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(Daily Gamecock)   College dance team prohibited from performing during timeouts of basketball games because they're shaking their asses a little too well   ( divider line
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39974 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jan 2005 at 4:59 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-01-18 10:43:23 PM  
Alright, fess up. Who put baby in the corner?
2005-01-18 10:56:12 PM  
Slide show of last year's squad.

Thread is now less useless.
2005-01-18 10:59:57 PM  
I bet every single one of them is a biatch. And uh...if not, then that's even worse.
2005-01-18 11:01:39 PM  
Thread is now less useless.

Well, certainly not much less. Faces are all well and good, but this is about ass-shaking. Plus, these are South Carolina chicks, so the good-looking ones are just the least inbred.
2005-01-18 11:12:47 PM  
"We try really hard and it just seems like nobody really cares," she said.

Looks like someone just became an adult.
2005-01-18 11:19:48 PM  
The only good thing about dance teams is it satisfies title 9
2005-01-18 11:44:25 PM  
Any school where the team's mascot is the "Gamecocks" and that goes by the "Cocks" for short has very little room to talk about any improprieties of their dance squad.

I've always hoped to see the Gamecocks play two games in a row against USC and Oregon State and beat them both, so I could submit a Fark headline along the lines of "After taking care of Trojans, Cocks pound Beavers."
2005-01-18 11:57:46 PM  
Sir Mix-a-lot unavailable for comment.
jbc [TotalFark]
2005-01-19 12:12:57 AM  
How are they "too suggestive" for South Carolina? Do they dress up like sheep?
2005-01-19 12:19:28 AM  
I say let the little sluts enjoy the attention while it lasts. Everyone knows the hot chicks in high school are going to look like fat sacks of crap later on - today's golden tan is tomorrow's old shoe leather skin.
2005-01-19 12:43:17 AM  
Whatever happened to First Amendment and the right to express one's self?
2005-01-19 12:54:33 AM  

I'm not sure how much those rights apply to minors.
2005-01-19 01:00:50 AM  

I agree whole-heartedly that minors have no rights beyond what their parents dole out to them, but college kids tend to have reached the age of adulthood (18).

If some 18 year old hoochie-mammas wanna shake their thang, I say let 'em!
2005-01-19 01:01:53 AM  
And if the chicks in those slides look like minors to you, well, let's just say you can't believe all of those NSFW links that say "18 yr old teen" on them.

And I've got this bridge for sale....
2005-01-19 01:15:07 AM  
Hmm, I only skimmed the article. I tend to assume that cheerleaders are all in high school. It doesn't seem like something anyone old enough to go to college would think was My Little Pony or something.

Anyhow, chatafracas, any NSFW link that says "teen" anywhere in it is best to be avoided. "Barely legal" tends to mean "I lied about my age, you're browsing kiddie porn. Yay! Say hello to the FBI!"
2005-01-19 01:17:19 AM  
Well, I had to go back and verify it was the USC squad mentioned in the article and not a local HS squad before replying to you. :0)

And best to stay away from NSFW links in general, lots of nasty things hiding there (as in virii, etc) besides the images.

Nothing is as it seems, or so it seems.
2005-01-19 01:40:02 AM  
oddest GIS for 'coquette':

[image from too old to be available]

the sammy likes the asses jiggling.

how can you disagree with a smiling cotton ball?
2005-01-19 02:00:02 AM  
Would you expect less from a dance squad named "The Coquettes?"

[image from too old to be available]

"Shake ya ass... watch ya self.."
2005-01-19 04:20:21 AM  
antialias: These are not cheerleaders. These are the dance squad (called various different things at every school). These are the girls who are not quite as athletic or hot as the cheerleaders, but who are much more promiscuous. There are a lot of self-confidence issues with these chicks, whom a much less sensitive guy than myself *cough* might have tried to take advantage of.
2005-01-19 05:05:30 AM  
Go Cocks!
2005-01-19 05:13:46 AM  
2005-01-19 05:16:47 AM  

I cannot believe how hard I laughed at that.

Good job.
2005-01-19 05:20:10 AM  
Wolf Nipple Chips
Funny thing about that claim. The drill team (dance squad of my high school) was actually the mugh hotter more athletic girls, and the cheerleaders were the much more promiscuous girls.
2005-01-19 05:25:25 AM  

2005-01-19 05:26:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

No American Beauty references yet? Kevin Spacey's best work, IMHO.
2005-01-19 05:32:41 AM  
Girls should be required to wear burqas until they're 18. This "stupid spoiled whore" shiat is getting to be regoddamndiculous.
2005-01-19 05:32:43 AM  
Does the article headline, "Dance team prohibited from basketball performance" make sense? I thought you could only prohibit someone from doing something, like the article says in the first line:
"...was prohibited from performing..."
2005-01-19 05:41:47 AM  
Need pics for this story.
2005-01-19 05:42:30 AM  
abdul: No American Beauty references yet? Kevin Spacey's best work

and mina suvari's

2005-01-19 05:51:01 AM  
Probably some lardass who can't get any made the decision.
2005-01-19 06:00:11 AM  
a fourth-year exercise science student

These people go to college to study excercise? When can I get my degree in bong mechanics and marijuana science? You all know this is the 4th sign of the apocalpyse right? People majoring in hobbies.
2005-01-19 06:02:35 AM  
Kooazndood: Oh she's hot, but the whorebasket thing she had in that movie doesn't do it for me. I dislike the slutty vapid biatches.

