad dog? Theres definately a biatch in this story but its not the dog. Well I hope she is happy, has this woman ever heard of the pound?
2005-02-16 05:00:05 PM  
jay_vee said it best.
2005-02-16 05:00:47 PM  
I swear, I read the Fark headline and thought, "That can't POSSIBLY be as bad as it sounds."

I should know better.
2005-02-16 05:00:52 PM  
Poor dog. Too bad it didn't burn Tequilla up. Not to death, mind you - just excrutiatingly painfull and debilitating and disfirguring for life. I pity the children, but honestly, with that piece of shiat for a mother, they're probably better off.
2005-02-16 05:01:06 PM  
The Burning Dog Festival!
2005-02-16 05:01:19 PM  
Screw her. She got what she deserved. You mess with fire, you're gonna get burned.
2005-02-16 05:01:37 PM  
I'd imagine that both the dog and the children are better off now.

2005-02-16 05:02:11 PM  
Who the hell greenlit this? This isn't even remotely funny. Sick Fark!
2005-02-16 05:02:23 PM  
Would you all *please* look up the word 'trifecta' before continuing to misuse it?
2005-02-16 05:02:25 PM  
Jesus Christ. Dog got his revenge, I guess. Terrible story. Everyone died but the one deserving of it the most.
2005-02-16 05:02:28 PM  
uhm...HOLY FARKING shiatE....that's about it
2005-02-16 05:02:49 PM  
Is it bad that i feel more bad for the dog then the children?
2005-02-16 05:03:10 PM  
Mmmm... an ice cold Tequila, and a hot dog with 4 tiny buns to go with it!

/already in the lowest pit of hell
2005-02-16 05:03:32 PM  
It's finally happened! The dogs are rising up against us! Repent of your foolish headlines invoking canine desires and welcome your new masters!
2005-02-16 05:03:49 PM  
she got what she deserves...
2005-02-16 05:04:12 PM  
Don't name your children ... "Tequilla" ... bad things are DESTINED to happen.

/Very Bad things
2005-02-16 05:04:16 PM  
Recoil Therapy

Are you eligible for a Darwin Award if you take out your own offspring?

Only if you are past child-bearing age. You can also Darwin yourself via sterilization (if you have no kids).

And I am sorry, but this is not a trifecta. This was not a bad dog. If some motherfarker lit me on fire, I would burn down his house too. Too bad kids were punished for the sins of the mother.
2005-02-16 05:04:50 PM  
This is why I hate people.

/I also wish Fark would stop greenlighting this shiat
//*angry face*
2005-02-16 05:05:14 PM  

I may be missing your point here, but since when do we only greenlight funny stories? Should we go back and revise Fark to get rid of all the 9/11 posts?
2005-02-16 05:05:19 PM  
Too bad the biatch didn't burn down with the house.
Did she never think of taking it to an animal shelter?? Someone should lose their right to life if they think burning a dog is the way to get rid of it. Just slit their throats down by the river and kick them in.
2005-02-16 05:06:22 PM  
Is she any kin to Will Munny?
2005-02-16 05:06:45 PM  
man this is the feel good story of the year.
(what no hero tag)
2005-02-16 05:07:01 PM  
More proof that God is not omnipotent, for were he, then he would have found a way to wipe out Tequilla and her friend as well, and probably also the father(s) of the children, and probably also the other children fathered by that/those father(s).
2005-02-16 05:07:20 PM  
Karma can be a biatch huh?
2005-02-16 05:07:27 PM  
Karma's a biatch, biatch.
2005-02-16 05:07:39 PM  
No, no. I think she got what she deserved, because she has to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life.

That dog was a loyal member of the family, almost like a child in its need to be part of things and be taken care of. Fark, it found its way back to the house from being dropped off downtown, miles away from home. And this biatch sets the dog on fire to reward it for making the journey back.

Fark her. She doesn't deserve kids, or a dog, or any goddamn relief from the nightmares I'm sure she has nightly. Dumb biatch.
2005-02-16 05:08:03 PM  
Imagine if it was a chimp instead of a dog, and instead of going in the house when she torched it, the flaming chimp ran down the street randomly attacking people as it burned.
2005-02-16 05:08:26 PM  
Speaking for dogs I am offended at the labeling of this dog as bad. Trifecta not achieved. Submitter should be ashamed. Awful awful humans though.
2005-02-16 05:08:29 PM  
I think 'good dog' is more appropriate here. It isn't the dog's fault it is on fire.

And come on, the girl's name is Tequilla!?! I would never see this coming.

/2nd paragraph - sarcasm
//1st paragraph - serious
2005-02-16 05:09:02 PM  
Is it wrong of me to say "good"?
2005-02-16 05:09:05 PM  
Well, y'know, Tequila thought it was a bad dog. Apparently. Even if she's a farking idiot.

Anyhow, I think that's where the trifecta calls are coming through.

/can't believe I'm actually typing this
//yay internet?
2005-02-16 05:09:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 05:10:13 PM  
Best. Dog. Evar.

I bet that dog's in Valhalla right now.
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