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(NW Cable News)   Don't go barefoot in Rome. Dogs leave 700 tons of crap per day in Italy's streets.   ( divider line
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2002-03-14 03:12:21 PM  
hehe, watch for landmines
2002-03-14 03:12:59 PM  
There was this guy where I used to work who didn't wear shoes to work. He walked to work barefoot and took the NYC subway trains barefoot. NASTY NASTY NASTY
2002-03-14 03:13:52 PM  
When in Rome, crap like the Roman dogs do.
2002-03-14 03:13:56 PM  
700 tons of crap
700 club
2002-03-14 03:14:43 PM  
...all over the street, that is.
2002-03-14 03:15:20 PM  
Sounds like my neighbors..but I think they leave more like 800 lbs
2002-03-14 03:15:27 PM  
I've been told by a fiend who went to italy that its really dicusting there
2002-03-14 03:17:41 PM roma
2002-03-14 03:18:37 PM  
It's worse in paris. Or it was for a while, anyway. I don't know if it still is. Dogs are the only thing more popular than cell phones in that city. Both are easily nine times as popular as toilets.
2002-03-14 03:26:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
The Rome Marathon was unexpectedly cancelled today...
2002-03-14 03:26:37 PM  
The sreets of Rome are nice...FOR ME TO POOP ON!
2002-03-14 03:29:25 PM  
255,500 tons per year! Bag it, put a fancy name on it and sell it to Americans. We'll buy anything that'll make tomatoes grow better!
2002-03-14 03:37:50 PM  
Strasbourg, France is really bad. It was like hopscotch.
2002-03-14 06:23:01 PM  
NYC has had a pooper scooper law since '80.
2002-03-14 06:26:16 PM  
I heard Venice has thousands of stray cats. I forget why: It's bad luck (or iilegal) to kill them, or good luck to have them, or something....

I also heard that if we didn't have cars, the traffic in NYC would deposit horse doo in the order of 5 feet per day.
2002-03-14 07:03:12 PM  
I think that humanity started its downfall when we started picking up after other animals.
2002-03-14 07:17:45 PM  
I work in NYC, and every day I see people walking their dogs, papers in hands.
Now I love dogs, but there is no way I would have one if I had to pick up their feces every day.
The city is no place for a dog to live anyway.
Dogs and cats living together.
2002-03-14 09:21:54 PM  

Huh. When I lived in Rome I don't remember this problem. It did have more wild pussy than a Penthouse Pet slumber party, though...

Now, I live in NYC and have a dog.. It's much better than dogs living in suburbia: we have "dog runs" to let our pups run around like idiots. Not in the streets where they get hit by minivans.

2002-03-14 10:28:28 PM  
Cherrydog, I'm not sure which kind of pussy you're talking about - Rome has losts of both. There are millions of stray cats that live in all the old ruins and old ladies feed them leftover spaghetti. As for other kind, Rome has more beautiful women than any other city anywhere. A walk through Trastevere at night is both like heaven and hell because the women are so gorgeous but they don't seem at all interested in goofy Americans, at least not this one.
2002-03-14 10:45:57 PM  
... itsa secret ingredient ...
2002-03-14 11:36:36 PM  
this is not news
2002-03-15 12:54:43 AM  
Sburbncwby: "Cats and dogs living together."

Biblical proportions? (Bill Murray)
2002-03-15 02:30:27 AM  
The animal(and probable human)fecal matter issues in Rome and Paris really make me wonder why Europeans think they're so damn superior to us.Sure,our president is an idiot,but at least I don't have to worry about stepping in dog crap everyday.
2002-03-15 05:52:03 AM  
Kthulhu: we probably feel superior because we have our priorities sorted a little better.
2002-03-15 06:11:45 AM  
Shameless: Dunno about the cats but the do have a lot of doves and it is considered good luck to have them eat out of your hand. Doves are filthy creatures
2002-03-15 07:42:10 AM  
2002-03-15 08:26:30 AM  
linny bruce knew what he was talking about.
2002-03-15 08:26:38 AM  
there is absolutely no civic sense here. on the subject of dogs, an italian tradition is to buy the kid a dog for christmas, keep it til august and then abandon it on the highway on the way to the seaside instead of paying a kennel. hundreds of cases. some beautiful dogs, too. lots of filthy selfish people.
2002-03-15 11:23:47 AM  
Yes, Paris is pretty darned full of dog crap. It's something you definitely notice when you're there. They don't even require you to pick it up. You're supposed to let your dog crap in the ditches and the men in the green suits wash it and the trash away every morning. People can't be bothered to move from the sidewalk to the ditch, though. The little stenciled dachsund's with an arrow pointing to the ditch are charming, though....
2002-03-15 11:54:53 AM  
Krumlov, ????????????? ?? ?? - ????????
2002-03-15 11:58:55 AM  
OK, Fark doesn't do unicode. Krumlov, are you Russian? A Russian Padanian Separatist?
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