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(Some Guy) Boobies Uma Thurman at the beach (not safe for work)   ( divider line 317
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393822 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jan 2005 at 3:20 PM (10 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-24 05:54:15 PM  
I remember seeing Uma Thurman for the first time, as Venus coming out of the clam shell in Munchausen. I was quite literally in awe.

Now, eh, not so much. Would I hit her? Sure, what the hell. But that's not really saying all that much.
2005-01-24 05:55:01 PM  
See Henry and June.
2005-01-24 05:56:06 PM  
mmmm...That should just about do it. I can die now.
2005-01-24 05:59:31 PM  
I'd let her fark me at least 257 times
give me oral 417 times
give me a handjob 122 times
leave me 2,987 dirty messages on my phone of how much she wants to fark me.
2005-01-24 06:03:30 PM  

You guys that stick your noses up in these threads amaze me.
/Would love to see the broads you guys bang.

No you don't. You really really don't. These are the guys whose primary female relationships are with strippers that they have a real connection with.

Then, after handing over all the money they have, she leaves out the back door after her shift where her boyfriend waits in his $500 Camaro.
2005-01-24 06:06:37 PM  
$500 Camaro..nice touch. Guess it depends on the demographic. For example, a stripper's bf here would be driving a rusted out F-150 complete with W'04 and calvin pissing on 24.
2005-01-24 06:07:30 PM  
*stickers on the back glass. Been a long day.
2005-01-24 06:09:16 PM  
...quietly slipping into line for my turn
2005-01-24 06:10:35 PM  
Nut Bunnies

Milla Jovovich is ass ugly.

/not as ugly as YOUR ass

And to all the asshats who want "perfect" women...keep them. They're not perfect, they're underage or FAKE. Keep 'em. Don't need 'em. Got Uma, Milla, Sandra, Julliette and all the other gals in the world you ignore.
2005-01-24 06:18:45 PM  
Congrats boys, you appear to have farked my comcast web space. :)

This link has officially been double farked.
2005-01-24 06:20:41 PM  
First off, anyone that says Milla is ugly, is a homo. 'Nuff said.

Sharon Needles: Please, my boobs look better that that.

You know you got yourself in a pickle and won't be able to redeem yourself with us farkers, until you put those pics up for us to see them.
/html sucks.
2005-01-24 06:21:15 PM  
The only thing worse than Uma's acting is her face...

/would bag it then HIT it
2005-01-24 06:26:24 PM  
Uma is absolutely gorgeous. What surprised me about these pictures is how young she looks in them. And she's got wonderful skin, and those huge hands. Hell, I'd hit it! And Milla too. Better yet, both of them!

Oh Artman, you're totally right: all the perfect ones are either underage or fake. Most of them think they're even more attractive than they are and act like assnecks as a result. True beauty lasts past 19.
2005-01-24 06:30:52 PM  
Far apart boobs are fine.. they are still nice and big and round. Now huge gigantic nipple boobs where the entire boob is nipple. Thats kinda a turn off. But I don't think any heterosexual guy ever was like nope im not gonna fark you when he saw her tits weren't exactly perfect.
2005-01-24 06:36:22 PM  
Cool, I actually saw her in person 2 weeks ago at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.
2005-01-24 06:47:40 PM  
I also think Uma Thurman is digusting. When Kill Bill was advertised to be starring the sexy Uma Thurman, I threw a fit. Well not literally, but something along those lines.
2005-01-24 06:49:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-24 06:51:07 PM  
ether: Cool, I actually saw her in person 2 weeks ago at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.

that joke better be intentional!
2005-01-24 06:51:14 PM  

For some reason that picture of Arnold had me cracking up for 15 minutes. Damn, that was hilarious! Probably has something to do with the paint chips I ate.
2005-01-24 06:51:25 PM  
Go to and check the ad at the top to know what I'd do to it...
2005-01-24 06:59:13 PM  
I own every Uma movie - even Kiss Daddy Goodnight. She is not perfect, but for me she is the most desirable woman on the planet.

To the homos who thought she looked old or bad in Kill Bill, e-mail me for my home address so you can come around for your ass kicking.

