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(Reuters)   Australia employs extra sniffer dogs to battle "Leprechaun paraphernalia"   ( divider line
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2002-03-13 08:37:36 AM  
What's McDonald's gonna put in their shamrock shakes?!?
2002-03-13 08:38:43 AM  
2002-03-13 08:44:43 AM  
Leprechaun paraphernalia?

Wazzat, a bong you put the wee folk in?
2002-03-13 08:59:24 AM  
waits for 1st comic genius with a 'drunk joke'...
2002-03-13 09:26:03 AM  
it's interesting that the Oz government takes so much interest in Ecoterrorism considering they're the culprits for most of the eco-screw ups over the last few decades...
2002-03-13 10:40:13 AM  
w00t. I'm gonna ship my garden to Australia. That'll show those nogood decendants-of-criminals.
2002-03-13 11:00:20 AM  
More than 60 four-leaf clovers had already been seized during stepped-up inspections of post from Ireland at mail sorting centres, a spokeswoman for the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service on Wednesday.
It sounds pretty ludicrous, but there's some sound reasoning behind it. I mean, if you have problems with ravenous bands of wild dogs and rabbits taking over ecosystems, it's a good idea to prevent the introduction of new and potentially devatstating ideas.
Seized shamrocks are destroyed, and brochures sent to their intended recipients telling them why their good luck charm never made it.
They don't arrest the reciptients out-of-hand? Oh, wait, this isn't the U.S. that we're talking about here.
2002-03-13 11:30:48 AM  
They have to be careful with what they allow into the country. They have already had infestations of rabbits because they had no natural predators.

They should also be careful of what they allow out of the country-Yahoo Serious, Paul hogan etc. But they should continue to allow Kylie Minogue out whenever she wants.
2002-03-13 11:35:54 AM  
It's the man, always putting my people (the irish) down!!
Just the other day some cops took my bong and my other parapherna- oh wait, Leprechauns?
2002-03-13 01:51:17 PM  
Smoking Little green dwarves is a problem in Australia?
2002-03-13 02:43:41 PM  
Aye, they're always after me lucky charms.
2002-03-13 10:24:42 PM  
"extra sniffer dogs", because the regular ones are busy conducting LEGAL, random searches of people minding their own business on the streets of Sydney.

Get your invasion of civil liberties here

Watch out if you're thinking of coming here.
2002-03-14 12:36:01 AM  
Definitely a strong contender for the "Most surreal headline in history" award.
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