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(ESPN)   Tony Stewart wins MBNA 500 by sliding sideways into first place at 190 MPH   ( divider line
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2002-03-11 08:23:53 AM  
I saw a car do 193 mph from a standing start over a mile and a quarter on Sunday. I also slid my car sideways at 70+ mph. Do I win a prize??
2002-03-11 08:31:27 AM  
ASSCAR sucks. Nothing more exciting then watching a bunch of rednecks going around in circles for over 2 hours. /yawn
2002-03-11 08:33:03 AM  
Stewart is a crybaby. All he can do is cry about how things are unfair to him. Pfffffft on him.
2002-03-11 08:40:37 AM  
Wow not a lot of nascar fans on fark. I for one watch it every week. 9/10 I agree with you Stewart is a cry baby though I do sorta like to see him win because he's part of Joe Gibbs racing team. Go 25! YeeeHaaa
2002-03-11 08:51:53 AM  
the only thing more boring than watching neckcar is listening to it on the radio..."stewart turns left, stewart turns left again, stewart turns left yet again..."
2002-03-11 08:55:34 AM  
Love Nascar! Love Tony! HATE Farking Home Depot! Why do I hate Home Depot you ask? 'Cause I worked there for 9 farking years only to see Nardelli and the rest of the board members turn it into a shiatty place to work and shop! But GO TONY!
2002-03-11 09:03:23 AM  
Thirdrail, yeah, I like Joe Gibbs and I like Bobby Labonte, but not Tony Stewart - although if forced to choose, I might take him over Kevin Harvick. Now THERE'S an arrogant know-it-all.
2002-03-11 09:17:29 AM  
Nascar used to be great, but it sucks anymore. Tony kicks ass in any type of car though.
2002-03-11 09:19:14 AM  
I olny watch it hopeing for more fatal crashes, those are cool.
2002-03-11 09:36:33 AM  
I like NASCAR - sometimes. I miss Earnhardt. Can't stand Tony Stewart.
F1 is occasionally interesting.
The World Rally Guys are GREAT! They do their driving through the snow, rain, mud on roads. It gets skeeery
2002-03-11 09:43:03 AM  
Rancher: that WRC racing is pretty cool. Those guys must have icewater in their veins to drive the way they do on some of those courses. I'd like to try that someday.
2002-03-11 09:43:34 AM  

Nascar sucks...rednecks....left turns...yada yada....F1 is better...

2002-03-11 09:55:32 AM  
You either love NASCAR or hate. But Duke is Duke, Home Depot is not LOWE'S, and hockey is the last true sport!
2002-03-11 10:00:41 AM  
I should know better than to touch the NASCAR threads here
but I never learn. I will point out to the "rednecks who
turn left" crowd and the F1 snobs that the TRUE redneck
racin' can be found in the Sta-Bil US Lawn Mower Racing series...
2002-03-11 10:00:46 AM  
And I should care, because... ???
2002-03-11 10:28:18 AM  
Rock on Dgtgt, as a hockey player I'd salute you, but I gotta go to class. And World Rally is the shiat. Far more fun to watch.
2002-03-11 10:39:32 AM  
I really enjoy reading the Fark articles and the Photoshop contests are mildly amusing.No real talent there.I previously had thought there were some intelligent people here but i was sadly mistaken.I think that maybe Most of,if not all of you have never been to a race.How can you judge something and never have experienced it. Closed mindedness,ignorance?
2002-03-11 10:53:56 AM  
The question is:

Did the ref make the right call??
2002-03-11 11:06:01 AM  
I'm surprised that Helton or the France family (ie NASCAR's ruling body) didn't change the rules at the last minute to disqualify Stewert and let Earnhardt Jr. win.

Charlie is the poster child for redneck America: loves NASCAR, WWF, lives in Arkansas, and roots for the piggies. Y'all get that double-wide yet, Charlie?
2002-03-11 11:11:16 AM  
Rusty2: I've been attending races since 1987 and watching them on TV since 1984. Does that count?

You're right - it's an experience!
2002-03-11 11:20:13 AM  
Did anbody else notice that there were an awful lot of gaps in the article? The didn't fill in the names of any of the other drivers! Pretty crappy job, but what can you expect.
2002-03-11 11:21:42 AM  
Yeah I did the same thing in michigan 2 days ago. Nice powerslide on ice. To bad I had to hit the curb and throw my back wheel out of alignment.
2002-03-11 11:26:58 AM  
I agree with Justaguy62 on his points about that place all of a sudden sucking to work for.

<HATE Farking Home Depot! Why do I hate Home Depot you ask?
<'Cause I worked there for 9 farking years only to see
<Nardelli and the rest of the board members turn it into
<a shiatty place to work and shop! But GO TONY!
2002-03-11 12:06:40 PM  
On behalf of Charlie, (who I am sure will chime in when she reads your comments) and myself: FARK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON.
I also live in Arkansas, enjoy NASCAR and WWF, but I don't root for the piggies.
There ain't a damn thing wrong with being a Redneck. You don't like it, don't come over. Of course, your bio says you are from Texas so you must just be jealous of all the asswhoopin's your team got from the Hogs when they were in the SWC.
2002-03-11 12:12:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Jimmy Johnson is driving racecars now ? WTF happened to his coaching career ? Big downward slide for him , too bad.

Jimmy was a racecar driver , drove so goddamn fast, never did win a checkered flag but he never did come in last.

2002-03-11 12:29:36 PM  

Profanity is the inevitable linguistic crutch of the inarticulate motherfarker. you must just be jealous of all the asswhoopin's your team got from the Hogs when they were in the SWC.

