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(Contact Music)   Paris Hilton, having starred in a crappy TV show and peddled her naked body for money, experiments with theft at a video retailer in an apparent step-by-step effort to re-create the career of Dana Plato   ( divider line
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20518 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2005 at 10:04 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-21 05:30:29 PM  
the worst thing, was when Dana Plato died, I was watching TV around that time, and a "preview" of the news that evening pops on, and it says "Next, what tragedy has befallen tv actress Dana Plato this time? Find out on Channel 7 News at Eleven!" .. so, I actually left it tuned in, News at 11 starts, it says "Former child actress Dana Plato has died today."

That was the ENTIRE story. That was ALL They said.

That was the first time in my life that I was SO pissed off at news coverage, that I actually sent a page long email about how shiatty Channel 7 News is.
2005-01-21 05:33:16 PM  
This report about Paris actually makes me feel sorry for her.

Dammit! I don't want to do that. I was so happy with my disdain.
2005-01-21 05:42:08 PM  
The thing is, is that at one time Dana Plato was a relatively good person. Paris Hilton is just plain a slut.
2005-01-21 05:43:57 PM  

This report about Paris actually makes me feel sorry for her.

Dammit! I don't want to do that. I was so happy with my disdain.

Sorry for what? The fact that she can't come to grips with a mistake that she made in the past. So she acts like a criminal and a child because of it? I feel no pity for those that can't accept their mistakes nad move past them.
2005-01-21 05:49:29 PM  
Career? She has a career?
2005-01-21 05:55:07 PM  
C'mon, face the facts: Dand Plato was a penniless, alcoholic, drug-crazed insane bisexual.

Paris Hilton is all those and rich.
2005-01-21 05:59:03 PM  

At least Dana's -start- in acting wasn't in pr0n0.
2005-01-21 06:00:19 PM  
If Paris is upset she has no one to blame but herself.

Fame is short lived, bad homemade porn is forever.
2005-01-21 06:02:18 PM  
ekdikeo4: At least Dana's -start- in acting wasn't in pr0n0.

Yeah, but Paris doesn't aspire to anything other than what she is. With barely an exception, she's unrepentant about the porno (just how they market it).
2005-01-21 06:02:37 PM  
If this means Paris Hilton will suffer an untimely demise, I hope she goes for it.
2005-01-21 06:03:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
what happens in vegas, stays in vegas

/just sayin'
2005-01-21 06:10:04 PM  
More Paris... ugh..
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-21 06:12:07 PM  
Cerie: If Paris is upset she has no one to blame but herself.

And the asshat who sold their home movies to get back at her... but yeah, lets blame Paris for everything; after all, she's rich.
2005-01-21 06:19:50 PM  
I guess it's the first time she didnt get what she wanted.

It's pretty sad... not because of Paris, but because of the video... because of that, my wife doesn't want to make a home made porno because it could "get out on the internet like 'one night in Paris'."

Anyone else's woman reluctant on making a video because it might get misplaced?
2005-01-21 06:20:27 PM  
Dear police sniper,


Thank you,
2005-01-21 06:21:39 PM  
And the asshat who sold their home movies to get back at her... but yeah, lets blame Paris for everything; after all, she's rich.

Oh yes let's all feel sorry for poor little Paris who pushes that porno like a pro to promote herself..
And I could care less how much money she has. Read back
Golden_Eternity I never said anything about her being rich.

At least Dana's -start- in acting wasn't in pr0n0.

Hey does a soft core movie at the end of Dana's life count?
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2005-01-21 06:21:58 PM  
after all, she's rich.

And stupid.
Let's not forget stupid.
/goes to see if they still execute retarded people in her state.
2005-01-21 07:04:03 PM  
Good headline
2005-01-21 07:19:24 PM  
i dunno, it -seemed- to me like plato had gone to porn in a state of desperation, to try to gain back what she used to have.

Paris is just a nasty skanky whore.
2005-01-21 10:13:06 PM  
I would have thought, given that the name Hilton Hotels is a reasonable brand, that the companies PR people would do anything to shut this fuscking skanky ho up.

I mean, would you be happy staying at a Hilton knowing your money is going to feed the lavish lifestyle of this spoilt brat?

If she was my daughter and acted like this, she would be brought down to earth *real quick*.
2005-01-21 10:13:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-21 10:13:30 PM  
its an unauthorized release of her having a private sexual encounter.
i dont like the biotch, but damn, give her a break.
youd be singing a different tune if it was you.
golden rule and all, right ?
2005-01-21 10:15:32 PM  
wait, who is paris hilton?

thats what i SHOULD be thinking......why is she famous?
10,000 nip slips = fame?
2005-01-21 10:17:39 PM  
Send her to jail with the rest of the thefts.. at least we could get more videos.
2005-01-21 10:17:43 PM  

2005-01-21 10:19:42 PM  
so the rich aren't above the law after all?
2005-01-21 10:20:44 PM  
funniest farking headline for some reason.
2005-01-21 10:21:40 PM  
Nice job submitter
2005-01-21 10:23:17 PM  

C'mon, face the facts: Dand Plato was a penniless, alcoholic, drug-crazed insane bisexual.

