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(Detroit Free Press)   Woman has giant baby. In other news, drunken, incoherent stork found at local bar weeping and muttering, "So big... it was so big..."   ( divider line
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2005-01-20 08:30:28 AM  
Good work on the headline.
2005-01-20 08:33:02 AM  
My sympathy to this lady.
My son weighed 10lbs and he was induced two weeks early since I was so huge. I had to heave him out the proper way, none of this c-section stuff for us!
2005-01-20 08:33:25 AM  
"Obviously the baby was born by Caesarean section," hospital director Rita Leal said.

Ya think?
2005-01-20 08:34:38 AM  
Damn. In other news, awesome headline.
2005-01-20 08:34:53 AM  
2005-01-20 08:35:28 AM  
"Obviously the baby was born by Caesarean section," hospital director Rita Leal said.

Obviously the doctor hasn't seen some of the porn we get here.
2005-01-20 08:36:58 AM  
jchic: Good work on the headline.

Thank you! When I read this, all I could think of was the Warner Bros. cartoon with the drunken stork delivering babies to the wrong parents. I'm an intellectual fraud, but it was fun!

2005-01-20 08:37:20 AM  
"hey Doc.... put a couple extra stiches in there to, ya know... tighten er back up"
2005-01-20 08:37:38 AM  
OMG the photo of the baby, he can hardly fit in the nursery cradle ... clear plastic thing.

That is a HUGE baby.
2005-01-20 08:39:15 AM  
Talk about losing a few pounds the quick way!
2005-01-20 08:39:24 AM  

My kids only weighed between 7 & 8 pounds, and they were hard enough to carry around in the tummy. How on earth did this woman do anything while she was pregnant?
2005-01-20 08:39:28 AM  
Quit yer cryin' ya' big baby..

2005-01-20 08:39:33 AM  
Kill it, kill it now. He is the first born of the super giants that will one day rule the planet.
2005-01-20 08:39:37 AM  
Props jazzmajora- that headline was my first chuckle of the day!
2005-01-20 08:41:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-20 08:41:30 AM  
He looks like a young sumo.

2005-01-20 08:42:44 AM  
My seven month old is 16 pounds. Jeez. He'll have to be wearing adult sized diapers by the time he potty trains.
2005-01-20 08:43:03 AM  
First thing to pop into my mind was Homer Simpson as a baby, and the headline "Unusually large ugly stupid baby born to local woman"

Or something like that.

2005-01-20 08:44:04 AM  
Submitter tried to be funny, at least. Hell of a try, submitter.
2005-01-20 08:44:06 AM  
ahahahahahaaha NICE HEADLINE.

Anyone know the guiness book of world records record of the heavest baby ever born?
2005-01-20 08:44:13 AM  
all hail Giganto-Baby!
2005-01-20 08:44:38 AM  
My sympathy goes out to the father. He'll never be able to touch the sides again.
2005-01-20 08:44:50 AM  

I guess there IS someone else wandering around in the farked-up funhouse (I thought was only) in my head.
2005-01-20 08:47:58 AM  
Ooops. I reread the article and seen that it was a c-section.
2005-01-20 08:48:00 AM  
I don't care if she spit it out or they cut it out. That had to have hurt either way.

Hope the conception was better.
2005-01-20 08:48:17 AM  
Lord Farkwad

The sides? he will never touch the wife again!
2005-01-20 08:48:36 AM  

Anyone know the guiness book of world records record of the heavest baby ever born?

The heaviest viable baby on record of normal parentage was a boy of 22 lb 8 oz born to Signora Carmelina Fedele of Aversa, Italy, in Sept 1955.

( :-S )
2005-01-20 08:49:24 AM  
Huge giant freak baby, the other white meat. Get in maaahhh belly!!!
2005-01-20 08:50:58 AM  
My cousin was 13.5 lbs, born the natural way. I have a great uncle that was 14 lbs when born...natual as well.
2005-01-20 08:51:00 AM  
This reminds me of the "Elephant baby born to local woman" headline in an episode of "Family Guy".
2005-01-20 08:51:38 AM  
two cheers for the tip top headline
2005-01-20 08:51:54 AM  
holy shiat, what the hell are they putting in the water down there?
2005-01-20 08:52:17 AM  
Damn that's some dangerous sperm. Outta have a warning label on it.
2005-01-20 08:53:09 AM  
Ack ! who in the Farking hell would want a child that size to come home with. Little monster looks like he could start eating solids tomarrow !
2005-01-20 08:53:39 AM  
The heaviest viable baby on record of normal parentage was a boy of 22 lb 8 oz born to Signora Carmelina Fedele of Aversa, Italy, in Sept 1955.

Is there a form of parentage I'm unaware of?
2005-01-20 08:55:56 AM  
OSHA warning: the contents of these testicals may cause monstrously huge babies in normal women.
2005-01-20 08:56:25 AM  
Snarfangel: Is there a form of parentage I'm unaware of?

Demonic. Some of those suckers are BIG.
2005-01-20 08:56:51 AM  
how big is the mother though? If the mother is some giant porker that would better explain the size of the kid.
2005-01-20 08:58:06 AM  
Picture of the proud mamma (NSFW):
2005-01-20 08:58:09 AM  
Go Go Marlins!

[and take Dolphins with you!]
2005-01-20 08:58:40 AM  
Heard long ago...."Things I miss by not having kids: Fingerprints on the walls, jam on the carpet, and a wife with a twat so large she puts the tampon in sideways."

/Not wavinga sausage in Albert Hall.
2005-01-20 08:58:51 AM  
vegasj wins the excessively-tasteless-comment-award for this thread. cheers!
2005-01-20 08:59:04 AM  
Actually large babies are often caused by gestational diabetes. too much sugar in the mother's bloodstream.
2005-01-20 09:00:18 AM  
He'll be one of those 12 samach eat'n bastards that holds up the drive thrus! Kill it now!
2005-01-20 09:00:34 AM  

/got nothing to contribute


2005-01-20 09:01:38 AM  
The woman did indeed have an untreated diabetic condition.

A lesson to you ladies hoovering up the Peanut M&Ms....

2005-01-20 09:02:26 AM  
i weighed 12lb 12oz... my mom did it natural as well... afterwards she told my father if they were going to have another child.. he would be having it.

needless to say i'm the youngest.
2005-01-20 09:02:26 AM  

As alluring as the NSFW tag is, I've learned long ago not to click on links with fat-woman.jpg in them.
2005-01-20 09:02:33 AM  
2005-01-20 09:03:24 AM  
Jeez, between the giant babies and giant squid, a man ain't got any swingin' room around here!
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