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(Reuters)   Husband commits suicide -- hours later, wife wakes from coma   ( divider line
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2005-01-22 02:56:05 PM  
Husband commits suicide, then wife wakes from coma

I'm dyslexic today. I first read that to say, "Husband commits suicide, then wife fakes coma." Now it makes sense. Sad stuff. You might say he jumped the gun.

/aware he actually gassed himself
2005-01-22 03:32:30 PM  
Jeez, talk about bad timing.
2005-01-22 03:37:03 PM  
I bet she's relieved... doesn't have to pretend being in a coma anymore.
2005-01-22 03:52:01 PM  
I submitted this with a Shakespearean headline.
2005-01-22 04:17:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Unavailable for comment

2005-01-22 05:25:24 PM  
How sad. I hope when I eventually get married I love my wife enough to do what that guy did (visiting the hospital up to 4x day, not the suicide thing).
There's a guy who comes to my job who's wife passed away about 10 years ago, and you can tell he "died" when she died.
Since she passed, he's completely fallen apart (disheveled, depressed, quiet, etc). He's just going through the motions now, and waiting for the sweet sleep of the grave.
2005-01-22 06:38:57 PM  
I read this earlier, poor guy. If only he had waited just one more day.
2005-01-22 07:49:26 PM  
baby jesus oh how he weeps
2005-01-22 07:49:39 PM  
she was probably faking it. as soon as she knew he was gone, she could resume her life...
2005-01-22 07:49:50 PM  
What, no ironic tag? The irony!
2005-01-22 07:49:53 PM  
Less than a day later, his wife, Rossana, woke up in her hospital bed in Padua and immediately asked for him.

"Is he gone?"
2005-01-22 07:50:23 PM  
That's awful.

But the article (last paragraph) reads as though Romeo and Juliet were real people and not characters in a fictional play.

It wasn't really based on a true story, was it?

/I'm really asking.
2005-01-22 07:50:56 PM  
That's really, really messed up.
2005-01-22 07:51:29 PM  
Interesting. I've been looking into becoming an asshole on a professional basis, and you seem to already have this job. Where do I sign up?
2005-01-22 07:51:45 PM  
I submitted this with an ironic tag.

/sad story
2005-01-22 07:52:51 PM  
This page is by "My Way." Anybody else think of Sid Vicious when they saw that?
2005-01-22 07:53:05 PM  
how is that being an asshole Sangermaine saying that baby jesus is crying for them.

me thinks that you are the asshole
2005-01-22 07:54:00 PM  
Son of That Guy-

I first read it the same way too!
2005-01-22 07:54:46 PM  
This is one of those rare moments when we get to witness something both funny and farked up at the same time
2005-01-22 07:54:56 PM  
Everybody! Randomly attack zerplex for no good reason.


/thinking about this article more now. Really really sad.
2005-01-22 07:55:34 PM  

Romeo and Juliet derives its story from several sources available during the sixteenth century. Shakespeare's primary source for the play is Arthur Brooke's Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet (1562), which is a long, dense poem. This poem in turn was based on a French prose version written by Pierre Boiastuau (1559), who had used an Italian version by Bandello written in 1554. Bandello's poem was further derived from Luigi da Porto's version in 1525 of a story by Masuccio Salernitano (1476).
2005-01-22 07:55:38 PM  

No dissing of the baby jesus.

2005-01-22 07:55:45 PM  
A pox on the throat of any blaggard that says ill of this star-crossed man who has sped off to that undiscovered country from whose bourn no man has returned.

2005-01-22 07:55:45 PM  
I submitted this with a Shakespearean headline.

so did I
2005-01-22 07:56:24 PM  
That is really terrible, but at least they had true love. Figures it would be in Italy.
2005-01-22 07:56:24 PM  
Maybe he's just FAKING that he gassed himself.
2005-01-22 07:57:21 PM  
This happened to me once.
2005-01-22 07:58:26 PM  
Romeo and Juliet are crying right now indeed.
2005-01-22 07:59:32 PM  
FarkingReading: Everybody! Randomly attack zerplex for no good reason.

How about we attack you for attacking zerplex?

/wants a thread jack - too sad AND ironic
2005-01-22 08:00:32 PM  
Kind of relative.
2005-01-22 08:01:53 PM  
hold on im confused, am i being attacked for no good reason or am i supposed to get on attacking others for attacking me for no good reason?

i need a flow chart
2005-01-22 08:02:03 PM  

How about we attack you for not reading the thread and noticing that I am NOT the one who attacked him?

/thanks for the info eyehate
2005-01-22 08:02:56 PM  
I think we should attack zerplex and also Xexi. Anyone else who seems emotionally vulnerable too.
2005-01-22 08:03:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Kind of relative

/2nd times a charm
2005-01-22 08:04:01 PM  
I think there's a lesson to be learned from this tragedy. When things are bleak and hope is gone, we should .... oh look, something shiny!
2005-01-22 08:04:09 PM  
I know, let's attack baby Jesus. What did that little kid ever do for us?

I bet nobody ever thinks about the fact that baby Jesus pooped his pants like any other kid.
2005-01-22 08:04:35 PM  
/2nd times a charm

Except when I randomly replace relevant with relative..
2005-01-22 08:04:36 PM  
Hmmmmm, Baby Jesus gives finger to anyone who attacks zerplex, thus condemming them to eternal hellfire.
2005-01-22 08:05:32 PM  
Story does indeed make baby jesus cry.
2005-01-22 08:06:13 PM  

I have lots of Allergies and your name reminds me of the medication I need to take for it!!

2005-01-22 08:08:42 PM  
No sweat, FarkingReading

[image from too old to be available]

2005-01-22 08:09:19 PM  
I love Baby Jesus and Italy.
2005-01-22 08:09:26 PM  

sorry about that.

baby jesus weeps for you as well

oh yeah thanks for getting baby jesus to send everyone to hell for me stewiegriffinsbigbro
2005-01-22 08:10:51 PM  

I bet nobody ever thinks about the fact that baby Jesus pooped his pants like any other kid.

Holy shiat.
2005-01-22 08:11:28 PM  
Bush's fault.
2005-01-22 08:12:13 PM  
My husband and I have been married for just over ten years and I wake up with NIGHTMARES that something has happened to my husband. I would be a shell of a person without him. I can't even imagine what I'd do if he died or was in a lengthy, hopeless coma.

2005-01-22 08:13:19 PM  
2005-01-22 08:15:18 PM  
i dont believe u guys trust this story...I call shenanigans !
2005-01-22 08:16:36 PM  
Baby Jesus tells QuesoDelicioso to suck his balls, and then condems him to the firery pits of hell.
2005-01-22 08:17:07 PM  
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