Paris Hilton is all those and rich.

Yeah, but Dana was actually good looking.
2005-01-21 10:23:27 PM  
Unauthorized release my a$$. Met Paris once at a sister-in-law's party (sister-in-law is an actress, you all know her) and Paris will tell anyone who asks that she made sure the video got out.
2005-01-21 10:24:06 PM  
Oh, come on people, just because she's a biatch it doesn't make everything she does evil. If you made a video of yourself having sex and found out that people were selling and making money off of it, without your consent, you'd go pretty batshiat too. I almost feel like I'm overhearing the band talk about the head cheerleader.

There are a few reasons to hate her (and many more to ignore her), but this isn't one of 'em.
2005-01-21 10:24:45 PM  
I assume she lost a lawsuit on having this thing sold on the open market right?

/ashamed to have RTFA
2005-01-21 10:25:25 PM  
sorry about the double post, please delete one mods.
2005-01-21 10:26:32 PM  
I bet most of the people here would feel differently if it was a video of their mom or sister being passed around.
2005-01-21 10:27:36 PM  
She's an act of vandalism in and of herself! Apart from an attractive figure, I find NOTHING attactive about her at all.....

...Now Yomiko Readman, from Read or Die. THERE'S a hotty ^_^
2005-01-21 10:29:52 PM  
All I'm sayin is that I've had sex with girls that were WAY less better looking than Paris Hilton.

/that's all I'm sayin
2005-01-21 10:30:47 PM  

You can have your ticket punched at the door. Would you like a damp towel?

[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-21 10:31:29 PM  
Someone PLEASE inform the media that Paris Hilton's 15 minutes are up, and we should now be focusing on yet another worthless person.
2005-01-21 10:31:30 PM  
Mappy4prez... Yomiko? No no no, the hottie from Read or Die was quite clearly Nancy Makahari.
2005-01-21 10:34:28 PM  

Yea, I hear it's pretty hot down there, are you the new administrator ? Did Paris stop by lately ?
2005-01-21 10:34:45 PM  
yep... it's a shame r.o.d. sucks so much.

that headline was a little misleading... I expected to feel better about myself by the end of the article but I only felt compassion. I'm disappointed.
2005-01-21 10:34:58 PM  
Paris who?
2005-01-21 10:35:54 PM  
80 cents? what is that suppose to buy? sympathy?

She probly got more fame then she wanted from those videos.
2005-01-21 10:36:10 PM  
Hey, Paris should be KISSING THE GODS TO HIGH HEAVEN that that video made her as popular as she is. You think her show would get nearly as much ratings if it didn't? You think there'd be this many articles on Fark about her? You'd think she'd be on Saturday Night Live? You'd think anyone else in the country would give a shiat? No.

It's the video that made her, not the other way around. She of all people should know that.

Now, with that said: I think this is the first time we've actually seen her show at least a shred of dignity. People hate Paris because she has absolutely no morals whatsoever, and she doesn't seem to possess enough electrical energy in her brain to figure out what she's done. Except now?!?! Now it finally dawns on her that everyone thinks she's a skanky hose-beast? Now she finally realizes that all those sneering glances and snickering behind her back don't equate to high respect? Now she doesn't want to become a stupid, spoiled rich attention whore anymore?

Ummm...sorry, sweetie. You made this bed, now sleep in it. Reap what you sow.
2005-01-21 10:36:12 PM  
Not an administrator. But you spammers have a special place.
2005-01-21 10:36:23 PM  
I've heard the new song from her upcoming album.

Surprisingly, it's pretty kickass.

Better than Ashlee, certainly.
2005-01-21 10:38:32 PM  
I'd hit it if she offered me a joint
2005-01-21 10:38:46 PM  
Stop feeling sorry for her. She bankrolled the release of the vid to get her name out and make her silly tv show popular. Some people are such attention hounds that they will do anything to become a household word. And btw, just cause she did a prono does not make her a skank. I dare any one of you uber geeks to kick her out of bed, provided you ever had the chance. She is so hot I would pay good $$ to fark her, really, I would.
2005-01-21 10:38:54 PM  
I think it funniest she only took one copy, AND that she gave the clerk 80 cents. If she had any (figurative) balls she'd have trashed the store and slapped the clerk silly.
2005-01-21 10:39:35 PM  
Ummm, not that it doesn't suck, but you should never make a video of yourself having sex if you want to be 100% certain it will never go public. Anything can happen. In this case, the guy in the video allowed it to be sold. Her mistake isn't something to feel sorry for her about--she had to know that guy was a creep the way he talked to her in the video.

What he did was wrong because now he won't be able to film himself with anymore women. A pity.
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