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(NYPost)   NYC cops capture teen who shot and killed actress last week. Suspect "was whining like a little girl" when arrested   ( divider line
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2005-02-01 09:34:23 AM  
30 years to life, parole-eligible after 30 years, I'd say.

This punk is obviously still a child on the inside. He's clearly not in control of his actions. It doesn't sound like he's a cold-blooded murderer.

How many cold-blooded murderers are taken into custody "whining like a little girl?"

Those of you calling for more death need to take another look at the circumstances.

/opinion, obviously
2005-02-01 09:34:37 AM  
Yeah, because capital punishment sure does something! All those European countries with no capital punishment and lower crimes rates, they-wait-let me rephrase that...

Someone hasn't been paying to the large rise in violent and property crime in Europe, and the fall of same in the United States.

(Not that a presence or lack of capital punishment, obviously, is having much impact on this either way, but then I never really saw capital punishment as intended to be much of a deterrent.)
2005-02-01 09:35:29 AM  
There is no excuse for the killer...he deserves death. However, if mr. tough guy with "what are you gonna do? Shoot Me?" had kept his stupid country mouth shut, he might still have a fiance. Guess he picked the wrong time to 'cowboy up'.
2005-02-01 09:36:04 AM  
Damn, Daniels. You just beat me.
2005-02-01 09:36:09 AM  
"Thanks for the info. Where would you recommend trying to live?"

My pleasure. I'd suggest "wherever you can!" I'm not joking much -- housing is very tight right now. That guy above joking about the 1,000 sq foot apartment above a fish market for $3,000/month? I'd bid $3,500. ;) The area where this crime occurred used to be one of the last wastelands in the city but is suddenly very popular. In terms of being among neat things to do, pretty much anywhere in Manhattan south of about 96th St. on the east side and south of about 120th or north of 150th on the west side will do it for you. Also consider Brooklyn -- Park Slope and Williamsburg are both pretty hot right now, and north of Prospect Park will be hot again when they fix the C train. here are some listings; the Village Voice is still the king of apartment listings I think.

As it happens, I think some of the best deals are on the upper east side. Kind of boring up there, like being in the suburbs, but it's on the 4/5/6 and convenient to a lot of stuff.
2005-02-01 09:37:31 AM  
Oh, lawd, why couldn't he have shot Sylvester Stallone?
2005-02-01 09:37:48 AM  
Just saw the part about him having just served 2+ years for pulling a gun on 4 cops. I guarantee SJPD would have put a few slugs in the dude.
2005-02-01 09:38:24 AM  
The guy was carrying the gun illegally.

This may be true, but due to your retarded gun laws obtaining guns is easy. I wouldn't know how to go about obtaining a gun in the UK. In the US I envisage it being akin to the underage drinkers here asking a passing adult to buy some cider for them.

If something is available on every street corner, even if it's illegal to have it it will make it's way into the hands of those who shouldn't have it. Look at the underage drinking problem we have in the UK.

SchlingFo I think you'll find weed a lot less dangerous than guns so it's not policed so much.

This is the case in Europe. We don't wast time arresting people smoking in their rooms and not harming anyone and we do come down hard on people owning and obtaining illegal weapons.
2005-02-01 09:38:53 AM  
Here's a question for everyone who read the article...
Why aren't all the others who were involved going to be charged? WTF?!
2005-02-01 09:39:00 AM  

Man these Lower East Side rent control fights are outta control!! Remember the good ol' days of the LES when you could just buy some black tar heroin on the corner, hit a bar, get loaded, pass out in some alleyway and call it a quiet tuesday night?


/lived at 13th & B circa '95.
2005-02-01 09:39:16 AM  
DuFresne, a Minnesota native, told the thug, "What are you going to do, shoot us?"

I think you're all missing the PSA in this story, which is "Never, ever, under any circumstance, say this to anyone in New York, because the answer will always be 'yes'." It should be on page one in the brochure
2005-02-01 09:40:40 AM  
I am sure someone already said it, so let me reinforce it.

