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(CBS News)   German shorthaired pointer named Carlee became America's top dog last night. Celebrated with friends by sniffing each other's butts and looking for bitches   ( divider line
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2005-02-16 05:40:52 PM  
dogs rock! i have a two year old lab and an eight month son, she's in love with him, knows that when i say "give kisses" that means lick him on the face till he can't breathe from laughing. totally pampered dog. barks at the tv whenever another dog or horse appears on the screen. dogs rule, cats suck ass.
2005-02-16 05:43:51 PM  

What kind of dogs are those? They are beautiful!

Alas, my Chihuachshund (Chihuahua-Dachshund) was also too busy to compete at Westminster. Well, since she's not a purebred, I guess she's disqualified--but she more than makes up for it in cuteness, methinks.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 05:46:50 PM  
Where's the love for the English Bulldog?
2005-02-16 05:48:34 PM  
And where's the Pug lovin'?
2005-02-16 05:49:22 PM  
Those are Italian Greyhounds. Their beauty is only surpassed by their greed and sense of entitlement. I love em to death!

Santino (left) and Isabella (right)
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 05:49:23 PM  
Rude Turnip

i'm with you on this one...i see "pure bred" dogs all day long and i see mutt's all day long...i would rather have a mutt than a $2000 dog that has the same damn problems as the rest of the mix breeds...

oh, and breeders, the people that purchase, breed and sell...most of them should be put down...complete asshats

i said MOST...not ALL...i need to make myself clear on this, since MOST are crazy asshats who wouldnt think twice about hunting me down and slitting my throat

2005-02-16 05:53:44 PM  
I would normally agree with the "nuts for mutts" crew, but I've wanted an Italian Greyhound since I met my first IG at a friend's apartment. We got ours from a private breeder, without papers, for less than 1/2 their "market value". We don't care about lineage or showing them, we just want them because they're sweet and gentle and SILENT.

/never understimate the value of a silent dog vs. a barker
2005-02-16 05:55:49 PM  

i got a discount on my homeowner's insurance for having pitt bulls...

they truely are my security system

and my sweet, widdle pooky pies!
2005-02-16 05:57:30 PM  
eyedvmtech et al.,
The health of the dog is an important characteristic in breeding a dog. Buying a purebred dog is a way for you to know what characteristics your dog will have. Personally, I also wanted a dog that I could hunt with, thus I went with a purebred hunting dog. I think the real distrinction is that people should either adopt a dog from rescue/pound or they should get a dog from a breeder who is devoted to the breed and the dogs. People should never get their dogs from pet stores or puppy mills.

Because everyone else is posting pics, here is my biatch:
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 05:57:44 PM  
Puppy Pics of my Italian Greyhounds (because I know you're all clamoring for more pics of my dogs...)
2005-02-16 05:58:11 PM  
I'd also like to add that I got my little poopster from the pound, where her previous owners had ditched her. While I wish I could've saved them all, I'm glad I saved at least one dog from euthenasia.

This Xmas, I told my boyfriend and parents I didn't want a gift--I just wanted them to send donations to the Town Lake Animal Shelter (pound) in my name. Hopefully, that money gave some animals another a few more days to have another shot at adoption and a happy life.
2005-02-16 06:04:55 PM  
Very cool.

My mom had 2 of these growing up. One was Bismarck and when he died, they got another one.

Of course they named him Bismark II.

Crazy dogs. Loved beer, sweets, and hated loud noises.
2005-02-16 06:10:03 PM  

beautiful dog! and i agree with your posting except for one part...

just because you are buying a purebred dog for certain characteristics, doesn't mean you are going to get those characteristics. and your dog may end up having medical issues because the breeder "dropped the ball"

sorry, but the sad fact is, not every breeder does what they are supposed to do, which is get the parents certified BEFORE they breed them...

that's why glaucoma and cataracts are so rampant in "pure" bred least the ones that come to my clinic...the ones that end up at the surgical center for hip surgeries are there for the same reason as an ophtho patient...the breeder failed to do the responsible thing and get the puppies certified.
2005-02-16 06:13:55 PM  
Ajakk, is that a vizsla? I used to live in Hungary and those vizslas were everywhere. I believe they're a cousin to the German Shorthair. Anyway, you have a fine looking dog. Looks smart, too.

I was mighty happy the GSP won, even though I agree with those who say please shop around the dog shelters and such before spending a bunch of cash on a pure-bred. You just might find some critter that will be a great pal.

I've got a GSP mix, a rescue dog. (It was abandoned on the streets at about a year old.) He is truly the best dog I've ever had or even met. There are LOTS of GSPs and GSP mixes available at shelters and GSP rescue orgs. (Link goes to Google list; just add your state to the search box and you'll find one nearby.)

