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2002-03-07 04:28:36 PM  
Any non-NHL Detroit team.
2002-03-07 04:29:29 PM  
Woohoo! All of my Dallas based teams escaped!

2002-03-07 04:29:58 PM  
tottenham hotspur fc
2002-03-07 04:29:59 PM  
Being a Cubs fan rules!!!

They never play below our expectations, and every night game is a neighborhood beer party.
2002-03-07 04:30:52 PM  
I wrote in nominating the Vikings, who only got an honorable mention. Of course, they've gone over a year without any players abusing their spouses (or at least getting caught). The thing about the Vikings is that they get your hopes up before losing. Not as bad as the Red Sox, in that respect, though.
2002-03-07 04:31:16 PM  
No mention of the New Orleans Saints. They have only one one or two playoff games ever.
2002-03-07 04:31:36 PM  
I'd say the CFL's Ruff Riders, any one will do
2002-03-07 04:34:01 PM  
I understand they're starting a new hocky/lacross based sport team in Texas. The players line up in their cars and aim for homeless guys. Once properly secured by embedding them in their vehicles, the players rush to their garages where points are acrued by subsiquent injuries sustained and the length/time of suffering.

They tried this up in Maine a couple years back, but Steven King lobbied against it.
2002-03-07 04:34:14 PM  
*snif* my poor Chicago Cubs and White Sox. When are
we going to get decent management for our baseball teams???

chouchou hangs her head and cries... :-(
2002-03-07 04:35:45 PM  
Walt_Liqour: The Saints have won one playoff game in their history. They have been to five. They beat the Rams in a wild card game in 2001 (after the 2000 season). After this season, I'm getting my paper bag out.
2002-03-07 04:37:46 PM  
The Red Sox should be higher up on that list.
Two words:

Bill Buckner
2002-03-07 04:38:05 PM  
How about Syracuse Orangemen for NCAA Basketball?

Underacheiving team, 19 dollar upper-deck seating for Big East games, Minimum student turnout at games, AD who doesn't give half a tin shiat about the fans, and a bar scene that's better and cheaper than going to the furkin game anyway.

Oh, and Duke Sucks.
2002-03-07 04:38:57 PM  
2002-03-07 04:39:08 PM  
Where's my detroit lions????

Woop woop
2002-03-07 04:39:33 PM  
It's SO nice to be a Yankee fan.

*sticks tongue out at Boston* :)
2002-03-07 04:39:52 PM  
Hell, I was just glad to see my beloved Cubbies on the top of any list, period. I was uplifted seeing that big "1." next to their names, until I remembered what kind of list it was.

Hell, now I want a beer.
2002-03-07 04:41:04 PM  
Jeez, I thought the Bruins were having a good year..
2002-03-07 04:41:52 PM  
Umm...go Redskins!
(Hey, at least I'm not a fair-weather fan)
2002-03-07 04:41:55 PM  
"Kansas City Royals
David Glass is the kind of baseball owner who gives the sport a bad name. Under the guise of small-market limitations, he takes and takes and takes whatever revenue-sharing handouts Bud Selig can arrange, and never even tries to re-sign his good players, let alone to put a competitive team on the field."

the target got hit right on the bullseye. One reason to doubt God relates with the reasoning for the death of Ewing Kauffman.

2002-03-07 04:41:58 PM  
2002-03-07 04:42:30 PM  
The only reason "my" Milwaukee Brewers didn't make the list (they have a 20-season playoff drought, longest in baseball), I imagine, is that tailgating at County Stadium/Miller Park is the best experience in all of MLB.

Most fans arrive several hours prior to gametime, fire up the grills, and start downing brewskis. Most ballparks either don't allow this or don't have the parking facilities to make it practical.

By game time, half the crowd is wasted, and a splendid time is had by all, even if the Brewers suck, which is normally the case. They set a new strikeout record last season, and this season looks to be another disaster.

Here is the other thing that makes attending Brewer games worth the price of admission:

Sausage races! (Photoshop anyone?)
2002-03-07 04:43:11 PM  
Rwkasten: Good point! Woo-hoo! We're #1!
2002-03-07 04:45:12 PM  
I'm a Red Sucks fan, and if anything they deserve to be #1 on this list, just so I know what it feels like to see them be #1 at anything ! Also , Red Sox at this time have an interim manager, General Manager, and overpaid , malcontent players. THANK GOD the Patriots won the Super Bowl, now I couldn't care less if the Red Sucks win anything, and for that matter the Celtics ( I would like the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup though.)
2002-03-07 04:45:49 PM  
this is a pretty accurate list because it includes Cubs, White Sox, and Black Hawks. Zephers and Bears post 1950 should also be included.
2002-03-07 04:45:54 PM  
Let's try that again: Sausage races!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-07 04:46:11 PM  
Thank God the Jets escaped!
2002-03-07 04:48:30 PM  
To summarize: All non-football/basketball related Chicago teams suck including the Blackhawks, cubs, and whitesox.
2002-03-07 04:49:11 PM  
No big surprises on the list...except maybe the Bucs...
2002-03-07 04:49:28 PM  
Yes! The Royals made the list! Nice to see David Glass getting the "recognition" he so deserves. Hey Glass, I hear the A's need some more offensive power since Giambi left for the Yankees. Better Trade Mike Sweeney and Joe Randa to them for Randy Velarde and a new package of socks, quick!
2002-03-07 04:49:53 PM  
Being one of these fans is almost as bad as reading the article. Snooze.
2002-03-07 04:50:09 PM  
Go Packers.
2002-03-07 04:50:26 PM  
How in hell are the Clippers not number one? None of those other teams even come close. The Clippers suck, they always have sucked and they always will suck!

