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12340 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Mar 2002 at 1:15 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-07 01:17:26 PM  
What a bunch of fair and balanced dumbasses
2002-03-07 01:22:02 PM  
Fox News duped?

That sounds about right.
2002-03-07 01:23:41 PM  
The article isn't quite fully amusing... hmph.

And that website is pretty weak.
2002-03-07 01:24:43 PM  
It's a well-known fact that Ray Richmond is a media whore

If its so well-known, why did you have him on your farking show?
2002-03-07 01:24:48 PM is a news satire Web site - think of it as The Onion (a Web site that satires the news)

It defeats the purpose of making a reference to The Onion if you define what The Onion is....

Nice writing there, Buck Wolf. (WTF kind of name is that anyway?)
2002-03-07 01:25:04 PM  
Interestingly, I know the people who did the booking. This was not a mistake and they didn't dupe themselves...

Typically, we believe what we want, but this guy is considered a valid source and has appeared elsewhere. Clearly, he had a axe to grind.
2002-03-07 01:25:05 PM  
Fox's response to this debacle? "It's a well-known fact that Ray Richmond is a media whore and this is him trying to extend his five minutes of fame."

Don't they have any sort of PR staff there?
2002-03-07 01:27:08 PM  
Isn't Fox "News" satire?
2002-03-07 01:27:10 PM  
Misleading headline. They only cited his website "" as what he does, the man was a Daily Variety journalist. Boy ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN are all gunning to bash Fox News.
2002-03-07 01:27:18 PM  
humorous stuff.
2002-03-07 01:28:18 PM  
Typical Fox News source.
2002-03-07 01:29:29 PM  
"Fox News, You Watch, We Decide What You Should Think"
2002-03-07 01:30:59 PM  

"Fox News, We Report, You Obey."
2002-03-07 01:31:43 PM  
I know The Onion. I've read The Onion., you're no The Onion.
2002-03-07 01:36:18 PM  
that's not news...
2002-03-07 01:38:48 PM  
Fox News.

They report.

We deride.
2002-03-07 01:38:52 PM  
Erase8, yeah....

How can you tell the difference between Fox News and satire?
2002-03-07 01:39:47 PM  
Derk- You make an excellent point. That's the dumbest sentence I've ever read.
2002-03-07 01:41:59 PM is a news satire Web site - think of it as The Onion (a Web site that satires the news, like The Onion (a Web site that satires the news, like The Onion (a Web site that satires the news, like The Onion (a Web site that satires the news, like The Onion (a Web site that satires the news, like The Onion (a Web site that satires the news, like The Onion (a Web site that satires the news, like The Onion (a Web site that satires the news))))))))))))))

*stack fault*
2002-03-07 01:43:54 PM  
[Points finger]: Ha Ha, Fox!
2002-03-07 01:44:15 PM  
It's a well-known fact that Ray Richmond is a media whore

From the organization behind Dubious Celebrity Boxing, that's saying a lot.
2002-03-07 01:46:42 PM  
Isn't this the second or third time Fox has used a satire site as a credible reference in a report? Didn't they run a story based on an Onion article last year?
2002-03-07 01:50:46 PM  
"Everything on my Web site is fake."

...Eh Heh!!....But not us Farkers!! We is 'de real Sheeeiat!
2002-03-07 01:57:03 PM  
Fox vs. Newsmax: who'd suck Dick Cheney's cock faster for an interview?
2002-03-07 02:03:20 PM  
That was the worst written article I've ever tried to read...
2002-03-07 02:09:20 PM  
if he was British, he could be Sir Media Whore,
but he might have to take a pay cut.
2002-03-07 02:13:09 PM  
This in itself is a bit shiat, don't you think, in that we, as FARKers, were earlier rubbishing ABC for its unwarranted censor attack on Drew Carey.

"Think of it as The Onion..." and now, let us explain to you what The Onion is! Because you are very unworldy-wise, aren't you! Yes, you are, yezyouare, yezyouare, coochy coochy coo! Aww, now don't you worry your pretty little heads about a thing, you're only our audience after all, and we think you're just loveable and fluffy and cute and not the least bit familiar with anything unless we explain it to you v e r y s l o w l y and with e x a g g e r a t e d e n u n c i a t i o n! Gosh!

