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2002-03-12 06:23:15 PM  

No just the ones that are convisted of incredibly gruesome murders
2002-03-12 06:23:16 PM  
Dubya, well put her in her place.
2002-03-12 06:23:24 PM  
Ramius..too funny.
2002-03-12 06:23:58 PM  

So it's ok to murder if you feel really really really bad about later? Pfffttt...
2002-03-12 06:24:03 PM  
Punacat : If I drown 5 of my kids, I give you full permission to fry me, shoot me, torture me, and any other thing you want. When her oldest kid saw what was happening, she chased him down, dragged him back to the bathroom, and drowned him. People that plea insanity are just trying to cop out of getting in more trouble. Also, don't go spouting statistics when you cant back them up with a source. Did you know that 1 in 3 americans flush the toilet while they are still sitting on it?
2002-03-12 06:24:51 PM  
I believe they are going to go after the husband. they should, I can't believe this assclown allowed this other assmunch to be fifty feet of those chillun'. I hardly feel sorry for him.
2002-03-12 06:24:55 PM  
Fodderman - If the jury were to be hung, then they can't retry her on those same charges for those same kids. They can appeal, but in addition to the appeals, they can try the case using the other two children.
2002-03-12 06:25:36 PM  
The jury will have to decide if she is a further threat to society in order to sentence her to death.
2002-03-12 06:25:51 PM  
i would be for locking her up, just with no tv, no education, no library, no work, just sitting in her cell, day after day, with only pictures of her kids. i think there is still the death penalty because an average life sentance is only 20 years, and a prioner can work out, watch tv, play nintendo, and get a degree all at my expense. if you want a life sentance, it should be them, in a dark cell, contemplating what they did, not living a resort life
2002-03-12 06:26:04 PM  

No, Loraman is say it's ok to kill if you don't care about it.
2002-03-12 06:26:11 PM  
I'm going to agree with letting her live and reflect. Perfect. In about five years it will really ferment and she will wish they didn't take away her shoelaces.
2002-03-12 06:26:20 PM  

And I'm sure there are millions of psycho SOB's out there commiting murders all over the world... and we have to put this one in all the news? *gags*

Why can't we go back to poking fun at Condit or Dubya?

2002-03-12 06:26:20 PM  
I actually watch some closing comments from the defense. OMG that lawyer was about to start crying! How phony can you get. Glad the jury wasn't made up of complete morons to be swayed by tears from a lawyer.
2002-03-12 06:26:38 PM  
fodderman - only two counts because of double jeopardy - if they actually lost this case they could go back and charge her with the other deaths - they were taking all precautions here
2002-03-12 06:27:56 PM  
I wonder how much debate there's be if the killer of 5 kids was named Tyrone Washington?
2002-03-12 06:28:17 PM  
03-12-02 06:22:24 PM PeterNorth

she and her husband were hardcore Christians

Well... they said they were.

As a Christian myself, I don't see how people deranged enough to say they killed their kids to save them from hell could be considered living in the example of Christ.

Christ walked on water, he didn't drown kids in it to save them.

Andrea can cling to what she says to save herself, but I have no problem with sending her off to Death Row. May she find peace and figure out to be more like a Christian in her spare time.
2002-03-12 06:28:27 PM  
Remind me again why it matters if she's insane? She killed them... that's a bad thing... I'm almost positive.
2002-03-12 06:28:42 PM  
How exactly can they "go after the husband next."
2002-03-12 06:28:44 PM  
May not be the most valid source, but
You can also learn lots of fun filled toilet facts from that site. Or should I say crap filled. :)
2002-03-12 06:29:03 PM  
Abncole - Who will be the deciding factor in this insanity of which you preach cleansing from this earth?

Interesting note: Replace the word insane with the word jewish in your post:

03-12-02 06:24:55 PM Abncole
Yes, If someone is insane that is all the more reason to kill them. Insane people deserve to die more than sane people, get 'em off the planet and out of the gene pool so no one has to worry about their crazy ass.

Are you Hitler?
2002-03-12 06:29:13 PM  
Seriously though that jury came back damn quick, even for a Texas jury. I think I could have spent at least the amount of time they spent on deliberation just marveling at how batshiet insane she is with 11 other people.
2002-03-12 06:29:26 PM  
NO Blackvampyr
If the jury were hung the judge would declair a mistrial and the prosicutor would choose to bring the same charge to trial again.
2002-03-12 06:31:32 PM  
So who's going after the Dr. who failed to contact Child Protective Services when Yates insisted on honking out more pups after she was already semi-catatonic and suicidal? Just wonderin'.
2002-03-12 06:31:57 PM  
Bah, I meant to say Your technology frightens me.
2002-03-12 06:32:01 PM  
Biohazard Oh. Sorry, dude, not a law major, just a programmer.
2002-03-12 06:33:31 PM  
There's actually a really good rundown on Here. Yet another family goes down in flames because of religion.

