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(   Man who shut down Atlanta airport months ago sentenced to no football this fall   ( divider line
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4255 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Mar 2002 at 9:12 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-07 09:16:17 AM  
2002-03-07 09:17:04 AM  
It would be more appropriate to make him parade around that airport with a sign detailing what he did. Let a little frontier justice take care of the problem.
2002-03-07 09:17:21 AM  
I got sentenced to no Freaknik last year.

i hate those alternative judgements.
2002-03-07 09:17:38 AM  
He shot down an airport??

I guess I should go read the article.
2002-03-07 09:18:12 AM  
shUt down

Now I get it.
2002-03-07 09:18:42 AM  

I think he should have been forced to compensate all the people who got held up.
2002-03-07 09:18:55 AM  
Michael Shane Lassiter. His quote was "To hell with you" as he ran past the guards down an up escalator.

2002-03-07 09:20:28 AM  
Had it coming, should ban him from MY air...

-He who stacks shiat
2002-03-07 09:20:58 AM  
I think a good 50 years of ass raping in a federal penn in Virginia would set a good example for these mindless farks that do stuff like this in airports. Same goes for the idiots that "forgot" they had a hand gun in their carry-on bag and 5 sharp kitchen knives in their jacket pockets.
2002-03-07 09:21:51 AM  
and how are they going to enforce this? make him wear a collar that explodes if he gets to close to a stadium?
2002-03-07 09:22:49 AM  
That's it? Shut down an airport, cause unknown costs by delaying flights, sacre the shiat out of people, and all you get is 500 hours of community service and a big no-no on attending a god-damn football game?

String the mo-fo up, or at the very least have pay $1 for every one evacuated from the airport. (whats that like 30-40 K?)

2002-03-07 09:25:54 AM  
School spirt can make you do very strange things should be investigated.
2002-03-07 09:26:19 AM  
Fb-, aren't you being a little rash? I was a football game he was trying to get to. That does change things a little. I think the punishment is pretty harsh, no football for a year.
2002-03-07 09:26:30 AM  
Hehe. Sounds like your CJ system is just as crappy as ours.
2002-03-07 09:30:04 AM  
We hate this guy in GA. He's known for his phrase, "To Hell with you, I'm outta here," which he said to the security guards trying to stop him. This guy is a scuzz and deserves more punishment than this.

He never thought of all the people he held up from going to see loved ones who were in the hospital dying. All the people trying to get to their child's wedding. All the people trying to get that big deal to make their little company bigger. All those people trying to travel to another state so they can get that operation they've been needing. All the airlines who lost millions of dollars because of this one bastard trying to get to a farking football game.

This bastard needs to spend a few years in prison. He's getting off TOO easy.
2002-03-07 09:30:08 AM  
i just kinda sat there after the artcile and breathed the word wierd.
2002-03-07 09:30:14 AM  
That, people, is SEC football. He would probably rather be flogged. Typical for a Georgia fan, though. 500 hours of community service is A LOT of garbage to pick up along the highway, though.
2002-03-07 09:32:37 AM  
He didn't shut down the damn airport, he didn't make everybody be re-screened, he just wanted to get to the game, leave him be.
2002-03-07 09:33:27 AM  
I think the important point is, Georgia football sucks. If it was a good football program, maybe that would justify what he did. Lock him up.
2002-03-07 09:33:28 AM  
I was going to say that was a weak but amusing sentence. Then I saw: Lasseter must serve 500 hours of community service. Federal aviation officials also fined him.

