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(Some Guy)   Miller employee fired for drinking Budweiser   ( divider line
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21800 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2005 at 5:55 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-11 09:05:34 PM  
As a member of the Miller clan, I can say that Miller beer isn't worthy of our name.

/not a beer snob, just can't stand the after-taste of cheap beer
2005-02-11 09:40:54 PM  
::Adds the word ALLEGEDLY to presumptious trouble making headline submitter::

Naturally it wasn't shotty workmanship. It HAD to be the photo. It wouldn't surprise me if the dude got himself fired intentionally when he found out they were pissed about it.

Completely senseless lawsuit. I seriously doubt they care that one of their many, many, many employees drinks a rival beer.

/starting the countdown until Bud hires the guy in a PR move.
2005-02-11 10:13:28 PM  
Oh, this is a GREAT opportunity for AB:

"Today, we salute you, Mr. Bud Light drinking distributor guy. While your coworkers pour back the swill you peddle, you drink from the forbidden nectar.

Your taste for a quality beverage leads you to the path of unemployment, and yet you perservere.

'No, I don't care what you say, Mr. Bossman. I'm going to have this Bud Light. What are you going to do, fire me? Oh, well, I guess I'll have another.'

You show us what it means to be a true American. Here's to you, Mr. Bud Light drinking distributor guy."
2005-02-11 10:14:42 PM  
This is exactly like my cousin Shane, who got fired from the cat shelter for making love to a mouse.

Damn corporations.
/Apologies to SaintAwesome for stealing his bit.
2005-02-11 10:15:25 PM  
SchlingFo wins
2005-02-11 10:16:53 PM  
Maxx Barry fan are ya? Jennifer Government.

/Nate Self-Employed
2005-02-11 11:04:55 PM  
There has been no good beer produced in Saint Louis since Griesedeck Brothers shut down years ago.

That's pronounced "Greasy Dick." It was pretty good beer, and sponsored the Saint Louis Browns baseball team in the day.

And if you're REALLY from the midwest, you learned, early on, that there's no cheaper drunk than Stag.

\Tanqueray martini man, actually
2005-02-11 11:15:55 PM  
Big 900 is right. The man does not work for Miller. He works for a beer distributor that ditributes Miller. In WI, distributors are private companies
Even worse, most Miller distributors handle more than the Miller brand (whereas most A-B distributors are A-B exclusive). Miller / Coors is a common combination for a distributor, as well as smaller brands. But the picture is what busted him.

JohnGaltDiscGolfer is part right. Trog beers (A-B, Miller, Coors, etc.) = corn/rice instead of barley/wheat is misleading. Corn or rice as a starch is an adjunct used to aid fermentation and lower cost. Malted barley is still a majority component, and Coors is the only one of the three that grows and malts their own barley. What A-B and Miller do is like starting wine with Welch's.

But we all know why drinking light beer is like making love in a canoe: they're both farking close to water.

/worked at Coors. Drank Killians or Barmen at company deals or when I had to expense it. Drink Guinness now (and did then privately)
//can't stand the taste of corn in my beer.
2005-02-11 11:25:35 PM  
...thinks bud needs to make this guy a famous millionaire.
2005-02-11 11:28:12 PM  
Guinness is not beer. It can't be. I like it.
2005-02-12 12:13:28 AM  
When I worked for Frito Lay, we always drank Coke. Boss told us not to but we said fark him. We weren't gonna drink that Pepsi shiat.
2005-02-12 12:31:22 AM  

White collar isn't as bad as the guys on the line. Back in the day, my dad had a Caddy (he also had Chrysler cars) and took it to work on occasion. After getting the tires stabbed and the side/hood keyed he stopped bringing it. In the 60's/70's it was very common in the plants to go to work on the competitions cars.

Back in the 60's, my grandfather worked for a company with contracts with all of the "Big Three". He made the mistake of driving a brand new Caddy into the lot of one of the Ford plants. Couple hours later, business concluded, he returns to his Cadillac to find some union asshat set a cargo container on a portion of his hood, and left it there.

/Union asshat wasn't fired
2005-02-12 02:22:16 AM  
Funny. I worked a temp agency account for the local Coca Cola cannery once.

Nobody gave a flying f*ck what drink you pulled out of your lunchbox. So long as you didn't just grab it off the canning line, you know?

But then, around here we're pretty easygoing--and I worked in the warehouse, anyway. No uptight assholes in ties here, buddy, whatever rings your bell hard enough that you can hustle away down on the shipping floor will be just fine. We sell KMX, but you wanna drink Amp? We sell PowerAde, but you want to drink GatorAde? That's all good.