That must be it. No wait, Texas is 54-20 all time against the piglets so there wasn't a whole lot o' ass whoopin' goin' on by the piggies.
2002-03-11 12:36:11 PM  

2002-03-11 12:44:14 PM  
Go #20! Tony will win the Winston Cup this year.
2002-03-11 01:37:34 PM  
Thank you for your comments. I shall aspire to be more articulate in my future replies.
I told you I didn't follow the piggies so I had no idea what the all time record was. I shall try to have a modicum of facts to base my retorts on in the future.
2002-03-11 01:51:24 PM  
The pequeninos have a sports team?

Ouro, I admit that when Tony built up a good lead on Dale
and Nadeau spun out, I was waiting for the inevitable
caution to come out and bunch 'em up again, but they didn't
throw it this time. (Not that I would have minded, as a
fan of the 8 car, but still.)

Oh and that's a different Jimmie Johnson, although former
NFL coach Jerry Glanville has done some stock car racing in
the ARCA series.
2002-03-11 02:24:06 PM  
Don't sweat it, Clarkins. I was just itchin' to use that quote and you provided the opporunity.
2002-03-11 02:27:39 PM  
NASCAR is NOT the same as WWF.

Allow me to illustrate a point. At least in NASCAR you don't have to sit and listen to the redneck prove his IQ is under 30 for the entire duration of the televised event. just at the Weiners circle.
2002-03-11 02:32:55 PM  
NASCAR.....yawn. Only reason it's around is because the nation is sadly still overpopulated with rednecks.
2002-03-11 02:50:10 PM  
Any NASCAR post on Fark:

blah blah blah SUCK, blah blah blah TURN LEFT... blah blah blah HICK blah blah REDNECK blah blah blah F1 Blah blah blah...
Why do you guys always waste so damned much energy on this? This idiocy is stupider than the people who hate NASCAR think NASCAR is. Here's an idea: think of something better to have a flamewar about. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Some like car racing. Others like WWF. Others like "traditional" sports like Football, Basketball, or Baseball. Get a life: for once, let the NASCAR threads become what they should: NASCAR fans discussing the race- not trolls and flamers talking about how NASCAR fans are "rednecks" and "hicks" and how THEIR version of driving a specialized car at high speeds is better because they aren't driving cars that resemble (slightly) normal cars. Sheesh!
If you've got an itch for flaming and trolling, go find the daily Religion thread, or the latest post on a hot- button political issue- at least those are actually worth debating.

Would someone please post the "Arguing on the Internet... Special olympics picture? That is very appropriate, and I dont have a copy of it handy. Thanks!
2002-03-11 02:55:39 PM  
Greek, see my bio.
2002-03-11 03:54:11 PM  
Rusty2 - For a guy complaining about the lack of intelligence around here, your punctuation skills are atrocious!
2002-03-11 03:57:52 PM  
Greek - Well stated, enough said.
2002-03-11 04:14:46 PM  
9/10, yeah Kevin Harvick is very arrogant, he thinks he is so great, but in reality he is just lucky to fall ass backwards into one of the best NASCAR teams.

Greek, I agree %100.
2002-03-11 04:58:35 PM

The only way to settle the wrc vs nascar is to have Peugeot enter into nascar and promply surrender, and earnheart racing to enter a car in the wrc. hilarity insues.
2002-03-11 05:31:15 PM  
Amen to that Greek. NASCAR rocks.
2002-03-11 05:42:40 PM  
Congratulations, SHEEPHEARDER!

You managed to drag out the standard Nascar insults, and only two comments into the thread!!! Your wit and originality are nonpareil.

Sorry, I had to say it. >slap!< Bad Farker!
2002-03-11 05:47:11 PM  
This is real driving.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-11 06:08:11 PM  
more like asscar.. oh wait.. that's been said?


more like boxcar.
2002-03-11 06:21:41 PM  
until you drive a stock car/any race car, you won't have any idea why nascar/racing is cool.
2002-03-11 06:43:24 PM  
Which part of a NASCAR auto is stock?
2002-03-11 06:47:50 PM  
Sparticus: WRX = But NASCAR kicks ass. There's far more than just "driving in circles"...there's a ton of strategy involved, both by the drivers and by the pit crews.

Oh, and F1 and Indy don't stand a chance. It's like watching go-carts. They were my favorite until I discovered NASCAR when I was 10 or so.

Rally racing is cool as all Hell, but the coverage sucks, partially due to the nature of the tracks. Plus it's hard to take a sport seriously when Hyundai is competing for the manufacturers title.
2002-03-11 08:13:29 PM  
until you drive a stock car/any race car, you won't have any idea why nascar/racing is cool.

ummmmm...there isnt much to a stock car. 750hp engince and wheels. It doesn't take a engineer to driver this car. Plus my brother used to build them. I would rather have my WRX.
2002-03-11 08:27:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

I would rather have this for a backdrop instead of the same turns lap after lap.
Warmbeer you should never take anything from Hyundai seriously.
2002-03-11 09:38:41 PM  
There's not a thing wrong with my punctuation Capt. Youspelledthermopilewrong. :)

Ouro,to answer your question"Which part of a NASCAR auto is stock?"

The Battery.
2002-03-11 09:39:52 PM  
no way man. That's just about racing the track, like a road course. and if you have ever been in a car, you know that road racing is a pain in the ass, because it's technical and you just have to think 150% about staying on the road. You don't even think about fun for a second. Circles are 50% racing the track and 50% racing other cars, which is way, way funner.
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