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3027 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Mar 2002 at 6:41 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-10 06:42:28 PM  
Gonzaga, Marquette both screwed.
2002-03-10 06:42:50 PM  
OU doesn't get a 1 seed after proving me right?

2002-03-10 06:44:21 PM  
Ohio State #4 in the West...Look out Cincy
2002-03-10 06:44:27 PM  
...and Duke still sucks.
2002-03-10 06:44:59 PM  
KU was a lock for No.1 seed regardless today.

I can't believe Wyoming got in ahead of my Gophs. Wow.

Anyway, who will start the bracket pool?
2002-03-10 06:46:07 PM  
Wyoming...*grumble*. I'll post the link for the NIT brackets as soon as it comes out.
2002-03-10 06:46:48 PM  
2002-03-10 06:48:17 PM  
jeez, i've gone to like three websites, and i can only find blank fvcking brackets. anyone have a url to a filled-in one?
2002-03-10 06:48:51 PM  
GO 'ZAGS!!!!!
2002-03-10 06:49:20 PM  
As expected, Virginia fails to make it. Combine this with VCU and Richmond both falling in their finals and Virginia goes unrepresented :(

Gonazaga was #25 on the RPI. I would've put them as a 3 or 4, but I don't consider 6 a severe screwing over.

I don't think Marquette got screwed; they only went 3-3 against ranked teams.

Oklahoma should've been the #1 seed.

Go Wyoming!

Shawn Pickrell
2002-03-10 06:51:04 PM  
2002-03-10 06:52:52 PM  
Gonzaga farked hard in the ass, news @ 11
2002-03-10 06:53:45 PM  
I've compiled a list of free contests I found a round the net.. entering them all might increase your chances of actually winning one. :)

Good luck.
2002-03-10 06:54:40 PM  
I cant find shiat in this link about Gonzaga.
2002-03-10 06:55:05 PM  
thanks Quick1
2002-03-10 06:59:13 PM  
I started a bracket pool here

Division: Farkers
Password: boobiesbeer
2002-03-10 06:59:16 PM  
Zags number 6? That's gayer than a bathing cap.
2002-03-10 07:01:20 PM  
you the man, quick1. cbs is what i'm trying right now, actually.
2002-03-10 07:02:18 PM  
uhhh... Go Bruins?
2002-03-10 07:02:50 PM  
Why do I have to support those choke artist known as the Virginia Cavaliers? I should take up S&M. It would be less painful. Has any team EVER went from a #4 ranking to not even making the tournament? Pete Gillen sucks ass. They are good enough to geat Duke but they can lose 7 of 9 in the same month. Has to be shiatty coaching.
2002-03-10 07:03:14 PM  
and holy cross brings in the rear yet again. go patriot league!
2002-03-10 07:06:36 PM  
Yeah, greedo. every year this crap ass college basketball shiat takes tv and radio time away from the best part of hockey season.

I'm gonna have to mention that to one of those ex-college atheletes next time i go to mcdonalds.
2002-03-10 07:07:32 PM  
Go Duke! Fourth CONSECUTIVE NCAA Championship! 'nuff said!
2002-03-10 07:09:01 PM  
Of course Duke will go on to win it all again. They have the easiest bracket BY FAR.
2002-03-10 07:09:11 PM  
Ooops, left out "Atlantic Coast Conference."
2002-03-10 07:10:15 PM  
I think the Fighting Rainbows of Hawaii are going to have faaaabulous tournament.
2002-03-10 07:12:18 PM  
Um Fontman... 4th consecutive? Was I in a coma when they won the last 3 in a row? My records say they're only defending nat'l champs, lol....

Anyway... Go Maryland!!!!!
2002-03-10 07:14:08 PM  
Final snore. Duke Sucks.
2002-03-10 07:14:22 PM  
Go Ducks!!
2002-03-10 07:16:12 PM  
Markus: Yeah, but they better watch out for the Gauchos.
2002-03-10 07:16:48 PM  
Final Four:
Duke vs. Ohio St.
Maryland vs. Kansas

KU beats Duke for the championship, 79-73. BANK IT!
2002-03-10 07:17:46 PM  
Go CU Buffs! the NIT.
2002-03-10 07:31:30 PM  
Sorry, Quick1, but Duke sucks. Look for the upset by the Bucks.
2002-03-10 07:32:11 PM  

I posted a subsequent thread meaning to say they won their fourth consecutive ACC Championship!
2002-03-10 07:32:49 PM  
Jackson: Pete Gillen's not Jeff Jones.