To the gimps who think Uma is uninteresting - go vote for Bush again and declare your true intellectual attachment.

And lastly, but not leastly, to the fools who claim they wouldn't hit it: I suggest sudden and instant suicide by genital electrical attachments and high current. If you wouldn't ride Uma, you should be slowly castrated with dull dentures by the landlady from Kingpin.
2005-01-24 07:00:16 PM  
Although it doesn't really matter, I have to agree with the people who say she's lying about her age - in Hollywood, actresses are practically required to, since work drops off precipitiously after 40 when they officially become "old". She sure as hell wouldn't be the first to do it. No one buys that Brigitte Nielsen's 42 and it's an open secret that Ashton Kutcher takes five years off his age in order to get teen heartthrob roles when he's pushing 30.
2005-01-24 07:01:39 PM  
Well said, hargoni! Well said!
2005-01-24 07:05:10 PM  
my virus scanner said there was a trojan horse on this site BEWARE!
2005-01-24 07:16:52 PM  
considering how much javascript they are hiding, it's not surprising. Good job keeping the spyware out admins!
2005-01-24 07:26:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-24 07:31:17 PM boobies for me. :(
2005-01-24 07:36:39 PM  
am in infected with the trojan horse crab army or whatever the heck was lurking on that scrambled mess of a farked up page??? i'm guessin' it doesn't apply to firefox users right??? arghhh all this for a peek at uma's feeders! time to get a life!
2005-01-24 07:40:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-24 07:50:07 PM  
Christ, she's ugly and assless. And she can't act. And I bet she has a pointy vagina.
2005-01-24 07:52:39 PM  
These pics were in playboy when Batman returns was comming to theaters. So they are of a 8 year younger uma.

/I still would hit it at any age.
2005-01-24 07:52:40 PM  
I would not hit that. It's not polite to play with your food.
2005-01-24 07:55:56 PM  
I'd hit it repeatedly.
2005-01-24 07:56:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-24 08:09:17 PM  
I'd hit it 'till I was old and gray
2005-01-24 08:09:47 PM  
I must say these are some of the best "I'd hit it" pictures in a while. Good job.
2005-01-24 08:13:27 PM  
You guys that stick your noses up in these threads amaze me.
/Would love to see the broads you guys bang.

You're making a pretty big assumption there, methinks...
2005-01-24 08:14:41 PM  
Uriel: True beauty lasts past 19.

I like that sentiment. Uma is gorgeous.
2005-01-24 08:22:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-24 08:29:36 PM  
The boobs look great. But something seems kinda fake "photoshop" about them.
2005-01-24 08:31:52 PM  
I'd leap on it.
2005-01-24 08:32:13 PM  

Thank you.


WTF is that? The Kyoto Wolfman Jack/Sha Na Na Karaoke Review?

/nightmares tonight

2005-01-24 08:37:28 PM  

Sorry about my dicey rounding off with my math earlier. In trying to shorthand things, my intent was lost. Again, my apologies.

Although it seems to be a dead issue now, I suppose the whole doing underage nudity in a film isn't all that surprising. Unless Thora Birch was lying about her age when she did "American Beauty" (she was born in 82, film released in 99), apparently it is allowed every now and then.
2005-01-24 08:41:54 PM  
I loved Uma in Kill Bill, until they got to that crazy biatch Japanese school-girl* who disemboweled the dude over sake. I had to switch over to loving her instead at that point.

tangentman: See Henry and June.

One of the most wank-tastic movies of all time, although next to Maria de Madeiros, even Uma looks more or less the same as Fred Ward.

*Chiaki Kuriyama for those who care
2005-01-24 08:44:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-24 08:44:10 PM  
Maria de Medeiros, fark, I thought I had fixed that.
2005-01-24 08:45:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Let it roll...
2005-01-24 08:54:45 PM  
Nice, natural...snacky boobies.
2005-01-24 08:56:04 PM  
yeah, I'd jam her.

Dangerous Liasons Uma...yum.

Or how about Uma in Johnny Be Good. There's a fine film if there ever was one.
2005-01-24 08:56:51 PM  

What's up with this link on the page that you linked to? Had me laughing pretty hard though.

Said link (Definately NSFW)
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