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(Some Guy)   Virginia decides that the best way to get rid of cattle runoff is to import human poo   ( divider line
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5517 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Feb 2005 at 6:24 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-13 06:26:59 PM  
2005-02-13 06:27:15 PM  
sounds good to me.
2005-02-13 06:27:36 PM  
2005-02-13 06:28:58 PM  
2005-02-13 06:29:52 PM  
where do i sign up??
2005-02-13 06:32:27 PM  
Wait a minute Virginias a real place? I thought it was made up, like Narnia and Canada.......
2005-02-13 06:35:04 PM  
I'm a native Virginiasns. We love our poop. We usually just cross the border to Virginia, but decided to try something different. We want to be the melting pot of your waste disposal.
2005-02-13 06:36:32 PM  
Yep... we definitely need a Virginia tag.

Fark this state.

NY >> VA
2005-02-13 06:36:51 PM  
2005-02-13 06:40:28 PM  
Well, shiat.
2005-02-13 06:42:02 PM  
Wait, I thought human poop was the only non-fertilizer poop. Have I been lied to?
2005-02-13 06:45:07 PM  
This is the first headline I've seen in a while with the word 'poop'
2005-02-13 06:54:22 PM  
what's with the bold greenlighting?
2005-02-13 06:54:23 PM  
Will the law forbidding low-ride pants increase or decrease the nitrogen in Virginia.

/I'm so confused
2005-02-13 06:57:56 PM  
Excuse me, I have to go dump my biosolids.
2005-02-13 06:58:07 PM  
And all my friends back home said I was crazy to move out of Virginia.

Hah, hah, take my poop now, biatches!
2005-02-13 06:59:16 PM  
Is this "upstate" or "downstate" Virginia?
2005-02-13 07:12:29 PM  
How much are they payin' for poop? I can make 'em some. Shipment about once a day

(sorry, that was crass)

/but I couldn't resist
2005-02-13 07:13:12 PM  
Possibly Sideways: I thought it was made up, like Narnia and Canada.......

Wait a minute, Narnia isn't real?

/yeah, so I'm not funny, whoopty do.

From the article:

"Appomattox farmer Dennis Torrence is one of the people who finds this puzzling."

I'd be puzzled as well if I were farming in someplace called Appomattox.
2005-02-13 07:17:42 PM  
crazyate: "I'd be puzzled as well if I were farming in someplace called Appomattox."

Appomattox courthouse is the place where Robert E. Lee surrendered the Confederate army to Union commander Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865.
2005-02-13 07:24:21 PM  

Appomattox courthouse is the place where Robert E. Lee surrendered the Confederate army to Union commander Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865.

You know, I just knew I should have done a quick google search on that place. Just my luck it would be a site of some historical significance.

ah well
2005-02-13 07:28:25 PM  
We'll never forget Tim flipping the lull into the pool of human waste.
What's the chance that three of us were carrying cameras that day?
2005-02-13 07:45:49 PM  
I knew there was a reason I left Virginia.
Born and raised in Lynchburg.
There are quite a few historical sites in VA.

/misses it just alittle
2005-02-13 08:06:03 PM  
This state just keeps getting wierder and wierder!
2005-02-13 08:47:48 PM  
chocolatecity: Born and raised in Lynchburg.

Yee haw. I'm not the only one around here then. *whew*
2005-02-13 09:15:37 PM  
How about dog crap?
2005-02-13 09:17:43 PM  

You poop once a day?

Damn, I usually go for about 5 or 6 days without pooping. When I do poop, it's a wonderful refresher on all that I've had to eat for the past week.
2005-02-13 09:23:10 PM  
I'm glad I got out of VA this last year (born in Radford). the state's really been going to hell.
2005-02-13 09:57:44 PM  
here's some human poo to import.
Check out this guy's ass YUCK!!
2005-02-13 10:32:17 PM  
They could just print off a Fark flamewar. That's enough poo to make any of God's creatures to run for the hills.
2005-02-13 10:37:01 PM  
Is that before or after they farked their cousins?
2005-02-13 10:50:17 PM  
They use human poo to fertilize plants in Japan.
2005-02-13 11:10:53 PM  
They can have the contents of my septic tank, free, they just have to come get it.
2005-02-13 11:44:25 PM  
At first I thought, "not another Virginia story". Then I clicked, saw it was the Lynchburg paper, and said, "yep, Lynchburg is poop". Lynchburg is better known as the 'armpit of virginia'.

//VA native
2005-02-14 12:22:10 AM  
Veterans Administration?
2005-02-14 02:19:23 AM  
well, shiat
2005-02-14 08:16:57 AM  
This is obviously because of the increasing amount of people voting Democrat in the state. :)
2005-02-14 12:33:19 PM  
Born and raised in Virginia but the western half of our commonwealth is a little on the odd side. I can see them using poop to grow food because they like the taste of it.
2005-02-14 01:05:47 PM  
The western side of VA thinks they are West Virginias. The Northerners are all NJ and Cal rejects trying to spread their miserty to the south and the southern part thinks that the Civil War is still going on.
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