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(SeattlePI)   Man builds a boat from Legos, plans to hunt Moby Brick   ( divider line
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16020 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2005 at 1:07 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-22 02:17:34 AM  
Ok, this headline got me to laugh out loud. Well done, submitter!!
2005-01-22 12:23:26 PM  
Yep, now thats a headline!
2005-01-22 01:09:45 PM  
Space or castle?
2005-01-22 01:13:15 PM  
nice one submitter
2005-01-22 01:14:07 PM  
Wait, they pay people to do this?

/i'm in the wrong profession
2005-01-22 01:16:10 PM  
Every pun makes me die a little bit more inside.
2005-01-22 01:17:51 PM  
2005-01-22 01:21:16 PM  
bwahahahah, that was great

very punny
2005-01-22 01:21:35 PM  
dude talks about lego as if its meth. "friends have accepted it" dude, everybody loves lego. your so called french are douchebags if they make fun of you for it.
2005-01-22 01:22:13 PM  
Silly? why silly?
2005-01-22 01:22:54 PM me brickshmael?

2005-01-22 01:24:52 PM  
french, i meant freinds. blame the beer.
2005-01-22 01:25:16 PM  
Superior Headline!

I laughed so hard, I shiat a brick.
2005-01-22 01:32:42 PM  
I've been to the LegoLand in Billund, Denmark.

It. Is. Heaven!
2005-01-22 01:35:37 PM  
Hooray! My first approved link!
2005-01-22 01:37:35 PM  

nice one submitter

/nothing but net on that one
2005-01-22 01:38:54 PM  
Totally missed the headline the first glance, at second glance, I give the submitter props.
2005-01-22 01:40:31 PM  
Congrats Conehead! And a good one, too...
2005-01-22 01:41:41 PM  
God, I always loved legos. My favorite thing to do was make modifications to things I already built.

Props to submitter. Both for being funny, and for remimding me of the good ole days!
2005-01-22 01:43:58 PM  
yes, but will it float?

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-22 01:43:58 PM  
Is the plural "Lego" or "Legos"? I've only heard "Legos" when referring to many of them.

Ever step on a Lego with your bare foot? Egads.
2005-01-22 01:45:41 PM  
perhaps he was inspired by "Great Expectations" by Charles Brickens?
2005-01-22 01:46:54 PM  
"yes, but will it float?" -Copthil

"I submit that it can Not!" -Brian Regan
2005-01-22 01:47:31 PM  
I like that this story is in the Lifestyle section, I mean what kind of lifestyle do you have to lead to build a boat out of legos?

/good job though
2005-01-22 01:50:56 PM  
Very cool.

Legetoj is Danish for toy
2005-01-22 01:54:14 PM  
the American flag -- with anchor instead of stars --
That's because it isn't the American Flag - it's the Yacht Ensign.
2005-01-22 02:03:07 PM  
Quick Google Search of his name gave this:
2005-01-22 02:13:17 PM  
Is the plural "Lego" or "Legos"?

Lego Brand Colored Plastic Toy Bricks (tm) (r) (sm)
2005-01-22 02:16:00 PM  
This Nathan Sawaya fellow is the same guy who won the contest last year to be a Master Builder for Lego. He quit his job to make a third of what he was making, and moved his family across the country, for the privilege of playing with Lego blocks every day.

Meanwhile, I sold my collection three weeks ago. 450+ classic space sets (you know, the kind with the little astronauts with the moon on their chests) and Star Wars sets to a guy who drove halfway across the country to get them. I have my attic back again! Hooray!
2005-01-22 02:17:06 PM  

For your first green-lighter, what a headline!

/Golf clap!
2005-01-22 02:23:50 PM  
Quick Google Search of his name gave this:

So did a quick RofTFA.
2005-01-22 02:29:42 PM  
Kilmore_Trout: So did a quick RofTFA

Well, that's not a "quick" read, and it's not even IN the article, it's like, after it. So you can suck it.
2005-01-22 02:33:13 PM  
The whole article was a quick read.

