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(Washington Times)   Hussein still holding a Gulf War soldier American hostage   ( divider line
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2002-03-11 08:17:26 AM  
OMG! You can't post this! We have a new war on! You're supposed to forget about all past wars and all past bad guys! FOCUS PEOPLE!
2002-03-11 08:19:50 AM  
soldier still Hussein American hostage a holding
2002-03-11 08:20:19 AM  
i wonder if wed know this if Clinton was a silly brainless redneck too.
2002-03-11 08:22:47 AM  
They certainly are coming up with a lot of reasons to attack Saddam. It sounds like GWB is piling up enough reason to attack Iraq but some of those reasons are awful weak (not that I don't think Saddam should be eliminated).
2002-03-11 08:22:51 AM  
Funny that they changed my headline on this story.

Also strange that this should have came up now?

I would bet that office of disinformation I mean information is not closed as we were told.
2002-03-11 08:23:21 AM  
"Hussein still holding a Gulf War soldier American hostage"

sounds like someone knows english not so good.
2002-03-11 08:26:21 AM  
Well my oh my, what a perfect excuse to invade Iraq, and at the perfect time too!
2002-03-11 08:35:14 AM  
Let's ask the Mossad to go get him.
2002-03-11 08:39:48 AM  
How utterly convienent. And nice to see that the good ol' US Mil. keep close tags on its MIAs.
2002-03-11 08:41:00 AM  
Neutron bombs.
2002-03-11 08:44:17 AM  
Bush: Husain, return the pilot

Husain: No, you american pig we will not, infact watch as we kill him, ha, we have defeated you!

Bush: Confirm, you just killed our pilot?

Husain: Yes, we just shot him, what are you going to do?

Bush: I will tell you what we are going to do.......

***Bush talking to someone off to the side, "Yes, I said light them up!!!"

Bush: Good-bye Husain, Iraq will not be an enormous mirror, that what happens when sand menlts into glass!!

Husain: You will not.... what is that sound.... The light...

***zzzzphhhht! Signal end with all of Iraq not a clean sheet of glass!

Bush: I love nuclear weapons!!!
2002-03-11 08:48:44 AM  
Its hard to get the oil out of a field of glass.
2002-03-11 08:50:05 AM  
Coincidence? I think not.
As for the Office of Dissinformation, anyone who believes they aren't lying when they tell you the office that specializes in lying is closed can bring their checkbooks- I've got a couple of bridges you might be interested in.
2002-03-11 08:55:32 AM  
What about this kids family?

If this is just prop to flush out support for a new Iraq campaign, can you imagine the unjustified hell these people are going through?
2002-03-11 09:00:13 AM  
wow. this sounds like the longest bullshiat news story i've ever seen. seems like the us is trying to vilify iraq so nobody will object when we start dropping bombs. can anybody explain to me why they'd release this news BEFORE they extracted this guy out of iraq? if the defector knew where he was being held, and then they released this news report, is there ANY kind of question as to how fast they would move him if the story was true? i just woke up a few minutes ago, so go easy on my grammar.
2002-03-11 09:02:58 AM  
Boxcar: "What about this kids family?"

My sentiments exactly. Having been told he was dead? WTF? What if he had a wife and kids and she remarried and the kids are settled. How the hell do you deal with that?
2002-03-11 09:04:59 AM  
You don't need an office of disinformation to lie.

Tsk, and to think a couple of days ago someone was saying that the US gov. does thing in a subtle way.
2002-03-11 09:05:59 AM  
If it is bullshiat, what kind of a government uses it's dead like that? If so then maybe it's a ficticious name?
2002-03-11 09:12:42 AM  
A quick google search found that this huys name is floating about the net since 1999 os so. 60 mins did a story too.
2002-03-11 09:20:07 AM  
I realy dont think Bush knows that glass is made out of sand:P
2002-03-11 09:20:26 AM  
What difference does it make if they are holding this guy. We are going to go in to Iraq any day now. it will happen we will prevail. But eventually we'll spread ourselves too thin and we will sustain major losses people. then at that point we'll give up.... and come home... with the entire middle east laughing at us....
2002-03-11 09:23:29 AM  
CNN's view:
2002-03-11 09:26:20 AM  
I wonder why you all assume that this is a lie. It sounds like your minds are already made up. "It must be a lie, because Saddam couldn't possibly violate the peace treaty signed at the end of the Gulf War."

It's very possible that this is true, and he is holding an American POW.
2002-03-11 09:27:50 AM  
LCDR Speicher is/was a very real man, if you'd like, I can dig up plenty of articles about him. I believe that his wife married one of his best friends a couple years ago or so.

2002-03-11 09:33:11 AM  
I bet his arms are tired.
2002-03-11 09:35:13 AM  
While the news of this guy possibly being alive is new, the fact that something very fishy happened to him is not.

This has already been the topic of a special on the history channel guys. He disappeared during the war and his plane was found later in the desert. There were obvious signs that he had ejected and was alive at the time. Apparently, Iraq claimed they had found him dead and returned a portion of a body (a very small portion) saying it was him. But later defectors from Iraq claimed that an American pilot had been covertly transported to the headquarters of Saddam's secret police in Bahgdad.

The special didn't make any referrence to him being alive but assumed (of course) that he had been killed by the Iraqis, most likely after being tortured. Very, very farked up if he really is still living. Anyone else remember this special?

Think about what kind of hell this story is putting his family through all over again.
2002-03-11 09:35:24 AM  
Bildo, you would believe the sky is purple if the authorities told you it was.

