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(Canoe)   Dead hockey fan gets the last word on Bettman and Goodnow   ( divider line 165
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21695 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2005 at 1:17 PM (10 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-21 09:08:20 AM  
Classic - hey Bettman, Goodenow I sure hope you are fired soon - you both don't know shiat about running a hockey league
2005-01-21 09:26:09 AM  
I am so sick of having no hockey. If they don't get their shiat together soon, there will be no next season either.

2005-01-21 09:27:41 AM  
Nice. There's no other way of putting it.
2005-01-21 09:31:03 AM  
since there is no hockey, i don't miss not having a TV... for some reason, no one rips hockey games and puts them on the net
2005-01-21 09:36:52 AM  
That's great! Maybe he can pull some strings "upstairs" and help get this thing settled.
2005-01-21 09:55:29 AM  
I, for one, salute our dead-crotchety-band-wagonning-hockey-fan overlords.
2005-01-21 09:57:13 AM  
Here it is on the Ottawa Citizen site.
2005-01-21 10:01:17 AM  
I heard an interview with John Davidson the other day, and he was saying that if this lasts into the summer, the NHLPA has better legs to stand on. Then the owners start to lose, since with no resolution pending, and having no league to offer for next year, they can't sell to advertisers.

Who's going to pay good dollars to advertise in a league that may or may not exist?

Asshats. I just wish this would get settled.
2005-01-21 10:15:45 AM  
Thank heaven for biatchy boys.
They grow up in the most grump-assed way!

Those little eyes so squinted while they're squealing
One day will sag and in a rage they'll crash' thru the ceiling.

Thank heaven for biatchy boys.
They grow up in the most grump-assed way!

For without them what would little mildly humorous human-interest-story-columnists do?
2005-01-21 10:18:36 AM  
Joke's on the dead guy, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and players union leader Bob Goodenow are still alive.
2005-01-21 10:54:58 AM  
As the obscure syphilis-ridden philosopher Federov Nietzche once said, when one lives without hockey is one TRULY alive?
2005-01-21 11:17:33 AM  
Maybe, since the man has crossed over, he can call on the 20th century's most powerful necromancer, Babe Ruth, for intercession in his cause.
2005-01-21 01:19:12 PM  
Fark Gary Bettman in his ass with an iron stick.
2005-01-21 01:23:03 PM  

Negotiations stall until bizarre organ music starts playing.
2005-01-21 01:23:53 PM  
Accept the hard salary cap NHLPA, drop the puck already.
2005-01-21 01:24:56 PM  
Amen to that Archie!

May you rest in peace!
2005-01-21 01:25:42 PM  
2005-01-21 01:26:14 PM  
That, dearest farkers, is a fan.

2005-01-21 01:26:33 PM  

"Archie thought the world of Mr. Gretzky, believed Bobby Orr was the best player ever, and loved Mario Lemieux."

Man, I really like the cut of this guy's jib now. For that comment alone, I'd kidnap Bettman and Goodenow for that man, and force them both, under penalty of assault by a wet noodle, to resign their positions.

2005-01-21 01:26:50 PM  
good for him, except for that whole death thing.
2005-01-21 01:27:20 PM  
Wayne Greatzky as NHL commissioner?

thats as unlikely as Dave Thomas rising from the dead
2005-01-21 01:28:19 PM  
TheJuiceIsLoose Take off eh. You Hoser.
2005-01-21 01:28:59 PM  
What we need are some scabs like these guys:
2005-01-21 01:29:09 PM  
NHLPA is being reasonable about it, it's the Owners that need to get a grip. It's certianly not the players fault that the owners are irresponsible.

F Bettman and F the Rangers ownership for starting this whole fiasco.

If everyone ran thier organization like New Jersey, Dallas, Detroit, Ottawa, or Tampa Bay, they wouldn't be in this mess. Yet here we are with irresponsible owners who think that spending money is the answer to losses.
2005-01-21 01:30:20 PM  
Fark the NHL. Support your AHL, ECHL, IHL, OHL, etc. leagues.
2005-01-21 01:30:39 PM  

I am so sick of having no hockey. If they don't get their shiat together soon, there will be no next season either.

If they don't get their shiat together soon, there won't be a league next season. Not the NHL, anyway.
2005-01-21 01:31:09 PM  
Ornery, cantankerous old people rule!

/getting "ornery" tatooed on my stomach.
2005-01-21 01:31:27 PM  
2005-01-21 01:31:41 PM  
"Bettman and Goodnow"



What's that?
2005-01-21 01:32:30 PM  
A true hero of the sport. That crotchety old fart (meant in the highest respect), should be named honorary NHL commisioner...