Once applied, the death penalty has NEVER failed to deter at least one criminal.
2005-02-01 09:41:01 AM  
You can buy a hand gun with no permit from swap meets in Vermont. I'm gonna buy an illegal gun just so I can have it, and not be on any gov't lists. If the gov't knows you have a weapon, they can come and take it whenever they like.
2005-02-01 09:41:08 AM  
I wouldn't know how to go about obtaining a gun in the UK.

London, East End.
2005-02-01 09:42:31 AM  

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Deter is not the same as prevent.
2005-02-01 09:42:43 AM  
camaroash: So, why is it that ...

Okay, let's not get into that tangent.

farkin_catatonic: when was the last time, ever, in history...

...and let's give that idiot response up as well. It's tired, and lame. Both words are intended to do the same thing, and the ridiculous "your situation isn't as bad as my situation, therefore yours is not worth the same attention" is precisely why nothing is getting done. Maybe if you viewed racism as racism and worked on ending it completely, instead of claiming that some racisms aren't as bas as others....

Oh, to hell with it. Really.
2005-02-01 09:42:51 AM  
To the guy who said that concealed handguns would benefit New York City, check this out..

2003 Murder rate (murders per 100k people)

Dallas, TX - 18.4 (was 17.5 in 1999)
Houston, TX - 13.6 (was 13.3 in 1999)
New York, NY - 7.4 (was 9.0 in 1999)

Explain again how having concealed handguns reduces murder rates?
2005-02-01 09:42:56 AM  
Berhard Goetz tried to stop muggings.
2005-02-01 09:43:02 AM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth
Looking at your profile I'd guess you made your comment based on watching various Guy Ritchie films.

Yes guns are obtainable in the UK, even legally. My point is it's a lot more difficult so most criminals don't bother.
2005-02-01 09:43:28 AM  

DuFresne, a Minnesota native, told the thug, "What are you going to do, shoot us?"

I think you're all missing the PSA in this story, which is "Never, ever, under any circumstance, say this to anyone in New York, because the answer will always be 'yes'." It should be on page one in the brochure

Agreed. That was pretty damn dumb. I luckily was never mugged while I lived in Philly. But if I had, I sure as hell would have known better than to mouth off to some punk with a gun pointed at me.
2005-02-01 09:43:39 AM  

One of the things we'd do for fun was try and come up with the best racial insults we could. We came up with some really nasty shiat, but it didn't offend anyone because we all knew that we didn't hate each other.

I would have kicked your cracker ass.

/You know I love you SchlingFo
2005-02-01 09:43:55 AM  
Oh no. One less actor/actress in the world. The horrors.

And, of course, being an actress - she was probably venomously against the second amendment and didn't carry one herself.

Oh - and kids commiting violent crime? In 2005?! OH NOES! I does not beweives it! *rolls eyes*
2005-02-01 09:44:08 AM  
I don't like the UK, either.
2005-02-01 09:44:47 AM  
"I'm sorry for what happened. I didn't know it was going to happen. I had nothing to do with it," Simmon said as he was led out of the Seventh Precinct station house last night.

Uh, yeah, that's it, I wasn't there. Wait, I was there, but it didn't happen the way I thought it would. I mean, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shoot her. Oh, wait, I wasn't there.

I think I'll just start crying and make them feel sorry for me instead. If they think I'm really sad, they'll leave me alone.

/should be a new classification of Homo Sapiens for people this stupid and callous.
2005-02-01 09:46:04 AM  
Note to self:

Do not say "What are you going to do, shoot us?"

When mugged.
2005-02-01 09:46:47 AM  
Swiss Colony:

I think you'll find weed a lot less dangerous than guns so it's not policed so much.

Drug enforcement is the biggest priority of law enforcement agencies in this country. It's their cash cow. It's policed like you wouldn't believe.

However, for all of the enforcement and all of the laws, it's still ridiculously easy to get all of the drugs you want (provided you have the money).

This may be true, but due to your retarded gun laws obtaining guns is easy. I wouldn't know how to go about obtaining a gun in the UK.

Find someone who sells weed. Tell them you need coke. When they refer you to the person who sells coke, ask where you can get a gun. You'll have one within a matter of hours.

