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(Fox News)   If you're going to rob a store, don't set your gun down to scoop up the cash   ( divider line
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2005-02-02 07:54:37 PM  
A few minutes later, apparently wanting to at least come out even, Thomas allegedly returned, mask still on, and demanded his weapon back.

Ok, I read the title, and thought to myself "What a moran". Then I read the above. He must be certifiably retarded.
2005-02-02 08:09:01 PM  
How bout you not rob a store?


Just imagine, he tried to rob a store with money in hopes of stealing a gun. Surprised the submitter didn't try to sue the ironic tag or something.
2005-02-02 08:48:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-02 10:58:16 PM  
Homer Simpson picture with "DOH" caption in 5,4,3,2....
2005-02-02 10:58:58 PM  
Didn't the guy ever watch "World's Dumbest Criminals" or "World's Wildest Police Videos" or any of those others that shows the guy who puts his shotgun on the counter? Duh! If you're dumb enough to rob a store, at least do your homework.
2005-02-02 11:05:27 PM  

That is all.
2005-02-02 11:06:16 PM  
Well hell I'm sure the gun cost more than he could have stolen in the first place... I mean how are you going to come back tomorrow and rob the store again if you don't have your gun.

You know I hear some of those fireman / policeman carnivals have a ton of money, maybe we should let this guy know.
2005-02-02 11:12:14 PM  
these stories never, ever, tell us what kind of gun/caliber was used.

i like to know these things.
2005-02-02 11:13:02 PM  
Incase it doesn't get posted...preview to possible posting.

(SomeGuy)[image from too old to be available]What do you get when you mix Montana, red necks, beer, .50 caliber sniper rifles and some innocent prairie dogs?

Send comments to: kicked­my­dog[nospam-﹫-backwards]li­amg­*co­m
2005-02-02 11:14:33 PM  
BigSack666: PWN3D

I second that
2005-02-02 11:24:24 PM  
Oh please. This story was already posted earlier this week.
2005-02-02 11:26:04 PM  
my profile tells you where to say hi :)
2005-02-02 11:37:57 PM  

You violated 2 fark rules in your post please refer to the FArQ. Not that I care but I dont want to see you sent off to banation.

Oh and just so I dont violate a rule myself Ill just say that stupid cops catch stupid criminals.
2005-02-02 11:37:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/"Person Of Interest"
2005-02-02 11:40:16 PM  
Drat, I wish this happened in Texas. Woulda been one less criminal out there.
2005-02-02 11:40:17 PM  
Now that's entertainment! Gotta love the porno soundin' music too...
2005-02-02 11:49:31 PM  
As it didn't happen in Texas, there is one less criminal there. :-)
2005-02-02 11:53:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'm gonna go with 'no' on that one.
2005-02-02 11:58:01 PM  
"Straight from the pages of! How to be a Criminal, without being a Dumbass Available from or your local bookseller."
2005-02-03 12:32:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-02-03 01:03:29 AM  
A Minneapolis man allegedly tried to rob a grocery store last month, but tripped himself up when he put his gun on the counter so he could scoop up the cash.

And it's in the news today?
2005-02-03 02:02:37 AM  
And it's in the news today?

Let's be fair... last month was only a few days ago.
2005-02-03 05:38:18 AM  
Is that the one where the clerk grabs the shotgun, and the crook tries to leap over the counter to get the gun back, but his foot hooks the counter's edge and he flops down FACE FIRST to the ground at the feet of the now-armed clerk? I love that one.
2005-02-03 08:03:47 AM  
This story reminds me of my favorite COPS robbery incident (I think it was COPS). Two gangbangers tried to rob a crowded convenience store. They picked the wrong store to rob - the clerk packed heat and of course a gun battle ensued. One of the robbers was shot while he was standing next to or against the register counter. The gun shot was fatal and he remained propped against the counter in a standing position until the meat wagon showed up to haul him away.

It was a nice break from the usual redneck-runs-through-a-backyard dog and foot chase routine.
2005-02-03 11:33:46 AM  
I really want to get a picture from the movie Snatch. But I am at work, and well doing a image search for Snatch might not be a great idea right now.
2005-02-03 01:01:36 PM  
2005-02-02 11:13:02 PM BiggerBastard

Q: What kind of firearms were used?
A: Three rifles were used.
1) Savage Model 110 FP in .223
2) Savage Model 12 FV in .22 - 250
3) New England Firearms Sportster in .17 HMR

There wouldn't be anything left if they used a .50
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