That is a lot of com service. I bet it takes him a couple years to finish that.
2002-03-07 09:34:50 AM  

They did shut down the airport and everybody in the terminals had to be re-screened. We're talking thousands of people.
2002-03-07 09:36:44 AM  
I beleive he was trying to get to the Georgia-Ole Miss game. Not even a good game. If he was trying to get to the Cocktail Party, I might understand. But, then again Jacksonville isn't that far a drive from Atlanta...
2002-03-07 09:36:55 AM  
It is for crimes like these that we need to bring back the stocks and taring and feathering.
2002-03-07 09:37:10 AM  
This asshead caused me to miss two flights that day and delay my trip back to Atlanta twelve hours. Just one year of GA games my arse. All I ask is for some type of restitution involving Mr. Lassiter's castration so he won't be able to breed and prevent the infection of more idiotic people into the world. We have enough already.
2002-03-07 09:40:17 AM  
500 hours is 20.8 days.
He needs a helluva lot more than 500 hours. He needs his ass kicked.
String him up at a ball game and let everyone he screwed walk by and hit him or kick him and say "the hell with you"
2002-03-07 09:41:09 AM  
Make him spend time in prison equal to ever single hour he delayed every person in that airport, and all connecting flights.
2002-03-07 09:44:25 AM  

The shut down the airport BECAUSE of him. Are you happy now that we're being specific?
2002-03-07 09:46:05 AM  
I still say that he should pay $1 for every one evacuated from the airport. Adding in Fb-'s idea we're looking at a figure around $100K. That would be fitting punishment.

To hell with that self important blowhard.
2002-03-07 09:49:20 AM  
Clarkins, 800 hours is 20.8 24-hour days. It's 62.5 8-hour days. Or, if you want to break it down to reality, he is going to lose every weekend of his free time for about 8 months. Sadly, he will probably find a loophole and work of his community service at the University of Georgia stadium. He's not *attending*, he's *repaying society* by patrolling the sidelines.
2002-03-07 09:49:35 AM  
Give Mike Tyson 30 minutes with the cracker honkey. He'd fark him until he loved it.
2002-03-07 09:56:37 AM  
"500 hours is 20.8 days."

Yeah, if he takes trucker pills and stays up 24 hours. A better way of putting it is that it is 62.5 eight-hour days. This is more than half the weekends in a year for community service, not to mention the fine(s), the football ban (which is pretty minor) and the fact that he's universally considered a jagoff. I'd say that's fair, but I didn't have to fly out of Atlanta that day.
2002-03-07 09:57:22 AM  
Hey... I live in Jonesboro
*big grin*
He got what he deserved.
2002-03-07 10:21:10 AM  
I was going to say 24 hour days when I posted that but figured I'd get flamed by everyone telling me they know how many hours are in a day.
2002-03-07 10:25:43 AM  
Why didn't the security guards do something more when he rushed past them those months ago? Why didn't they tell him, "Stop, or I'll shoot!"? (and then, actually follow up on it?)

I'm really not aware of the details here. Is there a reason why the guards were limited in their actions? Does anyone know the whole story?
2002-03-07 10:53:41 AM  
They didn't shut down the airport because of him, they shut down the airport because of really, really mad shutting-stable-door-after-horse-bolted security measures.

Normally, blaming the government is nonsense. In this particular case, blaming the government is completely kosher...
2002-03-07 10:56:16 AM  
this asshole got off way too easy. a friend of mine couldn't fly to visit his mother in the hospital b/c the atl airport was shut down b/c of this idiot. he should spend a year in stocks in front of the delta ticket counter, with a sign telling everyone who he is.

sign me up for the egg & rotten tomato concession.
2002-03-07 11:11:52 AM  
500 hours is quite a bit of com service. I'm not defending the guy, but you can't assume that he is going to work 8 hours a day on this. Likely, he has a job. Say he puts in 4 hours a day, thats 125 days (if he did it every day straight) to pay his restitution. Couple that with the fines and I'm sure he is getting a reasonable sentence--the guy is an idiot but not a killer. He doesn't need jail time and I don't feel that my tax money should go to feeding the moron in jail. I'm sure the FAA is handing him a hefty fine as well.

My point is, the guy is a self righteous prick--but not a hardened criminal.
2002-03-07 11:14:34 AM  
The shiat is just hitting the fan for this guy. There will be a few people with the time and resources to go after him financially, and they will.

