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(Reuters)   It's so cold in Ottawa that the buildings there are making cracking sounds and residents are reporting it as gunfire   ( divider line
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2005-01-19 08:24:05 PM  
Ottawa is the only city where the phrase "warm enough to snow" makes sense.
2005-01-19 08:48:28 PM  
Ottawa sucks!
2005-01-19 08:50:26 PM  
underdog It sure does. And it's not right now.
2005-01-19 08:55:14 PM  
Holy crap! That's waaaaay friggin' cold... and I have friends that are up there doing a Model Parliament this weekend too. I hope they packed their warm gloves.
2005-01-19 08:57:59 PM  
It's snowing like hell in eastern Ontario tonight and we've had more than 100 accidents buyt the temp is only about -12C with the windchill. Alberta Clipper moving through and I gotta shovel about a foot of the white stuff when I get home.
2005-01-19 09:13:57 PM  
Damn. That's cold. Exploding nails?

... It was 70 degrees here today.
2005-01-19 09:23:48 PM  
What's really odd is that last week we had thunder and lightning in January.

Now we have exploding nails.

Maybe it's time to move...

/It's not really the cold, it's the humidity.
2005-01-19 10:07:07 PM  
Bah, that was -40 with windchill. It's only been going down to about -30. Practically shorts weather.
2005-01-19 10:30:29 PM  
If guns are outlawed only buildings will have guns?
2005-01-19 11:39:16 PM  
"minus 40 Celsius (minus 40 Fahrenheit)"

straight from the article...damn there goes everything I evar learnt about temperature :(
2005-01-20 01:15:34 AM  

"minus 40 Celsius (minus 40 Fahrenheit)"

straight from the article...damn there goes everything I evar learnt about temperature :(

To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply the temperature by 9, divide by 5, and add 32.
2005-01-20 03:29:34 AM  
so its 104???? hmmm ill be damned
2005-01-20 03:31:10 AM  
so it is -40 hahaha
2005-01-20 03:35:55 AM  
"To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply the temperature by 9, divide by 5, and add 32."

My head just exploded.
2005-01-20 03:36:27 AM  
-51 here last week.

So there...
2005-01-20 03:37:24 AM  
Are the fuel lines in their aircraft freezing and cracking open yet?

/*beats his bruckheimer*
2005-01-20 03:38:31 AM  
2005-01-20 03:38:48 AM  
Now *that's* cold. I'm glad I live in Vancouver...all we get are torrential downpours and mudslides.
2005-01-20 03:38:51 AM  
It makes sense, if you consider the phrase "hell freezing over". Think of it as the special circle of hell where ineffectual, stuck-up civil servants go to...
2005-01-20 03:39:45 AM  


Its like Oklahoma, without the farking tempurature changes in the middle of winter, for example. It was colder then a witches tit yesterday, today it was 70 farking Fahrenheit. And the doctors wonder why my allergies go haywire.

Its the farking power lines, uagh.

Nocturnal - War Of Spirits - Arrival Of The Carnivore - [00:58m of 03:41m]
2005-01-20 03:40:01 AM  
It's not that bad. Although the alcohol might be affecting my judgement abit...
2005-01-20 03:41:47 AM  
in vino veritas:

It's not that bad. Although the alcohol might be affecting my judgement abit...

it depends. we need to determne a specific density, according to the temp - what are you drinking?
2005-01-20 03:42:06 AM  
This is why I moved from northern New York state to southern Georgia. It was about 60 degrees fahrenheit today and were having a cold snap. I don't miss the cold.
2005-01-20 03:45:22 AM  
Welcome to Oklahoma, take your pick of our non-existent Tourism sites.
2005-01-20 04:01:53 AM  
It's bad, but not amazingly bad. Painful though. We've had that here in T.O. Ever wait for the bus in -40?
2005-01-20 04:04:37 AM  
There's gotta be a good "Yo mama" joke from this.

"Yo mama pussy so cold, it sound like someone dump Pop Rocks in yo fish tank."


I'm not good at these.
2005-01-20 04:05:02 AM  
Walked to school in -60 (windchill) up in Yellowknife.
2005-01-20 04:07:09 AM  
How the heck do nails explode because they are cold? Steel normally doesn't explode last time I checked.
2005-01-20 04:07:25 AM  
2005-01-20 04:13:42 AM  
well this ain't exactly normal weather...
it has something to do with tension created from the shrinking metal... i don't remember physics class that well
2005-01-20 04:16:12 AM  
Alright, someone PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one worried about the term used in the article.."exploding nails"...
2005-01-20 04:21:28 AM  
um, we canadians don't often talk about this one... has to do when one of your frozen fingernails encounters a warm female orfice. just pretend it wasn't you, is my advice. they'll get over it soon.
2005-01-20 04:23:57 AM  
eCow... the nails are exploding because the cold is making the steel very brittle, and the stresses being placed upon the nail by the house pulling and pushing it in various directions are too much for the brittle nail to deal with and so it just shatters with the forces being placed upon it, which can be tremendous.
2005-01-20 04:42:34 AM  
I have no idea how cold that is. And no, it is not the celsius problem that I have. The point is that at some point it gets so cold that you step outside and within seconds you feel your flesh freeze. It does not really matter what the accurate temperature is then. All that matters is why the fark do I live here? My fav. cold story was when I came back to Chicago for Christmas from the sub-tropical area I was living in. Uh, I decided to sort through my luggage quickly when I saw everyone else at O'Hare dressed up like Eskimos.
To Canadians: move. You can poke fun at Americans all you like when we biatch about our cold weather, but we (or at least me) are amazed that people live in Canada (or for that matter, Americans in Alaska).
2005-01-20 04:42:58 AM  
The real fun is when a tree will explode (split actually) from the cold. I had it happen once on a cold weather survival trip for boy scouts growing up. The camp was in the northern tip of Minnesota and it was somewhere in the -40f/-50f range without windchill. Needless to say I think it scared the crap out of everybody except the staff.

