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(ESPN)   NHL season is officially down the crapper   ( divider line
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22609 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2005 at 4:03 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-02-03 03:47:47 PM  
Did we lose the obvious tag?
2005-02-03 03:49:39 PM  
Bastards. Now all we'll get is basketball and ever-so-boring baseball until football kicks off again in August. Gonna be a boring 6.5 months...
2005-02-03 03:49:55 PM  
2005-02-03 03:52:50 PM  


2005-02-03 03:55:14 PM  
Huh? I thought the superbowl was this weekend? Oh, the NHL? What the hell is that?
2005-02-03 03:55:29 PM  
Saw that one coming...

The funny thing is, the owners have been putting this off for as long as possible. Both parties know that once the season is officially cancelled, the weight swings back in favor of the players again.

How the hell are the owners going to sell to advertisers for "next season"? Do you think Coors and Pepsi are going to commit to advertising in a league that may not exist?

The owners tried to wait out the players, figuring they'd all be broke, penniless, and sucking off truckers for nickles with a lockout. Wrong. The skate's on the other foot, now.

Hey Bettman. You're the ringleader. You get to pick the cleanest gloryhole.
2005-02-03 03:56:49 PM  
We have porfessional hockey games? Who knew?
2005-02-03 04:00:24 PM  
Sucks. Especially in Florida 'cause we don't even get college hockey, or minor leagues where I live.
2005-02-03 04:01:54 PM  
I'm gratefull, really. A 12-game NHL mini-season would have sucked!
2005-02-03 04:05:59 PM  
/obligatory Nelson "HA-HA"
//too lazy to HTML pic
///likes slashs
2005-02-03 04:06:11 PM  
Where's the who cares tag? Or hero? Why can't this happen to Baseball?
2005-02-03 04:06:53 PM  
This isn't official - just a quote from an 'anonymous' source.
They are still meeting.

/yeah, it's most likely over dammit
//just sayin'
2005-02-03 04:07:24 PM  
I vote for Hero tag!
2005-02-03 04:08:11 PM  
i haven't missed hockey one little bit. the fact that I have no idea what goes on in the sport probably has something to do with that.
2005-02-03 04:08:12 PM  
I'm gratefull, really. A 12-game NHL mini-season would have sucked!
I thought they were going to do it wrestling style. All the players from all the teams on one big rink and whichever team is the last with 5 on the ice gets the cup.
2005-02-03 04:08:42 PM  
ooops. actually, that was supposed to be a
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2005-02-03 04:08:51 PM  
does anyone watch nhl really?
2005-02-03 04:09:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-03 04:09:35 PM  
Greedy bastards, all of them...At least now they can reinstate Bertuzzi for next year!

/Avalanche suck!
2005-02-03 04:09:49 PM  
yay, everybody loses!
2005-02-03 04:09:56 PM  
I will believe it when I see it. To me, this is nothing more than a publicity stunt, or a bored reporter.

"What? Make up news on this internet thing? Hrm...."
2005-02-03 04:10:06 PM  
Jesus Christ that's a long season. When I read the headline I really thought that it must be referring to a second year of lockout.
2005-02-03 04:10:12 PM  
hey! they changed my headline. booooo!
2005-02-03 04:10:34 PM  
The NHL as a league is officially dead.
2005-02-03 04:10:52 PM  
sucks but they waited too long to cancel it. was painfully obvious it was never gonna happen since december. hopefully they can resolve it by this summer and get going again on time for next year. otherwise i say shut it down completely and start over from the ground up.

and all you witless fools who say "no hockey? who knew? who cares?" can all piss off.
2005-02-03 04:11:20 PM  
I say let the AHL play for the cup. Then maybe the players union will be reasonble.

Better yet disband the NHL start the North American Hockey League and implement whatever labor rules they want. The players will sign to the new teams.
2005-02-03 04:12:01 PM  
And Tampa keeps Lord Stanley's Cup for another year.
2005-02-03 04:12:10 PM  

Who Cares?
2005-02-03 04:12:27 PM  

I could not agree more.
2005-02-03 04:12:31 PM  
This is the fault of the players. Period.

There HAS to be a salary cap to ensure the strength of the league - the sooner the players realize it, the sooner they can get back to hockey.
2005-02-03 04:12:38 PM  
Bring on the AHL and fire all the NHL players. Bring it back to players that play for the game and not the money!!
2005-02-03 04:13:00 PM  
Let the motherfarker burn. I saw dismantle the league, start over, and leave the moneygrubbing players out on their asses.
2005-02-03 04:13:05 PM  
Fark the NHLPA! Greedy, greedy bastards. And, while we're at it, Fark the MLBPA as well!
2005-02-03 04:13:21 PM  
If this had been Major League Baseball, 5-gets-you-20 that would have been federal intervention, whether the owners/players wanted it or not.

According to the AP via, Canadian authorities offered to intervene but both sides refused. (doesn't pop) No idea if the US authorities did the same.
2005-02-03 04:13:43 PM  
The stanley cup should be awarded to the best Juniors team, in my humble opinion.

It is to be awarded to the "best hockey team"... at the moment the pros aren't that.
2005-02-03 04:14:27 PM  
I work for the company that owns the Toronto Maple Leafs. If this doesn't get settled by September, all staff are taking a 25% to 35% pay cut, even though my job has almost nothing to do with Hockey games, and actually has become busier with no Hockey. Tomorrow is my last day. Found a job that pays 25% more, involves less hours, has better benefits.

