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(Yahoo)   The following countries may be nuked by the U.S. in case of 'surprising military developments': China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria   ( divider line
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2002-03-09 10:35:13 AM  
Oh good.
2002-03-09 10:35:24 AM  
Why Russia? I thought Bush was all inviting Vladmir Putin to his ranch to eat hush puppies and whatnot.
2002-03-09 10:35:39 AM  
"Russia has been outlawed, we will begin bombing in 5 minutes."

Ronald Reagan.
2002-03-09 10:36:48 AM  
i thought tt news would b classified under "obvious"...
2002-03-09 10:38:26 AM  
WTF? Bush and pals don't think they do enough damage by backing terrorists (Israel) and invading other countries? Afghanistan was one thing, I agree that was a necessary retaliation for the 9/11. But all this bullying of every country that doesn't agree with us is stupid. WWIII is around the corner and Bush and pals are leading the way.
2002-03-09 10:41:14 AM  
Apparently marking things "Classified" in the Pentagon must mean "Send Priority Mail to All Major News Outlets" nowadays.
2002-03-09 10:41:34 AM  
Why am is Bush suddenly reminding me of the insane military general in movie Toys? YIKES!
2002-03-09 10:44:21 AM  
Citing a classified Defence Department report, the newspaper also reported that the military was also directed to build smaller nuclear weapons for use in certain battlefield situations.

The countries named in the secret report -- provided to Congress on January 8 -- were China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria, the LA Times reported.
OK, how about WTF? And by that, I mean WTF!!!! At least it isn't JUST the Chinese getting secret documents from the American government, but sheesh! Of course, this statement pretty much explains the absolute lack of secrecy: "provided to Congress on January 8." As they say, two men can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

My response though is that this is obvious; if some extreme sort of situation arises, the United States would be willing to use nuclear weapons. Say if some Syrian farkhole were to use a nuclear weapon in the middle of L.A., or an Iranian terrorist were to drop a bottle of small pox into the reservoirs of Chicago.
2002-03-09 10:45:23 AM  
Bush continues his wonderful strategy of telling nations that he wants to blow them up before he blows them up.

Bush (thundering voice): YOU, North Korea, shall be DESTROYED!!!

North Korea: Can we get a date on that?

Bush (ferocity melting from his face, looking down at piece of paper): Uh, I'm not too sure, but I'll get back to you on that ASAP.
2002-03-09 10:45:48 AM  
Just what we need. A nuclear winter. These countries are going to get pissed off and nail the USA. Then what happens?
2002-03-09 10:46:46 AM  
Bush the War President.
2002-03-09 10:46:51 AM  
Shreen: Israel ain't terrorists, moron. They are the only real democracy over in the middle east (case in point: even arabs have representation in the Knesset. Show me an arab country that has real representative democracy PERIOD, much less has any Jews in their government).

Israel has time and again given in to concessions. They've given up land repeatedly for peace. And they are justified to retaliate to cowardly terrorist attacks against them. Do your homework instead of just spewing what you've been spoonfed by the media.

As for bullying? It's not like we got up in the UN and said, "we will bury you" to these countries. It was a contingency plan that leaked. And you are a fool if you don't have contingency plans, because not everyone out there in the world thinks as rationally as westerners do. Sometimes the biggest deterrent is to carry a big stick. Besides, low-grade nukes aren't planet crackers. And it's not like we'd get into it with Russia, due to M.A.D. (mutual assured destruction). It's a contingency plan that is most likely the LAST thing the Pentagon wants to have to do.
2002-03-09 10:47:34 AM  
Arms control [said] "the report's directives...could signal that the Bush administration is more willing to overlook a long-standing taboo against the use of nuclear weapons except as a last resort.
Um, I'd say that this report sounds like nuclear weapons would be a last resort.
2002-03-09 10:47:48 AM  
kinda scary if you ask me.
2002-03-09 10:48:48 AM  
Ah poop...we're really going to get BUSHWACKED now!

As long as it doesn't hurt, and I don't feel a thing, then so be it, I can't change the future. I just don't want to suffer.

