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(The Superficial) Boobies Looks like Britney's on the Kirstie Alley meal plan (sfw)   ( divider line
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302169 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Feb 2005 at 5:04 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-15 08:57:46 PM  
Britney has PTE.

Potential - To - Explode.

Someday her fine self will compete with our haunting mind-searing images of the later years of the once beautiful Liz Taylor.

Until that happens - I'll be hittin' it in my dreams.
2005-02-15 09:00:54 PM  
Okay, so maybe she's not fat (yet), but she's so skelly with the smoking and fistfuls of Cheetos. EWWWWWWWWWWWW. Do you really want to tag a chick whose fingers are permanently stained nuclear orange?
2005-02-15 09:05:52 PM  
She's not fat by any means (submitter is a doofus), but she's starting to look like a Buick that's been parked across under the same tree for too long: Weathered day in and day out, splotches on the hood, the paint's going bad, etc.

Party girl's looking used up and going to be washed up if she don't take it easy... If she keeps going at the rate she's going, she'll have a reality show on the E Network by 2007 or may wind up on The Surreal Life by 2009.
2005-02-15 09:10:35 PM  
She looks on the low side of average now. Meh.

I sure miss her smoking-hot-impossibly-fantastic-young-thing days. Good time...
2005-02-15 09:21:09 PM  
itzComA: 2005-02-15 08:00:57 PM itzComA

testing out ImageShack's gallery feature.

Nice, lottsa kittins 'gonna die tonight. There is no doubt brittney's hot... and yes the majority of pics are airbrushed more than an east LA lowrider, does that make me not want to hit it? NO... but who am i to think i could ever hit that... I'll just work on hittin the new office intern ...hmmmm .

/still trying to figure out how you farked up?
//link worked for me
///can care less about seafood...give me BEEF!!
2005-02-15 09:25:58 PM  
Never been a huge Britney fan, but I always found this pic hot...
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-15 09:32:26 PM  
Not even with Gannon/Gurkert's weener.
2005-02-15 09:33:40 PM  
i dont think his weener likes girls
2005-02-15 09:35:55 PM  
She was right hot back in the day, but any girl looks wider when she's bent over. Put me down for "she's not fat."
2005-02-15 09:46:04 PM  
i think we're all missing the bigger picture here...Kirstie Alley used to be pretty hitable.
submitted for your approval:

she's gone from this:
[image from too old to be available]

to..well yeah
[image from too old to be available]

/lest we forget
2005-02-15 09:48:05 PM  
Is it just me, or in that picture ToxicAvenger posted, is Britney HOLDING those shorts in front of her, and not wearing them? Look closely.

/If that's meant to be obvious, then excuse my nonceness. But still tell me
2005-02-15 09:50:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/ah, saavik...we hardly knew ye.
2005-02-15 09:50:31 PM  
"OMG, Britney is fat, Britney is fat!"

You people are absolutely hilarious. The Greater Internet Farkwad Theory strikes again. She's a beautiful young lady who is married to a complete douche, and haven't we all known somebody like that? You can spout all you want about how digusted you are by her and how god-awful she looks now, but we all know it's not true. You'd hit it. You know you'd hit it.

Just admit it and you'll feel better. Say it with me: "I'D HIT IT!"

/would totally hit it... Christ, you couldn't drag me away with a Chevy pickup, even one with one-o-them big-ass winches
2005-02-15 09:55:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

^ Refraining from comment, for the time being.
2005-02-15 10:01:56 PM  

I think that's a skirt and not shorts which is why it seems like she's only holding it in front of her.
2005-02-15 10:03:10 PM  
Conker - Is it just me, or in that picture ToxicAvenger posted, is Britney HOLDING those shorts in front of her, and not wearing them? Look closely.

It's a skirt, not shorts, and she's clearly wearing it. Damn, the misinterpretations people on here make about pictures never cease to amaze me.

The king of all image analysis dumbassery threads was this one (hint the pictures are authentic).
2005-02-15 10:18:29 PM  
Britney has a bun in the oven. She is knocked up! Expecting a litter.
2005-02-15 10:24:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I like my women a little Fellinieque, but...

/wonders if this little fella would hit it.
2005-02-15 10:24:31 PM  
itzComA If that is fat, then I am a blue whale.
2005-02-15 10:27:20 PM  
i'd love to be fat like that....but i'm not a skanky white trash ho so i'm happy...oh yeah, and i don't own a snappy ugly froo froo chihuahua in drag....not that there's anything wrong with that...
2005-02-15 10:38:53 PM  
Oh no. What is she going to do without her looks.

See ya biatch and don't come back.
2005-02-15 11:08:06 PM  
JohnnyontheSpot: itzComA If that is fat, then I am a blue whale.

holy fark b@lls, when did i say she was fat?? is this "accuse itzComA of sh*t he didnt do day"?? you think id really have about 1000 pics of some chick i thought was fat. seriously. all i tried to do was help fellow farkers out with pics of boobies in a boobies lacking thread.

for the record to sum this nonsense up:
a) my links pop
b) i did not post links to viruses, spyware, adware, etc.
c) britney isnt fat and she is hot

yes she has pics that make her not look her best, but ive hasd bad pics taken of myself before so i understand. yes she gets airbrushed but welcome to hollywood.

