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(Newsday)   Police kill harmless machete wielding lunatic   ( divider line
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6612 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Mar 2002 at 7:32 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-12 07:37:36 AM  
never thought id see those 4 words together
"harmless machete weilding lunatic"
2002-03-12 07:38:32 AM  
Yet when you kill a harmful baton-weilding policeman, you get sent to prison. Go figure.
2002-03-12 07:38:45 AM  
No justice no peace

He was crazy he didn't deserve to die

Of course, had they let him wander around and someone else were killed, then the shiat really would have hit the fan.
2002-03-12 07:39:06 AM  
When the cops say to put down my weapon I always put mine down.
2002-03-12 07:40:19 AM  
No justice, no peace...
2002-03-12 07:42:30 AM  
If the guy had threatened anyone with the machete thats one thing but it sounds like they just blew him away.

Mental illness can happen to anyone, to you, your mother, your father anyone.

*waits for the right-wing war huggers to justify the death*
2002-03-12 07:44:12 AM  
OK, I'll justify it.

He was told to drop it, he didn't.
They tried stun guns, he raised it over his head in a threatening manner.
OK, drop him Dan-o
2002-03-12 07:44:40 AM  
"He just kept saying, `Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar,' over and over again," she said, translating that as "God is great."

Guess Guns are greater, huh?
2002-03-12 07:49:23 AM  
The hero tag seems misused here.... the power crazed dumbasses tag would be more effective.
2002-03-12 07:51:37 AM  
If I saw some known lunatic walking through my neighborhood with a machete, I'd be calling the police heroes.
2002-03-12 07:54:44 AM  
What a pointless waste of a life!
The insane should be put in Saitoriums like the victorians did... Wholesome fun for all the family (even the insane brother) and it pays for itself unlike those new fangled hospital things.
2002-03-12 07:55:53 AM  
I think the cops must have just saw the movie, "Black Hawk Down"...
2002-03-12 07:58:38 AM  
Whether you agree with or not, police are trained to respond with force one level up from that which which they're threatened. When you think about that, it makes sense ... and if the guy really did raise the machete as if he was going to use it, the police acted exactly as they had been trained.
2002-03-12 08:02:23 AM  
When Robocop says drop it,
[image from too old to be available]
you better drop it.
2002-03-12 08:03:40 AM  
What a tube steak. The relatives complained about excessive force, yet it appears they didn't do anything to help . . .
2002-03-12 08:03:44 AM  
Screw this guy. Insane or not, he had a CROWBAR and a FRIGGIN MACHETE in a residential neighborhood!

THINK about that a minute people. Some guy - on your street - where your kids play - with a big ass knife. AND a big ass crowbar. They even use FRIGGIN stun guns on this guy and he doesn't drop! And the people watching say "whaaaa...whaaaa...why didnt they use mace...waaa" Cause they'd already put 50,000 volts into his ass with no effect, dope!

I agree with Fj - drop him DanO.
2002-03-12 08:03:46 AM  
Whether you agree with or not, police are trained to respond with force one level up from that which which they're threatened. When you think about that, it makes sense ... and if the guy really did raise the machete as if he was going to use it, the police acted exactly as they had been trained.

That raises an interesting point: What the hell will they do about the new super-terrorists with nuclear weapons? I guess they will need to build a small moon sized space station with some kind of Planet destroying laser on it?
2002-03-12 08:04:17 AM  

I guess they shouldn't have 'clusterbombed' him with bullets. They should have just negociated with him to give up his machete. Even if he did kill people, who cares, they're cops, it's not like it's anybody who Left-Wing Brits respect. ;-) I mean, he sounds Muslim, that's good enough reason to leave him alone anyways.


2002-03-12 08:07:09 AM  
Weird that the British cops, Who have no guns normally, manage to deal with these situations WITHOUT HAVING TO SHOOT ANYONE.

Perhaps your guys need some training?

"Somali piece of shiat" You just love dead brown people Slayerswine dont you?

"then drop it over the streets of Somalia. They are uneducated cannibals anyways."

Managed to kick your armies ass though.
2002-03-12 08:11:16 AM  
Wasn't the Somali force with us in it a UN army and not a US army?

I wouldn't say Somalia kicked our asses. As much as I wouldn't say William Wallace got his ass kicked before he had his head impaled on a stick.
2002-03-12 08:15:28 AM  

I can understand why you have simpathy for mental illness. You seem to be suffering from it.

