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(ESPN)   State senator refers to Marlins baseball team as "terrorists." No doubt there is something in the Patriot Act that will allow prosecution of these evil bastards   ( divider line
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2005-01-20 07:59:50 AM  
Vegas Needs Baseball!!!!!!
2005-01-20 08:02:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Just made this up a few hours ago, based on the familiar Summon Bevets card. This is the fourth time I've used it in the past 12 hours - I'll stop soon, I promise.

/Hurrah for Imageshack
2005-01-20 08:05:17 AM  
The Yankees yes, but the Marlins?
2005-01-20 08:06:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

This man doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
2005-01-20 08:08:04 AM  
Oh, for fark's sake. How the hell can this be considered "terrorist tactics"?

[image from too old to be available] indeed.
2005-01-20 08:08:50 AM  
borland502: The Yankees yes, but the Marlins?

Yes, they threatened to blow up Beantown yesterday, didn't they?
2005-01-20 08:09:18 AM  
Who are they terrorizing? I can just see "Billy Marlin" wearing a Taliban head cover while brandishing his Super Soaker.

Allah Hieuzenga
2005-01-20 08:10:06 AM  
Why don't they move to some state that doesn't have any major league sports (or entertainment period) instead of Las Vegas?
2005-01-20 08:11:07 AM  


And stop being such a lib
2005-01-20 08:12:06 AM  
What a tool. Wouldn't this qualify as libel or something?
2005-01-20 08:14:04 AM  
thisispete : I love that picture.
2005-01-20 08:15:14 AM  
Las Vegas is like Canada, everyone threatens to move there but nobody does.
2005-01-20 08:17:40 AM  
Do we have a terror card trifecta?

florida senator "does not negotiate with terrorists" referring to the marlins

Filmmaker in San Fran might be taking videos of bridge structure while watching people jump off it...

what else?
2005-01-20 08:18:29 AM  
Well, they just passed the drug testing requirement. Maybe they should test these fellers for WMD.
2005-01-20 08:22:16 AM  
The marlins aren't terrorists for trying to get a new stadium, its the damn county that wont fork over the money to keep the team down here. While the marlins slowly die, all of our "politicians" (scumbags) make off like bandits...

the yankees are the real terrorists! curse the evil empire for stealing our best pitcher! damn you carl pavano, i hope you lose all your fancy baseball games in new york.

list of marlins the yankees will buy in the next few years:
AJ Burnett
Miguel Cabrera
Mike Lowell
Josh Beckett
Luis Castillo
2005-01-20 08:23:13 AM  
We're rotten fruit
We're damaged goods
What the hell we've got nothing more to lose
One burst and we will probably crumble
Were backdrifting
This far but no further
I'm hanging off a branch
I'm teetering on a breaker
Honey sweets so fall asleep
I'm backsliding

i loooooooooove the piano section of that

/got nothing. but seriously, after september 11 everyone's either a hero or a terrorist. take your pic.
2005-01-20 08:23:49 AM  
The comment was pretty stupid, but I think he deserves a [image from too old to be available] tag for standing up topro-sports extortionists.

Stop using my tax dollars to subsudize a millionare's club.
2005-01-20 08:24:41 AM  
This only shows that one man's terrorist is another man's extortionist.
2005-01-20 08:26:08 AM  
case in point iccky
2005-01-20 08:29:57 AM  
Yet more proof that the term "terrorist" has become so diluted to the point where it pretty much means "anyone I don't like".

...wait, does this mean I can call Mel Gibson a terrorist now?
2005-01-20 08:31:25 AM  
He scares the bejesus out of anyone with half a brain or an education, so you can get away with calling him an intellectual terrorist and it'd probably work in the non-americanised usage of the word.
2005-01-20 08:35:18 AM  
after the extended abd sirry excuse for a religious snuff film that he churned out... I'm inclined to agree with Goldeneyed. Mel Gibson is a terrorist
2005-01-20 08:36:07 AM  
and I'm a terrorist for not using spellcheck before I posted hit "add comment"
2005-01-20 08:36:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2005-01-20 08:39:15 AM  
underdog is attempting to subvert our freedom to express our fearmongering... the terrorist.

/if we stop feeling free to blatently overuse the word terrorist to apply to anyone we don't like... then the terrorists have won
2005-01-20 08:41:10 AM  
Why not just cap the baseball salaries at $100k/year and use the excess payroll to build the team a new stadium? Surely nobody needs more than $100,000/year!
2005-01-20 08:41:54 AM  
Sports stadiums are the most ridiculous example of corporate welfare.

It would be different if pro sports generated little to no revenue, and were considered a public good like museums and libraries, but what I love is how funding those things for a fraction of the cost is considered socialism and tax-and-spend liberalism, but multi-million dollar giveaways to private sports teams, well that's just fine and dandy with every political stripe.

No one has ever provided me a sensible explanation for this.
2005-01-20 08:42:05 AM  
Well, it's true. They're trying to steal Carlos Delgado from the Mets...

/Mets in '05!!!
2005-01-20 08:42:07 AM  
Alan Bense is from my hometown, and has gone from being a
building contractor to building commercial buildings to getting involved with politics because that is a large part of the commercial building game. He rose from state senator to head of the state senate because of his ability
to compromise and get people to work together. He is a non-nonsense guy, who views himself as a steward of the people, a rare thing in Florida politics. He is also extremely shrewd. If Alan Bense is using hyperbole to describe a baseball owner,he's doing it to bring attention to the problem, probably because the baseball owner is being unreasonable. He is definitely not a man to stupidly shoot off his mouth without a reason.
2005-01-20 08:42:36 AM  

Yet more proof that the term "terrorist" has become so diluted to the point where it pretty much means "anyone I don't like".