Its a little bit conveinent. Also why? the Iraqis handed back everone else why risk a war by hanging on to this guy.

I dont know if you remember the campaign over MIA'a in Vietnam. Partly it was people genuinely hoping their relatives might be alive. But it was also a cynical ploy be some who did not want US sanctions lifted on Vietnam.
2002-03-11 09:36:22 AM  
One last thing before i go - if this is true:

Iraq, better hand him over in perfect health, immediately and without reserve. America is still not in a good mood from 9/11 and the Dan Pearl episode. If anything happens to that guy, Sdam can kiss his country good-bye.

If this is a fake, then the US is going to get really burned for making this up.

Persoanlly, I think the US should psend a lot of money, and clean house on the planet. Screw those, lets all live happy people - sometimes you need force to stop evil.

Think of it like this people - in a perfectly health body all you need is one blood clot in the brain or one organ (usually the colon) to get cancer, and bang you are dead.

We should have a day of forgiveness for the Planet - and require that everyone for get the past!

Then anyone who feels they need to avenge the past by killing - destroy them.

This whole - well your ansestors blew us up, took our land, raided our land: It is crap! Basicly I am calling for a world wide REDO!
2002-03-11 09:36:37 AM  
I say we kick Saddam's butt anyway.
2002-03-11 09:37:29 AM  
If they do have any american POW's, they DESERVE a good ass whoopin.....
2002-03-11 09:41:09 AM  
If I understand you correctly then I agree with you 100%. It is time we let history be history instead of a reason for revenge or a reason to dismiss something.
2002-03-11 09:42:18 AM  
One thing, cant Iraq just deny that he is a POW and that he is an "unlawful combitant"(or something) and just exicute him under some military court?
2002-03-11 09:42:52 AM  
Does this seem "Wag the Dog"-ish to anyone else??
2002-03-11 09:44:23 AM  
They could do that, but then the US would wipe them out!

It is the media and how you spin it that makes what someone does right or wrong. You win the media, you win the people. It has been that way, for years!

And you are understanding what I am saying!
2002-03-11 09:46:35 AM  
Yeah thats true, but there is a BIG gap between the world media and the US media.
2002-03-11 09:47:05 AM  
I'm waiting for the song to come out Lordsam.
2002-03-11 09:49:41 AM  
Its amazing how convienient little propaganda stories like these always scurry out of the cracks before the US does anything ..its also amazing how nobody ever remembers them after a week or so( remember the one about nurses being raped by iraqi soldiers in Kuwait??)
2002-03-11 09:53:00 AM  
why would they want to butt rape a filthy america infidel when there are so many beautiful women and camels about</sarcasm>
2002-03-11 09:53:24 AM  

I said that it is very possible that it is true, not that it definitely is true. d*mbass. You on the other hand have proven repeatedly that if Chomsky or one of your pathetic socialist rags prints it then you will treat it as gospel.

I find it amazing that you think everything is a conspiracy.
2002-03-11 09:55:32 AM  
Did somebody just dis' Chomsky??
2002-03-11 09:59:38 AM  
OK, taking bets: who thinks one/any or all of these stories will prop up in the news within the next few weeks:




Or some suchlike. I for one realize that effective propaganda is a prerequisite for any war, especially in these modern times. I just sometimes think the spooks could be a bit less obvious. I mean, come on, the videotapes of osama that kept turning up? Like, yesh, im gonna have a secret meeting where i laugh at my own soldiers dying, and of course i'll videotape that meeting. Then i'll have a copy of that videotape lying around some house in kabul, where someone - purely by chance - happen to stumble on it, and, of course, that person will have a VCR handy to watch the tape. Naturally, that person is one of the two percent of afghanis that dont hate the US guts, so he'll deliver the tape to the US. Who, again by chance, will have it translated and publicised just as the B52:s are in place.

I for one think the US should bomb the shiat out of Saddam, put a puppet regime in place. Probably the Iraqi people will be a lot better off. And oil prices will drop. Sanctions can be lifted and kids wont have to starve to death. But some of the stories used to justify that inevitable strike are just so simplistic, its kind of irritating. Does this story, for instance, remind anyone of the movie Wag the dog?
2002-03-11 09:59:45 AM  
I tend to doubt if this is true because I can't imagine a purpose for the Iraqis keeping him alive all this time.

Not that it matters one way or the other, Saddam has to go, one way or the other.
2002-03-11 10:02:46 AM  
Or the one about the babies in the incubators who the evil Iraqis threw out to die?

Turns out the woman who gave the tearful testimony to congress was the daughter of the kuwati charge-de-affars and she had been in the states during the invasion.
2002-03-11 10:04:19 AM  
I think I speak for all of fark when I say, 'Yawn. What's for lunch?'
2002-03-11 10:04:29 AM  
Hay Archfiend,

Why did the the government keep POW till 1987, when that war ended in 1975?
2002-03-11 10:07:24 AM  
I cant believe I'm with you on this one
maybe world peace isn't just a dream :}
2002-03-11 10:08:25 AM  
well not me, I'v already eaten, but thanks for the thought :P
2002-03-11 10:09:08 AM  
last message was...aimed at.. <b>Harmonia</b>
2002-03-11 10:09:31 AM  
That was supposted to be NAM government! I am to tired to post sorry!
2002-03-11 10:40:10 AM  
Imagine there's no heaven

doo de dooo de doooo


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