/thanks for gettin my panties in a bunch
2005-02-15 11:17:28 PM  
i like that sometimes she gets "fat". we have our ups and downs.
i just dont get why she never drinks diet redbull or diet coke... when her entire career is about her B o d y.
2005-02-15 11:43:13 PM  
I don't care how big she gets, I'd still poke her pooter...
2005-02-15 11:43:26 PM  
I think the real issue here is this is in no way a boobies link. This is a celebrity gossip link. I expect nudity dammit!
2005-02-15 11:45:09 PM  
I love how this thread has people saying she was anorexic a couple of years ago. Now she gains a few pounds and suddenly she's fat. No wonder women have problems with their self image.
2005-02-15 11:45:59 PM  
Someone (with more ambition than me) needs to map all the surface area of her tits that are visible in various photos and then draw a blacked-out spot of the only remaining regions that have so far not been photographed. I'm betting only the actual nipple and a little bit of the surrounding chicken skin remain un-viewed.

2005-02-16 12:01:12 AM  
You know, I've tried html code in here before and it never works. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I've written thousands of hmtl links over the last few years and this is the only place I can't get them to display correctly for some reason...

Away from that,

I see a Weird Al video in the works in a couple years. Fat 2.
2005-02-16 12:12:38 AM  
She's reaching that stage in life where you start to say the phrase "It's whats on the inside that counts!" instead of cruelly laughing at someone that says it.

/Ok everybody, let's cruelly laugh at her now.
2005-02-16 12:47:00 AM  
Personally, I don't think she is "fat" she is average looking. AND you must take into consideration the angle of some of the pictures...I am 5ft 100pds and in the right angle in a pic, I can look like I've packed on a little weight when I haven't.

Eh...I say she is average...those super skinny teen years are gone, and now I must say, 'Welcome to life'
2005-02-16 01:19:47 AM  
britney is hot now and she'll get hotter as she gets even more pregnant. that pic with the pink shirt that vegasj posted says it all (unless that's an old pic and i'm an idiot).

why get married ten minutes after your first, quite embarassing, wedding-fiasco?

because you are a hot mom to be, and your little sister is hot too.
2005-02-16 01:32:32 AM  
2005-02-16 01:39:49 AM  
2005-02-16 01:56:02 AM  
What is with all the "I'd hit it because she's rich" comments? Do you really thing that cash pops out of her vagina if you fulfill your duties as a man?

{{hits a rich chick nightly, still no cash pops out of anywhere other than her purse}}
2005-02-16 01:58:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-16 02:02:17 AM  
In all fairness, the site is called The Superficial.
2005-02-16 02:19:50 AM  
There you go vegasj, that's the ticket.

You can take the girl out of the
trailor park, but you can't take the
trailor park out of the girl.
2005-02-16 02:31:45 AM  
I don't care how skanky she's become, she's infinitely more fappable now than ever. I am become God. Destroyer of kittens.

My girlfriend is 4'11", 110 pounds and, without a doubt, the sexiest little thing I've ever seen. I love me some women with a little meat on their bones.

/I said "a little" meat...
2005-02-16 03:15:48 AM  
Man, this is why young girls starve themselves, because Britney Spears puts on 20-40 pounds and we call her fat. She is larger than she was but she isn't fat.
2005-02-16 03:44:37 AM  
you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl...

2005-02-16 04:23:33 AM  
We need at least 7 more people to post an HTML lesson on how to post links ...
2005-02-16 04:25:01 AM  

HAHA!! My knowledge of HTML for Fark is COMPLETE!!!!

Judging from the picture you still have a thing or two to learn.

FTR not fat and I'd hit it.
2005-02-16 04:27:59 AM  
she's not fat, she's a normal, average girl. She's unpleasant to look at for a myriad of other reasons, but being fat isn't one of them. In the Fark vernacular, the 98% of Farkers who claim to be repulsed by her new fatness would, given the chance, hit her like a red-headed, step-mule. So help me god.
2005-02-16 04:58:13 AM  
She should go out like Marylin Munroe!!! Someone end this Brittney fark posting!!! Stop the media, I m stick of it. Her life must really suck with all this attension.
2005-02-16 06:20:54 AM  
I'm both late and offtopic, but just a quick rant:

How to make a link pop: HOLD SHIFT AS YOU CLICK IT.
No reason to abuse target= to force a new window, if someone wants a link in a new window it should be their action that causes it. If fark wanted all comments links to forcefully pop, they would add a target= to their BASE tag. Middle clicking a link opens it in a new tab, which is usually more preferable.

As for britney, I'd hit it, current or past. She would be hotter in my mind if she was a real artist rather than an riaa puppet, but thats okay. I guess I've just always had a thing for the artistic types, like say Astrid Van der veen of Ambeon, or The singer from Lacuna Coil, Cristina Scabbia

/Links sfw and pop if you hold shift like you should if you want popping links.
//warning: Astrid is kind of young, though no younger than I, and legal.
///but if you're looking at the old pictures, the term is Ephebophile, not pedophile.
2005-02-16 06:59:36 AM  
How to make a link pop: HOLD SHIFT AS YOU CLICK IT.

You're assuming most Farkers surf the web with both hands free...
2005-02-16 08:07:54 AM  
She should go out like Marylin Munroe!!! Someone end this Brittney fark posting!!! Stop the media, I m stick of it. Her life must really suck with all this attension.

It's called spell check..use it sometime.
2005-02-16 08:15:33 AM  
2005-02-16 08:21:57 AM  
I didn't think I'd ever see the day I was thinner than Britney... go figure
2005-02-16 08:40:37 AM  
I like the title on that web page...

Britney Spears is Fat
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