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(Tampa Bay Online)   Three friends keep a horrible secret for almost seven years. Here comes the therapy   ( divider line
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50058 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2005 at 11:24 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-05 03:20:21 PM  
That was a powerfull and well written story.
2005-02-05 03:29:14 PM  
/never going to a filming of any sitcom involving John Lithgow
2005-02-05 03:39:13 PM  
holy shiat, that story was scary. Well written indeed. I can't imagine being in that situation.
2005-02-05 03:40:37 PM  
That is farked up.
2005-02-05 03:40:52 PM  
Damn, what a crazy mofo. I bet it sucks to be those kids.
2005-02-05 03:42:41 PM  
Yeah really, now every time I see or hear of John Lithgow I'm going to think of crazy psychotic mofos dismembering their acquaintances.
2005-02-05 03:43:28 PM  
Makes me wanna give this Robert character some 50cal asprin.
2005-02-05 03:43:51 PM  
2005-02-05 04:02:16 PM  
I could not imagine what those people had to go through. That was just awful, well written and engaging...but awful.

2005-02-05 04:11:20 PM  
Detectives finally confronted Robert, now 27. They say he admitted to them that he killed and dismembered Bryan. But he has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to go on trial Feb. 14 in Pomona; if convicted, he faces a possible sentence of 50 years to life in prison.

2005-02-05 04:22:03 PM  
I really don't care how scared they were of this guy. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for not telling the police. This might be an unpopular opinion, but too bad. If good people sit by and do nothing out of fear, they contribute to the evil.
2005-02-05 04:22:36 PM  
I feel sorriest for the girl who GAVE BIRTH TO THAT PSYCHO'S CHILD.

Sorry, that really freaks me out for her. If he ever gets out, he's got a legitimate reason to be in her life.

If I were her, I'd change my name and move out of the state, if not the country.

This guy sounds like the kind that would find her and kill her for "cheating" on him while he's in prison.
2005-02-05 04:35:08 PM  
I don't know what to say.
2005-02-05 05:27:27 PM  
How much will they get for the movie rights?
/just sayin'
2005-02-05 07:25:01 PM  
/golf clap for the reporter
2005-02-05 08:01:14 PM  
Eerie. And well-written. And sad.
2005-02-05 09:13:49 PM  
I read a ton of AP articles erveryday day and I have never read a better piece written than that.

Props to you, Angie Wagner.
2005-02-05 11:32:14 PM  
Damn. That was well written. I was going to say something like 'I know what you did seven years ago' to spoof the whole "i know what you did last summer" thing, but it just seems wrong now.
2005-02-05 11:33:58 PM  
They had been on a school field trip to watch a taping of the television show "3rd Rock from the Sun."
How come I never got to go on any cool field trips?
2005-02-05 11:34:56 PM  
That was an extremely well written article. It scared the crap out of me, and I can't imagine what those kids have gone through over the years.
2005-02-05 11:35:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Most of the people pictured unavailable for comment.

Tell me again why we don't make animals like this guy fight to the death in sports arenas? He's so stupid even that he confesses to the police, then pleads not guilty, bet he was just trying to fake `em out - Brilliant! He lets these witnesses walk around for how many years?

fark prison, they should auction these farktards off on the courthouse steps, for whatever purpose the buyer sees fit - except release.
2005-02-05 11:35:35 PM  
With friends like that who needs enemies. And who the fark just stands there while somebody pulls a knife out and plunges it into their "friend". I mean seriously, if you are that desperate for friends you would keep a secret like that, you need to farkin kill yourself. I hope none of the people in this story ever get the chance to reproduce.
2005-02-05 11:35:45 PM  
See....Weed is evil...

/need to get off the stuff
2005-02-05 11:37:08 PM  
jesus. i would've broken wayyy before he did. that pressure must've been deabilitating. i can't imagine, but i'm amazed this loser wanna-be thug got away with it for so long.
2005-02-05 11:37:55 PM  
*shivers* Honest to God, that actually made me shiver.
2005-02-05 11:38:15 PM  

Tell me again why we don't make animals like this guy fight to the death in sports arenas? He's so stupid even that he confesses to the police, then pleads not guilty, bet he was just trying to fake `em out - Brilliant! He lets these witnesses walk around for how many years?

Because we're not as bad as they are, asshat.
2005-02-05 11:38:22 PM  
2005-02-05 11:38:28 PM  
3 can keep a secret when the other 2 are dead!
2005-02-05 11:39:33 PM  
So, which studio bought the movie rights?
2005-02-05 11:40:05 PM  
Holy fark.

I'd like to nominate Angie Wagner for a Pulitzer!

