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(Cosmiverse)   Jesus Christ to be exhumed in Kashmir   ( divider line
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10324 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Mar 2002 at 5:02 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-14 05:30:02 PM  
I might be off on my bible, but weren't Mary (Jesus' mother) and Mary Magdelaine two different Maries?
2002-03-14 05:30:02 PM  
oh noooo.... Where's the Episode II poster topic?
2002-03-14 05:30:02 PM  
let her waste her time.....
2002-03-14 05:34:06 PM  
the article says that jesus' mother was mary magdeleine. there went any credibility it had.
2002-03-14 05:34:06 PM  
Too bad Mary Magdalene was NOT the mother of Jesus. Mary Magdalene was the other Mary mentioned later on in the Gospels. SO, either the researcher is an idiot or the reporter misunderstood or mis-reported it.
2002-03-14 05:48:28 PM  
Next up for Suzanne Marie Olsson...

Finding Indiana Jones' hat in the Ark of the Covenant

Discovering that Cliche Kitty was on board Noah's Ark

And all God's chillun said out loud, "AMEN!"
2002-03-14 06:04:14 PM  
oh brother no kidding bye bye credibility what a farkin dumbass
2002-03-14 06:04:55 PM  
They're taking him out of his sweater.
2002-03-14 06:05:28 PM  
so the Resurrection of Christ has no credence anywhere?
2002-03-14 06:06:11 PM  
this article is so full of holes i don't even know where to begin . . .
2002-03-14 06:06:24 PM  
Nice one DarthG.
2002-03-14 06:06:26 PM  
Your only friends are make believe!
2002-03-14 06:06:27 PM  
BUT - Does she also have samples of god's DNA so she can prove he was the son of god?
2002-03-14 06:08:19 PM  
Well, other than the innate coolness of farking over a tomb and thereby pissing off the fundies, this article is just as full of holes, shiat, and garbage as the Bible.
2002-03-14 06:09:21 PM  
OOOOOOH...DNA....Does this mean we get to clone Jesus?
2002-03-14 06:10:47 PM  
I found Jesus in my soup!!! oh no wait... thats a carrot
2002-03-14 06:11:00 PM  
Netcub has a great idea... CopyCat, Inc. can change its name to CopyChrist.
2002-03-14 06:11:14 PM  
Whoa, Jesus' mom was a hooker?
2002-03-14 06:14:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-14 06:14:23 PM  
"The managers of the shrine are vehemently opposed to the process, which they believe is equivalent to desecration of the shrine. They are adamant in declaring that they will never allow the testing to take place."

Just like those that didn't want the shroud of turin tested because when it was it was debunked as a medieval photoshop. Just think of all the pilgrimage revenues they'll miss out on.
2002-03-14 06:14:55 PM  
If she finds a DNA match, it will only prove that she's exhumed two related people. How does she intend to prove that the first body she desecrated was that of Mary, or that the other individual was her son and not a nephew or something?
2002-03-14 06:15:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-14 06:15:39 PM  
Especially since Jesus was buried in Judea, and there could be no way the Roman Empire's soldiers would be guarding his tomb in Afganistan -- where the Roman Empire's greatest eastern expansion was to present-day Kuwait.
2002-03-14 06:16:16 PM  
Magdeline not a hooker - there's actually no such reference in the gospels.

Also, some lines of modern biblical scholarship theorize Mary Magdeline, Mary Jesus' mother, and Mary, sister of Martha are in fact the same woman. No joke. Interesting stuff.
2002-03-14 06:17:15 PM  
Mary Magdeline who some believe to be Jesus' girlfriend, not his mother, and that is going to be quite interesting since most people believe Jesus came back from the dead.
2002-03-14 06:17:36 PM  
Correct you are, Skwidd. Mary also ascended into Heaven.
2002-03-14 06:19:29 PM  
Wow .. FARK is back! I thought I was going deaf.

So .. according to this, Mary Magdalene was Jusus' mother?

I thought she was his wife.
2002-03-14 06:19:31 PM  
Can't write coherently today.
2002-03-14 06:22:02 PM  
TheCharlie: No, that would be Barbara Hershey.
2002-03-14 06:23:40 PM  
i went to catholic school for 11 years, and mary magdiline wasnt his mother. thats a different mary. however, in the gospel of thomas,(not in the bible) magdiline is jesus' girfriend.
2002-03-14 06:25:06 PM  
I was wonderin the same thing CrunchyMunchy
2002-03-14 06:26:05 PM  
Nabb1 .. no, they just got caught in the same car by the cops.

actually, I was serious about her being his wife. That's a
theory I've read in a few books and the logic to it is pretty good.
2002-03-14 06:28:00 PM  
She was not his mother. Some who study the life of Jesus believe that Jesus and Mary Magdelaine lived together in Europe and had children.
2002-03-14 06:29:47 PM  
Jesus was a fictional character.

Just like the ark that held 2 of everything and enough to feed them
2002-03-14 06:33:35 PM  
The mary magdalene issue is probably just a typo. I think i would be more concerned by the fact that the tomb is in INDIA. that's a long ways away from where jeebus was supposed to be. Additionally, the most she could prove is that one body is the mother of the other. That doesn't prove anything in terms of who the people are.
2002-03-14 06:34:13 PM  
Jesus Christ was a real person.. what can be debated is whether or not he was really the son of God.. But he's as real as Julius Ceaser or Attila the Hun.
2002-03-14 06:36:59 PM  
The lover of Jesus named Mary was a guy. That's why gays call each other "Mary". It's a fact!
2002-03-14 06:40:18 PM  
Hytes Xian , I see that you are quite comfortable beleiving anything you hear.

Mods, for the love of God, no more Cosmiverse links.
2002-03-14 06:44:31 PM  
Jesus' mother's name was Mary Robinson. Mary Magdalena worked at the Matzoh Bell down the street. Yo quiero.... oh never mind.
2002-03-14 06:44:57 PM  
Tinrobot Mary kept the dress.
2002-03-14 06:45:32 PM  
Jesus died?
Next you'll be telling me that Santa, Satan and the Green Knight are all related from the same mythological source.
(What kind of fool do you think I am?!)
2002-03-14 06:45:44 PM  
DNA results are back...buried in that tomb is.....wait for it.....Rosie O'Donnell's career!
2002-03-14 06:45:46 PM  
Completely unrelated but isn't there constant references to "The apostle that Jesus loved" in the bible? Who's that, I have 5 bucks on it.
2002-03-14 06:47:08 PM  
Squidd, back then the phrase was "wash my feet"!
2002-03-14 06:47:44 PM  
So if both of the people in these tombs have similar DNA, why exactly would that mean they were Jesus and Mary? It could be any number of other random people from the same family. I am pretty sure that no one has established that this is the tomb of Jesus. If they did the fundies would invade kashmir and take it.
2002-03-14 06:47:54 PM  
2002-03-14 06:48:41 PM  
What kind of dressing would you like with that, Mary?
2002-03-14 06:50:03 PM  
Rich_mitch, I can see that you're quite comfortable living without a sense of humour.
2002-03-14 06:50:20 PM  
Mary Magdanline was not the Mother of Jesus. She was a prostitute whom Jesus saved.
2002-03-14 06:50:43 PM  
He's still alive and living in Idaho.

[image from too old to be available]
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