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(Washington Times)   On the awful, burdensome, even crippling effect of a team being called the 'Fighting Whities'   ( divider line
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9778 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Mar 2002 at 1:25 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-14 01:30:16 AM  
I think they're a 16 seed in the southwest bracket.
2002-03-14 01:30:20 AM  
2002-03-14 01:30:48 AM  
What?!?!? Not ANOTHER Jesse Jackson boycot.....
2002-03-14 01:31:10 AM  
Why is it we just don't seem to care?
2002-03-14 01:31:59 AM  
gosh this so doesn't have the desired effect on me. personally its humorous and kinda pathetic. why? because no one (none of us whities) could care less. its a fantastic name. cute even.
2002-03-14 01:33:13 AM  
just give the peace pipe a chance

Enough said....
2002-03-14 01:33:16 AM  
kinda like being a dolphins fan
2002-03-14 01:33:58 AM  
yay Irish... drunk..YAY
2002-03-14 01:34:22 AM  
Kungfugirl rules because she always agrees with me [image from too old to be available]
2002-03-14 01:35:41 AM  
bo right on! i like to rule!
2002-03-14 01:39:59 AM  
how bout they rename the team "Drunk white college kids" that would be more appropriate, or at least truthful, i mean how many white corporate guys have you ever seen get in a fight, cept maybe in a traffic jam....
2002-03-14 01:40:15 AM  
would anyone agree with me that this article isn't very well written ;)

and I still fail to understand how it's supposed to offend white folks... but I kinda want to see it for myself. pics anyone?
2002-03-14 01:40:54 AM  

So is all sports journalism this hackneyed, or is this a particularly awful example of somebody trying way too hard to convince us that he's being sarcastic? I've seen better writing in the comment boards of NASCAR fan sites.

That, and I hardly think the name "fighting whiteys" is anything to get worked up over. I personally think it's pretty cool, and hope they start selling logo merchandise soon with that mascot of theirs. I know I'd buy one.

2002-03-14 01:45:28 AM  
I'd say Land-Stealing Asshole Whities would be a bit more offensive.
2002-03-14 01:48:12 AM  

It would be more offensive, but we still wouldn't care!
2002-03-14 01:49:00 AM  
Here is the Fightin' Whities logo. It's a white thang ya'll.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-14 01:49:44 AM  
article is about a thousand words too long and subtle like a freight train.
2002-03-14 01:50:04 AM  
All white...hahahah, I get it.

2002-03-14 01:50:39 AM  
"Fighting Whiteys" Pep rally...

[image from too old to be available]

Goooooooooooo Whiteys!
2002-03-14 01:51:27 AM  
Baseball starts in 2-1/2 weeks. Go Tribe! Long live Chief Wahoo! The Indians will kick-um ass-um this-um year-um.

Take THAT, you offensive, Fighting Whitey, basketball dweebs.
2002-03-14 01:52:32 AM  
i couldnt understand a single damn thing out of that article... but go whities....
2002-03-14 01:55:39 AM  
That's not funny.
2002-03-14 02:02:36 AM  
this is quite possibly the worst written article i have ever seen on fark. I'm still not sure what this guys point is.... whatever it is, he seems to have completely missed the point of their protest...
2002-03-14 02:04:16 AM  
I got his point. Kind of. He was saying that it's not an insult to be called the fighting whities', and that Indians are to damn senstive. I can agree with that.
2002-03-14 02:06:41 AM  
Why are they using a picture of Reagan's head?

Are they going to start making fun of old white guys with senile dementia now?
2002-03-14 02:07:12 AM  
I'm starting to look at it like this. I don't think it had the effect that they thought it would. I'm your average white, anglo-saxon male that could give a fark less. I don't think ANYONE got offended by the team being called "The Fightin' Whities". Hell, I put an order in for a t-shirt. I think it's farking funny as hell. But on the other hand, if a white team would call their team "The fighting Coons" or "The fighting Spades", or any other derogatory term, we'd be in deep shiat. What's wrong with this country?

I understand the American Indian's plight. After all, we did come to this country and STEAL their land, killed their people, and destroyed all hopes of them living normal lives. And now they have casinos which will just addict them to gambling. What will we do next? Rape their women? Oh... I forgot... we did that.

Now, that I've got that off my chest, Go Whities, kick some ass, and send me my farking T-Shirt! Next year name the team "The Fighting attractive and successful African-Americans" and you'll get 100 times the popularity and 1000 times the drama to go with it.
2002-03-14 02:08:57 AM  
farking filter
2002-03-14 02:23:34 AM  
The group's political message is better than its syntax and spelling, though just barely.

