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(Chick)   Why Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong   ( divider line
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10957 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Mar 2002 at 1:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-09 01:04:45 AM  
Ah, Chick.
2002-03-09 01:05:30 AM  
i dunno, i think their book deals are scarier than the devils in this cartoon, he;; those deals are the scariest thing ever....
2002-03-09 01:05:33 AM  
That. Is. One. Impressive. Filter. You have no idea how many spaces I put in there. Oh well. Second post, na na na, and JW are annoying.
2002-03-09 01:08:06 AM  
Whoa. Looks like it was linked wrong. Not sure, but I think they were trying to link to here
2002-03-09 01:11:55 AM  
I knew that already.
2002-03-09 01:12:00 AM  
"Everyone told me hell was one big party!"
2002-03-09 01:13:28 AM  
I liked this better then Robert Berry made fun of it.

anyways, we know that JWs are wrong, we just don't need to be told that. ;-)

JWs are the World's longest lasting specific doomsday cult. Changing their story whenever they fail to get it right.
2002-03-09 01:14:14 AM  
I went to a Christian school for a couple of years, those little comics were great. I laughed all the time. My personal favorite are the ones saying that the pope was the antichrist. IT ALL TRUE OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *choke* *spittle*
2002-03-09 01:14:24 AM  
It's great how Chick tracts always seem to make fun of little kids who end up in hell because they didn't know any better. You stupid little farkers, you're going to be burning in hell FOREVER!!!!

Real compassionate. I'm glad this guy really understands the idea of forgiveness.
2002-03-09 01:15:52 AM  
Chick molested me
2002-03-09 01:16:24 AM  
HEY! Armageddon did happen in 1975.

Doesn't anyone remember disco?
2002-03-09 01:18:56 AM  
Chakalakasp, that's the funniest shiat ever!!!

"We've got a bleeder!!!!" ROFLMAO!!!!
2002-03-09 01:19:41 AM  
Ummm... i'm trying to understand what the fark this has to do with Jehovah's Witnesses. Is this a link to the wrong chick tract or is suicide a common thing among Jehovah's Witnesses?
2002-03-09 01:20:11 AM  
I'd suspect Armageddon would involve alot more death.

Just living in hell doesn't make it Armageddon, or else it's been Armageddon in Kansas City Kansas for 20 years straight.

Same goes if you live in a Kansas City Missouri High School building.
2002-03-09 01:21:37 AM  
Who cares if they're right or wrong? Isn't being annoying bad enough?
2002-03-09 01:24:46 AM  
Homer: "And what if we picked the wrong religion? Every week, we're just making God madder and madder!"
2002-03-09 01:25:46 AM  
Note to self- hell is not one big party.
According to Dante, unbaptized babies belong in the first circle (I think) of hell- eternal melencholy without hope. God bless those crazy christians...
2002-03-09 01:26:27 AM  
You mean all my friends were wrong when they said hell was a big party??? DAMMIT, i JUST finished makin' my noose! Now what am i going to do with it???
2002-03-09 01:28:02 AM  
Jack Chick is funny.

Except why doesn't he do something worth while like debunking Scientology instead of the damn Jehova's Witnesses
2002-03-09 01:28:37 AM  
Use it to trap wabbits.
2002-03-09 01:29:31 AM  
This is all farked up. JWs don't believe in hell.

Unless hell is having to knock on stranger's door at 9am on a Saturday.
2002-03-09 01:34:11 AM  
I know a girl who met Prince at a JH meeting. I thought that was kinda cool.
2002-03-09 01:36:35 AM  

2002-03-09 01:37:04 AM  
Oh....i forgot to mention something. A few days ago at school, there was an announcement for the registration of a new class. Its offered by a local Christian school. Of all classes, its logic. A Christian school teaching logic???? WTF?!?!? Me and my friends got a GREAT laugh.
2002-03-09 01:37:55 AM  
I thought this was a joke at first it sucked so much...could religious publications be a bit more redundant? no? kthnxdrvthru.
2002-03-09 01:37:58 AM  
hahahahahahahahahahaha...thats great...why don't they just call it the "anti-catholic, anti-semitic, anti-muslim fun- time hate-others short-read flipbook thing"...JW's sink themselves..they don't need a damn flipbook printed about them to tell people they are nuts..
2002-03-09 01:38:08 AM  
I find it hard to believe in Hell because all it seems to offer is pain.
So what? Pain is just a stimulus informing you that there's trouble somewhere in your body. If you "burn forever in hell" then there's really nothing to worry about you getting hurt or anything, because you can't die/get injured by doing it.