If that's the case, then Paris Hilton is the biggest terrorist of them all!

2005-01-20 08:46:05 AM  
I have an idea- how about letting them move to Las Vegas. They can afford to subsidize. Florida needs to keep their money for future hurricanes.

Seriously. Why pay a business to stay when they pocket more a year in profit than the amount of the subsidy?

Corporate Welfare. Pure and simple.
2005-01-20 08:49:51 AM  
So, anything or anyone you disagree with can be labeled a terrorist?

The new McCarthyite era is well under way.

Have fun with the coronation of your king today, America.

/I remeber when you were a proud country
2005-01-20 08:53:26 AM  
If they move to Vegas, they can hire Pete Rose as manager. He'd fit right in there.

/i did not bet on baseball
2005-01-20 08:55:33 AM  
Terrorisms and Baseball go hand in hand. When big business is equated with terrorism then we have all lost
2005-01-20 08:56:12 AM  
Mel Gibson, and now Paris Hilton. Check.

Anyone else being overlooked? We need to make a terror watch list or something to keep tabs on these dangerous terrorists terrorists terrorists!
2005-01-20 08:58:29 AM  
You know what pisses me off the most about baseball? This:

[image from too old to be available] anyone worth 20+ million a year? I mean...we have people starving to death every single day...and this cat is making 20+ mil a year?
2005-01-20 08:59:33 AM  
I usually side with the fans when a team threatens to move, for all the obvious reasons. In the case of the Marlins, however, I side with the team. Why?

*The fans are the most fairweather I've ever seen. They seem to be bored with the idea of baseball in Miami, but when the Marlins get to the playoffs, and only during the playoffs (none of that boring 'pennant race' stuff for these fans!) oh look, HERE they are, acting as if they were there all season!
*The lease thing. If you have said you're not renewing the lease and you have no plans for a new stadium in place, what the hell do you EXPECT the Marlins to do?
*The instant they put out an actual price tag (which considering what a lot of stadiums cst these days, $60 million isn't that bad), they immediately get branded as terrorists. If I were the Marlins, the price tag would instantly be rescinded for that and I'd start negotiating with Vegas.
2005-01-20 09:00:17 AM  

"Yet more proof that the term "terrorist" has become so diluted to the point where it pretty much means "anyone I don't like".

Little late to the party with that one. "Nazi" has been that way for years.
2005-01-20 09:03:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

From those wacky folks at
2005-01-20 09:11:23 AM  
It's a good thing they love baseball in Cuba ...

2005-01-20 09:12:49 AM  

Capitalism == Terrorism

Why else would the RIAA & MPAA be called upon to help draft IRAQ: The 51st State's constitution?

2005-01-20 09:15:33 AM  
iccky: Stop using my tax dollars to subsidize a millionaire's club.

Amen! If a team can't afford to do what it needs to get it a new stadium, they don't get it. I am sick of it too. That punishment for steroid use is a joke too even though it it a little better than it was. 4 violations and you get booted for a year. Please, 3 and out of the league. That would stop it if that is what they wanted to do. If sports are going to be tax subsidized, I want a running man or roller ball type of game.
2005-01-20 09:23:30 AM  
Farker wakes up and looks through the online news sources, he looks some more, a little bit more.....there! Finally! Something I can use to make an oh so witty pun about the Patriot Act! Sweet mystery of life I think I have found you...

Farker can breath now....giggles.....giggles some more as he types his headline.....

Feels a sense of dread in knowing that he has to do the same thing again in the morning. It's a burden, but he can do it. His mom screams downstairs to take the garbage out on his way to work.

Farker puts on his Dairy Whizz Paper Hat and heads to his Pacer ready to face the mean old world again....
2005-01-20 09:25:58 AM  
Well, this is better than the Secretary of Education calling the NEA (schoolteacher's union) a terrorist organization.
2005-01-20 09:27:55 AM  
I want a running man or roller ball type of game.

That was a good movie.

Though I would also like a new sport, something where people are almost gaurnteed to get injured, and the athelets woulden't whine and complain and be out for half the year.

/would be cool
2005-01-20 09:28:14 AM  
how is it this state is run by knuckle-dragging rednecks?
2005-01-20 09:28:56 AM  
According to,


One that engages in acts or an act of terrorism.


The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

Hmm, Florida Marlins = terrorist? Are they gonna kick Florida's ass if they don't get their new stadium? And is there a political or ideological reason for wanting a new stadium?

I think it'd be funny if Florida agreed to building a new stadium on the condition that the Florida Marlins change their name to the Florida Terrorists.

Way to go Florida asshat politicians.
2005-01-20 09:30:07 AM  
I have a few terrorists I's like to add... like my 12th grade english teacher(if you know her you would agree). who ever invented public mass transportation AKA the METRO. oh and any boy band.
2005-01-20 09:31:00 AM  
Las Vegas must be the new Washington for baseball, the city every team threatens to move to in order to extort money from the local politicians.

If a team moves to Las Vegas, Portland will be the next city used in this capacity.
2005-01-20 09:33:29 AM  
I think we can all agree that the best scenario here is the Marlins moving to Las Vegas. That city needs a major league sports team, and South Florida, as best as I can tell, doesn't give a rat's ass about pro sports outside of the Dolphins.

Although, with Shaq now playing for the Heat, you don't see nearly as many empty-arena games down there.
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