Suck on it....then suck on it again...then suck on it some more.
2005-01-22 02:36:38 PM  
Can I at least get some Sea People out of the deal?
2005-01-22 02:49:11 PM  
The new legos are somewhat disappointing. Not much originallity required as compared to the 1000 piece set I received for christmas in 1977.

Maybe it's good old day syndrome, but I don't remember so many preformed pieces.
2005-01-22 02:52:52 PM  
Wow. I'm completely and utterly unimpressed.
2005-01-22 02:53:42 PM  
Lame headline. Submitter tried but failed...

Usually the admins are merciful to submitters and save their reputations by never greenlighting their lame headlines, but I guess this time they let the submitter die the more painful and public death. I guess they need to do that every once in a while just to keep people in line.
2005-01-22 03:00:14 PM  
I wonder if he has a wholesale conection to getting the legos. I think something like this would be fun to do but at the reltail price of Lego it would cost $25,000 to buy the legos.
2005-01-22 03:09:32 PM  
former LEGO Master Model Builder = better than wholesale connection
2005-01-22 03:13:46 PM  
The link has a link to his website. It has some pictures of his work. Wow! How do these people find the time? I've seen pitures of President George Bush's face out of legos, a working Lego grandfather clock on other sites but these things this guy is making are huge! He made the second deathstar! Not the first one (which would be easy) but the second, the one that would have all the holes in it.

This dude is nuts. If I had more money heck, I'd be doing this. Those tubs of legos run for $19.99 on They have 1000 bricks which means if he has over 100,000 bricks in his boat that would cost him easily over 2000 dollars. The article does say he is a lawyer and also works for Legoland so I guess he can afford it. I loved Legos as a kid. Whada guy. Check out all the things he has on his site. Amazing.
2005-01-22 03:15:07 PM  
Props, submitter.
2005-01-22 03:16:28 PM  
"He who pick a pun would pick a pocket!"

And I guess being a master designer for LEGO gives you access to the motherloade of LEGO bricks.

FUN FACT: "LEGO" is a false acronym, deriving from the Danish "leg godt", meaning "play well". After choosing this name they found out that "lego" in latin also mean "I put together".

BONUS FUN FACT: LEGO's first product was a wooden toy car.

/is Danish. Not boasting or anything, it's true!
2005-01-22 03:19:54 PM  
cheese Danish?
2005-01-22 03:20:03 PM  
Parallax - I remember those sets, had a few as a kid. 450 sets though? Whoa :)

I've heard both Lego and Legos used over here. Back in Denmark, I don't think there was a special plural form, since that'd be "legoer" in danish, and sounds funny to me. Lego pieces maybe, "Lego stykker" in danish. Playing with lego, not legos. *Shrugs* details details :)

And yep, legetoj is toy in danish. Special character in there instead of the o, has a slash in it, but I can't seem to make the ASCII work for it. Much fun to make non-danes try to pronounce

/Dane, lots of lego back in old country
2005-01-22 03:30:59 PM  
/thinks the Dutch are loony after reading the unDutchables.

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-22 03:39:42 PM  
Nice headline.
2005-01-22 03:40:26 PM  
Here, "LEGO" refers to the concept of the put-togtherable bricks, rather to the bricks themselves. If you want to be specific, you use "Legoklodser" ("lego-bricks").

So: en legoklods, flere legoklodser, alle legoklodserne.

Yay for compound words.

/"Undervisningsdifferentiering" is the longest word in Danish dictionaries.
2005-01-22 03:49:57 PM  
How about a Lego PC

2005-01-22 04:14:22 PM  
White Stripes music playing in background....

The coolest things I hav seen done with legos are the video re-creations of Star wars and other movies made with legos. I think ifilm has some examples...
2005-01-22 04:23:41 PM  
how about a
Beretta 9mm pistol

Lego Heckler & Koch MP5/10

The real MP5/10

NOTE: first 2 links work but fark threw them out, said unfetchable
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