2002-03-09 10:49:54 AM  
As I understand it, Lebanon has a Parliamentary system, which is just as Democratic as, say, the UK.
2002-03-09 10:50:23 AM  
I just hope the other countries start being as open as Bush as to the fact that they are going to bomb us.
then we can look forward to martial law and what not.
2002-03-09 10:50:57 AM  
Nothing personal, Vladmir. It's just business.
2002-03-09 10:51:22 AM  
You're right, Mon. It IS kind of scary to contemplate the extreme, screwed up situation that would cause Bush to consider such a dreadful reaction. It's scary that someone in Congress would consider leaking plans of strategic importance. It's scary that the military and tactical planning are automatically considered to be wrong. Why are anti-military people not protesting insurance companies? After all, planning for death, ill health or car accidents obviously cause them, right?
2002-03-09 10:52:09 AM  
Go for it! Im tired of pandering to other countries! Piss them all off and them we blow them all up.. Screw WW3 i want WW4.
2002-03-09 10:52:48 AM  
India, the biggest democracy in the world.

Israel giving up land? sure, right after they took it from someone else,6189,380127,00.html

Also.. Isrel != Good,2763,664601,00.html

The broader thinking behind Israel's military escalation was unveiled this week by Mr Sharon, who said Israel must kill ever larger numbers of Palestinians until they submit.

The soldiers ordered all males between the ages of 14 and 40 to gather at a club in the centre of the camp, and began house-to-house searches.
(WW2 Germany anyone?)

More than 120 Palestinians have been killed since then. At least 15 bled to death because Israelis blocked ambulances from reaching the wounded, or fired at the vehicles, said Mustafa Barghouti, head of the Palestinian emergency services. Five Palestinian medical personnel have been killed in the past 36 hours, he added.

Yeah sure, thats a realy comendable Democracy :(
2002-03-09 10:54:13 AM  
Nobody wins that type of war, what is he thinking? Kinda scary that any cowboy with money can give the ok to push the button.
2002-03-09 10:54:14 AM  
these leaders need to get together and enjoy the opera
2002-03-09 10:54:35 AM  
Lebanon's Constitution:

Decide for yourself whether or not it's a representative democracy.
2002-03-09 10:54:46 AM  
Bah, nuke the US and be done with it. Or at least rid the world of these insane politicians who know no better than to declare war on the world.
2002-03-09 10:55:14 AM  
Errrr... Right. Just what we need now, piss everybody the fark off.
2002-03-09 10:56:24 AM  
Dum Dum deedle Dum Dum
Dum Dum deedle Dum Dum
There was a turtle by the name of Bert.
And bert the turtle was very alert.
When danger threatened him he never got hurt
he knew just what to do!
He'd duck and cover
duck and cover
he did what we must all learn to do
You and You and You and You
2002-03-09 10:57:24 AM  
War president or no, Bush needs to be ousted before we end up against the whole damn planet (excluding Israel of course, but thats another flame war entirely)
2002-03-09 10:58:12 AM  
These countries are going to get pissed off and nail the USA.

Will people never understand Mutual Assured Destruction? This leak was calculated, so that other nations (and terrorists) know that there are plans in the works for their full destruction. If Al Qaeda knows that we're going to nuke Mecca if they set off a nuclear/dirty bomb in New York, even those psychos will think twice.

Yes, this article will anger those nations, but hardly to the point they're going to strike first. The idea is that they won't.
2002-03-09 11:01:37 AM  
If Al Qaeda knows that we're going to nuke Mecca if they set off a nuclear/dirty bomb in New York, even those psychos will think twice.

hahaha sure.
2002-03-09 11:02:35 AM  
Imokruok: We would never nuke Mecca. At least, not until Saudi Arabia runs out of oil.
2002-03-09 11:02:45 AM  
Slick Willy come back!
2002-03-09 11:03:24 AM  
I agree with Severin, it would be a dream come true for Al Qaeda....But then SA isn't on the list of target nations...So much for that idea.

2002-03-09 11:03:25 AM  
not enough. they left out some viable targets in middle east and central asia.
2002-03-09 11:04:48 AM  
Czar: last time I checked, India wasn't in the Middle East, nor was it an Arab country. But thanks for playing.