I guess since the criminals in England have guns and your violent crime is rising at an alarming rate, Your "keystone cops" will be getting armed. I'm sure though you and your "left wing" kind will take to the street for a "peaceful protest". Then when you turn over cars and throw rocks at cops, they can fire into the crowd and "peacefully" dispurse you.
2002-03-12 08:15:44 AM  
FARK!!!...One less cab driver in Minneapolis now!
2002-03-12 08:17:58 AM  
Harmonia - really?

How many American dead? 18 Marines?

How many Somalis? Hundreds....minimum?

And why were we there in the first place? To give aid to these S.O.B.s? As a matter of fact, the whole mess started when we tried to arrest the crime lord who was stealing from what do they do?

I say again - drop him DanO.
2002-03-12 08:17:59 AM  
2002-03-12 08:27:24 AM  
Yeah Pastey but it only took 18 marines to make Clinton haul ass and get everyone out..and the Somalis attacking the marines were in crime-lord owned territory....You stick your hand in the fire ants nest it will get bitten. And the somalis weren't armed with start of the art equipment/training either. These '' managed to get the most powerful nation in the world out of their country. Pretty impressive actually.
2002-03-12 08:28:23 AM  
Someone comes at you with any edged weapon, you have the legal right to respond with like (i.e. deadly) force to defend yourself.

As to the mental illness; until they develop a prozac pill I can shoot, I'm going to stick with the .45 caliber pyscho stopper.
2002-03-12 08:29:20 AM  
The Minnesotans in Somalia better watch out
2002-03-12 08:31:17 AM  
Amazing how off topic these posts got...anyways basically he's dead. Unfortunately no-one cares blah blah RIP. Lesson, don't walk around with pointey implements and a deranged take on reality. shiat like this happens all the time.

*social aware to cynical in one leap!*
2002-03-12 08:31:51 AM  
Not armed with state of the art weapons - true.

However, they did have RPG's, many variations of the AK including the AK-47, pistols, hand grenades...etc., etc.

Plus they fought dirty, using women and children as human shields - knowing our guys (unlike them) have morals and wouldn't shoot them. Not to mention there were thousands of them vs. ~200 of our guys.

They managed to get us out because we NEVER should have been there in the first place! The American public didn't want it, the military DEFINATELY didn't want it, so who did?

Oh yeah, that guy trying to cover up schtupping his intern.
2002-03-12 08:33:53 AM  
Turntable, Well it was CLINTON you are talking about.. Not exactly a Hawk by any means.. Personally I agree with the "quit being the worlds policeman" mentality. I just think that that particular incident was just an excuse to get out of a situation where we shouldnt have been involved in the first place.

One of my rules to live by. "Sometimes you just cant do anything about things that suck"
2002-03-12 08:37:23 AM  
Hey have you guys in AU seen that video of the crazed black dude, with the black clothes and samurai sword that flipped out in front of a grocery store.. Now that was some cool stuf.. Guy took pepper spray without flinching and beanbag rounds INTO HIS CROTCH , FROM A SHOT GUN without hitting the pavement.. Eventually they just shot him with a firehose for about 14 mins till he couldnt stand anymore.. pretty amazing what the insane can withstand..

Anyone ever heard of the above story?
2002-03-12 08:37:46 AM  
I can see both sides of the issue here... On one hand, a mentally ill guy with a machete isn't the most dangerous of foes. At the time, though, it wans't real clear to anyone involved what was going on. So, yeah, maybe they shouldn't have shot the guy, but thinking clearly isn't the easiest thing to do when some guy's muttering what appears to be gibbersih and bransishing a knife at you.
2002-03-12 08:40:09 AM  
"a mentally ill guy with a machete isn't the most dangerous of foes"

Are you kidding? A nut with a blade is completely unpredictable, and that makes him very dangerous.
2002-03-12 08:41:48 AM  
Personally I'd say a redneck with a nuclear arsenal "leading" a country with a superiority complex is pretty dangerous in my book.
2002-03-12 08:43:24 AM  
I think the key here to remember is that the towns-people (people whom the police are their to protect) were yelling at the police to leave the guy alone because he was mentally disabled.

They obviously weren't worried about being attacked as much as the guy getting shot. That should say something right there.

...the HERO tag here is cleary misused...SAD would have been a better description of someone being shot in the streets.