No, the problem is that he wasn't drinking a competitor's's that he was drinking beer on the job.
2005-02-12 02:25:46 AM  
Whoops...brain fart. This was not the beer I was thinking of.

Problem was that he was PHOTOGRAPHED. But...he wasn't photographed with anything that would identify him as a Miller distributor, was he?

Another general manager on a power trip, coming right up. That's at-will for you, I agree.
2005-02-12 03:35:47 AM  
Sorry in advance for the long post...

he can get fired for drinking any Pepsi product, or eating at any establishment that is owned by Pepsi.(i.e.-Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway)>

So either you are lying, or your brother is.

I second this, with arguably a little more authority than someone who has a brother. I work at The Coca-Cola Company's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Here's what I've personally seen and heard regarding the whole Pepsi-at-Coke issue.

I personally don't know anyone who has tried to drink Pepsi here. Whether there's an official policy against it or not, it's obviously a CLM (career limiting move). I'm sure we have some around here somewhere if for no other reason than we like to keep an eye on our competitors and their products. (Don't panic, I'm 100% sure that Pepsi keeps Coke products on hand, too.)

I have never been given anything directly stating that there is a policy against drinking Pepsi at the AOC (Atlanta Office Complex) or any other Coca-Cola site, and I have never been told that it is against the rules. As you can imagine, my buddies at work and I joke about it every now and then, but only in the sense that, as I said, it would be a CLM.

I have heard a story that someone once pulled a Pepsi out of a brown paper bag in the cafeteria once and was escorted out of the building, but I also heard that the person was a disgruntled employee who did it as a stunt. I'm pretty sure that if you drank a Pepsi to spite the company, you'd be fired, but it would be because you're hurting the company image, not because of your particular taste preference.

The company does not allow you to display competitors logos in public areas of the complex. If you did want to drink a Pepsi at your desk, I'm pretty sure you would have to sneak it in, and as I've said, it would probably be very wise to be discreet. If you got caught and weren't being obnoxious about it, I don't think they're fire you, they'd probably just say, "We HIGHLY recommend that you don't do that."

I've heard (again, never tried it personally) that they will turn back Pizza Hut delievery personnel at the security gate. Even if you order a pizza from one of our customers (e.g. Domino's), they won't let them in the building; you have to go out to the Pine Street entrance to pick it up. It's usually easier just to order carryout and go pick stuff like that up.

I can tell you that I am 100% sure that they will let Frito Lay chips in the building. I've brought big bags right through the main employee entrance in the USA building, including right past the main security desk, on plenty of occasions, and no one has ever said a word to me. Those Baked Lays are really good! I bring Subway sandwiches (not corporately affiliated with any competitor) in all the time for lunch. In fact, Subway is a major Coca-Cola customer and highly respected here.

I also eat at Taco Bell all the time. (Cheap pseudo-Mexican food, who can resist?) I don't eat at KFC, but that's by choice, not corporate edict. And at home, I do order Pizza Hut on occasion, though I really do prefer Domino's. (Or even better yet, Fellini's, a REALLY good local pizza place on Howell Mill Road. If you live in Atlanta, you either already know it or really should try it.) I don't make any secret of it, and no one has ever made an issue of it, other than to kid me about not letting Doug Ivester / Doug Daft / Neville Isdell (our CEO's for the past five years) find out.

I guess the biggest skeleton in my closet is that I am a huge Dr. Pepper fan, and along with plenty of Coke products, I keep it well-stocked in my refrigerator at home. Sorry, but Pibb Xtra (formerly Mr. Pibb) just doesn't cut it. Work buddies who come by my house know this and don't have a problem with it. Some even drink it, too. I, of course, don't run through the halls at work announcing it either, because that would get me fired for being obnoxious. Incidentally, Dr. Pepper is NOT owned by Pepsi, it is owned by Cadbury Schweppes, who also makes 7 up, A & W Root Beer, Country Time Lemonade, Hawaiian Punch, and Snapple. Interestingly enough, in most of the world, these brands are owned by Coca-Cola, not our competition, so if you live outside the United States, PLEASE feel free to drink your fill of these products!
2005-02-12 12:24:36 PM  
I hope Budweiser hires him as a spokesman and pays him $1,000,000.

Miller can only look stupider and stupider after this screwup
2005-02-12 02:29:08 PM  
Here's the photo in question:
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-12 11:22:24 PM  
Big 900:

The headline is misleading. The man does not work for Miller. He works for a beer distributor that ditributes Miller. In WI, distributors are private companies that contract to sell a certain beverage product in a certain area. Miller had nothing to do with this guy losing his job.

Congrats you read the article and have excellent reading comprehension.

I would have told them that I had Bud because the bar ran out of Miller.
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