Duke is vulnerable to a hack-a-Duke defense. KU will beat them.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-03-10 07:33:08 PM  
BUTLER didnt get in this is an outrage. Texas Tech vs. Indiana in the Finals.
2002-03-10 07:35:51 PM  
How many more years are the Zags gonna have to beat the peepee out of higher-seeded teams before that fetid, steaming pile of NCAA spit figures out that they are one of the ten best teams in the country?

I don't care if you're in the WAC or wherever. You don't go 29-3 and get a six, no way, nohow. Especially when you've won your last FOURTEEN games!

Oh well. Cinderella's shoes fit up in Spokane. Always have.
2002-03-10 07:46:17 PM  

2002-03-10 07:48:08 PM  
Duke will not win. they will not reach the final four. they will be beaten by USC in the sweet 16 round.

Duke is not as good as they were last year, plain and simple. Teams are wisin up to Jason Williams's tricks, and he cant make free throws.

Duke beat USC in the tourny last year by 10 points, the lowest margin for ANY of their victories in the tourney. The fact is that USC is the type of team which matches up very well with the type of team Duke is. Add the fact that they are a little worse, and USC is a lot better, and yet they are basically the same type of teams they were last year....

i smell upset
2002-03-10 07:48:51 PM  
Go UConn!!
2002-03-10 07:55:17 PM  
DragonBall: But then, you wouldn't be biased towards USC, would you? ;)

I have Indiana beating USC second round. You can't stop Tom Coverdale.
2002-03-10 08:03:25 PM  
My 49ers have Duke in the second round (assuming we beat Notre Dame in the opening round). ugh. We got lucky to get the #9 seed. At least I know if we make it to round 2, I will have a lot of support here. (Did someone say 'Duke Sucks'?)
2002-03-10 08:34:08 PM  
My 'rough draft' prediction (before much research)

Final Four:

UConn, Illnois, Duke and Oklahoma

Duke over UConn in the finals
2002-03-10 08:52:46 PM  
You heard it hear first.

Ohio State goes all the way.
2002-03-10 08:53:08 PM  
Hey Slayer, I appreciate your compliment on my Outbreak posting earlier this week, but answer me this: How the heck do your Illini get essentially a better a draw then my Bucks. We both deserved top 5 seeds but I think after beating you guys twice and winning the conference tourney we got hosed just a bit. Going to Albuquerque while you guys are in Chicago? And how the hell does Oregon get the 2 in midwest? Oh well, good luck to you guys, maybe our teams can meet up again when it really counts.
2002-03-10 08:56:37 PM  
WHAT !?!?

UNLV beat Utah ! they(UNLV) lost to San Diego, so what... UTAH WAS FUKIN BEAT out of the the HELL are they going on !!!???

2002-03-10 09:05:45 PM  
"I don't care if you're in the WAC or wherever. You don't go 29-3 and get a six, no way, nohow. Especially when you've won your last FOURTEEN games!"

I remember for several years in the 1980s, Vermont would go 30-0 in women's basketball.

I don't recall them ever making it past the first round.

I also remember Cleveland State having some boxcar numbers and getting whacked early on too. Except for the year they made the Sweet 16. Now that was cool.

Oregon at #2 and Georgia at #3 are mysteries to me.

2002-03-10 09:15:43 PM  

The Zags have made it to the sweet sixteen 3 years in a row now. Many people will argue they are the best team on the west coast, Pac-10 included. They're not a fluke team, yet the selection committee seems to be the only "experts" in the country that still think they are.

Best of luck to Gonzaga and Pepperdine. Being a west coast mid-major team in this game affords you little respect.
2002-03-10 09:17:55 PM  
My Cards choked. Dang it, Ball State!
2002-03-10 09:44:52 PM  
This is for my homie M2C...Arizona sucks flaming donkey balls and will...not...go...all...the...way

Gonazaga is getting screwed. Look at who they have to play in their regional...they might have to play Arizona, Oklahomo, and probably Cinci...meanwhile Duke has nobody in their region.

Hook 'Em
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