Funny, I don't miss hockey so much anymore...
2005-02-03 04:14:27 PM  
Go Motor City Mechanics! Draper, Chelios and Hatcher will lead them to the...uh...UHL Championship thingy!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-03 04:14:37 PM  

The funny thing is, the owners have been putting this off for as long as possible. Both parties know that once the season is officially cancelled, the weight swings back in favor of the players again.

Not a chance. Several owners report that they lost more money when hockey was operational than when it wasn't.

The Player's Association WILL lose this battle. It's just a matter of when they accept it.
2005-02-03 04:14:38 PM  
Farkin asshat players and owners, I think it is safe to say that hockey will never be seen the same way ever agian, they have done so much damage to the game it is almost unrepairable.
2005-02-03 04:14:49 PM  
Mr. Boomin'Granny:

does anyone watch nhl really?

No, of course not. The people lamenting its loss in this thread are just playing a silly little game and you found us out, you bright beaver, you!
2005-02-03 04:14:54 PM  
This totally sucks.

Both sides are to blame. The unfortunate thing is that now that the season is cancelled there's no impetus to continue negotiations until the beginning of next season.
2005-02-03 04:15:03 PM  
Oh shiat.

I say they should have a playoff between the best juniors team and the NCAA champion, for who gets the cup this year.

That said, go UNH!
2005-02-03 04:15:30 PM  
The highlights of the league proposal:

-The deal would cover six full seasons, including 2010-11 with a "unilateral right granted in favour of the union to re-open the agreement after the fourth full season;"

-A league-wide fixed link guaranteeing that player costs won't take up more than 55 per cent of total revenues; that's up from 54 per cent in the league's Dec. 14 offer.

-A "floating team payroll range" - with a base of $32 million US and a top limit of $42 million although that would be "adjusted every year to reflect changes in league-wide revenues." In other words, the fixed link between player costs and league revenues takes precedence over the $42-million figure.

-The maintenance of guaranteed player contracts although the league wants to limit deals to no more than three years in term; that's something the players won't like at all.

-A revised salary arbitration system which allows both players and teams to elect the process; the league had totally abolished the system in its Dec. 14 offer. Under this offer, all restricted free agents could elect. Under the old CBA, only certain restricted free agents could go to arbitration.

-A proposed reduction in the age for unrestricted free agency from 31 to 30, "with a possible further reduction to age 28 (tied to salary arbitration)." This is a key point: the league maintains the right to abolish the entire arbitration system "at any time during the term of the agreement" by dropping the UFA age to 28. The players won't like this.

-A revised entry level system which extends to four years although it allows for some performance bonuses and "which incorporates an additional league-wide bonus structure for outstanding performance on a league-wide basis." That's a step in the players' direction after taking away all bonuses in Dec. 14 offer.

-A 62 per cent increase in the league's minimum salary to $300,000 per year.

-The use of a payroll tax on clubs within the floating team payroll range "at the union's sole discretion." Why would the union want a tax on top of a cap?

-The union's offer of 24 per cent across-the-board salary rollback for all remaining years of all existing contracts is accepted by the league.

-A profit-sharing plan to which the players would share in "league profitability over a negotiated level on a 50-50 basis."

-The implementation of a jointly monitored accounting and audit function, with multimillion-dollar fines, and forfeited draft choices - the penalty for failure to disclose required financial information. This is a giveback to the players, with teams fined $2 million and losing their first-round pick for first offence and getting nailed with $5-million fine and loss of three first-round draft picks for second offence.

-The establishment of a joint owner-player council to discuss various business and game-related issues. The union wanted this in its Dec. 9 offer.

-Plans for a shortened regular season this year with a full playoff, but splitting some revenues from the post-season to "ensure that the players receive the agreed-upon 53 per cent of league revenues."

Goddamn greedy-ass NHLPA. There's NOTHING unfair about that.
2005-02-03 04:15:37 PM  
for all the people who don't care...see other threads...
2005-02-03 04:16:05 PM  
Good thing I'm moving to NH with a bunch of AHL teams there to fill my hockey void. Sure wish they'd fix the NHL mess though.

Go pBruins!
2005-02-03 04:16:05 PM  
I guess that gives Sergei Federov more time to nail Tara Reid.
2005-02-03 04:17:03 PM  
I must remember to post a "Who Cares" when something as exciting as hockey is cancelled in the geek universe....oh wait...nothing is that exciting. SHUT THE FARK UP.

I know high school was tough, but you really should give sports a chance, it can be a great metaphore for life. AND noone will choose you last, I promise.
2005-02-03 04:17:04 PM  
It's a sad day...made worse by the fact that as soon as they officially call off the season, neither owners or players will want to discuss any further proposals until September...and we're back to square 1.

There will be no NHL until at least January 2006, if ever again.
2005-02-03 04:17:10 PM  
Leagues with salary caps (or psudo-salary caps)= Thriving


Leagues that refuse to assimilate, dying



2005-02-03 04:17:17 PM  
Heres my suggestion. Since most (or a lot anyway) of the NHL players are already playing in Europe, just stay there! The NHLPA would seriously frown upon scabs crossing the picket line so just take youre whole dumb union over there. So, that leaves a bunch of empty stadiums and owners without players. How do we solve this? Since all the American players are now taking the Euro's spots, all the Euros can come over here, along with their larger rinks and more entertaining style of play and just saddle up with the disbanded teams. The owners wont be dealing with the NHLPA anymore because they are all long gone and the newly displaced Euros will have a place to peddle their skills.

I blame this whole mess on the players anyway. I have seen a lot of the points brought to the table by the owners and they have had some pretty good solutions. Just because their plans have the word "CAP" in it, the players just walk out. The last cap proposal was a soft cap unlike the hardline NFL caps.

/misses tha broons
//go pats!
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