/I'll bet someone makes a movie out of this
2005-02-05 11:40:07 PM  
THAT is journalism! I'm freaking crying over here. I don't give a rat's ass what anyone says about that. That is a very emotionally draining story. I hope that the shiite bag get life and the two others get the help they need.

Amazing. The 10%ers in life ruin it for all of us. Exterminate them.

Three lives ruined by a shiitebag. Sad. Very sad.
2005-02-05 11:40:15 PM  
Kids these days.
2005-02-05 11:42:35 PM  
A bunch of idiots don't have the balls or morals to send a murderer to justice for 7 years. Plus that stupid biatch popped out a baby from that bastard and I still can't even get a date.

The world is a horrible, horrible place.
2005-02-05 11:43:15 PM  
Terrible and terrifying, and the good writing is what makes it espectially effective
2005-02-05 11:43:16 PM  
that is one of the most depressing things I've read lately.
2005-02-05 11:43:56 PM  
"Don't question the devil," he told Cynthia.

:: snort :: Tell it to the 12 gauge.
2005-02-05 11:44:00 PM  
That was a powerfull and well written story.

I agree... the story reads better than most fiction... I feel so badly for those kids... I can't imagine how horrible it must be to have a secret like that and fear for your life, or be sure you're going to be killed for knowing, for all those years
2005-02-05 11:45:41 PM  
Jimbo the Slightly Impressive: Because we're not as bad as they are, asshat.

We strap them to a bed and kill them the way a vet puts a dog down? That's not death, that's a procedure. fark that, let 'em die with their boots on, scrapping out their final desperate minutes against a horde of drunken, razor-wielding midgets.

Hell, if it makes you feel better, make it voluntary. Death Row or you get 1 year to train, then you fight. Every "season" would have ultimately one winner, who has his sentence reduced to life. You offer them hope, a ray of sunshine piercing the darkness of their cell, and you use that for good, quality entertainment.

Against the death penalty right now btw, becaue I don't think the system can be trusted to do the right thing when they know a man is innocent. Too many bad and sloppy cops, and DAs looking to make a name.
2005-02-05 11:45:57 PM  
2005-02-05 11:47:00 PM  
It's definitely a creepy story that is pretty well written. I didn't much care for the embellishments in the story though. It was scary enough with just the basic facts.
2005-02-05 11:47:24 PM  
Wow, I can't believe people are prasing the writing so much. The story is certainly interesting, but to me it read like Oprah meets Stephen King.
2005-02-05 11:48:18 PM  
And when is Larry Clark gonna make this a movie?
2005-02-05 11:49:33 PM  
A situation that clearly requires the death penalty if there ever was one.

Why? What if he escapes? He will then start a little hitlist against the ones that ratted him out. The only way to ensure he doesn't is to destroy him like a rabid animal.
2005-02-05 11:49:46 PM  

You can't? Why do you think news has ceased to be news and now generally takes the form of a story or infotainment? It is because idiots lap it up and there are a helluva lot of idiots out there.
2005-02-05 11:49:48 PM  
I am never talking to someone named Robert again.

Actually coming from someone, who has had a family memebr murdered, one bright spot I could find is that the family could find some sort of peace in an utterly terrible situation.
2005-02-05 11:49:51 PM  
Wow. That story reads like a movie from the LifeTime channel. Some low-string "journalist" who thought they might get a putlitzer with that cheap crap.

And what's up with these "friend"? What a bunch of total pussies. I don't care who the fark you are, you pull some shiat like that and the cops are my first stop on the way home. If I don't take your ass out first myself.

I mean, how do you just stand there and watch someone stab somebody like that and not all pounce his ass and beat him unconcious?!

All guilty.
2005-02-05 11:49:54 PM  
Well i'm depressed... anybody else??

/goes and finds bottle of Jack...
2005-02-05 11:50:13 PM  
"Cynthia couldn't keep the secret inside any longer. Children know, she thought. They know what's inside a mother.
Finally, she made a deal with God: "I will give you my word. I will say something. Just let me get through this pregnancy.""

I guess I was the only one who thought the writing was way over the top. Quite a bit of artistic license was taken with this article-- I doubt the writer got a direct quote out of Cynthia's internal monologue.

No doubt it was affecting. But I like a little more objectivity, and a little less sensationalism, in my journalism.
2005-02-05 11:51:08 PM  
jesus...small world.

my roommate was there, and is currently waiting to see if he has to testify. the reason the other 3 are coming forth now is because Robert is being released from prison on unrelated charges.

they way my roommate would describe Robert...really scary shiat
2005-02-05 11:51:13 PM  
Hardest hitting thing I've read on Fark since I started coming here.

/rare that something manages to get a comment out of me
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