If any of you were in the army, this camp doubles as an Army cold weather survival school and you might remember the name. Camp Ootpik or something like that. Very odd to see a huey helo parked next to a trail in a boy scout camp.
2005-01-20 04:46:20 AM  
Cold = shrinks
Heat = expands
Cold outside, warm inside. Nails in the middle. Add the weight of a house on top.
Total fun for bystanders out of firing radius = 100%
Total fun for injured = 100% - (10% * number of hits in face)
2005-01-20 04:48:07 AM  
Who says math isn't fun? =)
2005-01-20 04:55:20 AM  
I live in Hawaii.
2005-01-20 05:01:02 AM  
nails ASPLODE!
/no seriously...
2005-01-20 05:02:23 AM  
I'm in Ottawa and walked through about 20 minutes of that to and from work. Not that big a thing if you prep for it.

People can sound off as much as they want. Poke fun at dealing with the weather ... or poke fun at an inablility to deal with the weather, it's all silly. Texans can't deal with the cold? Fine, they don't have to, good for them. Canadians are crazy for living up here? Nope, we've learnt to deal and it doesn't take long. You adjust to things. I love my winter sports, a nice fire after work and having the winter cold wake me up in the mornings. I also like warm summers. We get it all up here and I like it. I don't blame anyone else for liking it where they are either.
2005-01-20 05:08:33 AM  
Also for kruxdeux,

That's Ottawa, Ontario, Canada not Kansas. Heaven knows how many google searches for establishments here give me stores and services in Kansas.

This little place is Canada's capital (A comment that I'm sure might grab some scorn) about 5 hours East and a bit North of Toronto. Pop. is about 1 million with surrounding suburbs and such.

Finally to Whorey: Don't worry, Ottawa doesn't wantcha here anyhow.
2005-01-20 05:10:22 AM  
Negative numbers are depressing.
2005-01-20 05:27:24 AM  
I live near Toronto, and the other day I thought I'd be be smart and look up the temperature before walking to work. When it said -22C (-33C with windchill!) I just about crapped myself. Having said that, it's not really THAT cold. My girlfriend is from Thunder Bay, kinda sorta across the border from Minnesota, and with a totally straight face she told me that up there, they look forward to days that are "only" -20! Because as we all know, that's practically shorts weather... And all of her friends I've met from Thunder Bay seem totally oblivious to how cold it is here. Unless it's -10 or colder, most of them don't even wear a winter jacket.

I think I'd have frozen my nuts off by that point...
2005-01-20 05:27:46 AM  
This is why canada doesn't need a military, who the hell would want to invade us.
2005-01-20 05:46:27 AM  
Bundle up Canada it's cold out there!!
2005-01-20 05:53:21 AM  
global warming my ass
2005-01-20 06:00:52 AM  
You really do adjust to this sort of thing.

If you farkers that have read some of Stephen Ambrose's works about WWII G.I.s (he's the author of Band of Brothers, for one) recall, he quoted many vets who spent the winters in Europe in foxholes. Many of them said to this day they can't sleep with even the lightest sheet on them in winter.

Probably drives their wives insane. Hmmm, then again, maybe not. You'd always have the covers all to yourself.
2005-01-20 06:01:25 AM  
I think the silliest thing I hear each winter is people saying "Oh, I hate the snow!"

You live in MAINE. Move if you don't like it. Otherwise shut the FARK up.

/dreaming of Canada
2005-01-20 06:08:33 AM  
I was born about 20km west of Toronto. I've lived 29/32 years within a few kilometers of the hospital in question, and to this day, I still hate the freakin' cold. OK, I can take -10c without caring much, but I still hate it. So much for 'adjusting'.

My parents considered emigrating to Australia sometime between my older brother's birth and mine. I still haven't forgiven them.
2005-01-20 06:08:47 AM  
I am going up north on a contract in February and March. By "north" I mean "Wemendji, Quebec" where -40C is a breezy pleasure cruise.

After -30C (before windchill) it all starts to feel about the same anyway. The cold reaches a point where all the moisture is leached from the air, so it's a very dry cold which makes the temperature you "feel" much less harsh.
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