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(Tampa Bay 10)   Man sees Jesus in clipboard. Christ promptly asks him where that TPS report is   ( divider line
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10067 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jan 2005 at 11:11 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-26 10:16:17 AM  
Alrighty who wants to bet how long before this is either
A. on ebay I predict 3 days
B. bought by casino 10 days
2005-01-26 10:22:21 AM  
He doesn't know why its there but believes God is sending a message.

Yeah, get your eyes checked, you damned kook.
2005-01-26 10:46:22 AM  
Don't forget to use the new cover sheet!
2005-01-26 10:47:41 AM  
Religion: helping the rest of us pick out the morons
2005-01-26 11:13:37 AM  
farked already?
was there a picture?
2005-01-26 11:14:12 AM  
Not every Christian is one of these "I SAW THE FACE OF JESUS IN ______!!1" types. A good number of us can be quite rational.

All I see is just a bunch of wood grain.
2005-01-26 11:15:20 AM  
...Ebayity Ensues
2005-01-26 11:15:25 AM  
2005-01-26 11:16:37 AM  
I bet the guy saw the Jesus, and promptly made his 'O' face.
2005-01-26 11:16:46 AM  
already farked.
good headline though.
2005-01-26 11:16:56 AM  
Let's base our opinions of all religious people in the world on this guy and the Blessed Virgin Grilled Cheese person.
2005-01-26 11:17:04 AM  
here you go:

I don't see Jesus in it
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-26 11:18:08 AM  
Not every Christian is one of these "I SAW THE FACE OF JESUS IN ______!!1" types. A good number of us can be quite rational.

Yes. But which group makes life interesting?
2005-01-26 11:18:15 AM  
Is it Jesus peeking out from behind a door?
2005-01-26 11:18:19 AM  
I have to wonder how people even know what Jesus's face looked like in the first place. Just because a few people can see a male face in some object, the first thing they think of is that it must be the face of Jesus. Why not the face of Nixon or Jon Stewart or (fill in your favorite)?
2005-01-26 11:18:30 AM  
Where's the Spaghetti Jesus?

2005-01-26 11:19:19 AM  
2005-01-26 11:19:46 AM  
"And the man promptly said out loud, 'Jesus Christ!' and got fired for offending the christians in the room..."
2005-01-26 11:20:12 AM  
HotWingConspiracy: Is it Jesus peeking out from behind a door?

Looks more like Mother Theresa to me
2005-01-26 11:21:46 AM  
It's just some guy peeking out from behind a door.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-26 11:22:50 AM  
looks like a bush
2005-01-26 11:24:58 AM  
Here's JESUS
2005-01-26 11:26:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I don't see it, damnit!
2005-01-26 11:27:13 AM  
2005-01-26 11:18:19 AM zymurgist

Looks like John Merrick to me.
2005-01-26 11:27:23 AM  
Looks more like a Pharaoh or some kind of ancient Egyptian to me.
2005-01-26 11:27:30 AM  
Do you think Jesus looked more like Peter Frampton or Gene Simmons?

Since he was an arab, I'd have to go with Gene
2005-01-26 11:27:52 AM  
somebody's gonna be angry when he sees that half his son is in a clipboard...makes you wonder where the rest of him went...i don't want to jinx this or anything, but man, someone splits MY son's face in two, and boy oh boy, we're talking old-testament
2005-01-26 11:29:27 AM  
Is the same Jesus who built my hotrod? If so, he did a great job.
2005-01-26 11:29:41 AM  
looks like Frankenstein to me.
2005-01-26 11:30:17 AM  
can somebody say "attention whore"

I saw a cloud shaped like Jebus today, please call the Pope.
2005-01-26 11:30:27 AM  
Hah, Jennifer Anniston was such a ho in that movie.

I'd hit it.
2005-01-26 11:31:44 AM  
God sent the message years ago, but you stuck Him in a closet. Guess you're in for a surprise.
2005-01-26 11:31:55 AM  
2005-01-26 11:32:40 AM  
Yippie. More pareidolia.

Is it me or are these recent cases of pareidolia becoming more obscure rather than explicit? Maybe God is developing Alzheimers.
2005-01-26 11:33:30 AM  
If I were an eccentric millionaire, I'd dump 10,000 of those things in his yard...
2005-01-26 11:33:52 AM  
i see a guy taking a dump in the walmart check out line.
2005-01-26 11:35:25 AM  
People who think there's a being in the sky who communicates with "signs" are dangerous. I guess, thousands of years ago, it made sense to blame natural disasters and coincidences and narrow victories to the involvement of supernatural entities. But for crying out loud, when we have a daily death toll on multiple websites of pogram, starvation, injustice, genocide and a multitude of tragedies going on all over the world every day, to believe that "we have to find God's message in these events" or "God has a plan for all of us" is the height of self-delusion.

Although I suppose, if you believe God would flood the Earth and murder millions of people, and that it was our fault, I suppose you can believe anything.
2005-01-26 11:35:46 AM  

...and on James Dobson attacking Spongebob, bored parents biatching at the FCC, the hypocritic kooks in D.C. leading the nation....
2005-01-26 11:36:37 AM  
Another excellent example of pareidolia:
2005-01-26 11:37:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-26 11:39:36 AM  
what exactly is a tps report?

/let the abuse begin
2005-01-26 11:40:29 AM  
A walrus, maybe, jesus, no. Only one thing left to say WTF crackhead. Ok, I'm done.
2005-01-26 11:40:47 AM  
I had a very long (somewhat disturbing) deja vu this morning. I sincerely think that deja vu is a phenomenon whereby the Creator of the Universe tells me that there are many things in my world that are beyond my comprehension.

Also, the neighbor's dog is commanding me to kill people.
2005-01-26 11:41:12 AM  
fleacircus: Go rent "Office Space"
2005-01-26 11:42:13 AM  
Jesus will be everywhere.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-26 11:45:20 AM  
"He doesn't know why its there but believes God is sending a message."

Yeah, he's saying: "Get a job!"
2005-01-26 11:47:08 AM  
It looks like the head knight who says "nee".
2005-01-26 11:47:26 AM  
It's a sailboat!
2005-01-26 11:47:59 AM  
Anyone else see Chewbacca?
2005-01-26 11:48:23 AM  
Man sees Jesus in clipboard, who promptly asks him where that TPS report is

Jesus asked the man where the TPS report is? Or the man asked Jesus? Or the clipboard asked the man and/or Jesus?

General question regarding seeing Jesus' face in stuff: how do these people know it's Jesus? I've seen any number of renditins of Jesus Christ, and to say they're even similar would be a stretch.

Is it just assumed because it's a face in something, that it must be the Lord? That nobody else has the ability to imprint their face onto stuff?

I'm thinking it's a bunch of dead guys that are playing some kind of practical joke.
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