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(Denver Channel)   Rare disorder causes your limbs to fall off. It's supposed to be really painful.   ( divider line
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2002-03-09 03:17:24 AM  
i hope this diseases catches some fat nerdy kids baby.
2002-03-09 03:17:38 AM  
Good headline
2002-03-09 03:20:18 AM  
Poor lady,this is pretty sad actually
2002-03-09 03:21:30 AM  
I used to work EDS, damn Texans.
2002-03-09 03:25:27 AM  
i hate it when my joints come apart. especially those fatties that take 10 minutes to roll up.
2002-03-09 03:26:00 AM  
ha ha.
funniest news story ever.
2002-03-09 03:27:49 AM  
nice banner ad to go along with this story:
2002-03-09 03:28:54 AM  
Painful and sad? Sure.

But if she robbed a bank, how would they keep her behind bars? In handcuffs? They would have to get a huge jello mold just to hold her and the taxpayers would NOT want to pay for that.
2002-03-09 03:29:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-09 03:30:48 AM  
so , I guess a hand-job is out of the Question ...
2002-03-09 03:33:57 AM  
My best friend was farking this girl one time, and he was holding her up like against a wall. Well, he droped her, and she bent and "sprained" his limb. He had to go to the hospital for it and everything.
2002-03-09 03:33:58 AM  
It's chronic, painful and often deadly.
Best. Summation. Ever.
2002-03-09 03:38:42 AM  
Rock me baby, rock me all night long
Rock me baby, honey, rock me all night long
I want you to rock me baby, like my back ain't got no bone
2002-03-09 03:40:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-09 03:46:58 AM  
haha plool. torso man.
2002-03-09 04:00:15 AM  
the scary fact is there's no explanation for who gets the syndrome or why they get it

I hope you don't get it from reading about it.
2002-03-09 04:14:01 AM  
"They just look at me they think, 'Wow, you look good,' you know, and it's very frustrating because it's all inside where you're falling apart"

Wow, you look good. Hey, your arm just fell off.
2002-03-09 04:25:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

You have no arms. Tis only a flesh wound.
2002-03-09 04:34:24 AM  
Headline of article on The Denver Channel:"Rare Disorder Causes Limbs To Come Apart"

Last sentence in article:"Though most people have never heard of EDS, it is not a rare disorder."

So is it rare or not dang it?
2002-03-09 04:42:43 AM  
My girlfriend can put her ankles behind her head.
2002-03-09 05:11:54 AM  
"My girlfriend can put her ankles behind her head."

Indeed; a shameless plug, indeed. Cheers.
2002-03-09 07:26:02 AM  
Q: What does Joan Collins put behind her ears to attract men?

A: Her ankles
2002-03-09 07:43:07 AM  
Dildo Sally is a newbie lets beat her.

oh wait, for shame!

never say such things! oh my sweet i am sorry!

but i am ready! for you babe! want 2 T0K? email and I wil respond uh! MY SUPERIOR ABS LONG FOR A WOMAN LIKE YOU
2002-03-09 07:44:41 AM  

god bless any girl that can put her ankles behind her head...

Anyone see the Headline next to that story under "Diabetes Center" ??? "Don't Toss The Salad....." baaaawaaaaawaaaa

2002-03-09 07:57:03 AM  
WTF is she doing on that couch? Is she petting some kind of animal? Possible photoshop...
2002-03-09 08:06:00 AM  
She kept her poise during the interview... I would've thought she would've gone all to pieces.
2002-03-09 09:44:15 AM  
Mr Fitness: The seniority freaks are sleeping it off, and anyway she's no newbie in relation to you. I think that's how this works...

Shameless: if she's not a Farkette, she should be--and you might consider donating her your name.
2002-03-09 09:46:59 AM  
OBB--LOL! Where's Patsy Cline now that we really need her?

