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(The Irish Times)   Microsoft denies Japanese Xbox recall   ( divider line
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2880 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Mar 2002 at 10:41 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-08 10:53:17 AM  
Microsoft denied something...?

no, wait, that's not news, go about your business
2002-03-08 10:56:03 AM  
Last thing they want is for this to be labled as a "recall". First console they release with heavy compitition and something goes wrong?

What did we learn about Microslut's quality?

Naw, must be your imagination...
2002-03-08 10:56:04 AM  
The Japanese are one of the most closed, racist cultures on earth: they don't like the white man encroaching on their territory.

2002-03-08 10:58:54 AM  
...a moose once bit my sister...
2002-03-08 11:03:52 AM  
And the IRISH TIMES is on the scene. That's where I go for console news too.
2002-03-08 11:16:57 AM  
Hell, I'm an American, and I don't like Microsoft foisting a defective console on the worldwide public. Of course, I'd like to see Microsoft's US offices make the same offer... but they won't. Remember, Microsoft's motto is "there are no bugs, you just farked up."
2002-03-08 11:17:05 AM  
I deny it too.
2002-03-08 11:20:00 AM  
DUH!!!...this is around 2 days old, come on FARK
2002-03-08 11:27:34 AM  
It's interesting. Less than one percent of the people have complained. Even then, the scratching was on the outside of the disc and didn't ruin the game or inhibit it at all.

I know many people who have XBoxes and have no problems whatsoever.

Presumably it's because the people can't figure out how to set the CD/DVD into the tray properly.
2002-03-08 11:35:02 AM  
Probably just a bunch of Japs starting a rumor because they are still pi$$ed off about the Hiroshima thing.
2002-03-08 11:40:48 AM  
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2002-03-08 11:43:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available] yeah! :) Play more games! :D

2002-03-08 11:53:11 AM  
Yeah, sure, it's all the japs, right. You know, plenty of Americans have been complaining about it too...

I'd just like to point out how many consoles DON'T scratch the discs. PlayStation 2, PlayStation, GameCube, Saturn, Dreamcast, SegaCD, TurboDuo, CDI, 3DO, Amiga CDTV, Jaguar CD, NeoGeo CD... fark, man, if Sony, Sega, Nintendo, NEC, Phillips, Commodore, SNK, Atari, and 3DO can get it right, what the fark is Microsoft's major malfunction?

The damn thing is defective, and it shouldn't have been released until the defect was fixed. But that's Microsoft for you.
2002-03-08 11:56:39 AM  
If you have xboxes check this out
2002-03-08 12:02:11 PM  
I'm glad i bought PS2 instead of X-Box last year.
2002-03-08 12:30:24 PM  
HA!!! it amazes me how so many XboX fanboys wont shutup about HALO, get a new game DAMNIT!!!!!!
2002-03-08 01:17:22 PM  
Hm. Are they going to release a service pack instead?

<opinion>That's what you get when you buy a Meecrosaft product. (When you strip the fancy stuff away, it is just crap.)</opinion>
2002-03-08 01:20:18 PM  
I grant Halo may be a good game, but it's not my bag, baby.
Hell, the only reason I bought a gamecube last week ( I've had a PS2 since launch day ;) ) was to play the Resident Evil games. So far XBOX doesn't have anything I'd buy the system to play.
Just my objective opinion. Game on!
2002-03-08 01:31:09 PM  
Well duh. They are not recalling the systems, so why wouldn't they deny it?
2002-03-08 03:08:39 PM  
A recall is when ALL the systems of a certain model have a determined flaw.

Do you realy think microsoft built the DVD drive, do you think the drive was asembled by microsoft employees?

No, it was made in china or taiwan, by Sony, panasonic, jvc, etc..

out of 150,000 only 500 complaints, how many complaints do you think Drew gets in a day?
2002-03-08 05:12:53 PM  
If Drew denies any complaints then he is evil like Microsoft and Osama.
2002-03-08 06:34:58 PM  
PS2 Rules!!!
2002-03-08 10:03:31 PM  
Osama works for Microsoft. The WTC falling down made more people invest in their "Protection Against Airplanes" software.
2002-03-09 12:17:05 AM  
filter demo:

attractive and successful African-American
2002-03-09 12:17:29 AM  
ahahahaha... I love that one
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