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30835 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jan 2005 at 7:34 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-23 08:30:15 PM  
Actually in New England it is So-Der.

Anyone ever have Fizzy Lifting Drink? No one should alert Willy Wonka of this home made contraption...he'd die!
2005-01-23 08:32:35 PM  
Waste of money, as a homebrewer I can bottle 5 gallons of rootbeer for just the cost of extract and sugar. Bottle condition it and have 30 22 ounce bottles ready to drink in 3 days fully carbonated.
2005-01-23 08:33:20 PM  
Well, it'd be cool if I didn't have to waste money on their flavourings. How would one go about making their own? There's lots of retired drinks I'd love to re-create.... like that citrus soda (whose name escapes me). It was out around the time of Surge, but it was in a yellow can.
2005-01-23 08:33:41 PM  
I loved the Pop Shoppe! My favorite flavors were Grape and Lime! Haven't seen one in years, according to the article you posted they may me making a resurgence!!!! The place where I work now has a pop shoppe sticker on the emergency door, damn tease!
2005-01-23 08:34:58 PM  
My nephew is a fool for root beer, so last summer I made up a five gallon batch for him.

Used Zatarain's root beer extract, cane sugar (screw corn syrup), a little yeast, water, and bottled it up.

Came out pretty good...
2005-01-23 08:37:10 PM  
I bought myself one of these for xmas this year. its GREAT! dont want to put a damper on your ideas, but you can only carbonate plain cold tap water. if you add flavoring, or oils etc to the water before you carbonate it, you will have a mess on your hands.

the machine is safe, priced reasonably, and making my own flavors from juice concetrates instead of their syrup works well and is tasty (although their syrup aint bad)

wierdest flavor ive tried was vanilla frappucino... gross.

another wierd thing is that the Co2 ranks come with a end user licence agreement... wierd.
2005-01-23 08:40:38 PM  
can you carbonate pure alcohol?
2005-01-23 08:42:07 PM  
hiroshi912681: It was out around the time of Surge, but it was in a yellow can.

Kick? That was my favourite.
2005-01-23 08:42:14 PM  
Mmmm, Pepsi Blue.
[those that have a clue know to which I refer]
2005-01-23 08:46:37 PM  
If you don't have any interest in this thread, please move on. Jeff wanted to see if others have had experience with the soda maker. That's all it is.
2005-01-23 08:48:22 PM  
Starter kits $10 off, but if you are ordering something else, use the coupon code "KSE10" and you get 10% off your order. Plus supposedly a percentage is donated to tree hugging kids. Everyone wins!
2005-01-23 08:49:12 PM  
No, it wasn't Kick.

But for some reason it just hit me. It was CITRA. I used to buy that stuff all the time. It was waaay better than Surge.
2005-01-23 08:52:26 PM  
looks way too expensive.

CO2 - $56.97 / 330 litres = $0.17 / litre
Syrup - $2.99 / 12 litres = $0.25 / litre

2 litre bottle = $0.84

About as much as I pay for the same generic crap I can buy at the supermarket, without spending $100 on the machine. Not to mention needing to use bottled water to create it anyways. City tap water is disgusting to drink, with or without flavouring to cover it up.
2005-01-23 08:52:44 PM  
WAIT A SECOND... What if I let my beer go flat and then use this device to re-carbonate it with NITROUS OXIDE!

I think I may be on to the "next BIG thing" here...
2005-01-23 08:53:39 PM  
A comment for those who aren't privy to living in the south:

There is no such thing as pop, soda, fizzy water, sody pop, etc. There is only Coke. When ordering a carbonated beverage in the south, you ask for a Coke, and they ask what kind of Coke that you would like.

Therefore, everything is Coke.
2005-01-23 08:57:43 PM  

2005-01-23 07:39:10 PM agonyscene

if i could make surge i would definitely buy

that beverage single handedly turned me into a Pepsi/Mountain Dew Drinker for life, Before that I was way into the Mello Yello, Now they bring it back, and it just isn't the same. I've still got a can of that nasty green stuff sitting around though...
2005-01-23 08:57:56 PM  
This seemed like something I might buy, until I read the ingredients. Even the non-diet flavors have Acesulfame K, and Sucralose in them. I avoid diet products because of ingredients such as those, and now the non-diet products have them too?
2005-01-23 08:58:00 PM  
Blueracer, i was jsut about to say that!

Yeah, When you go over to someone's house, they ask you if you want a coke. And you could say dr pepper.
2005-01-23 08:58:15 PM  
Even worse, if you say Coke its; "Is Pepsi OK?"