Not to be flamebait or anything, just something I noticed.
2002-03-09 01:38:34 AM  
Chick: What a mess...A little girl bleeding to death and her folks are Jehovah's Witnesses.

Real life: What a mess...A little girl bleeding to death and her folks have no insurance.
2002-03-09 01:38:50 AM  
Meanviking: How cool will you think it is when Prince starts getting his skin bleached, has multiple freaky plastic surgeries and starts living with a monkey named Bubbles?
2002-03-09 01:40:18 AM  

I thought it's Chick's version of There's Something About Mary. :P
2002-03-09 01:42:34 AM  
i don't get it...JW's believe that only a certain number of people are going to be saved when armagedeon comes from the top of some mountain...the number is like 10,000 or 140,000..but thats favorite question to ask them is "so, if i convert to your religion does that mean that you don't get to go?"..
2002-03-09 01:42:47 AM  
JWs think a loving God wouldn't burn people for eternity.

Of course, He would lay waste to them by the billions, condemned to eternal oblivion, for not recognizing the REAL government of God in Brooklyn.
2002-03-09 01:44:23 AM  
This cats head is on backwards (first frame).

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-09 01:45:28 AM  
yeah..i noticed that too
2002-03-09 01:46:35 AM  
Know what happens when you die?

You farkin rot in the ground!
2002-03-09 01:50:53 AM  
It probably relates to some bible passage...

"And upon the speech of the holy man, the head of the feline-beast did spin in multitudes, and did most greatly resemble that little girl in The Excorcist, and eyes of the woman-child did grow widened, and she attained the visage of one who is stricken with idiocy, and the Lord was pleased..."
2002-03-09 01:52:49 AM  
its the yellow eyes man...they make the cat all freaky and stuff man...
2002-03-09 01:55:07 AM  
2002-03-09 01:55:30 AM  
I wonder what Chick comics would say about buying a used Real Doll off of Ebay.
2002-03-09 01:59:56 AM  
a USED one?!? ewwwwwwwww......
2002-03-09 02:02:57 AM  
Copenhagen The cat is possesed by the demons.. duh. Youre such a nutty comic novice.
MBK [recently expired TotalFark]
2002-03-09 02:03:17 AM  
i found a jack chick comic at wendys, changed my life forever, i got the spicy chicken sandwich instead of the regular one...this one was called party girl, it involved a warehouse full of defective condoms
2002-03-09 02:09:22 AM  
I wonder if Chick would be interested in a warehouse full of used defective condoms off of eBay. With a free Real Doll thrown in (used of course).
2002-03-09 02:18:44 AM  
the more fundies I meet the more I like Buddha
2002-03-09 02:20:53 AM  
from the Chick website:"When a priceless carpet is permanently stained, its owner learns that only Jesus' blood can remove the stain of sin."

Spokespersons Condit and Simpson
2002-03-09 02:32:58 AM  
Lookout! It's Xenu!!
2002-03-09 02:35:01 AM  
Hey, they even have a section where you can "MEET JESUS", then why is everyone still waiting around???? click the link already.... then maybe those rapture posters from 1992 would not be plastered on all the telephone poles and permanant metal surfaces within like a 30 mile radius of here....
2002-03-09 02:43:02 AM  
I just read this. Did I miss a reference to Jehovah's Witnesses in there? Oh well.
2002-03-09 02:44:14 AM  
Either the link is wrong or the headline is wrong. Either way, it's a good 50% farkage. Somewhere up there on the thread is a more likely link.
2002-03-09 02:51:17 AM  
"Just think, preacher... the day my boyfriend went to Hell is the day I flaked on him!"
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