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(Yahoo)   "The vice president looked like an awkward child amid the well-dressed adults," writes fashion-covering reporter at commemoration of liberation of Nazi death camps   ( divider line
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2005-01-28 03:30:02 PM  
As close as I will come to criticizing Cheney over this picked nit:

Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,
But not expressd in fancy; rich, not gaudy;
For the apparel oft proclaims the man

Polonius's advice to Laertes from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Act I. Scene III.

That, and wearing black to a solemn occasion is de facto de rigeur, if you'll pardon my freedom.
2005-01-28 03:30:12 PM  
I think a better story would have been about how many Arab leaders attended the ceremony...

/ Cheney does look funny in that pic though
2005-01-28 03:30:18 PM  
Because I couldn't say it any better myself, I bring you The Rude Pundit:

At the outdoor ceremony, at the gate of the camp, through which no one knows how many hundreds of thousands of people passed on the way to gas chamber, the crematoriums, the world leaders sat in the falling snow wearing black overcoats, muted clothing and hats. Dick Cheney wore a green parka, embroidered with his name, with a bright fur-lined hood and a knit ski cap with the words "Staff 2001" on it. At least it didn't say "fark." As Robin Givhan wrote in the Washington Post, it was "the kind of attire one typically wears to operate a snow blower." One could argue, and one might, that Cheney was the only one who had dressed appropriately for the weather. But, you know, in the camps, the prisoners clung to each other in their threadbare outfits, curled next to each other, their thin flesh and bones providing scant warmth, hoping they didn't lose too many digits to the frozen Polish winter. Since their pain and despair was what Cheney was there to commemorate, perhaps a black wool overcoat would have been more, let's say, appropriate, if not quite as comfy.

Read the rest at:
2005-01-28 03:30:34 PM  
Along with President Bush, he owns the world and he can dress however he wants to. So please show Vice President Cheney the respect that he deserves.
2005-01-28 03:30:40 PM  
Flips It Up In The Air Like My Name Was Bob Barker
I Always Kicks It Cold So I Gotta Wear My Parka
I'm Leaving Down My Marker I'm Stalking Like A Stalker
Using The Force Like My Name Was Luke Skywalker

/Bloodhound Gang
2005-01-28 03:30:46 PM  
Uh, who cares? It was cold. He's an old guy with heart problems. He wore a parka to an outdoor ceremony in the snow. Move along, nothing to see.

You people are really reaching for something to complain about.
2005-01-28 03:30:56 PM  
Looks like he thought it was an Eagles home game, not a memorial for one of the greatest tragedies in human history...
2005-01-28 03:31:10 PM  
Hold on just a second. We all know that Cheney is a cyborg. Cyborgs don't get cold. I call shenanigans.
2005-01-28 03:31:46 PM  
here's a newsflash:
2005-01-28 03:31:59 PM  

1. Would he actually go?
2. No
3. When it's farkin' ass cold, you wear a parka.
4. Fashion concerns at a memorial are embarrassingly absurd. Unless we're talking about someone like Carrot Top or Tom Green showing up in diapers or something.
2005-01-28 03:32:02 PM  
damn, i dont heart Cheneyboy in the least but this is farkin ridiculous - couldnt we stick to valid criticisms, at least? He dressed warm, get over it and get back to the important shiat!
2005-01-28 03:32:08 PM  
Gawd I hate the press and you people who support articles like this... Fan the flames some more... Or do something important... But I digress...
2005-01-28 03:32:14 PM  
Lighten up, you bastards, this is funny.
2005-01-28 03:32:19 PM  
You'd think as the second most powerful person in the world he could wear what he wants.

But no...everyone's a critic.

Kids, remember, even The Man can't wear what he wants all the time. When your mom bugs you to wear that winter wear, you know she's right. Don't be lazy, like Dick was. And remember your galoshes!
2005-01-28 03:32:23 PM  
Personally, I'd treat going to that ceremony as I would going to a funeral. As people pointed out above he was representing the United States there and the message he sent was: "I am second in command of a world super power, I have dozens of people at my beck and call and enormous government as well as personal resources, and I couldn't be bothered to pack or buy a proper overcoat and hat. I just grabbed my parka and f'ing ski hat and I'm good to go. Anyone want a brat and a beer?"
2005-01-28 03:33:37 PM  
2005-01-28 01:30:50 PM Gig103

Jeez, I hate the press. I hate Cheney but why even bother reporting this?