Look who's talking. Jeezus
2002-03-14 02:24:35 AM  
Where can I get a fighting Whities t-shirt. I would shell some cash for that. If anybody knows where to get one give me a shout. b­hill­ab­u[nospam-﹫-backwards]re­t­sehcor­*rr*co­m.
2002-03-14 02:30:59 AM  
Djrezin8- cool post, i completly agree & good lord thos picts look rough, i hope your doing better
2002-03-14 02:32:33 AM  
Would-be buyers may send T-shirt requests to f­ig­htin­gwh­ites[nospam-﹫-backwards]li­a­m­t­oh*com. The team will send back acknowledgments and more information. The system is meant to gauge demand while the team irons out copyright issues and checks university guidelines, said Jeff Van Iwarden, 21, one of the team's few Anglo players.

The Fightin' Whities expect to charge about $20 for their shirts and will donate all profits to a Native American cause that has yet to be determined, Van Iwarden said.
2002-03-14 02:33:27 AM  
Britt... Thanks, and I am doing a little better, but it still sucks.
2002-03-14 02:35:59 AM  
Oh... but I almost forgot. The Oxycontin makes things ALOT better!
2002-03-14 02:43:06 AM  
Britt... I put up some new pics... it's a gradual progression.
2002-03-14 02:43:54 AM  
the REALLY funny part is, there are already a thousand "fighting whitie" mascots everywhere, only instead of whitie, its the fighting irish. Nobody gets pissed about that obviously stereotypical and violent label. But they get pissed if you even move your hand and chant?
2002-03-14 02:50:10 AM  
George carlin on the fighting irish crap "Being Irish, I guess I should resent the Notre Dame nickname, "The Fighting Irish." After all, how long do you think nicknames like "The Bargaining Jews" or "The Murdering Italians" would last? Only the ironic Irish could be so naively honest. I get the feeling that Notre Dame came real close to naming itself "The farkin' Drunken, Thick-skulled, Brawling, Short-dicked Irish."
2002-03-14 02:50:37 AM  
looking much better. Drugs and rest another great combination =)
2002-03-14 02:56:22 AM  

2002-03-14 03:19:46 AM  
I agree; had this team decided to make fun of ANY other group than whites, they'd have every damned civil liberties group, Jesse "Where Can I Stick My Corporation Intimidating Arse Into Now?" Jackson, etc., etc., all over them like... well, white on rice.

White people are the only unprotected ethnic group in this country (the US, for those elsewhere on this insignificant little ball we call home). For example, white guy kills black guy (and no, I'm not going to say "African-American" -- which are they? African or American? You can only be one or the other...) and its a "hate crime" (a.k.a. thought crime) and whitey gets more severe punishment. Reverse it now: black guy kills white guy, lesser punishment because its NOT a "hate crime."

I think this article on the Fightin' Whiteys is spot on: We (the whiteys) just don't give a rat's arse if someone is attempting (rather poorly, actually) to make fun of us. Even if we tried to get the ACLU or other worthless organization behind us, they wouldn't even bother.
2002-03-14 03:20:56 AM  
indians. whities. basketball. don't we have some terrorists to kill?
2002-03-14 03:22:51 AM  
King TT, thank you for making me laugh ridiculously hard!
2002-03-14 03:24:32 AM  
no guzzy...first hockey, then beer, boobies, hard liquor, then killing terrorists...
2002-03-14 03:41:13 AM  
white jokes just never catch on... whatever happened to good ol' "Honkey" or "Cracker"?
2002-03-14 03:59:05 AM  
Fark this shiat. Lets rename the Braves the COWARDS and the redskins can just be a white guy all sun burned. Will that make these oh sooo thenthitive jacka$$es happy?
2002-03-14 04:24:40 AM  
I agree with those of you who mentioned how terribly written this article is. It seems to have sacrificed any semblance of a clear viewpoint in favor of half-assed attempts at sarcasm and humor. I can honestly say that I have no idea what this guy's point is.
2002-03-14 04:45:50 AM  
Cow song
would anyone agree with me that this article isn't very well written ;)

It's a rambling mess. It's as if the writer was trying to express both outrage and apathy at the same time, only failing miserably.
2002-03-14 05:02:05 AM  
I hope whoever wrote that article isn't getting paid.
2002-03-14 05:15:20 AM  
AndrewFish - They are. Well.
2002-03-14 06:10:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-14 06:49:55 AM  
I agree with the author. "Fighting Whiteys" is weak. Too bad the author was paid by the word.

I also agree with the Indians and find it distasteful for Florida State to trot out a white guy dressed up in war paint as their school mascot. The whole mascot Indian idea is stupid, insensitive, and stubborn. Too bad a school like FSU or a company like Time Warner (which owns the Braves) can't think of a single farkin cool mascot to switch to.

I think a better point would be made if the team was called "Ignorant White Trash".
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