Why so many GSPs abandoned? Because they are high-energy dogs and they need an hour or two of serious running every day, and people who can't or won't keep the dog amused end up with sad stressed-out dogs who misbehave. The dogs are also super affectionate, and breeders call them "velcro dogs" because they always want to be by your side. You don't need to hunt with them, but they are natural hunters ... and they will catch and kill anything little & fast, such as cats they don't know, rabbits, etc. So watch out. If you like to walk every day and especially if you are close to an area where you can run the dog off leash, a GSP (or GSP mix) is a great dawg. Very smart, they learn quickly, great with little kids, love to go everywhere & do everything with you, endlessly amusing. (You might also find an all-liver or all-black GSP puppy in the pound, because the stupid AKC doesn't accept those colors even though the original German dogs were often all black or all liver.)
2005-02-16 06:13:59 PM  
Did anyone else think that Pekinese looked uncannily like a tribble?

/Kept expecting more to show up until they filled the place.
2005-02-16 06:14:08 PM  
that's one nice looking biatch
2005-02-16 06:19:27 PM  
the dog is from castle rock!


/from castle rock
2005-02-16 06:20:03 PM  
oldebayer: Did anyone else think that Pekinese looked uncannily like a tribble?

Yeah, and I've also heard them compared to gremlins. I've even known one named Gizmo.

They still RAWK!
2005-02-16 06:27:08 PM  
I'm just happy a Border Collie got 'Best' for the herding group. If I say one more German Shephard get it, I was going to pitch a shiatfit.

/border fanatic
2005-02-16 06:28:05 PM  
I love my JRT. Crazy as hell, but she's fun. Gets along with my Dad's Lab and GSP better than dogs her own size.
2005-02-16 06:28:44 PM  
I misread the headline. Didn't anyone else wonder why we cared about the length of hair of the German artist, and why the sea is boiling hot?
2005-02-16 06:31:11 PM  
Later that night:

"I swear, officer! She said she was three! How the heck was I supposed to know she was two and a half?"

/think doggy years
2005-02-16 06:32:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]

2 dogs I had, and one pic I lifted from here. Can't have a dog show without Triumph!
2005-02-16 06:33:42 PM  
Give me Josh the Newfie from last year any day. The Newfie is my favorite breed; I just love everything about them. My Ben died this past summer and I still miss him.

I still have my mutt and our rescued poodle. I love 'em all.
2005-02-16 06:47:01 PM  
2005-02-16 06:51:50 PM  
I forgot to post my little puppy.
2005-02-16 06:52:49 PM  
kyoki: Me too--not sure how long Borders will be represented, as I understand they're withdrawing from AKC. Good move, I think.

I'd rather see them doing this:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 07:00:53 PM  
Maybe this dog won't set any houses on fire!
2005-02-16 07:01:31 PM  
I agree that you won't necesssarily get the characteristics you want, but it does give you a better shot. Regarding bad breeders, it is amazing to see how many there are and how much people don't realize it. The problem is that it is nearly impossible to make a decent living as a breeder. The costs are very high unless you breed your dogs far too often for their good health or you breed many dogs that shouldn't be bred. It is amazing that people who pay over $1000 for a dog that will be part of their family for the next 10 years don't spend more time investigating who they are buying the dog from. While my breeder isn't perfect, she cares about her dogs, and the owners of those dogs.

Yep, that is one of my Vizslas. They are much like GSPs with TONS more energy than people expect. I had to buy a house with over an acre of land to give my dogs enough room to exercise. Here is a picture of my other Vizsla:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 07:04:33 PM  
I think that Border Collies just make bad show dogs. They never look good standing still or running at a controlled pace. My neighbors growing up trained border collies to herd sheep and watching them still amazes me.
2005-02-16 07:08:22 PM  
Because I can:

[image from too old to be available]

Yeah, she's a vicious killer.
2005-02-16 07:16:48 PM  
I agree, the BC pup last night didn't act like he was there by choice--probably embarrassed by all the grooming. The GSP, though, looked like she was born to it. I know nothing about judging these things, but even I could tell she just had it won.

BCs have traditionally been bred not to some crusty-upper kennel club's idea of a conformance standard, but for what they can do. The hard wiring and resourcefulness are incredible.

But as you say about your dogs--they need work--every day. If I miss a day, stuff starts moving around in the house--two days and it's gone forever. Take note, farkers--don't get a BC unless you have At Least an hour/day to work them. Best dog ever if you do--"worst" if you don't.
2005-02-16 07:21:18 PM  
kyoki: Me too--not sure how long Borders will be represented, as I understand they're withdrawing from AKC. Good move, I think.

Hell yes, if thats true I'll be partying over that one. When you go from breeding for ability to breeding for standard, BC's were bound to suffer.