Or, if you don't feel like buying one, you can always make one. Zip guns were very popular among gangs back in the 50s/60s here in the U.S. They're cheap and they get the job done.
2005-02-01 09:46:48 AM  
Programmer Cat,

You do not remember correctly. It was blacks in Africa selling other blacks into slavery. The blame should be shared equally.
2005-02-01 09:48:05 AM  
Ya gata love how mindless violence immediately turns into a racial thing when its actually a azzhole thing.

/we all bleed red
2005-02-01 09:50:42 AM  
And, it's all about the love, GWSheng :)

2005-02-01 09:51:12 AM  
TennesseeTuxedo: right! it's her fault! of course, now it all makes sense. shiathead.
2005-02-01 09:52:07 AM  
Find someone who sells weed. Tell them you need coke. When they refer you to the person who sells coke, ask where you can get a gun. You'll have one within a matter of hours.

WTF? In the US maybe but not where I live (not the East-end sorry Butterworth).
2005-02-01 09:52:21 AM  
I think we can all agree it was dumb to say, "What are you gonna do, shoot us?"

BUT you have to remember:

A) They had been drinking. How many of us have mouthed off when tipsy? LOTS.

B) Nicole had been raped in college. You never know what anger this a-hole kid evoked. She didn't want to be a victim again. A little ironic.

/thoughts are with her fiance and family
2005-02-01 09:54:46 AM  
Swiss Colony I hope one day you'll get to visit this great country, because some things are best experienced. Here's an adage that a priest told me (no joke) "If you look around and all you see is sh*t, you're probably looking through an *sshole." Your information source has poisoned you, and for that, I'm disappointed. It's not that bad. really.

This country is based on a fierce sense of personal freedom in general. Not everyone agrees, and that's what all the red-state blue-state hubub is about (and much more, but personal freedom and the government's role is a HUGE part of it). The right to defend one's self by carrying a gun IS A RIGHT. We do not take for granted that a lawman will be there to protect us; I'll take responsibility for a portion of my own protection, thank you very much.

In the case of this girl, it sounds like she truly didn't believe she was in danger, or she knew and, as a last resort, thought that she could bluff her way out of it by taunting the attacker. For bluffing to work one must one understand the other's state of mind at some level.

Try not to believe everything in The Guardian. News outlets never profit by selling good news.
2005-02-01 09:55:30 AM  
The drug war thing is counterproductive.
You need to be giving them access to MORE drugs, not less.
The sooner the scum jam a gallon of heroin into their eyeball and die, the better for all the rest of us.
Stop trying to save the filth, just scrape it off your shoe and be done with it.
2005-02-01 09:55:49 AM  
Swiss Colony: WTF? In the US maybe but not where I live

Have you tried this?

I think you seriously underestimate the power of the black market/capitalism and seriously overestimate the preventive power of laws.
2005-02-01 09:56:59 AM  
So, you agree that you lost battles with Mexico, then? Solid Job, Texaco. I suppose "Holding the fort" isn't a Texan saying eh? Whas that? Yeehaw? Yeehaw, indeed.
2005-02-01 09:57:02 AM  
Another story that happens more often than it's reported but never reaches the limelight unless it involves a pretty woman. Like the Laci Peterson case.

Every shooting like this is heinous and dispicable. Kill a woman over a wallet? More should be done to keep guns out of the hands of people like him.
2005-02-01 09:58:12 AM  
Fleming was released from prison on parole last June after serving more than two years for pointing a gun at four cops who had picked him up for truancy in 2001.

And how much time are his parents doing for Child Neglect/Abuse? I have a friend who teaches at a school in Brooklyn, she seems to concur in pinning the blame on the parents. Start holding these Ghetto Moms and Gangsta Dads accountable!

