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(Trdizzake)   Buy an MGM DVD between 1998 and 2003? Go to this website to see if you can score a free DVD from a class action lawsuit against them   ( divider line
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2005-01-30 06:03:04 PM  
Dammit... hmm

[image from too old to be available]

try this one again...(it showed in the preview! bleh)
2005-01-30 06:03:32 PM  
Digital Bits says this "settlement" site is probably bogus... I'll wait and see what they dig up and report.
2005-01-30 06:15:23 PM  
Now I feel really stupid...

hmm... if a mod wants to delete the double, that would be great
2005-01-30 06:28:55 PM  
So much wrongness.... Movies normally are shot with 35mm film. The ratio of unmatted 35mm film is 1.37:1 , NOT 1.33:1 (4:3). Many movies are hard matted, this means the lense has parts blocked off to create the desired ratio. If you saw the full 35mm frame of a soft matte without the cropping you would see microphones and other things that were not meant to be in the shot.

In a 1.37 it doesn't matter much what you do, you either get a very small bar on the top and bottom or you miss just the very edge on either side.

As you get wider it becomes more important. In a 2.35 you can loose like half the picture in a pan and scan, or as I call it the crop and chop.

Just look up aspect ratio on wikipedia if you don't beleive me.
2005-01-30 07:33:43 PM  
I agree the lawsuit is a waste of money and time, I just wanted to ask:

Am I the only person out of all these comments, that bought the DVD of "Caveman" with Ringo Starr and Shelley Long, that bought it because he actually likes the movie, even as "cheesy" as it is? (An MGM release)

Voting?? Sure, why not!
2005-01-30 07:59:21 PM  
What??? You mean I'm not getting my full Bill & Ted on?!? You lied to me, MGM!!! WHY??? WHY???

2005-01-30 08:10:17 PM  
I have over 40 of the dvds on the list, but I'm not going to get involved with this crap. This seems like senseless nitpicking to me.
2005-01-30 08:14:35 PM  
I can't believe more of you are not singing the praises of Annie Hall!
2005-01-30 08:52:48 PM  
What I want to know, is who the hell sued over this?

/now convinced we need tort reform.
2005-01-30 10:49:19 PM  
That's why I love Alliance Atlantis and New Line Home Entertainment DVDs.

voting for the hell of it
2005-01-30 11:11:20 PM  
Oh come on...this is spinal tap is farking awesome
2005-01-31 01:34:33 AM  
watching an open-matted film, and the projectionist didn't configure the film gate properly. Sometimes this is a big deal, sometimes it's not.

cheers for that, had no idea this occured - explains resident evils boom mics, i think
2005-01-31 01:36:19 AM  
shiat. wrong formatting for this site.

damn job makes me braindead
2005-01-31 01:57:25 AM  
Hey, we need a comparison image from Princess bride :)

It's annoying that it is only for US citizens even if the DVD was bought in USA. So either way, I lose. :)

But I only own three of the listed titles, and only care about Princess Bride, but there seems to be YetAnotherVersion out from the last 2 I bought. Sheeshiathey need "upgrade version" features soon!

2005-01-31 05:34:53 AM  

Ok now....the Robocop they have listed is the plain vanilla version right? I'm going to be farking pissed if my out of print Criterion version of Robocop is fuxxored.

//I'd buy that for a dollar

Woot, my Robocop is safe. Seems the Criterion copy is "director approved".

/suck it MGM

A bit of useless trivia I happen to know...

The MGM release of Robocop is presented in 1.85:1, while the Paul Verhoeven Approved 1.66:1 aspect ratio is the Criterion Collection one. The Criterion Collection one also has some additional "director's cut" footage.

Now, I don't know if that means the MGM version is matted even further, or if it was originally filmed in 1.85:1 and cropped (which would be weird). But I'd stick with the one that captures the director's vision.

/If I could afford one of the out-of-print copies...
2005-01-31 05:51:27 AM  
Imagine when all TVs are 16x9 like mine.

The rubes will be watching unmatted films with black bands on the sides, or in stretch mode.

A lot of people are buying widescreen TVs and not setting their DVD players TV aspect to 16x9. I've even seen STORES selling widescreen sets with the demo DVDs still set to 4x3! A "flat" film on a widescreen set (because of overscan) completely fills the screen, with no black bands.
2005-01-31 08:58:23 AM  
"Do they have the ethical authority to keep us from buying their 10 cent copies of Domo-Arigato-Mr-Roboto? They can put anything they want in a contract, but it will not necessarily bear scrutiny in court.

Dude, you're a fk'ing movie pirate, and you have the nerve to even USE the word 'ethics'?

2005-01-31 09:37:40 AM  
The lawsuit is about "doughnutting" where they remove the center portion of the film image. This was one of the earliest versions of alternatives they tried although it was quickly discarded.
2005-01-31 10:26:42 AM  

"I have several of the listed CDs. It isn't worth my time to send them back.
The lawyers will receive $2,687,500. The lead plaintiffs will receive $12,500 between them."

But remember trial lawyers are fighting for your rights.

/welcome to John Edwards' America
2005-01-31 10:52:28 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

2005-01-31 11:59:42 AM  
Hang On Voltaire: welcome to John Edwards' America

Hypocrites of Tort Reform
In December 1999 Senator Rick Santorum R-PA supported his wife's medical malpractice lawsuit against her chiropractor for $500,000. At trial, the Senator testified that his wife should be compensated for the pain and suffering caused by a botched spine adjustment, claiming that she had to "treat her back gingerly" and could no longer accompany him on the campaign trail. After the verdict, Santorum refused to answer phone calls asking what impact the case had on his views of "tort reform." In January 2000, a judge set aside the $350,000 verdict, deeming it excessive, and offered a reduced award of $175,000 or a new trial on damages only.

The insurance industry whines about how much payouts to injured patients is costing them while they make record profits. First half-year income in 2004 was up 62.2% from the first half-year income of 2003 for the property-casualty insurance industry. Is that John Edwards' America?
2005-01-31 01:24:03 PM  
I like Bacon
2005-01-31 07:32:12 PM  
I'm going to return one of my copies of WarGames, but due to a problem at the layer change where it just stops playing during Lightman's lament about not having learned how to swim. (I paid less for my second copy.)

However I'm wondering for what reason The Secret of NIMH is on the list. From what I can tell, it was only released full screen and thus not a case of a matted title being billed as a widescreen title.

Though I can say I was surprised that NIMH was full screen when I finally played it.
2005-01-31 09:25:41 PM  
The Digital Bits has weighed in with PLENTY of photos and simple language:

Well worth a look-see before you flame.
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