Thanks for the heads up, good news.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 07:26:23 PM  
3rd try at the pics

I love my mutt
2005-02-16 08:05:30 PM  
I guess this is as appropriate a place as any to mention that I was thinking of doing an online charity raffle for the rescue group I got my lab/bassett from (Burlington County Animal Rescue). I accidentally ordered an iPod Shuffle and instead of returning it to Apple, I'm thinking of offering it as a prize at 10 bucks a chance....assuming enough people are interested (ie I don't want to have just one entry and end up giving someone a free iPod for nothing). To gauge interest, could you throw me a message to my gmail account, "valuation," if you might be interested?
2005-02-16 08:13:26 PM  
This thread needs more beagle love.
2005-02-16 08:30:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

While we're all posting our german dogs, here's our weimaraner.
2005-02-16 08:31:30 PM  
My parents breed/raise GSPs. They are wonderful dogs. All used for hunting and companions. I am familiar enough with the judging of them to say that she was the winner because of her amazing stance and atentiveness. They are doggy attention whores. If they aren't hunting, they are wanting to crawl up on your lap.
2005-02-16 08:31:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ah.. yes... de' West Minster Dog Show is a great thing...FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

If you havn't seen it, you MUST watch what happened at the 2000 West Minster with Triumph. hehe.

Windowz Media:,4812,2458​3​42_200_4 001,00.asx

2005-02-16 08:38:33 PM  
Oh, I got your beagle love: How about the True Story (told in words and pictures) of my sister & bro-in-law's beagle, who ate a box of tampons? It starts here.

Ajakk: Another great looking Vizsla. They are lucky to have an acre of their own to run around.

Here's my boy:

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 08:42:07 PM  
I own 2 gsp's. One came with my wife and the other came as an engagement present. They highlight the advantage of purebreeds. They share similar charaterics...walk me walk me walk me for 2 more hours. my farts really really stink. I want to up the walking track....come back...check your ok....then run some more. However the both have completely differnet personalities.

I didn't have a dog before i got married. I couldn't imagine my life with out them now.
\one is a GREAT ball sniffer
\\I swear one day Pete actually got his nose into my granmothers crutch!
2005-02-16 08:49:06 PM  
GSP's=greatest frisbee dogs ever.
2005-02-16 08:59:15 PM  
My dog may not be pure-bred GSP, but he sure puts out champion farts. Our vet had a great suggestion that I can confirm is truly effective: Give the dog a few spoonfuls of good-quality all-natural plain yogurt. Dogs love it, and the active cultures go to work on the foulness within the stomach. If you're on the West Coast, try Pavel's Original Russian yogurt (health-food stores will have it). Humans like it, too!

BrockWillowcrest: That's a handsome buddy! Those dogs are just pure elegance.
2005-02-16 09:15:49 PM  
these dog show people are bewildering...Best In Show only hinted at the flake factor of this little subculture...seriously folks,it's time to start shooting these people in the face
2005-02-16 09:32:48 PM  
The BC is *supposed* to move with the head level to the body. That's a characteristic of the breed. Ever see them work??

The AKC has no more to do with the popularity of a dog breed than the DMV has to do with the popularity of car models. The problem is that people hear that BC are smart, so they want a smart dog. BC are smart, but they are also very high energy and way more than most people can handle.

I much prefer my Poodles. Smarter than most people, no shedding, no smell.
2005-02-16 09:41:01 PM  

these dog show people are bewildering...Best In Show only hinted at the flake factor of this little subculture...seriously folks,it's time to start shooting these people in the face

Miss the coverage of the RNC this year?
2005-02-16 09:48:36 PM  
nice one akudlac
2005-02-16 09:48:58 PM  
I have a purebred French Bulldog. Funniest thing ever. Everyone keeps asking, "how old is your puppy?" We have to tell them that it is full grown, and it will always be that small.

Funniest dog ever. It is a tiny bulldog with cat ears, and it is permanently the size of a puppy, probably eight pounds max. Also, because it is a bulldog, it snores like a chainsaw in idle.

Glad I never paid for it, though. It was a stray that wandered into my life (don't worry, we tried for WEEKS to find the owner, after all, $2k dogs don't just pop out of the woods like that starving and covered with fleas).

I wish I could return her to her true owner. But nonetheless, she has a great life with me.... after all, my wife is a veterinarian.
2005-02-16 09:57:57 PM  
This is why I think all dog shows should be two-part affairs; one part conformation, and one part behavioral. If the most perfect-looking German Shepherd in the world can't herd, it's not a Shepherd. The only class I can see making an exception for would be toys - all they do is sit around and look good.

I had a friend who bought a GSP from a breeder. Physically, it was almost perfect. Probably could have done well in the show ring. First time he took it hunting, it turned tail and ran at the first shot; it was gun-shy, and therefore completely useless as a hunting dog.
2005-02-16 10:20:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

An alpaca hound!
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