I guess she did the same thing, come to think of it...
2002-03-09 10:42:12 AM  
Painful? Really? limbs falling of is painful? I don't get it
2002-03-09 10:48:28 AM  
2002-03-09 11:05:42 AM  
i thought eds was erectile disfunction syndrone. By the way she is holding something in the picture a cat?
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
maybe I should do one that says "Viagra, The stiffy maker"
2002-03-09 11:41:44 AM  
You all realize that "limbs falling off" is not a symptom of EDS, right? Yes, I know it's funnier if the limbs really did fall off, but if you have to blatantly misinterpret the article to make the joke work, you're really stretching it...
2002-03-09 01:46:00 PM  
If you've every seen any circus 'rubber men', they're often people who suffer from EDS. It's a pretty horrible disorder, but no, it doesn't make your limbs fall off.
2002-03-09 02:25:02 PM  
Arm Fall-Off Boy

Affiliiation: Legion of Substitute Heroes, Heroes of Lallor (30th Century)

Background: A native mutant of the mutant-hating world of Lallor, Floyd
Belkin grew up in hiding, reared by sympathetic sympathizers,
aneristic-yet-not-hopeless anarchists, erisian escapists, and motherly
mutants. His friends were all weirdos, like him...Duplicate Boy and Gas
Girl are two examples of other Lallorian mutant-heroes. All his life, he
lived with the fact that he wasn't -like- everyone else...marked by his
orange skin and detachable limbs. Finally, his chance for escape arrived.
With tears of farewell from his mutant friends and surrogate families,
Floyd stowed away on a freigher headed for Earth. As soon as he arrived,
he knew this was the place for him - there were so many mutants and
metahumans, and the diversity was so amazingly beautiful! Upon his
entrance into Terran society, he succeeded in joining the amazing Legion
of Substitute Heroes, and is currently being taught to lose his limbs with
a manifest this power as the focused totality of his
long-opressed yet glorious mutant abilities!

Powers: Floyd's limbs - that is, ARMS and LEGS only (that's what limbs
are, not digits like fingers and toes:)) detach right below the shoulder
and right below the torso. They fall off at will, but also (sometimes)

Skills: Very good at lying on the ground, helpless...can club people with
various limbs, provided he still has an arm or so, he can
make his limbs fall off in strategic places, so villains trip over

Special Abilities: You can chop at Arm Fall-Off Boy with a sword or something,
and if you get him in exactly the right places at the exactly correct
angles, you won't hurt him and his limbs will detach just like they
normally do. If he's having a sword swung at him, though, he's probably
already fallen all to pieces from panic. If you get him with a sword or
whatever in any other places, though, you'll hurt him pretty badly and the
only way he can fight you is by bleeding on you.

Flaws: No mental flaws, except maybe scarring from the years of trauma
and angst on the mutant-hating world of Lallor.:)

Disadvantages: Floyd's power is rather useless. I mean, his arms and legs
come off, right? Then what? Nothing! End of story. He lies there looking
helpless, while his arms and legs are just kind of lying there doing
nothing. The other Subs always have to rescue him...:)

Personality: Floyd is a very cheerful guy, considering his unhappy
origin. However, his current status with the Legion Subs provide him
with just the right environment to flourish.
2002-03-09 03:33:00 PM  
Damn... Gearjammer beat me to it. Oh well. His pic is better than mine anyway. :)
2002-03-09 04:21:45 PM  
Timobryan- Bored?
2002-03-09 04:27:18 PM  
SpaceGhost got that didn't he?
2002-03-09 06:44:51 PM  
Damn! My left arm has come off.. How am I supposed to operate my digital watch now?
- Arthur Dent, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
2002-03-09 06:49:46 PM  
Not that bored -- that's real, believe it or not. Arm Fall-Off Boy exists.
2002-03-09 10:27:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available] It's me. I think I have a mild case of Ehlers-Danlos.
2002-03-09 10:43:28 PM  
By the way, I'm not really that ugly. Just a bad picture.
2002-03-10 05:59:59 AM  
I work for EDS. I suffer daily.
2002-03-10 06:05:00 AM  
Boy wouldn't it be great to have a detachable penis... just think of the possibilities, say you have to leave for work but your girl wants sex, you can just leave the penis at home with her, you won't need it at work anyway.

I think I'll write a song about it.
2002-03-10 08:55:30 AM  

detachable penis...great idea...really dear(insert name), tonight I've got Tom Cruise's penis on, so you're really having sex with him, not me. Think it would work?
2002-03-10 12:12:45 PM  
Don't know if it would actually work, but it would give the old saying "I wouldn't fark her with your prick and blame it on him" a little more credibility.
2002-03-10 04:17:50 PM  
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