Jesus, it's like Ronald Reagan picking on Dubya for being "a bit slow in the words department".
2002-03-07 02:13:56 PM  
Doesn't ABC realize that any publicity = good publicity when it comes to Fox news?
2002-03-07 02:21:54 PM  
Media whore! Ha Ha! That's the pot calling the kettle black.
2002-03-07 02:30:39 PM  
I for one, am glad CBS brought up the issue of credibility. Had almost forgotten about Dan Rather's "carefully orchestrated leak" report.
2002-03-07 02:39:01 PM  
I still like fox news. Of course i hate news. I think its funny how abc has to point out the mistake, ive seen them talk shiat about fox news on the air. That just proves they must be making some sense. There is no need to beraid complete washouts is there?
2002-03-07 02:40:39 PM  
Hahahahahaha. Man, some of these comments are the funnier than the article.

Kudos to Jynkst, Eraser8, JerseyTim (nice!), Impaler (bwahahaha), Bigevildan, El Diablo Chicken, and Kurpal.
2002-03-07 02:41:34 PM  
Fox News: Fair and Balanced reporting

Note that they do not tout their accuracy!
2002-03-07 02:57:00 PM  
Fair and balanced???
Those are two words I don't think I have ever seen used to describe Fox News before.
2002-03-07 02:57:11 PM  
The dumbasses will chalk this up to "the lack of reliability of news sources on the net" rather than their own dumbassedness
2002-03-07 03:10:07 PM  
Astra: Everytime they break to comercial (or come back from one, depends sometimes) they always proclaim "Fair and Balanced: Fox News."

Apparently spreading lies straight from the flying monkey right, constitutes as non-partisan news (note: instead of propaganda, what it really is).
2002-03-07 03:24:51 PM  
FifthColumn: Thanks, I don't watch them. Last summer I spent a vacation with relatives who considered it the best source for news on earth and I about went nuts. The way the anchors constantly editorialized and the ultra-sensational reporting just annoyed me. Its like Weekly World News for TV.
2002-03-07 03:28:49 PM  
think of it as The Onion (a Web site that satires the news), only for blank

Neatly describes every satire site out there...
2002-03-07 03:37:54 PM  
This is Buck Wolf with Focks news.
2002-03-07 04:15:22 PM  
Media whore? Ha! Fox is just mad 'cause they got burned on a source- CHECK SOURCES?? Please, Fox, stick to sit-coms like the Simpsons and Married w/Children. Your attempt at news makes me want to hurl.
2002-03-07 05:13:46 PM  
I wouldn't mind checking out this, even though I'll probably be disappointed in it.

Oh well, links are easy to make, so I'll check it out anyway.
2002-03-07 05:18:14 PM  
Yeah, it did suck. Just a bunch of headlines with no stories.
2002-03-07 06:39:59 PM  
Gotta love Faux News. Third time in recent memory with egg on their war-painted faces. Geraldo's "where am I, again?" bit in Afghanistan, some anti-PETA hoax about putting reflecting vests on deer in Indiana or some shiat and now this. It's a freaking right-wing jingoistic propaganda-pushing cabal-sideshow every single night. If you want serious coverage: Crossfire, Hardball with Chris Matthews and CNN Headlines. But nothing beats Faux for guffaw-inducing infotainment.
2002-03-07 07:08:17 PM  
Is it me or does ABC come out looking just as stupid?

It's like they hired a sixth-grader to write their hit piece.

Fox: Duh!
ABC: Shutup!
Fox: No, you shutup!
ABC: No, you shutup!
2002-03-07 08:58:46 PM  
Foxnews changes to Farxnews, Doo Dah, Doo Dah.
Wonder if Drew's gonna sue, Oh Dee Doo Dah Day.
2002-03-07 10:05:46 PM news got better ratings than CNN last quarter...that's farked up...
2002-03-07 11:41:04 PM  
there is no such thing as totally unbiased news, but thanks FOX for not trying
2002-03-08 08:42:08 AM  
Fox News.......Goebbels would be proud.
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