For the same reason it got greenlighted.
2005-01-28 03:34:09 PM  
Asshat. Cheney isn't doing anybody any favors by gracing them with his presence. He's there (ostensibly) to pay his respects to millions of people who were killed on that site. I'd have dressed an order of magnitude better than that, and I'm just some no-name dickhead who made 30 Gs last year.
2005-01-28 03:34:19 PM  
I was going to comment on how stupid this was till I saw the picture. Now I'm too damn busy laughing to care.
2005-01-28 03:34:38 PM  
I went through Auschwitz/Birkenau in December and in March. It's a pretty cold place, to say nothing of the chills and creeps you feel there.

I'm wondering why George didn't show up. He could have brought a photo of his grandfather Prescott to give the Polish government as a souvenir of his visit.
2005-01-28 03:34:49 PM  

Everybody knows that the US is concerned about the Holocaust, but the fact that Cheney treated the occasion lightly (I'm sorry, but would you wear that outfit at a funeral ? -- Dick certainly didn't for Reagan's passing) was a real faux pas. He and his staff knew very well that every other leader would be wearing funereal attire, and yet he trotted out in much too casual garb.
2005-01-28 03:35:06 PM  
Who cares what he wore. The reporter is probably just pissed off that he didn't freeze his ass off out there.

The reporter evidently overlooked that he was the only resonably dressed person there. Everybody else is wearing enough Armani, Gucci, and tailored suits. There's enough fur there to give an anti-fur nut a freakin heart attack. He's probably the only 'official' there that's not wearing a thousand U.S. (or Eu) dollars worth of clothing.

If he wore a suit and other shiat like that then it would be the wrong shade of black/charcoal, his shoes wouldn't be shiny enough for some, etc...
2005-01-28 03:35:11 PM  
It was reported that he had difficulty choosing between the parka or a spiffy new overcoat made out of Mike_71's freshly soiled sheets.
2005-01-28 03:35:17 PM  
Seems an odd event for a fashion "reporter" to look into. I can just picture a red carpet leading into the camp flanked with photographers and reporters. "Mr. Cheney! Mr. Cheney! Who are you wearing tonight? Prada? Enjoy the ceremony!"

There might also be some wacky local "shock" jocks in the mix.
"Mr. Cheney, have you ever banged a Jewish girl?"
2005-01-28 03:35:44 PM  
'Cause ya know, looking good is the most important thing when commemorating atrocities. Dang republicans always gotta be upsetting the applecart with their stupid parka wearing ways.
2005-01-28 03:35:57 PM  
Didn't know there was a dress code for this sort of thing. Liberal folk should agree that conforming to anything rational is a bad thing, so what's all the hubub?
2005-01-28 03:35:58 PM  

I bet if Bill Clinton showed up for the Regan funeral in an Izod shirt and chinos, Bill O'Reilly would be calling for Clinton's second impeachment.

Queer Eye for the VP Guy ?

[image from too old to be available]

2005-01-28 03:36:15 PM  
Next funeral/memorial service I go to, I'm going to wear Tartan trousers and a "No Fat Chicks" T Shirt.
2005-01-28 03:36:19 PM  
Superjoe: Lighten up, you bastards, this is funny.

Yeah, Auschwitz is a real knee slapper! Ha ha!
2005-01-28 03:36:55 PM  
I hate Dick Cheney
but who cares what he was wearing?
2005-01-28 03:37:07 PM  
A) This story is, in fact, kind of dumb and relatively inconsequential.


B) He does in fact look like a douchebag extra from grumpy old men, and I'm not exactly proud to have him represent my nation while wearing a garbage man outfit.
2005-01-28 03:37:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
look those coats!!!
2005-01-28 03:37:41 PM  
It's not Cheney's fault. Anyone who has traveled to Europe knows you can pick out the Americans by their "Old Navy" haute couture - Americans are slobish oafs, get over it...
2005-01-28 03:38:05 PM  
Well, Cheney can change his coat any time he wants. Hillary's still gonna have ugly-ass cankles.
2005-01-28 03:38:09 PM  
What a stupid thing to whine about. Why is what Cheney is wearing any more offensive than the <b>dead animals</b> that the rest of the group are wearing on their heads.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. This is an event for the million+ jews that were ruthlessly killed, not a goddamned fashion show. Stop this garbage.
2005-01-28 03:38:34 PM  

Well, hell, at least he didn't go with the "check out my package" outfit, last seen at a custard stand in Wisconsin.

