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(Metafilter)   Money won by US in tobacco lawsuits is invested in tobacco company stocks   ( divider line
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3933 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2002 at 2:20 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-13 02:25:36 PM  
Linky no worky
2002-03-13 02:29:38 PM  
2002-03-13 02:33:20 PM  
When I clicked the link, I just got an even more disturbing story about disabled kids suing doctors for not aborting them. Whoa.
2002-03-13 02:35:07 PM  
The tobacco lawsuits were the biggest scam on the American public ever.

Only the lawyers and politicians benefited from that one.
2002-03-13 02:36:46 PM  
"The whole settlement agreement is nothing but a collusion between the states and the tobacco companies," Levy said. "The states get their money only if the tobacco companies are healthy and making lots of money, so we should hardly be surprised if, as a result of the settlement, they are betting on the success of the tobacco companies."

see? it's not about punishing them... it's about making money. how do people who make these decisions sleep at night? probably like I do: get really drunk until you wake up on the floor the next morning.
2002-03-13 02:36:53 PM  
I could have sworn I submitted the correct url when I submitted the there a 420 fest taking place there Drew?
2002-03-13 02:37:44 PM  
Mkay..I didn't see anything about tobacco investment, but whattabout this:

New Study Says Most Americans Want To Outlaw Flag Burning
Washington, D.C. (
- A solid majority of Americans -- 76 percent -- believe the U.S. Senate should take up a proposed constitutional amendment that would make desecration of the American flag illegal, according to a new poll released Wednesday by a group of flag protection advocates.

So farkers, whaddya think? Should flag-burning be considered free speech?
2002-03-13 02:39:36 PM  
Ahhhhh, the taste of hypocrisy is so smooth and satisfying.
2002-03-13 02:40:37 PM  
Flag burning should be fully protected, but then we outlaw all sorts of silly things around here don't we?
2002-03-13 02:42:33 PM  
My Favorite article: Wrongful Life Law Suits

"That's it mom, I'm suing you for not aborting me."

Can we abort the lawyers?
2002-03-13 02:44:00 PM  
Unfortunately, the tobacco lawsuit payouts will be taking place over a period of years. In order for the tobacco companies to stay in business so that they can pay off the lawsuits and lawyers, law firms and states have to re-invest the cash back into the tobacco companies in order to shore them up and and keep them in business.
Many of the states are not using the tobacco winnings for the stated purpose of educating the public on the evils of tobacco, and caring for tobacco victims, anyway. The states unstead are using the tobacco funds as an emergency source of cash to fund unrelated programs.
2002-03-13 02:46:05 PM  
I don't think flag burning should be outlawed. I seem to recall that some state or other was talking about removing criminal penalties for assaulting somebody defacing a flag, however. That might make an interesting compromise. Burn your flag, but bring some body guards if you do.

On-topic: during the tobacco settlement talks we were treated to endless jabbering about the horrendous healthcare costs incurred by the states, who claimed that the settlement money was going to be used to treat people and to discourage smoking. My city is hiring cops, building a large public library, and generally throwing it into the general fund. Treating ill smokers or discouraging smoking? Nah. Mere lies for the willing idiots. Just like the ones they're revving up now for fatty foods and alcohol. Anyone who swallows this tripe is a fool.
2002-03-13 03:19:50 PM  
did anybody hear about the study that came out a couple days ago about obesity. Apparantly, the healthcare cost of obesity is like twice the impact of smoking and 4 times the impact of drinking on our healthcare system. And the caveat is that this is such a new phenomenon that the actual costs over the next several years are bound to be even higher. So stand by for class action lawsuits against Mcdonald's and twinkies. Then the states will have even more money to not spend on what it was originally intended.

IMHO- the tobacco settlement was nothing more than a shakedown or extortion. Individuals health and well being were never a consideration, just the unbelievable amount of money that could be obtained. Let's see how the fatso's handle being pointed at as the scourge of society with all their second hand fat.
2002-03-13 03:27:46 PM  
1000Airplanes - "second hand fat". Is that when the tubby guy in the next airplane seat spills over into my seat?
2002-03-13 03:31:16 PM  
Living in a country with government funded medicare I've always been a proponent of taxes for a given vice fully covering the health related costs that vice causes on society. This would a) Relieve the tax burden on those who don't contribute the the corresponding health care expenditure, and b) hopefully act as a deterrent for those who do, ultimately improving their overall health and the long term strain on the health care system.

This goes for cigarette and alchohol taxes as well as my belief that it would be beneficial to tax unhealthy food, hopefully with a similar effect. Negative feedback systems inherently find an equilibrium.
2002-03-13 08:45:24 PM  
State lawsuits have always been a load of crap. Another story about the state lawsuits is that they sued to recover costs for giving care to cancer patients in state hosptials yet they are now useing that money for a whole bunch of lovely vote buying programs. A perfect example is here in NY-State we now have a health care program for kids and old people. Now that does not sound bad but should the citizens of NY-State be told that once that money dries up they will have to pick up the slack for that now dwindleing tobacco money?

Anyone who thinks that taxing unhealthy food is a good idea on the same grounds of tobacco is nothing more then a tyrant. These issues are just a new way for the state and federal government to try and control lives of its citizens. Hitler and Stalin would be proud of you.
2002-03-13 09:35:34 PM  
BTEzra420:I could have sworn I submitted the correct url when I submitted the there a 420 fest taking place there Drew?

That's because I submitted the link and they went and changed the link right after I hit "submit". Mea culpa. Got credit for it, but I'm not proud of my fark-up.
2002-03-13 11:02:01 PM  
In a true free society, both health care and the choice to ingest/use harmful substances would be free market decisions.


A nation of sheep, begging the government to rule their lives deserves what it gets.

"If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free." --P.J. O'Rourke
2002-03-13 11:13:49 PM  
gosh they sure can find a hundred and one ways to screw with money can't they.
did you all know that they once spent 160k on a test to find out what would happen if they forced pregnant horses to listen to jet engine noise throughout their pregnancy.
their finding were that the horses didn't like it...
2002-03-13 11:20:35 PM  
Makes me want to go and light one up. Smoke if ya got em
2002-03-13 11:40:38 PM  
So the Tobacco companies didn't lose any money save layer fees, while the Big G is out a heck of a lot more and didn't get anything...

2002-03-14 11:43:23 AM  
The third child, two-year-old Chelsea Edwards, was born -- after a failed vasectomy -- with a rare syndrome whose sufferers can only communicate with a sound like the mewing of a kitten.

why do I find that funny? :)
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