There are two girls in my daughter's class who are way behind the rest of the class. The can't concentrate on anything related to schoolwork for more than ten seconds. They seek attention and conflict at every turn. They know all the ebonics lingo, but can't spell. They wear crap clothes, but one of the mothers drives a Lexus SUV. They are both black, and both are victims of a modern "black culture" which sees ignorance as completely acceptable, if not laudable. Start locking these animals up for neglecting their children. It's so sad and there is nothing a teacher or a prison can do about it, they are already doomed to a life of failure and ignorance - thanks to their parents.
2005-02-01 09:58:39 AM  
The crappy part is that they gave these guys their wallets according to the article. That was the reason why she said, "What are you going to do? Shoot us?" Because they had already given them the stuff they had, but the guys were still there.
2005-02-01 09:59:06 AM  
1,000 square feet for 3 grand? Where do I get in on a deal that good?


$3,000 for a 1,000 square foot apartment? Do you know the name of the broker. That's actually a great deal for NYC.

You poor bastards.
You poor, poor bastards.

/on the beach. pay less per mo. then sq ft.
/Amo a mujeres americanas latinas
2005-02-01 09:59:08 AM  
i dont really agree with the Boobies...'this kid should be shot in the head and all of his friends put into jail forever'
but this kid is a real shiathead. such a sad story... a young woman dead for no reason, and this kid's life is wasted too (doesn't seem that he had much potential anyway). glad he got bagged before he committed other random acts of violence.
2005-02-01 10:00:24 AM  
madguts thanks.

bornyesterday still not convinced, besides I'm not done with Europe and won't be for a long time.

SchlingFo well I asked my skunk dealer where I could get some cocain and he couldn't help me. In fact I singularly failed to get any coke for the new year, despite knowing 'a few' weed dealers. Anyway this is a mute point. Guns are easier to obtain in the US is the point I was trying to make. I have already admitted that one can get guns in the UK. My flat-mate's father has at least 2 (legally).
2005-02-01 10:01:35 AM  
I've actually had the "$3000 is too much" argument with people before... with the cost of living downstate vs the cost of living upstate. $3000/month sounds ridiculous until you factor in all the stuff you pay for that you don't have to pay for with the $3000 month. When you take in to account the fact that you don't really have to pay for car insurance, car payment, gas, car repairs, property tax (if you own), school tax (if you own), and all the random little crap that you have to pay for upstate... $3k/month isn't all that unreasonable. Especially when you take into account the wages in NYC.
2005-02-01 10:05:48 AM  
Swiss Colony:

Anyway this is a mute point. Guns are easier to obtain in the US is the point I was trying to make. I have already admitted that one can get guns in the UK.

And, that's all that really matters. The people that want a gun to commit a crime or kill someone can get their hands on a gun.

It may take a bit longer or cost a bit more, but the guns are still there.

All that's really been accomplished is to deny the law-abiding citizens a chance to defend their homes and have a hell of a lot of fun at the shooting range.
2005-02-01 10:07:21 AM  
Anyway this is a mute point.

Moot point, goddammit, 'moot' point. WTF is a "mute point"?
2005-02-01 10:07:38 AM  
Lock him up, throw away the key, let him rot in prison.

I'd rather him die forgotten after a long prison term than as a celebrity from one of NY state's rare executions.
2005-02-01 10:08:18 AM  
Swiss Colony airfare is cheap. Contact me if you need a tour guide.
I'm not a big fan of these flamewars, so perhaps we'll chat again in the Photoshop contests...
2005-02-01 10:08:18 AM  
binnster: Actually, it is. Getting an illegal handgun is relatively easy even for me... and I live in upstate NY.
2005-02-01 10:08:22 AM  
J.G. Longbotham
Swiss Colony I read your posts to be a bit more anti-America in general, but will accept your narrowed scope.

You also have got to remember that I get my view of America from the media as do (the majority of) you your view of Europe. My knowledge of your country is blinkered, though I do read several news sites, European and American to get a balanced view. Not everything you were taught in the schools about Europe is accurate. Also Holywood skews things further.

I've nothing against America or Americans. I'm just scared to go there. I do think that England is the greatest country, but that's just your standard patriotism ;-)
2005-02-01 10:11:20 AM  
If I was going to pound-me-in-the-ass prison for the rest of my life, I'd cry and feel sick, too. But then, I wouldn't have murdered someone for their pocket money in the first place.
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