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(Rocky Mountain News)   Not to be outdone by students, University of Colorado admits it spent over half a million dollars on alcohol over the last five years   ( divider line
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2005-02-13 12:48:29 PM  
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2005-02-13 01:48:32 PM  
5 years? shiat, that's a 3 day weekend.
2005-02-13 02:12:28 PM  
But how much has it spent on pot?
2005-02-13 02:30:23 PM  
I wonder how much was spent on hookers...

Seriously, can we just shut down UC atheletic department for a few years to get rid of all of the asshats?
2005-02-13 02:49:42 PM  
Man, if I went to that school and found out that's where my fees were going, I'd be pissed. My fees currently are higher than my tuition. I don't live on campus and make use of any of it.
2005-02-13 04:29:47 PM  
That's nothing. At Jesuit colleges, some 95% of the fees go to fund the priests' beer.
2005-02-13 05:26:19 PM  
Is it for the chemistry labs?

/Didn't RTFA
2005-02-13 05:26:25 PM  
need to spend less money, more time pulling "beer runners"
2005-02-13 05:26:40 PM  

How about the whole school? Apparently the professors are so drunk, they think they're native American.

University of Colorado: The Drunkest, Kicker Raping-est, Fake Indian-est school in the USA.
2005-02-13 05:29:20 PM  
This is a surprise to whom, exactly?
2005-02-13 05:36:06 PM  
Sounds like my law school. Wine+Beer events every other day, at least, in the evenings. I don't mind so much, I get to share in the wealth.
2005-02-13 05:53:57 PM  
Yeah, but like Gary Barnett said, she should have been a better kicker.
2005-02-13 05:55:48 PM  
McGill has a beer company that sponsors them, gives them lots of alcohol, and puts their beer logos on school clothing.

Everyone else pales in comparison, my friends there laugh =\
2005-02-13 05:58:02 PM  
Yea but it was rubbing alcohol
2005-02-13 06:05:26 PM  
Hey now, CU ain't such a bad place. Sure we our problems, but its still a great school!


Sigh, my school is going down the crapper.
2005-02-13 06:32:17 PM  
So yeah, my writing professor told us that applications are down 46% for next year here at CU. I wonder why....
2005-02-13 06:35:53 PM  
Damn, with all the boozing going on in Boulder, the Liquor Mart owners must be loaded!
And pretty damn rich, too.

/I'll be here all week
//liquor mart rules
2005-02-13 06:47:00 PM  

/ So why couldn't Pete Coors win an election?
// wanted him to stick to brewing
2005-02-13 07:18:52 PM  
Enh, I can't really make an opinion on this without seeing what other state schools are spending on alcohol. I mean, various fundraiser events seem pretty valid to me. You gotta butter those fat cats up as much you can and alky is the perfect grease. The only thing questionable I see is the conflict of interest.
2005-02-13 08:29:32 PM  
Speaking of Colorado. Did anybody catch C-Span? There was some professor name Ward Churchill on there inciting quite a ruckus from the question and answer forum at the University...
2005-02-13 08:32:43 PM  

I'm going back to CU in the fall for law school. I got my BA there and my MBA from the Denver campus. With all that's happening to their reputation though, it's almost enough for me to bite the bullet and pay 3x as much to go to DU instead.
2005-02-13 08:38:58 PM  
Ward Churchill is getting flack from the media pimps and BushCo attack dogs because he told the truth about America. Americans don't like to hear the truth, they prefer fantasy and fairy tales:

"The desire to pummel the helpless runs rabid as ever."
2005-02-13 10:35:54 PM  
Man, CU is filled with asshats. I especially loved the part where no one can have beer at football games...except the rich folk in the luxury boxes. Farking hypocrites.
2005-02-13 11:20:08 PM  
Steve French: Ward Churchill is getting flack from the media pimps and BushCo attack dogs because he told the truth about America. Americans don't like to hear the truth, they prefer fantasy and fairy tales

No, the farking asshat is catching flak because he said that the people who died in the 9/11 attacks deserved it and were "Little Eichmans," referring to Adolf Eichman, a Nazi higher-up. And then he defended himself. And then he said that the US would be better off if there were a few MORE 9/11-style attacks.

Ward Churchill is an asshat who needs to be kicked in the balls multiple times. He's cheapening my degree and making me ashamed to admit I went to a school that allows such idiotic, vitriolic, farktard asshats be in charge of departments.

I, for one, volunteer to kick his nutsack should the need arise.
2005-02-13 11:50:02 PM  
As long as your daughter just sticks to drinking beer and not kicking footballs she should be ok.
2005-02-14 04:01:46 AM  
Steve French
Ward Churchill is getting flack from the media pimps and BushCo attack dogs because he told the truth about America.

No, the jackass is getting flack because he compared 9/11 victims to a genocidal Nazi just because some of them sold stocks and bonds. If this guy were really intellectually honest, he'd be advocating the murder of everyone who participated in the UN/Saddam oil-for-food scandal. Somehow, I seriously doubt we'll hear about this idiot applauding the 2003 insurgent attack against UN officials in Iraq.

Do you applaud that attack? If not, then you have no right to attack the 9/11 victims, either. If so, you're an even bigger moron than I thought. Whatever the case, you'd better either come up with a damn good defense, get a freaking clue, or:

[image from too old to be available]

Note: I'm not hindering your first-amendment rights in any way, shape, or form, so nobody try to throw out that red herring. Besides, I haven't use the Cookie Monster pic in a while. ^_^
2005-02-14 06:03:08 AM  
For the tards who can't read, Churchill referred to the technocrats of Empire as "Little Eichmans", the people who run the business infrastructure that exploits the mid east and the third world like its own slave labor camp, not the firemen, janitors and children who died as 'collateral damage' in the WTC.
That's why it was a target.
Eichmann never personally killed anyone, he ran the infrastructure of genocide, the slave labor and the death camps, hence the analogy.
If half a million murdered Iraqi children are 'collateral damage' resulting from systemic bombing raids of water, sewage treatment plants, etc, over the last dozen years then so are the people who died in the WTC.
2005-02-14 02:31:27 PM  
Ah I see... It's always about money for you liberals. The worshipers of power and greenbacks. If anybody took five seconds, they'd realize the issue isn't money or so called slavery. (voluntarily doing work in exchange for compensation isn't slavery) The issue is religion and culture. They were selected because they were highly visible targets that would cause some economic damage. Not for the type of work that goes on in them.
2005-02-14 02:42:49 PM  
Steve French

For one thing, Churchill didn't make the distinction between the economists in the buildings and the janitors, firemen, etcoontil the day AFTER the initial media blitz broke on his comments. That's called damage control and backpedaling.

Second, Eichman specifically helped DESIGN the infrastructure of Nazi Germany to horde people into camps and had full knowledge of the ramifications of his actions. Most of the people in the trade towers that Churchill includes in his tirade were just selling stocks and bonds, not orchestrating any exploitation of the middle east. Furthermore, these economists weren't even all focused on middle eastern business. How does someone working the Asian stock market merit death from an radical Islamist terrorist?

Third, if mere technical involvement in the American economy is enough to merit death, is it all right to murder students in financial or technical schools? In your mind, that'd be the same as targeting terrorist training camps.

Fourth, you haven't responded to my observation regarding the UN and the oil-for-food scandal. If anyone should be blamed for the design of infrastructure that damaged Iraq, it should be the UN. Or are they excused because they're not America?
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