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(Lexington Herald Leader)   Kentucky based A&W and Long John Silvers join Kentucky-based Tricon Global. All your fast food are belong to them   ( divider line
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2002-03-13 09:38:33 AM  
Now I'll be craving fish and chips fortnightly.
2002-03-13 12:44:35 PM  
I hate the Colonel with his wee beady eyes.
2002-03-13 12:57:19 PM  
The new brand is going to be: Long John Kentucky Fried Pizza Bell & W.
2002-03-13 08:05:11 PM  
Someone set us up the Heart Attack on a Bun
2002-03-13 08:09:02 PM  
the brand name is Yum!, not tricon. Discuss.
2002-03-13 08:14:12 PM  
Can you imagine the deal these guys will be able to get on the lowest of the low low low grade meat products?
2002-03-13 08:17:13 PM  
A&W drive-ins ruled. A&W fast-food sucks.
2002-03-13 08:18:24 PM  
Also, does anyone remember Tricon with that SW Episode 1 promotion stuff? This dark alliance plus Pepsi/Lays = No farking escape from the movie, ever, everrrrr...

Nsync would be on the Diet Caffeine Free Sprite!
2002-03-13 08:30:18 PM  
i worked for A&W a few months ago. they fired me after 3 weeks :(
2002-03-13 08:30:53 PM  
Say goodbye to Coke products in LJS however. That part sucks.....
2002-03-13 08:31:52 PM  
Nick Dark: On Lake City Way in Seattle there is a KFC that went out of business in 1999. All the windows are boarded up and the parking lot blocked off with chain link fence.

But on the readerboard beneath the giant bucket:

"Star Wars Cup Toppers"

There will never be any escape.
2002-03-13 08:49:14 PM  
2002-03-13 08:53:33 PM  
"Yum! Brands Inc."

Just one letter off from what you might find in the "special sauce."

Did anyone else read Fast Food Nation? Scary indeed.
2002-03-13 08:56:59 PM  
Goodbye to Coke products, but hello to Mountain Dew.
2002-03-13 08:59:40 PM  
Are A&W restaurants affiliated with A&W root beer? Does A&W root beer even exist anymore?
2002-03-13 09:20:28 PM  
FPS: Yes, they were at one time connected. And I can get A&W root beer here (Chicago) at just about any store. I'm gonna bet that they don't stop carrying A&W Root Beer at the restaurants though. ;)
2002-03-13 09:29:45 PM  
Obviously the people responsible for the new name have never eaten at any of their own restaurants.
2002-03-13 09:31:11 PM  
Their stock symbol is "YUM". Cute, huh? Man, I should have bought that when it was still around $40... now it's holding around $60. :-P
2002-03-13 09:50:26 PM  
Damn them and their cholestrol monopoly!
2002-03-13 09:54:28 PM  
"Tricon" sounds like the name of an overbearing megacorp in a dark and technologically advanced future. And by "future", I mean "present." I'm have to go, I'm going on a Shadowrun to score some hotwings.
2002-03-13 10:07:57 PM  
Wait up. I left my flechette pistol and smartjacket at home.
2002-03-13 10:17:11 PM  
Couldn't they have thought up a better name?
2002-03-13 10:34:54 PM  
Kanyakumari: I'll have to drive by that KFC and see just how high that fence is, how trafficked the road is at night, etc. There has to be something more creative that can be spelled with the letters in "Star Wars Cup Toppers"
2002-03-13 11:24:59 PM  
Awesome! A&W restaurants are the best food court shops ever, but I've never found one outside of Ohio, and Lord knows I don't want to go to Ohio just to get a hot dog and a root beer float.
2002-03-13 11:31:49 PM  
Tacos, pizza, fried rat, er, chicken, fish, hot dogs...
Is there a fast food chain called Cambodian Supplies
Bag they can buy? Oriental food is about the only thing
missing in this unholy marriage. (Oh, wait...forgot about
Haggis House)
2002-03-13 11:56:00 PM  
A few years back when I worked at Taco Bell (part of Tricon), I always noticed the handbooks and stuff had the stupid Tricon smiley-face logo, with the "YUM!" for added effect/nausea...and they always spelled YUM in ALL CAPS, because I guess it was some cute acronym or something. Problem was, THEY NEVER SAID WHAT IT STOOD FOR! WHY?!?!?!? WHY DIDN'T TH!$#%@@#$~#$@^$@#ARGGGGGG

{end transmission}
2002-03-14 12:02:40 AM  
Anybody else read "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser? I'm about 2/3 through it. So far, it's vaguely entertaining, but he hasn't really said anything suprising or shocking. And it's not going to keep me away from my Big Bacon Classics. It's also not going to keep me away from CrapDonalds, because I've been doing a pretty good job of staying away from there even before I read Schlosser's book.
It's not the food that keeps me away, it's because Grimace really freaks me out.
2002-03-14 12:36:54 AM  
I thought Pepsico owned KFC , the "Bell" and Pizza Slut.
What happened?
2002-03-14 01:06:09 AM  
That Headline made me pee my pants.

Smell my Finger?

~ Pinky ~
2002-03-14 01:34:44 AM  
There is an A&W every six blocks in where I live it seems,They all smell foul inside for some reason.My buddy lives right beside one and eats teen burgers every day and he reeks of that god-awful smell.Give me In-and-Out or Carls Jr. any day,at least their food doesn't ooze out of my pores.
2002-03-14 02:07:54 AM  
A&W root beer was started in a town not far from me. I think they have even rebuilt the local "drive-in" there as well
2002-03-14 04:20:57 AM  
YUM is the stock ticker name on the NYSE for Tricon Global. That's why it's all in caps.

*The More You Know*
2002-03-14 07:08:10 AM  
i love taco bell.
2002-03-14 07:26:48 AM  
I'm glad I live in Louisville. Yum! Brands (the new name for Tricon) now owns 5 restaurants, and Papa John's is headquartered here too.​pers&inc lude=&exclude=&d=&n=&m=&source=adv&a=n&l=n&language=english&where=

That should be of interest.
2002-03-14 08:43:58 AM  
A&W rootbeer stands rocked!

Drive Ins, young hottie carhops, ice cold Root Beer in real glass mugs brought to your car.

You could get a gallon jug of rootbeer to go, too.

They all went out of biz around here around the time I turned 16. Now, some of the still existing ones are being rehabbed as drive ins again, serving pretty much the same stuff, with even hotter little carhops as a 'retro' thing. I love it.

Just wish I still had that '67 390 Cougar I used to have...
2002-03-14 09:43:32 AM  
Good, now maybe I can finally get some decent farking CREAM SODA!!! NOT THE RED KIND!!! AAAAAAH!!!!!
2002-03-14 10:15:34 AM  
In the future, all restaurants will be Taco Bell.

2002-03-14 10:53:16 PM  
The KFC/A&W combo here was one of the 1st 2 in the US...looks like its spread out...the one here does huge the jukebox with the free oldies..
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