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(Yahoo)   Spider-man creator Stan Lee awarded 10 percent of profits from movies. With 10 percent profit, there must come 10 percent responsibility   ( divider line 131
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2005-01-19 02:23:10 PM  
Go Stan.

I always thought he got boned on that deal.
2005-01-19 02:24:47 PM  
Geez, submitter. Everyone knows Spiter-man is hyphenated.
2005-01-19 02:26:18 PM  
I hate spiters. They scare me.
2005-01-19 02:26:46 PM  
Watch him hock a loogie on the bad guys!!!
2005-01-19 02:30:52 PM  
unfortunatly he gave up most of his rights to all the characters he created, long ago. Marvel basicly said, if you want us to print your comics, give us all the rights to them. Luckily the new comic book artists learned from this and keep their rights and don't give them away for a quick paycheck.
DAR [TotalFark]
2005-01-19 02:31:42 PM  
SpiteMan: lonely, bitter, ex-husband, burned by his ex-wife, and fights crime for truth.
2005-01-19 02:32:59 PM  
10% of the PROFITS from Marvel, which if calculated the same way the studios did, means Stan Lee now owes Marvel 250 billion dollars.

There hasnt been a movie that made money in Hollywood since star wars, and even it only made 28 cents
2005-01-19 02:33:42 PM  
Justice Guy is much better ....

/stephen lynch reference
2005-01-19 02:33:51 PM  
Spiterman, Spiterman, friendly neighborhood Spiterman.
Slaps some kids, just for spite;
Spiterman, you ain't right.
Look out! Here comes the Spiterman!
2005-01-19 02:34:43 PM  
Literman? I thought Drew created him.
2005-01-19 02:36:38 PM  
A farking FINDERS FEE for creating the entire concept?

He should get 90%, the other people who worked on it should share the 10% as their finders fee for using his concepts. Same goes for musicians, software designers, artists, etc, etc. If you CREATE the damned thing you don't get paid a FINDERS FEE or LESS.
2005-01-19 02:36:52 PM  

Spitterman unavailable for comment
2005-01-19 02:39:37 PM  
Superhero: Spiterman
Modus Operandi: cuts off victims noses.

/REALLY got nuthin'.
2005-01-19 02:40:19 PM  
Stan Lee is great

2005-01-19 02:48:41 PM  
So I guess I'm the first to ask, who the hell is Spiterman?
2005-01-19 02:51:14 PM  
That's funny faxinator.

/goes away humming..
2005-01-19 02:56:52 PM  
What is Spiterman's special power; speaking ill of others when they're not around?
2005-01-19 03:05:27 PM  

and good for him... that's like 200, 300 bucks?
2005-01-19 03:05:33 PM  
Spiterman is no longer, he got corrected with the Green Light of Justice.
2005-01-19 03:09:42 PM  
He should get 90%, the other people who worked on it should share the 10% as their finders fee for using his concepts. Same goes for musicians, software designers, artists, etc, etc. If you CREATE the damned thing you don't get paid a FINDERS FEE or LESS.

Yeah, because all the people who do PR, advertising, marketing, distribution, printing and more shouldn't get any money. They should feel happy because they get to work with a genius.
2005-01-19 03:10:29 PM  
When I was in San Diego, I saw Stan Lee and Jim Lee fighting over who should ride a Rickshaw back to the hotel because Stan wanted to walk it.
I guess he's a tough old bird.
2005-01-19 03:11:21 PM  
faxinator and battl_web17

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Good posts.
2005-01-19 04:04:27 PM  
Well now that the Green Light of Justice has corrected the spelling of Spiderman, the jokes no longer work quite as well...
2005-01-19 04:06:35 PM  
2005-01-19 04:15:39 PM  
Spiterman, not to be confused with Smiterman, his long lost cousin, son of Abraham.
2005-01-19 04:44:40 PM  
Come on. Now none of these are funny...

...they were too funny before.
2005-01-19 05:50:47 PM  

Worst. Verdict. Everrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I chortle at this ruling, and swear a blood oath to avenge Marvel Comics. "Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam"*, indeed.

