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(Billings Gazette)   Cloud seeding increases precipitation seven to 10 percent in Wyoming   ( divider line
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2005-01-23 01:13:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-23 01:14:51 PM  
The irrigation district has done no research to determine if the project has boosted snowpack, but anecdotal information and data collected from snow course reading sites indicate there may be a 7 to 10 percent increase, Moody said.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Your tax dollars at "work" (or not).
2005-01-23 01:23:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-23 01:27:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I farking hate this stupid game.
2005-01-23 01:49:55 PM  
2005-01-23 02:02:56 PM  
Too bad the machines don't look like this
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-23 02:04:53 PM  
I thought determining if cloud seeding works was too hard because you can't prove if that cloud was going to produce precipitation without said seeding.
2005-01-23 04:05:04 PM  
We knew this because of studies they did after 9-11 anyway, the weather patterns were altered massively by no planes in the air...
2005-01-23 04:05:48 PM  
I spent 5 minutes trying to prove this was a hoax. That's the Hoosier Gazette, though...
2005-01-23 04:07:53 PM  
go ahead, keep messing with nature. Soon it will be earthquakes and tsunamis for everyone.
2005-01-23 04:07:58 PM  
Because silver halides aren't bad for you or nuthin.
2005-01-23 04:08:01 PM  
This is the work of the devil!
2005-01-23 04:15:25 PM  
Modifying weather will become a tactic of warfare.
2005-01-23 04:16:47 PM  
I read the article ... this might explain the droughts in the lower midwest states. Change the precipitation in one part of the world, and you make a corresponding change in the precipitation of another part of the world. Take the moisture that would have fallen on Nebraska or Kansas out of the clouds before it should have gotten here and you have a reduced amout(obviously) for the rest of the country. This is not the smartest thing in the world to do, IMO. Good thing I'm not a farmer, but I do like to eat....
2005-01-23 04:23:32 PM  
I don't think this is 'cool', I think this is dangerous.
2005-01-23 04:32:57 PM  
"Cloud seeding increases precipitation seven to 10 percent in Wyoming"

But alas, at what what cost?
2005-01-23 04:35:19 PM  
Yodas Ugly Brother:

We knew this because of studies they did after 9-11 anyway, the weather patterns were altered massively by no planes in the air...

links please
2005-01-23 04:35:54 PM  
stuck_in_the_lab: Because silver halides aren't bad for you or nuthin.

Thank you! This worries me....I wouldn't want to drink that water. And I'd even be a little concerned that it might silver-plate my toilet bowl ( sludgy yuckiness)
2005-01-23 04:37:04 PM  
How long before someone sues because their house gets flooded?
2005-01-23 04:41:09 PM  
Lace Valentine:

You're too late. Seeding clouds already has been used as a weapon of war. I forget whether it was Korea or Vietnam, but in one of those damn peninsular fiascos we seeded clouds over enemy territory, so that rain would fall, trails would turn to mud, and their logistics would become tougher.

Results, naturally, were completely inconclusive.
2005-01-23 04:41:50 PM  
If it wasn't for Cloud Seeding, I wouldn't have sent my horse to college...
2005-01-23 04:47:47 PM  
Yep, that is defintely wrong.
2005-01-23 04:48:07 PM  
i hope this one turns into a huge debate.
(of course, without it turning into a political one)

i want to know more..

2005-01-23 04:51:08 PM,%20contrails%20&​%209-11. doc
2005-01-23 05:01:40 PM  
fingers crossed for the midwest weather trifecta...
2005-01-23 05:04:41 PM  
i heard cloud seeding makes clouds teh ghey
2005-01-23 05:05:46 PM  
It's raining cats and jackalopes in Wyoming.
2005-01-23 05:06:04 PM  
No thanks. Twenty-five inches plenty.
2005-01-23 05:13:20 PM  
In other news, precipitation in Nebraska is mysteriously down 7 to 10 percent.
2005-01-23 05:18:13 PM  
How does cloud seeding increase population? I couldn't find that anywhere in the article...