God damn the Veep is hung like a farkin horse!

Dick "Horse Cawk" Cheney
2005-01-28 03:38:40 PM  
...and those ovens might still be on had it not been for the united states. would that be fashionable?
2005-01-28 03:38:51 PM  
what's a godwin?
2005-01-28 03:39:07 PM  
Everyone seems to be missing the point. This is the reason that this makes the news: It was a tribute to the freeing of Auschwitz. Six million Jews died, or ten, or anyway so many that the human mind can't wrap itself around the number. It is amongst the worst things that has happened on the planet in human history. The reason everyone else was wearing black is that they were paying their respects to the dead. Cheney's complete lack of respect for the occasion is the reason this makes the news. It might not be news if he didn't have his reputation; it might just be a gaffe. But VPs in the past didn't make blatant mistakes like this, and I for one find it hard to believe that he didn't disrespect the occasion on purpose, given the fact that he's probably got thirty people advising him at any given moment. Did no one say "Mr. Vice President, you might want to wear black like everyone else, out of the respect of six to ten million dead people"? If not, the whole administration is screwy. Anyway I guess I might be off and it might not be that big a deal, but you know. It's the holocaust. They made a few movies about it. It was pretty awful by most accounts.
2005-01-28 03:39:19 PM  
Plus the 5 million Hitler also killed. Why is it always about the Jews?
2005-01-28 03:39:53 PM  
Who cares.

This is classic Rove, we are all talking about a non-issue, which distracts later talk regarding real issues, like, I don't know, the record number of people who died the other day in Iraq...
2005-01-28 03:40:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

It's goretex!
2005-01-28 03:40:05 PM  

It's probably the parka he wore when he was in the Army.

What? What?

subtle, but funny!
2005-01-28 03:40:13 PM  
"...and while we're at it, those people being in death camps is no excuse for their lack of fashion! my gawd!"
2005-01-28 03:40:17 PM  
I'm liberal and I think that 'news' story was stupid.

/fark Bush
2005-01-28 03:40:29 PM  
DinoVomit: Stupid, stupid, stupid. This is an event for the million+ jews that were ruthlessly killed

It's called protocol. Look into it. Remember that when people start showing up in shorts and t-shirts at Cheney's funeral...
2005-01-28 03:40:29 PM  
To me this wonderfully illustrates a basic truth about the media. The Post ran this article not as some kind of liberally-biased smear against Cheney. They ran it because they knew that this is exactly the kind of story that people would notice. We're suckers for this kind of shiat. We don't want news. We want Scott Peterson trials and snide little stories about Dick Cheney's fashion faux pas. Those are the kind of stories that sell papers, get people to click on stories, and watch segments on tv. It's all about boosting ratings/sales/clicks to make money. We might say we want real news, but that's not the collective we really want.

Guess which article is the most viewed today on
2005-01-28 03:40:42 PM  
This incident represents clearly the definition of irony.
2005-01-28 03:40:42 PM  
they're just upset cause they are trying to figure out how to keep their balls from freezing and the vp is warm.
2005-01-28 03:40:53 PM  
Oh, you mean he wore a plain green parka in the midst of all those ardent european socialists and leftists, clad in their designer, fur-lined threads..including the ones from several european nations who publicly mouth the "diversity/tolerance" lines but look the other way when synagogues are buned and Jews are murdered? Those folks?

'Glad he looked out of place.
2005-01-28 03:41:00 PM  

Believe me, there's no lack of things to complain about. It's just that now we can add the adjective "sartorially-challenged" to the other words that define this Administration. Words like "incompetent," "arrogant," "self-righteous," "myopic," "thuggish," "scary," "uncaring," and "losing the war on terror for us because they had a bug up their butt about Iraq."
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