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(The Superficial) Boobies Looks like Britney's on the Kirstie Alley meal plan (sfw)   ( divider line
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302169 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Feb 2005 at 5:04 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-16 09:28:29 AM  
"No wonder women have body issues"

Cry me a farking river. It's not anybody's fault you have low self esteem but your own. Stop blaming "Men" for your crappy diet, lazy lifestyle and penchant for bags of salty snack treats. If your "body image" is impacted by what 35-year-old internet virgins say about Brintney Farking Spears, you're an idiot and deserve to feel bad about yourself (just not because of your weight).

/overweight by 10-15 lbs (was 25-30) and still dropping
2005-02-16 09:59:33 AM  
Anyone have any idea what the tattoo at the top of her bikini bottoms? I looked VERY closely to make sure it wasnt a shadow. Hmmm - I wonder. And certainly she's got on some low-risers somewhere that shows it. Any clues? Anyone. . . anyone?
2005-02-16 10:08:01 AM  
Hee Hee, Frontierpsychiatry
Dr. Seusse... that's classic yet conveys much true sentiment.
2005-02-16 10:24:04 AM  
Hey NCg8r...I'm not an internet virgin...I've used this InterWeb thing many Canada...///obscure?
2005-02-16 10:42:51 AM  
heehee... I figured normal people wouldn't take offense to that statement, but it was bound to irritate the other 95% of Fark. Still, it's the truth and far from a Troll.

"Wahhh... women make me feel inferior because I'm broke and drive a shiatty car... no wonder my self-image sucks..."

boo-farking-hoo... stop judging yourself based on the outrageous ideals of popular culture. . .
2005-02-16 11:02:32 AM  
Anyone who thinks she's "fat" needs to have their eyes checked. She looks like a normal girl in that bikini.

...and yeah, I'd hit it...
2005-02-16 11:17:45 AM  
it is scientifically proven that certain food effect your chemistry and metabolism differently from person to person.

It is not our fault that we are fat. Some people can eat all the junk food they want. Some eat a little and whammmo, chemistry change and fat storage mode. Even if you eat so called healthy food afterward.

Screw all you skinny people who think we're fat cause we deserve it. I hope you grow a third ear in the middle of your head.
2005-02-16 11:19:18 AM  
Kirstie Alley used to be hot as hell. I used to date a gilr that looked like a cross between her and Chasey Lain.

Ahhhh, youth.
2005-02-16 11:25:58 AM  
C'mon guy... that's crap. If food affects you "differently", then it's your job to know that and compensate. Otherwise, you'll be an unhealthy tub of goo and on your way to an early grave.

I agree that physiology changes with time. I used to drink a 12-pack of beer every other day (or more) and nothing but fast food with huge sodas. Then one day I noticed I was suddenly gaining weight with no change in my diet/exercise. Guess what??? I had to stop eating fast food and sodas, and I had to moderate my alcohol intake. The pounds are now coming off slowly (faster if I would exercise, but meh...)

There are rare cases where people eat nothing and blow up, but why is that only happening here in America? When it happens elsewhere in the world, it happens MUCH less frequently.

I submit that you are the cumulative result of the last few years of your habits. Your weight, however, is directly related to the last 4 weeks of your habits. Change those and you change your body...

/medical problems/issues aside
2005-02-16 11:28:36 AM  
//please note "few years" and "4 weeks" are relative/general figures pulled from my 6:00 and shouldn't be taken literally... maybe 3 weeks for some and 5 weeks for others, but I digress...
2005-02-16 11:40:10 AM  

I totally agree with you. You can't just eat a cracker and a carrot stick everyday and still be fat as hell. Heck, that would be reverse starvation where the less you eat the bigger you get.

It irks me to see fat people say that they eat hardly amything and that it just their metabolisms' fault. If that is true then count you blessings since you only need to eat 1/20th of the rest of us and can still survive. Miracle of nature you are.
2005-02-16 11:44:55 AM  
Much as I'd like to jump on the bandwagon, the EVIDENCE here does not support the CHARGE.

And calling someone who looks like that FAT is just gonna screw up more thirteen year olds.

Christ I'm in the best shape of my life right now, at 30, and she's still in better form than me, fatwise. Not that I couldn't bench her and her he biatch husband at the same time.
2005-02-16 11:59:16 AM  
You can actually fool your body into thinking it's a Famine and you will begin to store fat when you normally shouldn't. However, this takes a VERY unhealthy diet to initiate. Fad diets can also screw up your metabolism.

Basically, avoid processed food, even if the Nutritional Content isn't all that bad. Just don't. Make your food from fresh ingredients and eat as much as you want, as long as you understand that this technique requires you to give up the Killers (sodas, fast food). I still eat li'l debbie snack cakes for dessert, and I L-O-V-E candy, so I still treat myself. Despite my candy binges, I'm still droping weight because I only allow myself 1 fast-food meal per week (and I try to not eat any at all, but it's a daily struggle against temptation... literally).

If you're destined to be fat, eating decent food will not turn you into a model. You'll still be a big person, doing big things... However, you will not be unhealthy and you may live past 50. And you may dodge the diabetes bullet...

/and Britney isn't fat, but she's headed that direction with her habits... and God bless her right to do so...
2005-02-16 12:05:56 PM  
For the record, I used to eat 1 to 2 fast food meals per day, 6 days a week, and all my non-restaurant meals were frozen dinner-type items. Check out the Nutritional Content of some of your favorite frozen foods next time you're at the grocery store.

I was stunned when I got to the Pot Pies. I used to eat those 2 at a time... Then I saw the Fat and Calories (not to mention Sodium) contained in just 1 chicken pot pie. You could eat a couple of philly cheese steaks (made from real ingredients, not from a steak joint) and still come out ahead of the guy eating frozen pot pies...

Also, frozen pizzas don't HAVE to be that bad. There's a HUGE difference in the fat content just between Freschetta, DiGourno and Red Baron. The smaller (RB) one had more fat than either of the self-rising pizzas (which would appear to be MUCH worse for you)... It just takes a little (a LOT) of discipline and some attention to detail. You can lose 15-20 pounds in a few short weeks without even doing a single sit-up! (assuming you had 30 pounds of blubber to lose, like I did)
2005-02-16 12:10:53 PM  
I forgot to mention probably the biggest change I made, which was a strict "No Soda" policy. I only buy diet sodas now, and it took about 3 days for me to stop noticing the difference. Now I can barely stand to drink a regular soda.

I like Diet Mt. Dew and Diet Dr. Pepper. Both are good enough to keep me happy without adding several hundred empty calories per can (x 5-6 cans per day at work, plus several more at home)

/tech support, addicted to caffeine
2005-02-16 12:47:15 PM  
BTW, everyone, these are actually old pics of her. I saw them last summer, I believe. I think she dropped a few since then

//so sad I know that
2005-02-16 02:03:15 PM  
its weird how the whole thread turned into fat/not fat when the actual article doesnt even really make fun of her for that.

and am I the only one who thinks that page is really funny?
2005-02-16 07:31:29 PM  
How to make a link pop: HOLD SHIFT AS YOU CLICK IT.

That opens a "Save As..." dialog when I do it.
2005-02-16 09:00:49 PM  
Larry the cable guy from the Blue Collar comedy tour had a great one about Brittany:

He was commenting on her breaking her leg and cancelling a bunch of shows, but her doctors said that with proper recovery, she should be back on her knees in no time.
2005-02-16 09:05:25 PM  
So is she going to be doing Peir 1 commericals soon?
2005-02-18 11:34:37 PM  
Mmmmmmmmm. It that's "fat", I love fat women.
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