Or in the words of Homer Simpson:

"That team sure did suck last night, they just plain sucked, I've seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked"
2002-03-07 04:51:11 PM  
I'm just glad my Jackets aren't on there. God knows being a fan of theirs has been plenty painful lately.

Ex. I had tickets to see them play Boston when they got their asses handed to them 8-0, but traded them for a Kings game later on. "Thank God I didn't see that" I said as I went to see them play the Kings. That night they got their asses handed to them 5-1. There is no justice in Columbus.
2002-03-07 04:51:12 PM  
the Denver Nuggets should be higher up on that list.

on a related subject-
my 1st rule of being a Bronco fan--

Never bet for or against the Broncos. Do not bet on ANY game the Broncos are involved with.
2002-03-07 04:52:53 PM  
Philly dogged the bullet- obvious
2002-03-07 04:53:13 PM  
Yah...the sad thing about the Royals? Glass just bought the team a couple of years ago.

Oh well. I wish when I was a kid, watching the 85 World Series, I had told myself, "Ok. I can stop watching them for the rest of this lifetime".

Go Royals!
2002-03-07 04:54:14 PM  
Oh yeah, and the Toronto Maple Leafs, they suck too.
2002-03-07 04:54:20 PM  
I think the Caps need some credit here. I think they only went to the finals a few years back so that they could fail more dramatically. Other than that they never make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs. And then they went and got Jagr...
2002-03-07 04:54:30 PM  
2_glass_eyes: Gotta love the Redskins. Yeah, so they've sucked lately. But like the Bears, they've got tradition that teams like the Cowboys and Rams will never have.

By the way people, check out the reader's list.
2002-03-07 04:55:11 PM  
"Two words:

Bill Buckner"

I'm not venting specifically at you but i need to vent:

I'm from NY and a die hard Mets fan. Now i live in Boston and obviously whenever I talk to a (native)Bostonian about baseball they love to tell me that "if bill didn't fark up, we would have won the series!!"
Sure Bill LOST the game for them, but why doesn't anybody seem to remember the wild pitch that let the Mets tie it up?? Everyone assumes that if Bill grabbed that ball and stepped on first the Sox would have been champions! Had whomever was pitching not choked, it would never had come to good 'ol bill.

Plus I seem to recall a game 7.
2002-03-07 04:55:43 PM  
Zaq: Yeah the Clippers suck. It's just that no one's heart is broken because they have no fans.
2002-03-07 04:55:54 PM  
Oo onze de chiefs?

Own-zah! Own-zah!
2002-03-07 04:55:58 PM  
The cubbies are coming tra la la la! Poor Harry never got to see the Cubs win a WS. Of course, neither will the millions of fans that walk into that place every year!
2002-03-07 04:57:12 PM  
how in the hell did the tigers not make that list? and don't give me any guff about 1984, either. after 1987 that team has bit some serious ass, and they aren't planning on turning it around anytime soon, apparently.

lions, too...what with their incredible run of zero superbowl wins, and zero appearances. their last championship came in '55, i think, and we had to put up with scott "arena league" mitchell, which should count for something. plus, there was the whole wasting of barry's talent thing, and the coaching, and....
2002-03-07 04:57:51 PM  
the hawks are still in atlanta?
2002-03-07 04:58:15 PM  
Where is the news in this??? I thought this was common, sub-conscious thought in every sports fan.
2002-03-07 04:58:15 PM  
Honestly, I think that David Glass, Allard Baird and Tony Muser would make three great additions to the unemployment line.

Muser is the losingest manager in Royals history and has never shown any signs of being a good manager.

Baird traded off Jermaine Dye, Rey Sanchez and Johnny Damon for players that are just plain crappy.

David Glass can't compete, and he can't create even a .500 team.

Fire all three of those rat bastards. It's depressing to watch Royals baseball, you see the good players but you know that they will just screw it all up.

Plus, they passed up on alot of good players (example: PUJOLS)

2002-03-07 04:58:51 PM  
MonkeyGun - That was actually scored a passed ball, but otherwise you raise a very good point. And what was Bill Buckner doing in there in the first place? He was left in after pinch-hitting and was never known for any defensive prowess. Bad call by the manager. Should've put in a utility infielder to cover first.
2002-03-07 04:59:32 PM  
As soon as I saw the headline, I KNEW the Arizona Cardinals would be on the list. Oh well, I still like 'em. Gotta support the home team.
2002-03-07 04:59:40 PM  
"03-07-02 04:58:15 PM FrankGarza
Where is the news in this???"

It's not news, it's Fark.
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