The husband comes across as very controlling. That doesn't excuse her obviously, but NASA needs to give his ass the boot just because...

Also, she was in touch via letters with an old preacher who traveled the country in an old bus who was a 'Fire and Brimstone' type of nut. I think she got the opinion that there was something wrong with her children from him, and may even be why she chose to drown her kids.
2002-03-12 06:34:18 PM  
Duppy don't be obtuse. Why don't you go after her neighbors, the entire social services department in her county, her parents, the husband, her friends, her relatives, the children's teachers, the school system, the police, etc?

You are probably one of those people suing the Air Force for failing to protect the twin towers. Get a life.
2002-03-12 06:34:57 PM  
You people seem to think that being insane means that you are "crazy". Insane is a pure legal term and is NOT a medical diagnosis. Insanity only means that as a result of a severe mental disease or defect, you were unable to appreciate the nature and quality of the wrongfulness. Also, note that mental disease or defect in and of itself does not constitute insanity (i.e., not all mentally diseased/defective people are insane, but all insane people are mentally diseased/defective).
2002-03-12 06:35:20 PM  

Come to think of it, Phil is another victim of a psychotic person. *SIGH* I'm with you, God rest your soul, Phil :(
2002-03-12 06:35:25 PM  
<Sorry ass attempt to change the topic slightly>

How can you not feel sorry for her? She was deluded by one of the most common, the most influential, heinous, corrupt, and political institutions on this planet:

Organized religion. Nothing more than mind control for the clams of this world, waiting to be shucked and devoured.

</Sorry ass attempt to change the topic slightly>
2002-03-12 06:35:44 PM  
Man, oh, man... smell the bloodlust!
2002-03-12 06:36:03 PM  
Exactly, Randy_ss!
2002-03-12 06:36:22 PM  
*sigh* Is it time to remove the "It's not news, it's fark" tagline yet?

It's not fark - its news, politics, religion, vices and whiney people. yay
2002-03-12 06:36:41 PM  
Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary

2002-03-12 06:36:59 PM  
"Good, anyone who kills someone that way, and that young, deserves to fry! Get out teh BBQ sauce! Yee haw! (No, I am not a crazy hick)"

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... it's probably s crazy hick.
2002-03-12 06:37:26 PM  
Speaking of religion, is it true that mormons have a "group bathing" after a marriage ceremony?
2002-03-12 06:37:56 PM  
I'm really confused here.

Of all the people that think she should be"forced to live with the guilt" - she drowned one of her own children and didn't feel guilt enough to stop.

Then another.

and another.

and another.

and another.

And NEVER felt enough guilt to stop. What exactly make you think that she would be living a life of guilt now?
2002-03-12 06:38:21 PM  
Can't wait to hear the opinions of that dumb biatch Katie Couric and that fat retard Oprah Winfrey on tomorrows talk show circuit. On second thought, I can.
2002-03-12 06:38:44 PM  
BSCav - Holy shiat man.... I shat my pants when I saw that. YOU ARE THE STRONGEST LINK!
2002-03-12 06:38:56 PM  
Blackvampyr: let's just stick to one pointless arguement at a time please.
2002-03-12 06:38:56 PM  
The prosecutors said she didn't start talking about Satan till later. They say she did it to get back at the husband for being all domineering -- did to hurt him.
2002-03-12 06:39:56 PM  
Heck... just make her watch the DragonBall Z live-action film when it comes out...! That oughta be a punishment commensurate with the death penalty.

YOU SURE DBZ's not something you rub on your sick iguana's bawlz....?
2002-03-12 06:40:26 PM  
We should only hang her if her husband swinging right beside her. They both need to be punished for this one.
2002-03-12 06:40:47 PM  
Has anybody seen her in the court room. She doesn't feel guilt!

She looks like she could use a few good slaps in the face at the court room. I thought she was asleep.
2002-03-12 06:41:30 PM  
Code_Archeologist - What the hell did Russell Yates do aside from having to bury his five children and watch the woman he loved charged with capitol murder?
2002-03-12 06:41:33 PM  
Blackvampyr - truer words were never spoken.
2002-03-12 06:41:41 PM  
If this was a father who killed his five kids, there wouldn't be all this debate on wether or not to kill him.
2002-03-12 06:42:18 PM  
How about this- we give all you hippy-ass pussy liberals your own land called "SorryLand" and you can live with your whitey guilt and give money to all sorts of losers to keep wasting it while they "straighten their lives out" and we'll let all the criminals out, since their environment or "mental illness" is what caused them all to be naughty in the first place, and they can live out amongst you. Hell let 'em own cars and knives (no guns, those things KILL people), and they can even have bathtubs too. All the while your schools for "Normal" kids and your roads and bridges can keep crumbling. It'll be your freekin Utopia!!!!

or you can just move to Massachusetts I guess...
2002-03-12 06:42:56 PM  
Skwidd: exactly
2002-03-12 06:43:10 PM  
I'm gonna move to Steve Forbes' America.
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