The scary thing about that show is that the girls are supposed to be under 18 at the time, so you're watching virtual kiddie porn. What I enjoy is how many references that movie gets in Family Guy. You know it's a classic when Family Guy gives you props. :)

/"Do you want to see the most beautiful thing I've ever filmed?" That kid creeped me right the fark out.
2005-01-19 06:10:04 AM  
And whomever gave me the TF subscription, thanks! It's good to be back and employed...and wasting work time on Fark.
2005-01-19 06:10:11 AM  
Let me clarify that.. The girls are supposed to be in high school... I guess they *could* be 18 at the time, and given Mena's character's intellect, she could be 25 or 26. Either way, they both show their boobies, so that's good.
2005-01-19 06:26:50 AM  
ha! aquigley! me too! i mysteriously got TF too! hahah i think we won some sort of Fark Lotto!
2005-01-19 06:27:30 AM  
/been up for nearly 2 days now, starting to get a little ... crazy... sorry for the outburst...
2005-01-19 06:32:46 AM  
I'd hit them with my 3 pointer.
2005-01-19 06:38:25 AM  
I see you baby...

I know you're not supposed to but let me get to coveting.
2005-01-19 06:54:12 AM  
in some schools, churches, public organizations, all it takes is ONE complaint from a self-righteous stiff who wants to be the "moral supervisor" for everyone else.

Next thing you know, something completely innocent gets banned because some legalistic retard thinks dancing is immoral.
2005-01-19 06:59:34 AM  
Girls at University of South Carolina, in a dance squad called the "Coquettes", majoring in Retail and Sports Management, as well as Exercise....hmmm...they'd better hope they strike gold sooner or later, although now it looks as though the shake-ass plan might not be the path to riches it was promised to be.

/feels zero pity
2005-01-19 07:04:27 AM  
No smoking in bars, and soon no drinking and no talking.

So true, we're all becoming a bunch of Fark-all P.C. obsessed morons. but I have a good feeling MIKE_71 is right, it's not everyone it's just that 1 in every 100 super bible-thumping child-leashing, Mini-van driving, pieces of (random colorful expletive) that ruin it for everyone.

Soon a rubber giant hampster ball for every child, and government mandated eye gouging to prevent them from seeing possibly "offensive" material.

Soon federally mandated topics of acceptable conversation for all citizens in public domain

Soon Government issued jumpsuits with our serial number stamped on the back


/good grief
2005-01-19 07:08:15 AM  
It's the University of South Carolina, it's not like anyone's missing anything good.
2005-01-19 07:09:05 AM  
//my therapist thinks FARK is a bad element in my life because it constantly resurfaces my disdane of the human race.

2005-01-19 07:11:30 AM  
some dancing really is suggestive. i grew up at a school where the pep rallies were well beyond what is considered acceptable by local society. im not complaining, im just saying that in some parts of the South, women enjoy flaunting it through acceptable means and they take stuff like this a little too far. i remember loving our pep rallies, as our dance team was smoking ass hot and would wear black spandex body suits- not to mention the mock humping motions they did up and down on the floor. every performance was sure to leave a heterosexual male fully aroused. Britney Spears' routines seem tamer than what i saw in that gym, lol. i was just waiting for them to work in the whole mock lesbian grinding thing, as that would have been perfect. now, im sure stuff like that wouldnt have been acceptable even a few towns over, but it was fine at our school. like i said, im not complaining... im just pointing out that some of these things are not as innocent as they seem.

we need vids to judge for ourselves :)
2005-01-19 07:34:40 AM  
To major in exercise science, it means these are our future gym teachers and nutritionists.

Good to see we're instilling a hatred of people in them now, so they can grow up and make our kids do pushups because their life sucks considering hwo their ass-shaking days were limitd as a college girl.
2005-01-19 07:38:53 AM  
2005-01-19 06:54:12 AM Mike_71 "ONE complaint from a self-righteous stiff"

/if he's stiff why is he complaining?
//shaking their ass does that to me.
2005-01-19 07:43:02 AM  
Probably that same stupid urban booty cheer they've been doing for the last 40 years.
2005-01-19 07:47:39 AM  
Frank sed it best:

"For what is dancing but making love set to music, playin"

- Frank Sinatra
"Come Dance With Me"

Hah! And you guys think you invented hott lyricz!
2005-01-19 07:51:28 AM  
Why this could never happen in Massachusetts:

1. Not enough hot girls to make up a dance squad
2. Skanky women don't need a dance squad
3. Barney Franks already has the "Frankettes"
4. Ted Kennedy has drowned all the good looking girls in the state.
2005-01-19 07:54:45 AM  
"Sports Management" and "Exercise Science"? Don't they take proper subjects anymore.

Hmmm, think I'll try a course in "Athletic Art" or "Fitness Business"...
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