Gretzky as commissioner...hmm...that'd be something. He's got experience as both a player and part owner...
2005-01-21 01:32:36 PM  

-1000 points. Duke sucks.
2005-01-21 01:33:14 PM  
Dear Bettman and Goodenow,
Go to a Green Bay Packers game, and watch a team with the smallest market in pro sports be competative. Now go south a ways and watch a Brewers game, and watch a team that will be nothing more than a farm team for the Yank-mes, Blow Sox and Dodge-ems.

Goodenow: Accept a hard cap. 5 years from the game will be stronger than ever.
Bettman: Quit trying to make the NHL into "Gary Bettman Presents: The NHL. A Gary Bettman Joint."

Once you've done that, both of you need to take a long walk off a short pier. Trust me, it's for the good of humanity.

"Fixing what's wrong with the game" involves locking those two in a room filled with starving wolves.
2005-01-21 01:33:36 PM  
For those who are mad about not having hockey, the AHL, ECHL, college and high school hockey...get yer fix, and support the locals ;)
2005-01-21 01:34:37 PM  
If Bettman was in any other job or position he would have been fired long ago! What's so different this time!
2005-01-21 01:34:40 PM  
Powell, Bettman, Goodenow ... Who else?
2005-01-21 01:34:52 PM  
The owners are waiting until they can impose a settlement, which will be around October ???. The current NHLers can choose to play for a nominal salary (a few million compared to many millions) or they can retire or get jobs in the real world.
2005-01-21 01:35:55 PM  
This is just another reason why hockey fans are the best professional sports fans.

Dear NHL execs,

Let us have hockey next year or we'll pray for aliens to come and anally probe you every night.

Hockey Fans Everywhere
2005-01-21 01:37:27 PM  
Cool Hand Luke:

NHLPA is being reasonable about it, it's the Owners that need to get a grip. It's certianly not the players fault that the owners are irresponsible.

That's right, because the owners have been forcing the players to accept ridiculous saleries.

Until the players turn down contracts that are too high, they have no right to complain that it's the owners that let things get out of hand.
2005-01-21 01:38:18 PM  
This would have been their year...

2005-01-21 01:38:32 PM  
unknown host

"Fixing what's wrong with the game" involves locking these two in a room filled with pissed off hockey fans. Will be much more violent then just wolves...
2005-01-21 01:39:15 PM  
Perhaps Bettman and Goodenow could respond in a similar forum, like their own obituaries.
2005-01-21 01:39:30 PM  
Contract Phoenix, San Jose, Florida, Carolina, Nashville and Columbus immediately. Place Atlanta, Pittsburgh (sorry to say it) and Anaheim on probation, if they don't meet attendance figures they're out as well. No new franchises until they can support an AHL team that's practically selling out every night over the course of three years. Award regional cable sports networks television contracts. No network will take it now, and they'll have to rebuild from the ground up in the US. And, for god's sake, put on the cap. Are Michael Vick, Allen Iverson, Terrell Owens or Tom Brady having financial troubles? They all play in leagues with caps. Drop the puck and let's go already.

The fact of the matter is, the league will never be a dominant #1, and some of us like it that way.
2005-01-21 01:39:51 PM  
They should put this guy in the Hockey Hall of Fame, in place of that guy who was the head of the players union & stole all their money.
2005-01-21 01:41:52 PM  
No new franchises until they can support an AHL team that's practically selling out every night over the course of three years.

Christ...there goes Boston
2005-01-21 01:43:13 PM  

This would have been their year...

No doubt. I think this is a conspiracy to keep the 'Nucks down. When was the last lockout? That's right, the year after we made it to the finals.

/going to go cry in my white towel.
2005-01-21 01:43:34 PM  
Tonights NHL schedule:


Game of the evening:
Toronto at Ottawa, 7:30 PM face-off
2005-01-21 01:44:10 PM  
From pg 2 of the article...
"Three generations of love for the game: David Bennitz, holding a wartime photograph of his dad Archie, with his son Joshua, a midget AA goalie in Kanata."

A little sensitivity, please. I think they prefer the term "little person AA goalie in Kanata."

/If you outlaw making fun of midgets, only outlaws, etc...
2005-01-21 01:44:42 PM  
Hero indeed.

Screw you NHL.
2005-01-21 01:45:43 PM  
Let the Original Six play!
2005-01-21 01:46:28 PM  
Trumped from the grave!

I hope this guy haunts Bettman and Goodenow forever for what they've done to my beloved sport : (

All work and no hockey make Macman37 very, very sad.
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