If you say Pepsi its; "Is Coke OK?"

Now I just say "cola please" and hope for the best...

Never cared much if it is called pop or soda or even soda-pop, I am able to 'understand' both terms... Calling everything 'coke' is just plain stupid though...
2005-01-23 09:03:31 PM  
In the world of Coke, Pepsi is inferior, confined only to restaurants who think Mr. Pibb(yes, a coke product) is an accurate substitute for Dr. Pepper.

Calling everything Coke isn't stupid, it's a way of life!
2005-01-23 09:04:24 PM  
You know, it must be impossible for a spanish speaking person to order SELTZER and not get SALSA.
2005-01-23 09:04:29 PM  
Why the hell has no one marketed a chocolate Coke yet...that was by far the best soda I've had in my life. Apparently I was born 25 years too late, as the only place I've seen it is in those "retro" cafes, like Johnny Rockets.

Step 1: Pour some Hershey's syrup into glass
Step 2: Pour some Coke into glass
Step 3: Mix well with spoon

Ta da! Chocolate Coke you can make at home!
2005-01-23 09:04:37 PM  
When I visited my brother in Germany, they sold carbonated water and juices. Once you go to carbonated water and apple juice, it's depressing to go back to regular. :(
2005-01-23 09:04:50 PM  
I make a rule that if I ask for a Coke and they say "Is Pepsi Ok?" that I have to instead say, "No, I'll have a bud light."

/I like my waitresses confused
2005-01-23 09:05:18 PM  
I've been making home brew beer for years, and I have used the same equipment to make soda. I always used champagne yeast for carbonation, but you have to be very careful not to use too much or you can get a big (and messy) surprise.
2005-01-23 09:10:22 PM  
Ugh i hate carbonated water.

When i went to Italy it seems everyone loved carbonated water.

Tastes like shiat. Made me want to drink diet cola over carbonated weater.
2005-01-23 09:13:23 PM  
The good thing about diet soda (pop) is that when the waitress ask what type of beverage I wanted, I'd say "Diet." That way, I won't get "Would ______ be OK?"

Of course, all bets are off when she says "Diet Sprite or Diet Coke?"

I've also looked at the caffeine contents of Soda Club's drinks. With the exception of the Dr Pepper knockoff, their colas have less caffeine. Meh. I want my caffeine!
2005-01-23 09:15:32 PM  

Why the hell has no one marketed a chocolate Coke yet...that was by far the best soda I've had in my life. Apparently I was born 25 years too late, as the only place I've seen it is in those "retro" cafes, like Johnny Rockets.

I've often thought the same thing, but there's a very specific reason why they haven't marketed chocolate Coke -- they haven't been able to make it self-stable yet. Even when I order it at Ed Debevics (since I'm too young to know soda fountains, too), they give it to me with the spoon because the chocolate settles to the bottom rather quickly. Imagine trying to sell Chocolate Coke in a can and requiring people to shake before opening, and you see the problem.

But there is hope. The same problem plagued Cherry Coke until they figured out how to make it stable. Someday we may have Chocolate Coke away from retro cafes... I certainly hope so.
2005-01-23 09:16:24 PM  
/erm, shelf-stable, that is.
2005-01-23 09:19:43 PM  
TotallyFarkedDude: Mmmm, Pepsi Blue.
[those that have a clue know to which I refer]

Hey, you probably could use this machine to make that. Just get some Windex and carbonate it!

2005-01-23 09:20:03 PM  
RIP OFF -- Based on the goinig rate for soda at the local supermarket, Non-commercial 'soda-pop' can be bought for $0.50 per two liter bottle. after additional supplies for the supplied soda you end up paying 3 times as much.
2005-01-23 09:21:44 PM  
i used to work with a guy who bought one of those at the "big fresno fair" and was so proud that he bought and equally proud of his smart economic sense (instead of paying 89 cents for 2 litre bottle at the store i can make it at home for 86 cents!) that he brought it to work ... i enjoyed laughing at him then... and now i will review his poor judgement and laugh again ... and fear not, i will also laugh at some of my new fark friends who will buy this

/sips iced tea
2005-01-23 09:22:35 PM  
Rodrigues: looks way too expensive.

I agree.
2005-01-23 09:22:37 PM  
I had a friend that had something like this about 10 years ago, except that he bought the syrup for the brand name sodas.

Also, instead of the high prices to refill the CO2 cartridges, he just brought his to the local paint ball place and they just charged him $2 to fill it up again for him. He said he couldn't taste the difference.