SLAYERSWINE is a farking maniac who cleary has issues with both reading comprehension and anger towards his father
2002-03-12 08:44:55 AM  
Hey Big al, Why is it that people are the first to mention US taking the lands from the Native Americans. Does the sun yet set on the British Empire?
2002-03-12 08:45:53 AM  
Farking Eyesholes: I saw that video. That guy just stood there and shook off those bean bags to his nutsack like they were made out of Nerf! It was pretty amazing.

As for this man, I can only hope the cops had a chance to run their rounds through some pig fat before they capped him.
2002-03-12 08:46:04 AM  
As far as the residents yelling at the police, that is a common occurance there (regardless of what the police are there for). If that lunatic would have taken out one of the locals, they would have been screaming at the police for NOT taking him out sooner.
2002-03-12 08:48:20 AM  
Couldn't they have shot him in the leg?
Farking Eyesholes: Anyman who can take all that deserves to be admitted into the policeforce/army...Kamikazi division. Imagine an army of them...or failing that, monkies with samurai swords. SWEET!
2002-03-12 08:51:41 AM  
Poor Slayer, still feel inadequate every time you see a black man, girl run off with one.

The more you talk the more you destroy yourself, keep it up Slayerswine you are my best ally here.
2002-03-12 08:56:35 AM  
From Slayers profile:

"Some of the reasons why I wish murder was legal and I could use my 9mm. Beretta to rectify the situation. Assholes on my shiatlist: 1. Harmonia(It gets lonely at the top)***"

You do make me laugh Slayerswine, cheers me up all day when I read that.
2002-03-12 08:57:23 AM  
"If I was retarded, I would be treating these pieces of crap in America like U.S. citizens, which they ARE not. I treat them as they are in my eyes...lowlife freeloaders."

No doubt this dude would be the first to complain if smacked in the face in a pub over here for being a "yankee tosser".
2002-03-12 08:58:49 AM  
WTF did they ship a mentally ill Somali over to the US anyway?
2002-03-12 09:05:12 AM  
Look Harmonia! It sings and dances!
2002-03-12 09:05:30 AM  
"By the same logic: Get the hell off the native american land you/your relatives immigrated to. You are stealing their benefits and health care. "

I am tired of hearing how we "stole" the land from the native Americians. During that period of time might made right and we had firepower. It was evolution and as natural as them killing buffalo. Hell, the buffalo were here before they were....

Look, I am not saying that it would be ok in this age of enlightenment to kick a native people off their land but what has happened happened. We were stronger, had better weapons and we displaced them due to their inability to defend themselves. In nature the giraffes with the short necks died off because they could not compete with the long necks for food. In North America the tech impared died off because they could not compete. Bows vs. Guns. Guns won, end of story. I am sorry if I ofend someone with a "proud heratige" but your proud heartige got its ass kicked by my heratige. Stop whining and assimilate.

On the same token, I live in Florida and I want to puke everytime I see a Confederate flag. I would like to send a message to all the Redneck, Hillbilly, sister screwing, drunk-by-noon, truck driving, tobaccco chewing, knuckle draggers out there:

YOU LOST THE WAR. The flag that you are so proud of is a symbol of defeat and disgrace. You picked a fight and got your ass handed to you.

"The South will rise again" is a desparate prayer and will never happen. Slowly but surely all your racist bullshiat games are being eliminated.

/rant off

2002-03-12 09:05:34 AM  
lamo@slayerswine's profile..that's gotta be a joke. On a good day you resemble woody harrelson from NBC??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH i wouldn't admit to that dude.Can i join the list too??
2002-03-12 09:06:02 AM  
Mr Slayerswine, I'll be on your side. Your bio makes me very, very afraid..
2002-03-12 09:06:42 AM  
Wow Goatman, do you think it gets someone else to type for it?
2002-03-12 09:06:59 AM  
They were talking about this on the radio this morning(mix 104 in the twin cities). WOw, this is sure getting a lot of attention.
2002-03-12 09:10:42 AM  
KILL 'EM ALL... Christ. I can't believe some of the whining going on here. "He was mentally ill wah wah" Great, so forgetting the fact that he had a machete and a crowbar in his hands, would you have had the police peacefully capture him only to put him in a state run facility at the cost of the taxpayers? Trust me, a 1 cent bullet or ten is a lot cheaper than a lifetime of paying high priced psychiatrists to care for some illegal alien farker.
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