*Klingon for "today is a good day to die."
2005-01-19 06:07:31 PM  
Uh oh, they corrected the headline typo. Now a bunch of 'Liters will be all "huh"?
2005-01-19 06:40:15 PM  
Does this mean he can retire from creating that crappy syndicated newspaper comic? Please?
2005-01-19 07:32:43 PM  
Hero? Big farking deal
2005-01-19 07:33:34 PM  
So how much money does Steve Ditko get?
2005-01-19 07:33:48 PM  
Jack Kirby got robbed.

Oh well... EXCELSIOR!
2005-01-19 07:35:09 PM  
2005-01-19 07:35:43 PM  
This is pretty stupid.

The policy at Marvel for decades has been that if you create a character, Marvel owns it. This allows new writers and pencillers to use your characters without having to pay the original creator and thus save Marvel tons of money while giving the fans what their favorite characters. This was a point of contention among writers at the time.

Who was the genius behind this policy? You might recognize his name - Stan Lee.

Imagine how much money Marvel is going to have to fork over to Chris Claremont now. You can't farking open a comic book from the House of Ideas without seeing a character Claremont created.

This is not [HERO] it is [STUPID]. I would go so far as to say [ARSEHOLE].
2005-01-19 07:36:30 PM  

What about Veltrex Man?
2005-01-19 07:36:50 PM  
Haha There's a bunch of moron TF'ers who are commenting on something that was corrected and all us "'liters" who aren't stupid enough to pay money for TF won't be able to figure out that the original submission contained a misspelling! Haha that's funny!
2005-01-19 07:36:58 PM  
All the guys who really have the money
Are too old to do anything with it
All the guys who really have the money
Are too old to party or get dirty

Too old to turn the women on
Too old to have a fast car & drive it

-"Cursed Male," Pr0no for Pyros
2005-01-19 07:37:26 PM  
so why doesn't stan lee just turn into the hulk and take the money?
2005-01-19 07:37:30 PM  

We'll never know how much Ditko got because he won't speak to the press or grant interviews and lives in a shoebox with Ayn Rand clippings.
2005-01-19 07:39:48 PM  

Yeah, I was going to point that out, actually. And Kirby probably designed the costume, but it was Ditko that gave Spidey (and Marvel's NYC) the feel we all know and love.

A pity he turned out to be a Randroid.
2005-01-19 07:43:31 PM  

As a cartoonist, I can tell you, Ditko is a GOD in my book.
I'm a bigger fan of Kirby though... and they're (were) both
a little nuts.

I've softened my opinion of Lee a bit. He's a fun guy
to have around either way.

Jim Shooter, however, is a prick -through and through.
2005-01-19 07:44:06 PM  
Geez, submitter. Everyone knows Spiter-man is hyphenated.

And the M in Man is capitalized.

Stan is rich beyond belief already. I really do not see how this helps him.
2005-01-19 07:44:21 PM  
I agree with what icy_one said. You make a deal at a time and it's a contract, it's not fair to go back and change the terms later on.

On top of all of that Marvel was paying him 1 million a year just to breathe.
2005-01-19 07:46:29 PM  
What a hero:

2005-01-19 07:49:52 PM  
Jim Shooter, however, is a prick -through and through.

Aw, but he was SUCH a good ed-in-chief...I mean, SECRET WARS II was one of the best limited series in history, right?
2005-01-19 07:50:28 PM  
isnt it true that if you have a copyright on something you have to exercise your rights to it (as in you create something, and if someone uses it without permission you have to call them on it or the copyright becomes worthless)? i dont think this applies here, or if that's actually how it works... nevermind. i need more nyquill.
2005-01-19 07:51:33 PM  
recockulous: Uh oh, they corrected the headline typo. Now a bunch of 'Liters will be all "huh"?

Cus there's no WAY we could figure it out from the posts. [rolls eyes]
2005-01-19 07:53:39 PM  
What's with all this Spiterman talk?
2005-01-19 07:53:47 PM  
With 10% profits comes a 10% chance he'll ever have another cameo in a Spider-Man movie again.

Oh yeah, make sure you put the hyphen between "Spider" and "Man". It's there for a reason. (To distance Spider-Man from Superman. So quoth Stan Lee)
2005-01-19 07:53:51 PM  
Man, I don't care if he's a dick or a saint, STAN LEE IS THE MAN!!! Hence, Stan "The Man" Lee.

I wish he was my grandfather.
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