If I knew the cartridges could still be refilled at the paint ball store and I knew I could get my "diet pepsi vanilla" I'd buy one in a second. I'm sick of lugging bottles around.
2005-01-23 09:30:46 PM  
Still though, I wonder how 'fresh' fresh soda really tastes. Plus there are some people that think Fountain soda is > bottles. I would think this would be much closer to actual fountainy goodness.

I have read you can use any Syrup, if you can get your hands on the real stuff (Coke, Pepsi, etc..) you are in luck. From what I have read awhile ago though these places are hesitant to sell to the public, apparently soda machine rental thefts are very common.

Seltzer only, or Seltzer flavored waters would make a nice product.. You can use their syrups at reduced levels, or natural fruit juices.

Then again, theres the old fasioned way to make your own soda, good ole' yeast! Heres a link.
2005-01-23 09:36:21 PM  

Grape was my favorie too! One can only hope for a Pop Shoppe ressurection!
2005-01-23 09:36:51 PM  
I wonder if you could super-carbonate a bottle of pepsi with this machine, and thus create a ticking time bomb?
2005-01-23 09:37:46 PM  
I've got one and I love it. I like all the flavors. I didn't buy it to save money though. You could get the generic stuff for super cheap or wait for sales. What I do is make my soda as strong or as weak as I like. I super carbonate my stuff and the bottles for the kit keep it bubbly for a long time. It's got a sealed cap and all. The book that comes with it teaches you how to make all kinds of alcoholic drinks (I don't drink but it looks like it would be great for parties) and how to copy your favorite name brand stuff. I make Livewire all the time. My favortie though is not having my fridge jammed full of soda all the time. I just take a bottle and fill it with my faucet (I've got a Pur system) and then make whatever flavor I'm in the mood for right then. If I want orange - boom. If I want rootbeer - boom. I strongly suggest it to people who like making stuff. I get my CO2 refilled at a local boozery. Same people who would fill your keg can fill it. I thought about going to a PB store but I worry that their CO2 isnt filtered for human consumption. Only costs like 2 bucks at a beer store anyway. I tell everyone out there about them. I cant say enough good stuff. The syrup containers last a long time. I been talking with the coke guy who fills our cafe at work about hooking me up with the big boxes of syrup. That would last easily a year.
2005-01-23 09:41:48 PM  
fark yeah, now I only have to figure out the recipie for crystal clear pepsi!
2005-01-23 09:44:18 PM  
I'm only interested if there's a way for me to bring back OK Soda with this.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-23 09:47:18 PM  
It's like $150.
I haven't spent $150 on soda in a year.
I also don't have to order supplies to get soda. I pick it up wherever I am.
I think this is a waste of money.
2005-01-23 09:48:27 PM  
Do the math folks it looks cool and all but with the Co2 and the syrup the machine itself and the time it will cost more then the soda you can get at the store.
2005-01-23 09:49:59 PM  
What is to stop people from buying cheap carbonated water in monster bottles and THEN add the syrup?

I bet you that will be cheaper. And you dont need to buy another piece of dust-gathering machinery for the kitchen.
2005-01-23 09:55:34 PM  
Well, it'd be cool if I didn't have to waste money on their flavourings. How would one go about making their own? There's lots of retired drinks I'd love to re-create.... like that citrus soda

Are you talking about cactus cooler? Thats good stuff, I can they only sell it in so. cal.
2005-01-23 10:04:27 PM  
Boo Advertisements, cause that's all that was.
2005-01-23 10:23:43 PM  
Heh, I've had one of these for years!!! Mine's called the carbonator, and I think it's from the pop shoppe. The mountain dew doesn't taste like real dew. It's like it's own flavor... it's pretty cool actually.
2005-01-23 10:32:18 PM  
Buy the syrup and a seltzer bottle, it'll be a lot cheaper.
2005-01-23 10:37:35 PM  
Hey, will some please put glacier water in alloy cans? Is that too much to ask for? Why has no one ever attempted this?

Drinking water is a huge mother ass business and the alloy cans would work very well with storing them in my fridge.

Call it "Stackwell Water" :/
2005-01-23 10:37:39 PM  
Seems like a waste of money on crappy, generic soft drinks.

However, I've always wondered what it would be like to drink carbonated, straight Jack Daniels.

Might almost be worth buying this thing for such an experiement.
2005-01-23 10:38:26 PM  
Thought this would be an ad for homebrew extracts.

After hundreds of gallons of wine and beer, the only explosion I ever had was a gallon of root beer.

Stickin to making booze.
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