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(AP)   Having solved all other issues, The Wyoming House of Representatives voted 45-12 to establish the part-antelope, part-jackrabbit "animal" as the state's official mythical creature   (casperstartribune.net) divider line 98
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2005-01-21 11:28:42 PM
There are way worse things they could do.

/Count your blessings.
2005-01-21 11:28:54 PM
wheres the photo of the dude in the peter pan outfit when you need it
2005-01-21 11:33:54 PM

unavailable for comment.
2005-01-21 11:36:21 PM
They should have elected the Liger. It's pretty much my favorite animal. Half tiger, half lion, bred for its skill in magic.

(this time in the correct thread)
2005-01-21 11:58:15 PM
they should build a cake to celebrate. or maybe catch a delicious bass.
2005-01-22 12:00:38 AM
Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!

2005-01-22 12:01:18 AM
Headline immediately reminded me of Full House.
2005-01-22 12:01:53 AM
pete & repeat were in a boat.
2005-01-22 12:02:33 AM
Someone lives in Wyoming?
2005-01-22 12:02:54 AM
Chimera '08.
2005-01-22 12:03:08 AM
pete & repeat were in a boat.
2005-01-22 12:03:37 AM
If other states adopt an official mythical creature, they'll be following Wyoming's lead.

So that's two reasons not to.
2005-01-22 12:04:39 AM

2005-01-22 12:05:09 AM
pete & repeat were in a boat.
2005-01-22 12:05:35 AM
photoshop your favorite state's official mythical creature
2005-01-22 12:05:43 AM
We have the largest budget surplus in the nation, nearly the lowest taxes; no income tax, low property tax, 4% sales tax, very low crime rate, huge income from tourists, and generally a good lifestyle. I think they have time to play with this mythical animal thing for awhile.
2005-01-22 12:08:20 AM
My state appointed a squirrel with big nuts.
2005-01-22 12:08:37 AM
Would that budget surplus be because 8 people live there & the Feds pay for a lot of stuff anyway.

2005-01-22 12:09:58 AM
Pixar had no comment

(Link to info.)
2005-01-22 12:10:30 AM

Official Wyoming House of Representatives Application
2005-01-22 12:10:56 AM
MrEricSir Do you think it was a bad thing that the rest of the nation followed our example of allowing women to vote?
2005-01-22 12:12:20 AM
worst. headline. ever.
2005-01-22 12:12:57 AM

vote 4 liger
2005-01-22 12:14:04 AM
Wait, wait wait!!

Women can vote now?
2005-01-22 12:14:12 AM
I'm so glad society is being managed so well that they have the time to discuss great things of import such as; What should Wyoming's Official Mythical Creature be?
2005-01-22 12:14:45 AM
Massachusetts' Official State Mythical Creature:

2005-01-22 12:16:18 AM

They should have elected the Liger. It's pretty much my favorite animal. Half tiger, half lion, bred for its skill in magic.

Not far from where I live there was a Liger farm. One day the ligers escaped and the townsfolk shot them all to death.

/True story Ill go find a link
2005-01-22 12:16:39 AM
(i know, i know, i should have taken the time to photoshop the big head onto the half-naked body shot)
2005-01-22 12:17:51 AM
Jackelope is already a mediocre rock band, so why not?
2005-01-22 12:20:24 AM
Fark article generator stuck on repeat.

The fark personals girl is hot today.
2005-01-22 12:21:08 AM

Well, except for one of the highest per capita murder rates, and that certain cities like to use large pieces of land that could be used for something useful to build ANOTHER FARKING GOLF COURSE. You know, because we need 4 golf courses in a town of >50,000
2005-01-22 12:21:20 AM
dammit, does it constantly change? now I look gay...not that there's anything wrong with that
2005-01-22 12:21:48 AM
Er, pretend I closed the tag
2005-01-22 12:22:41 AM
2005-01-22 12:25:08 AM
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0933046103/104-7858692-7325527?v =glance

Well I'll be a ligers uncle, looks like someone wrote a book on the Ligertown story. Sorry html is against my religion.

It is a sad story indeed. The ligers were abused and mistreated only to be gunned down.
2005-01-22 12:26:51 AM
Ligers are not mythical. On the other hand, what about the famous, never-seen-on-earth, "Compassionate Conservative?"

/Just funnin', mostly. I know there are probably as many of these as there are ligers. Especially since a lot of the latter got shot near GodsRightHandGimp's place.
2005-01-22 12:27:53 AM
_bob I'm talking about Wyoming, not Northern Colorado, where you live.
2005-01-22 12:28:17 AM
Dang jackalopes, always gettin' inta th' garden.


2005-01-22 12:29:07 AM
I suppose I should add, for the sake of fairness, the "Reactionary Liberal."
2005-01-22 12:34:10 AM
Reminds me of the taxidermy page on fazed...
2005-01-22 12:35:00 AM

On the other hand, what about the famous, never-seen-on-earth, "Compassionate Conservative?"

It's been abducted by aliens, unfortunately they've vainly been searching for a "intelligent liberal" to breed it with.

/Served and volley'd
2005-01-22 12:38:05 AM
having solved all other problems, fark admins decide to run another repeat... and i could have saved 15% on my car insurance had i called geico...
2005-01-22 12:38:25 AM
Having solved all other issues, headline writer resorts to the tired "Having solved all other issues" joke.
2005-01-22 12:39:38 AM
Here is a link to the comments for the same article on Thursday:
2005-01-22 12:40:30 AM

LMAO, I think I shall build you a cake. That movie was also shot not far from where I live. Big ups to Idaho baby we finnaly have something come out of this state we can be proud of.
2005-01-22 12:48:55 AM

I don't think there is EVER a reason to post a picture of a half nekkid Tedward Kennedy.

/goes off to cry in the corner
2005-01-22 12:49:13 AM
That movie was also shot not far from where I live. Big ups to Idaho baby we finnaly have something come out of this state we can be proud of.

We had Benny and Joon.

/lives in Spokane, Wa.
//hangs head in shame.
2005-01-22 12:55:24 AM
HomerJaySimpson: We had Benny and Joon.

Dont worry brother, Singles made up for Benny and Joon but then again only because the awesome soundtrack made up the mediocre movie that was Singles.

Not shot in Spokane but close enough.
2005-01-22 12:57:15 AM
Made up FOR, made up FOR!

/eats McDonalds hamburger with staples to punish myself for not previewing.
2005-01-22 12:57:44 AM
Now look what you've done, understimulated, you made the girls CRY, bad understimulated, Bad!

/Next thing you know someone will beatch that you've added a political statement in a fark thread * GASP
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