/needs better contacts or hooked on phonics...
2005-01-23 05:24:09 PM  
Nothing new to see here people, don your tin foil hats anyway.
" American scientist Vincent Schaefer began experimenting with the process of cloud seeding during the 1940s."
Also, in Alberta, Canada, we've been seeding clouds since the 50's. The evidence is inconclusive as to whether or not it increases precip. Besides, all it would mean is that some place farther east would get less precip.

Strong evidence, however, shows that seeding will trigger precipitation and greatly reduced the chance of hail.

My buddy flies the hail stop aircraft. It's a fun job. you're always flying in REALLY crappy weather, Cumulonimbus, thunderstorms, yippee!!
2005-01-23 05:26:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Gentleman from Wyoming unavailable for comment.
2005-01-23 05:27:36 PM  
Michael Crichton's state of fear is a good read on environmental terrorism if you're interested...
2005-01-23 05:39:18 PM  
Government statement on chemtrails:

Particulate pollution (called "aerosols") from aircraft provides a surface upon which humidity in the air can condense.

If the air is super-saturated (>100% humidity) and there are no clouds merely because there is no surface for condensation, these aerosols will be enough to form a cloud.

If humidity is fairly high, clouds can still form. The warmer air from the aircraft is humid to an extent, plus if it is drier than the surrounding air, it will absorb some of the moisture. Then the temperature of the warm air returns to normal. The cooling air cannot hold as much humidity as the warm air, and any excess water condenses onto the aerosols.

In either case, these form a visible trail behind the airplane when temperature and humidity in the atmosphere (which can be markedly different from ground temperature and humidity) are optimal for these types of cloud formations.

/not actually a government statement.
2005-01-23 05:40:20 PM  
red state blues

2005-01-23 05:43:51 PM  
There is, of course, the possibility of too much water.
2005-01-23 05:45:52 PM  
red state blues x2

*wyoming native
2005-01-23 05:46:10 PM  
Paranoid people are hilarious.
2005-01-23 05:58:07 PM  
10% here would only be about a half inch extra.
2005-01-23 06:05:00 PM  
This isn't scary now, but what happens when everyone starts doing it? What happens when China decides to convert their vast deserts by seeding?

You don't fark with a closed system, like our atmosphere, it is arrogant to think that all possibilities could be calculated.
2005-01-23 06:05:51 PM  
I think I speak for the world when I say... Yes and?
2005-01-23 06:13:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-23 06:21:17 PM  
I'm just waiting for the day they put Kool-Aid powder in the "seeds" so that it rains fruit punch. Heaven on Earth I tell ya.

Maybe Crystal Light packets over the west coast cities for all you trendy health nuts.
2005-01-23 06:26:02 PM  
What a crock. They have no idea what caused the increased rainfall. It could have been rain dances for all they know.
2005-01-23 06:27:39 PM  
Screwing with Mother Nature to intentionally alter weather patterns? What could possibly go wrong?
2005-01-23 06:28:47 PM  

The BBC's Horizon programme on 'Global Dimming' was one of the most compelling and indeed scary documentaries I have seen.

In a nutshell, particulate pollution appears to have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface by up to 30% (over parts of the USSR) (10% over the USA). The particulates change the properties of clouds to reflect the solar radiation back into space.

The very worrying about this is that this reduction in solar input seems to have masked the affects of global warming

... and now we are cleaning up our act on particulates, but not on greenhouse gasses.

I'm not an eco-nut. But solid evidence of those kind of reductions in insolation reaching the ground have (quite literally) kept me awake at night.
2005-01-23 06:30:40 PM  
Time for a new freakin' headline, already!!!!!
2005-01-23 06:37:21 PM  
doctor wu: Time for a new freakin' headline, already!!!!!

Just trying out my "farkit" firefox extension. neato.

Oh, and I agree, what the hay, I feel like I am missing something. Whats the hold up? Its....been....hours....
2005-01-23 06:43:56 PM  
Voramyr You obviously never played FF VIII. Worst. Game. Ever. I swear half of time I spent playing that game was wasted waiting for those damned summons to finish.
2005-01-23 06:58:41 PM  
You apparently didn't read the "I farking hate this stupid game" beneath the picture then, did you?

/FF Whore
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