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(MSNBC)   Man walks up to National Guardsman at airport, says he's there 'to blow the place up'. Hilarity ensues   ( divider line
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10398 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Mar 2002 at 1:15 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-07 01:18:50 PM  
"Scuse me, could hold my shoe while I light this wick?"
2002-03-07 01:19:57 PM  
I realize airports are evacuating if someone so much as farts loudly, but what was this dipshiat thinking?

[image from too old to be available] indeed
2002-03-07 01:21:42 PM  
Great use of the tag, poster.

What could possibly go through someone's mind to get them to do something like this?
2002-03-07 01:23:19 PM  

"here is a good idea--I have nothing else better to do today so I think I'll go out and get a felony."
2002-03-07 01:24:11 PM  
Ummm.... I'll bet he's mentally ill.
2002-03-07 01:24:24 PM  
People like this are truly idiotic farks.
2002-03-07 01:26:48 PM  
That boy ain't right...
2002-03-07 01:26:59 PM  
What could possibly go through someone's mind...?

How 'bout 1000 volts from a police tazer?
2002-03-07 01:28:36 PM  
Basis for a good story, but not enough info yet.
2002-03-07 01:30:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-07 01:30:40 PM  
Probably a poor homeless Vet that needed a place to stay.
Jail must of seemed better than the streets.
2002-03-07 01:38:31 PM  
Lighten up. Some guys just like the feeling of lying prone with a soldier's knee in their back.
2002-03-07 01:38:56 PM  
free room and board
2002-03-07 01:44:29 PM  
Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
2002-03-07 01:46:23 PM  

Bend over and prepare for the "Jelly Finger."
2002-03-07 01:52:35 PM  
"Hilarity ensued"......okay. I think they should have shot him on the spot before he finished his comment so that all the other dumbfarks out ther would realize we aren't joking anymore.
2002-03-07 01:56:22 PM  
Freedom of speech, Farkeater? Sorry, but freedom of speech doesn't extend to acts which may cause public disorder to the extent that a bomb threat would. If you'll notice, there are (and have been, for several years) signs up with a list of words that you aren't supposed to say in airports.
2002-03-07 02:02:56 PM  
What caves do these farkwits live in? Haven't they heard that this is not a good idea?
2002-03-07 02:11:14 PM  
Stevarooni: I fly quite a bit, and now that I think about it, I've never seen a sign in the airport of fortbidden words.

I know I'm not supposed to say 'bomb', or 'hijack'. What are the other ones?
2002-03-07 02:11:25 PM  
Ahhh, the pride of San Diego.

It really makes you wonder about some people.
2002-03-07 02:14:15 PM  
Man that was a short article. Could've fit the whole thing in the headline spot and removed the need to click on it.
2002-03-07 02:15:13 PM  
Fry 'im.
2002-03-07 02:20:06 PM  
Can we put a limit on the use of the phrase "Hilarity ensues"? Honestly, nearly every article on Fark is labeled "Hilarity ensues" and there ain't no damned hilarity. This joker said he was going to blow the place up and they arrested him. Now hilarity -- that would have been the National Guardsman breaking his teeth in with the butt of his rifle and then ramming the joker's face into the metal detector. That's hilarity -- arresting him is not.

So in conclusion, for the love of all that is decent and pure, limit the use of "Hilarity ensues" before it is completely worn out.
2002-03-07 02:20:29 PM  
Stevearooni- I am pretty sure Farkeater was being sarcastic...
2002-03-07 02:21:21 PM  
Maybe he thought it would qualify him for pre-boarding.
2002-03-07 02:32:50 PM  
I will not use air travel again until Segways can fly. Too bad this guy and the lady who lets people die in her windshield couldn't of hooked up.
2002-03-07 02:42:33 PM  
Where, exactly, was the hilarity?
2002-03-07 02:53:06 PM  
Maybe he needs a heart transplant, I hear prisons are giving those out for free now.
2002-03-07 03:28:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-07 03:36:36 PM  
I used to know a guy, lived down the street from me, his name was Longo... what a bastard... I hope it is him.
2002-03-07 03:41:52 PM  
EggShen how about this:

Man walks up to National Guardsman at airport, says he's there 'to blow the place up!' France Surrenders.

Q. How do you stop an angry French mob?

A. Point past them and yell out "Look, it's the German Army!"
2002-03-07 03:49:17 PM  
Hilarity (n) - Acting out of extreme sexual frustation.

ex. "The man was full of hilarity when he told the guard he was going to blow up the airport."
2002-03-07 06:15:53 PM  
It's terroristic!
2002-03-07 09:23:37 PM  
Now French jokes -- thems are hilarious.
2002-03-07 10:18:39 PM  
Hilarity ALWAYS ensues...
2002-03-07 10:53:41 PM  
Someone help me out here... I have heard the name "Steven Longo" mentioned in association with California before, sometime. He did something else, about as dumbass as this, somewhere before. I can't remember when but I swear this guy is a serial dumbass.
2002-03-07 11:38:30 PM  
i love when people reaffirm my ideas, this idea being MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT SMART!!!
2002-03-07 11:48:16 PM  
A California man.......

That explains EVERYTHING
2002-03-08 05:18:12 AM  
Livewire Hilarity doesn't always ensue, sometimes wacky hijinks ensue. Or lesbianism.
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