Oh, and the land Israel took? Funny thing, that. Seems they didn't take it until AFTER they had been invaded from all sides, and repulsed the invaders. Odd that you didn't mention that.

You have the luxury of living in a country where you don't have to worry each time you get on a bus if it is going to explode. If you had to deal with people who, on the one hand, tell the rest of the world that they simply want peace, and then on the other hand, constantly preach hatred for you and call for "pushing you into the sea" you might think different.

Democracy works. But even democracies have to protect their people. We have a democratic republic, and we are protecting our people by rooting out terrorists. Israel is trying to do the same thing. Their problem is that they are smack dab in the middle of terrorism training ground territory.
2002-03-09 11:05:25 AM  
.......and the "rest" of the world lived happily ever after.
2002-03-09 11:06:21 AM  
Was this a leak or something like a Freedom of Information Act request? Was this inserted in the Congressional Record? Article isn't clear about it and haven't seen any other sources with more information just yet.

Either way, I doubt these plans will amount to anything unless we start taking very heavy losses at the hand of some other country. The guys in the Pentagon know the consequences of their actions, even beyond charred or disintegrated corpses, widespread environmental devestation, and generations of cancer sufferers. Retaliation from somebody would surely follow. We aren't the only ones with nukes anymore like in WWII. Can't imagine nuclear weapons would be used other than as a last resort, just like it's been for over fifty years.

Oh, and I saw some guys on TV this morning saying that their use was justified to go after terrorists. I don't think these people understand the destruction caused by a nuclear weapon. You don't use them to go after one guy or a small group. They're not exactly precision weapons.
2002-03-09 11:06:53 AM  
What are we waiting for? All of those countries deserve to be nuked. The sooner the better.
2002-03-09 11:09:46 AM  
03-09-02 11:02:45 AM Cpu_thrasher
"Slick Willy come back!"

-Why? So he can sell more delivery system technology to China?
2002-03-09 11:09:50 AM  
I doubt the US has the nuclear arsenal to completely destroy all these countries anyways. There always those crazy nuke intercepting missiles though. US is a jackass.
2002-03-09 11:10:05 AM  
Imokruok: You're precluding the idea that nutballs can set off 'dirty nukes' and not worry about dying in the process.

You think these idiots give a damn if they die, or what happens after they do? Cmon...
2002-03-09 11:13:55 AM  

Its that kind of thinking that will get us into the position of having to use nuclear weapons. Just because a country is different and doesnt follow the same example as the US doesnt mean it deserves to be blown into oblivion. Using nukes isnt the answer.

2002-03-09 11:16:35 AM  
"To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace."

George Washington, 1790
2002-03-09 11:17:21 AM  
Freakfoundation:Id rather be dealing getting along with a foriegn country than against it. Granted, you make a good point that giving that tech away was a big mistake, but making threats twoard countries is just going to get us into a whole shiatload of problems.
2002-03-09 11:18:10 AM  
Does the term sabre-rattling mean anything to anyone? It's certainly not like we're going to nuke anyone for the next guy who gets on a plane with a bomb in his shoe. It's simply a warning that if you're going to go to those extremes, don't think we won't too.

Agent97: Amen.
2002-03-09 11:18:20 AM  
"The countries named in the secret report -- provided to Congress on January 8"

See if you can spot where the security leak might be in the above sentence...
2002-03-09 11:21:31 AM  
We especially need to hit china, more than any other nation. After that all those other rogue states would fall in line. Then the rest of the world will start respecting us like they should, or at least fear us. What's the use in having the weapon if your afraid to use it.
2002-03-09 11:21:38 AM  

Hmmmm.. lets see leak....duhhhhh...

And these people represent us...

2002-03-09 11:22:09 AM  
I don't know what all the fuss is about...
Steve always wins the damn thing......
2002-03-09 11:24:06 AM  
Where the Fark is israel on the list? I vote them most likely to use a small nuke in the occupied West Bank anyday now, probably top take out a stone-throwing 12 year-old or a pregnant woman. An Israel actually has nukes and bio weapons!

Last time I checked Syria had a few rusty tanks and planes.

This is just a "warning" to Syria to keep quiet as the USA and UK prepare to destroy what is left of Iraq.
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