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(Click On Detroit)   Truckers will soon be on the lookout for terrorists, chicks with big hooters   ( divider line
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6783 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Jan 2005 at 12:48 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-27 11:14:30 AM  
Training for membership takes about an hour, said Stephanie Fouts, Highway Watch program manager.

Be afraid. I didn't learn MSPaint that quickly.
2005-01-27 11:20:45 AM  
I've known a few truck drivers in my time, and I guarantee that some of them are not simply going to report suspicious behavior. They'll take to carrying baseball bats and such. Ah, there's no justice like vigilante justice.
2005-01-27 11:39:40 AM  
breaker breaker, good buddy. y' got y'r ears on?
2005-01-27 12:51:56 PM  
Good headline. Better before it was removed from Monty Python, though.

'The police are anxious to speak to anyone who saw the crime, ladies with large breasts, or just anyone who likes policemen'
2005-01-27 12:53:10 PM  
I think there are terrorists everywhere. 'Specially in those road side rest bathrooms.
2005-01-27 12:54:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-27 12:55:59 PM  
Habbib and the Bandit ?

It's a long way to go, and a short time to get there ...

"Spokesman John Willard said the volunteer program has received a total of about $40 million and "all 50 states have active programs." He said Highway Watch continues to seek trained members."

Why do I feel a little less safe knowing that my safety is partly based on a voluteer program, and only involving $40 million ? I mean, the airlines get hundreds of millions to bail themselves out, and a program getting $40 mil is something ?

And anywho, shouldn't existing programs cover this angle of terrorism ?

2005-01-27 12:56:09 PM  
A trucker is the one that stopped that sniper guy in D.C.
2005-01-27 12:56:37 PM  
Terrorist lot lizards, beware!
2005-01-27 12:58:07 PM  
Great. Redneck assholes hopped up on speed and god knows what else, patrolling the roads.

Gimme a friggin break.


//got ran off the road by a trucker last night
2005-01-27 12:58:55 PM  
From the article: The move to enlist truckers comes as the federal government trains other civilian workers -- from suburban shopping mall security guards to city doormen -- to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

As if I needed another reason to avoid malls... Mall security guards as part of homeland security. Are they going to be able to detain suspected shoplifters indefinitely without representation or charges? I can hear it now... "We live in a different time now, that calls for different measures", mall security gaurd Cletus Yokel said of the recently surfaced photos of suspected shoplifters being forced to pose in a naked human pyramid.
2005-01-27 12:59:44 PM  
If it is up a skirt in the car driving next to them I'm sure it won't be missed.
2005-01-27 01:02:21 PM  
Citizens, join America's Finest, the Truck Drivers Corps! See the country and serve it at the same time! Enjoy complimentary ration packs including coffee, Skoal, beef jerky, and ho-hos! Sign up today!

I feel safer.
2005-01-27 01:04:46 PM  
Pigpen-"How boutcha duck? You got dem eers on?"

Rubber Duck-"Ya fer sure fer sure kick it back"

Pigpen-"Did yoo see that there feller with a towel on his hed by that dern gas truck come on?"

Rubber Duck-"teen fer good buddy. He was eether one uh dem there Al-Kayda or he wer lookin fer a lot lizzard to polish his chrome fer sure."
2005-01-27 01:07:27 PM  
Am I the only one who thinks that this is one of the smarter tactics in the "war on terror"?
2005-01-27 01:13:27 PM  
I have been terrorized by large hooters in the past. God bless our new truck driving overlords.

/Can't wait to read the log reports
2005-01-27 01:13:40 PM  
Just the people we need keeping an eye out for "terrorists".

After all the morons I've heard saying "WE NEED TO TRY THAT TRAIN SUICIDE GUY AS A TERRORIST", the last thing I want is more reactionary drunk off their ass hicks deciding who is and isn't a terrorist threat.
2005-01-27 01:18:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-27 01:18:47 PM  
Wow. There are still people out there who believe the DoHS is concerned about terrorism?
2005-01-27 01:24:06 PM  
I feel SO much safer knowing Will and Sonny are looking out for us.

/big wheels turnin', movin' on
2005-01-27 01:25:04 PM  
TIA anyone?
Great; they canceled the Total Information Awareness program and are putting it back in place under another name.
2005-01-27 01:33:04 PM  
"Billy-Bob, for the last farking time, STOP reporting suspicious activity at the 7-11."
2005-01-27 01:39:07 PM  
Anyplace that sells rolling papers has some suspicious activity going on around it at least once a day...or are people naive enough to belive that alot of people roll their own tabbaco?
2005-01-27 01:46:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-27 01:49:48 PM  
Oh yeah the last time I stopped to eat at one of those mega truck stops there was a whole table with dirty looking swarthy ragheads babbling in a weird A-rab language and blueprints spread out all over the table.

I had a steak and a big waffle.
2005-01-27 02:06:12 PM  
Does tailgating a Honda in a 65,000 lb Freightliner at 80MPH downhill count as terrorism?
2005-01-27 02:10:03 PM  
Silly me, I thought they were already looking for chicks with big hooters ...
2005-01-27 02:30:53 PM  
Yes, I'm a new world samurai
and a red-neck none the less.
2005-01-27 02:46:27 PM  
Elvis, That made my day! After laughing my arse off for 5 min, I can go face the world now. Thank you.
2005-01-27 02:51:49 PM  
Besides looking out for potential threats, such as a tanker truck parked for an extended period near a bridge or overpass, volunteers are trained to "avoid becoming a target of terrorists."

Because if it was a bomb, the terrorists would just let it sit there for a while to let it age properly before setting it off...

The program has some potential, but not much.
2005-01-27 03:15:37 PM  
Sigmundfreud: Yes, you are the only one who thinks this is a good idea. Feel better now?
2005-01-27 03:16:58 PM  
And this is news?

(oh, the terrorist thingie)

Anyhoo... I do payroll for a semi-large trucking company (pun intended) and these truck drivers are ROLLING in it..
2005-01-27 03:18:34 PM  
Actually, I have no beef with somebody asking the frieght companies to keep an eye out for whier shiat. I just don't understand how it can cost $40 to fund such a program. Just have one of those guys who's done with the terror chart pick up the phone and make a few calls. I, for one, fear my own government more than terrorists. Odds are against me being involved in any attack, but we see rights and liberties evaporating left and right in the name of safety.

/Good enough idea
2005-01-27 03:24:34 PM  
So yeah, I'm sure any trucker (or non-trucker) will be just fine with being pulled over and delayed because some redneck with 1 hour of training called them in as suspicious.

For non-truckers it's an inconvience. For other truckers (which is what I believe this more focused on monitoring), the delay represents potential economic loss.

Not to mention the whole thing reeks of an Office of Un-American Activities
2005-01-27 03:43:30 PM  
that's right. conscript them all!

qualifications are for advanced nations, not this one.
2005-01-27 03:43:35 PM  
Great. And just when I am thinking about becoming a trucker.

/Big Brother is watching.... EVERYWHERE
2005-01-27 07:05:35 PM  
I drive my 80,000 pounder every day from 5 a.m. till 3 in the afternoon, always have my eyes peeled for any suspicious activity..
2005-01-27 08:29:39 PM  
Joe Smith, a trainer for the watch program, said it isn't an alternative to 911 or local law enforcement agencies (no shiat) but has resources to help provide a better coordinated response if multiple agencies might need to be involved. and these "resources" would be?

another dumb idea from the folks at homeland insecurity.

and hedgefrog thanks for mentioning that.
2005-01-27 11:54:14 PM  
it's headed by a gentleman named Jeff Beaty who is a former Delta Force operator, it'll do fine.
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