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(Daily Illini)   Writer whose cartoon character won the U of I election speaks out   ( ) divider line
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4792 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Mar 2002 at 2:59 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-08 03:03:07 PM  
"Cartoon character writer whose cartoon character won the U of I election speaks out"

worst sentence construction ever.
2002-03-08 03:03:34 PM  
Canada has an army?

crap, sorry, wrong thread.
2002-03-08 03:08:48 PM  
Has anyone ever seen these cartoon characters?

The ones drawn by the cartoon character writer who is speaking out about his cartoon characters winning an election.
2002-03-08 03:11:15 PM  

Hey , if 38 % of the people in Gary Condit's district will vote for him, why can't these charaters fufill their terms in office ?

Really, either name your congressman, or if you know who that person is, one piece of legislation he voted for/ against ?

Besides, I still think Bush if a figment of my imagination...

The Matrix Has You

2002-03-08 03:13:28 PM  
I vote for Moose and Squirrel.
2002-03-08 03:13:47 PM  
The author makes really good points.... Student Governments everywhere are generally useless cliques of people trying to forward their own little political careers. if that guy had've run at my University, I would be proud to say I voted for him.
2002-03-08 03:16:13 PM  
student gov't is a sham. it doesn't really matter if the class president is real or a cartoon. they don't actually do anything, they just express student discontent or acquiescence to administration policies. such as "school raises tuition, do students support that action, lets ask the class president".

a cartoon character can do that.
2002-03-08 03:16:48 PM  
The author makes really good points.... Student Governments everywhere are generally useless cliques of people trying to forward their own little political careers. if that guy had've run at my University, I would be proud to say I voted for him.

(sorry if this is a double post... this didn't seem to work first time I submitted it)
2002-03-08 03:27:27 PM  
I think this guy needs to re-take his english classes. That article was hard to follow and poorly writen. I am not say I can do better, but I have read better.

It is interetsing, the event that took place, but who really cares all that much. It is like rather like what Roger Moore did with the plant. That got kicked out too.

It is unrealistic to think that cartoons could act in the place of a human. They should have just run a good campaing for some one who's beliefs they support. Just shows you how retarted and misplaced people are.
2002-03-08 03:28:29 PM  
Ironically the cartoon characters in the student newspaper would do a more complete job of contacting and interacting with the student body.
2002-03-08 03:28:29 PM  
Charming, But It is well within his right to Look Insane by Somepeople.

20 Dollars Says When Bush is Re-elected he Finds someone different for Attorney General. But Ashcroft is a Good Lawywer. You should look up some of his past cases. Even though he might be a little on the Luney side.
2002-03-08 03:29:30 PM  
ok, everyone at once!

2002-03-08 03:29:51 PM  
Student government officers get free tuition and housing at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and it is just as irrelevant to the students as this guy's... so much for the children are our future crap.
2002-03-08 03:32:54 PM  
Long live Gnome and Snail! And screw the ISG!
2002-03-08 03:34:25 PM  
Nilay Gandhi is a man baby!!
[image from too old to be available]
He really is a dude, but I was freakin for a second.
2002-03-08 03:39:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-08 03:40:34 PM  
"Student Government Spends Millions to Determine Who is Stealing the Water From Their Sink"
2002-03-08 03:54:28 PM  
hahahahaha wow. now i kno where all the smart ones go!

god i wonder what i did w/my life b4 i found this site?....
siiiiiiiiigh i cant remember either!!!!

SKININK: we all just wish bush was a figment of ur imagination.........
2002-03-08 03:57:28 PM  
um dude if these cartoons were really bout student government then there would be more drugs and "tv realistic" sex.
2002-03-08 04:58:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This gnome was elected president...I smell sex scandal!
2002-03-08 05:01:51 PM complain about the guys writing ablity, would you like me to critique your post?
2002-03-08 05:46:17 PM  
Vexhex, we UIUC students care. It really is important to us, but i won't say why because Meron did a beautiful job covering all the bases with his article today.
2002-03-08 06:03:51 PM  
So who's in charge of organizing the UIUC fark party?
2002-03-08 06:38:58 PM  
Vexhex: retarted? to be tarted a second time?
2002-03-08 07:08:52 PM  
Drywall: I can handle keeping track of whoever is interested and getting the information out through a web page or whatever. However, I'm a sucky party planner. Anybody have suggestions for where when an where to have this thing? I hereby de-nominate Kams.
2002-03-08 07:14:26 PM  
Oh jesus, Kams....
2002-03-08 07:18:33 PM  
Gimme a shot of jack,and oh, the clap.
2002-03-08 09:50:46 PM  
Count me in, although I go to Eastern Illinois University (45 minutes south), which probably means it shouldn't be at my place.
2002-03-10 01:03:46 AM  
I left U of I. It sucked wong. I finished school in Michigan because the classes at U of I were huge (and irrelevant!), UofI's policies were stupid, and more than 50% of the campus was frat/sorority. It was a little difficult to stomach.

College kids... Want a tip? Drop out. I don't want you in my work force. I want you waiting my table.

Have a nice day.
2002-03-11 12:12:11 AM  
That's a GREAT tip for anyone who graduates with a degree in an useless major, a question I'd ask but your bitterness already answers. Get bent, you're not awesome.
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