This is no punishment at all.
2002-03-07 11:27:51 AM  

This has nothing to do with the UGA Football program. I'm so glad I don't know you personally. You reak of hatred and negative karma.
2002-03-07 11:34:31 AM  
Here's another strange sentence by a GA judge. The girl, Kitzero, caused the death of her friend in an auto accident:

Instead, the family was outraged when Ozburn sentenced Kitzero on Tuesday to 30 days in jail, to be served on weekends starting this Friday night, and two years' probation.

In addition, she must speak to area high schoolers on the dangers of reckless driving, apologize to Ledford's family and buy a memorial bench and a wreath to be placed at her grave.

"I don't want that girl visiting my daughter's grave," Mark Boudreau, Ledford's stepfather, shouted at the judge before being ordered out of the courtroom. "This is a joke, a puppet show!"​b29d5b31 1c30031.html
2002-03-07 11:50:27 AM  
How can No UGA Football be enforced? Is it just no attending the game? Wow, no biggy. College Football is king in the south, most games are on TV or radio. An extremely light sentence when you compare the monetary value that the businesses were put out. The inconvience to the people is never a factor in court. If it was, murderers or rapist would not get such light sentences either.
2002-03-07 12:00:37 PM  
I wonder what kind of punishment they gave the asswipe security screeners who let this dipshiat run.
2002-03-07 12:21:28 PM  
In addition to the CS of 500 hours (probably done 1-8 hour day of a weekend until complete, so over a year), the FAA fines are monetary and punative and can very likely include banning him from commercial flying and/or being in commercial airports for some time period of years.
2002-03-07 12:26:04 PM  
Garibaldi: The security guards stated they are forbidden to actually touch anybody.

Here's a nice fact folks...the guard he ran past and yelled "To hell with you!"..was 73 years old.

BTW, there was NO ONE stationed at the BOTTOM of that escalator to catch folks who try this...and guess what...THERE STILL FARKING ISNT!!

Hope no suicide bombers caught that...
2002-03-07 12:31:45 PM  
Walkman: The maximum thing the FAA can do is an administrative fine of $3,500. Since he did not actually get on a plane, he broke no federal laws, believe it or not..
2002-03-07 12:32:48 PM  
Would'nt this be great:

Visualize Mr. Lassiter standing in a line at a some store. As he whips out his credit card to pay, the clerk responds "Hey it's you! Your THAT guy who shut down the airport!". Suddenly, a head turns and a shout is heard coming from the back of the line. "You! You farkwad! I lost my job on because of you! I'll meet you out in the parking lot!"

One of these days, this WILL happen. I can't wait.
2002-03-07 12:46:23 PM  
I knew that before the security screen they couldn't do much of anything but I thought that once someone passed thru security it was the same as if they were on-board. Oh well, it doesn't really matter to me. I got fed up with commercial air travel years ago and got a license so I can fly myself. Now I can carry anything I want without hearing "I'm sorry sir, your chewed-to-the-quick fingernails are weapons. You have to cut them before boarding." "Gee, I would BUT YOU TOOK MY farkING CLIPPERS!"
2002-03-07 01:01:45 PM  
Why didn't the "security guard" that Lassiter yelled "To Hell with you, I'm gone!" at not stop him or give chase you ask? The reason is two fold

1. The guard is not allowed to lay a hand on passengers. That is why he wasn't stopped physically.
2. The guard was older than my grandfather. That is why he was able to get lost in the crowd, causing the airport to be evacuated.

Soooo... WTF is the reason for having a Guard there in the first place if he can't do anything? I suppose we will have to ask the management of the airport about that one, I'm sure the Mayor appointed only the most qualified of his political contributors/relatives to oversee the security at the world's second busiest airport...
2002-03-07 02:26:49 PM  
Too bad. A better punishment would be to make him watch his team sober. Cuz the only way anyone could cheer for Georgia would be if they were drunk.

Dawgs Suck!
2002-03-07 03:49:16 PM  
No Football!!!

That's cruel and unusual punishment.
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